Election Meddling: Reddit Quarantines ‘The Donald’ Forum On First Night of Presidential Debates

Reddit quarantined the hugely popular ‘The Donald’ forum on the night of the first Democratic presidential debates in yet another flagrant example of Big Tech election meddling.

Users attempting to access the forum are met with a warning message asking them “are you sure you want to visit this community?”

“The_Donald has officially been quarantined by Reddit. They waited until the election to totally suppress us,” tweeted the forum’s owner.

The forum now has much reduced functionality and its owners can only have it lifted out of quarantine by means of a successful appeal to Reddit. A quarantine is sometimes used as a pre-cursor to a total ban.

Reddit claims it shut down the forum due to “threats of violence against police and public officials.”

The quarantine was put in place after a single complaint from Vox’s Carlos Maza, the same activist/journalist who attempted to get Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel shut down earlier this month.

“Within 2 days of Carlos Maza calling for The_Donald Subreddit to be censored Reddit has taken action and quarantined one of the largest Pro-Trump forums,” commented Tim Pool.

“Reddit claims that The_Donald was quarantined because they have to spend too much time removing content on the subreddit,” tweeted the moderator of the forum. “This is a report of everything they’ve “had” to do in the last month. (Including stripping me of my ability to do the job they’re complaining about).”

The Donald is a hugely influential Internet forum with around 754,000 subscribers.

A 2018 study by researchers at University College London found that the most “effectively spread memes” originated on r/the_donald.

Quarantining the forum on the night of the first Democratic presidential debates clearly represents yet another example of Big Tech meddling in the election process.

Source: Infowars

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