Father Ratigan, who had taken 100’s of Sexually Explicit Photos of Little Girls, Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison. Bishop Finn also Convicted for Covering It Up

On the surface, the Rev. Shawn Ratigan was just the kind of dynamic new priest that any Roman Catholic bishop would have been happy to put in a parish. He rode a motorcycle, organized summer mission trips to Guatemala and joined Bishop Robert W. Finn and dozens of students on a bus trek to Washington […]

US Bishop Convicted of Covering Up Clerical Sex Abuse and Sentenced to “Probation” Refuses to Resign and Pope Refuses to Dismiss Him

Bishop Robert Finn was found guilty on the 7th of September in 2012 for failing to report suspected child sexual abuse to authorities, prompting calls for him to step down or be booted from office. Advocates for the victims of clerical sex abuse have challenged the Vatican directly, calling on the Pope to step in […]