170 People Charged in Tallahassee, Florida Child Sex Trafficking Investigation

The Tallahassee Police Department revealed the results of their investigation into sex trafficking in the area with state and federal authorities on Tuesday.

The investigation was spurred from the sex trafficking of a 13 year old girl. Law enforcement has arrested and charged 170 people through their investigation into the trafficking activities the victim was coerced for. Defendants range from write-in candidates for local offices and school teachers. 20 of the arrestees are facing federal charges, with many of them from outside of Florida.

The inter-agency investigation was titled Operation Stolen Innocence.

The police work in making arrests related to the alleged trafficking began in July and ended only several days ago. Investigators used an extensive digital trail of Facebook messages to find evidence of alleged sex crimes dating back years, with defendants describing incidences in which a minor’s mother requested drugs or money in return for sex acts with her underage daughter.

I know it’s hard to believe that something like this happens here in our community,” said Lorena Vollrath-Bueno, a Florida felony prosecutor. “But it does.”

Operation Stolen Innocence has netted felony charges against 106 people, many of which include battery of a minor, child pornography, and human trafficking. An additional 64 people have been charged with misdemeanors, most of which are charges of solicitation of prostitution.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported in detail on TPD’s press conference in regards to Operation Stolen Innocence.

View the full list of charged individuals here.

Wayfair Accused of Being a Front for Child Trafficking

The “Wayfair conspiracy” or “Wayfairgate” made rounds online on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. And, the more internet sleuths uncover bizarre details, the more the conspiracy is gaining steam.

The controversy began when a Redditor named PrincessPeach1987 made a post in the /r/conspiracy subreddit about storage cabinets sold by seller WFX Utility on Wayfair priced in the $12,700-$14,500 range. These items have bizarre distinctive names such as “Neriah” and “Yaritza” (which is odd for “industrial cabinets”). The user (who later stated that she was “involved in a local organization that helps victims of human trafficking”) suggested that this might be a front for child trafficking.

In the same thread, a Redditor named Forsaken-Clock wrote that they reported the items to the human trafficking hotline and that a case was reportedly opened. Approximately six hours after the post was made on Reddit, all the items mentioned in the post were removed from the site, although the pages could still be accessed via Google Cache (not anymore).

The conspiracy quickly became viral, forcing Wayfair to deny the rumors, while promptly removing all suspicious items from its listings. A few days after, Snopes chimed into the controversy with one of its legendary “fact-checks”, which, to some, is only further proof that there’s actually something going on there.

Is this a wild conspiracy theory or was an actual child trafficking network exposed? Here’s a look at the deep rabbit hole that is the Wayfair conspiracy.

Suspicious Items

The entire Wayfair debacle began when a user who was looking for high-end storage cabinets (and thus filtering results by highest price first), found bizarre articles with ridiculously high prices.

These item listings were deemed suspicious for several reasons. First, they appear to be grossly overpriced compared to similar items. Second, several listings had the same exact picture and the same specs but with different prices and item names. Speaking of which, these item names matched the name of actual missing girls – complete with rare or unique spellings.

The cabinets named Anabel and Yaritza happen to share their names with actual missing girls.


It should be noted that some of these girls are not missing anymore (either found safe or dead). However, there appears to be a strange correlation between the name of these items and the name of actual missing girls – as if these names hinted to the actual purpose of these items.

As the story gained steam, other internet sleuths discovered more suspicious items on Wayfair. For instance, these throw pillows cost nearly $10,000.

Nearly identical throw pillows that are grossly overpriced.

The item description of these pillows appear to be automatically generated and contain no possible explanation for their exorbitant price.

No passport required?

The same company also sells products that are nearly identical at widely different price points.

One shower curtain costs $9,999 while the other costs $99. The difference: The more expensive one can be personalized with a word. I’m not a personalization expert, but I don’t believe that printing a name on a shower curtain costs $9,900.

Some explained these prices as a “glitch” or as a way of hiding out-of-stock items. I can guarantee you something: Massive online stores such as Wayfair do not experience massive pricing “glitches” and the process of tagging an item as “out-of-stock” is either automated or only a click away. In other words, there is absolutely no need for coming up with crazy prices.

Not the First Wayfair Controversy

In 2019, Wayfair employees organized a massive walkout because it was discovered that the company sold furniture to ICE detention centers.

Hundreds of employees signed a letter stating that Wayfair has a contract worth $200,000 of bedroom furniture with BCFS Health and Human Services that would be distributed to a facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas. That’s a bizarre contract to have for a “higher-end” online company. And, considering the fact that, for years, the massive flow of undocumented migrants has been a gold mine for child and human traffickers, the association is strange. For instance, it was recently reported that the U.S. government “lost track” of thousands of migrant children in the past years.

Niraj Shah, the CEO of Wayfair also had to deal with some controversies relating to child abuse.

Niraj Shah, co-founder and chief executive officer of Wayfair, attends the fourth day of the annual Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference on July 14, 2017 in Sun Valley, Idaho. Every July, some of the world’s most wealthy and powerful businesspeople from the media, finance, technology and political spheres converge at the Sun Valley Resort for the exclusive weeklong conference.

Niraj Shah is a billionaire businessman who became the director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 2017. He is also the head of the Shah Family Foundation which funds several organizations in the Boston area such as the Boys & Girls Club. In 2019, the Shah family got entangled in controversy when the Boys & Girls Club was linked to hundreds of cases of child abuse.

“More than 200 people across 30 states say that they were sexually abused as children by people with ties to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which serves more than 4 million children as the nation’s largest youth development nonprofit.

Boys & Girls Clubs’ employees, volunteers, and even other minors all abused 250 children, who were sometimes as young as 6, according to an investigation by Hearst Connecticut Media published Thursday. In some cases, administrators didn’t report the abuse to law enforcement, didn’t run adequate background checks on staffers now accused of abusing children, or didn’t follow the Boys & Girls Clubs’ safety guidelines.”
– Vice, Hundreds of Kids Across the Country Were Abused at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Report Reveals

A recent screenshot of the Shah Family website that still includes the Boys & Girls Club as partners.


Why are they still funding the Boys & Girls Club?


Every time there are accusations of elite child trafficking floating around,  Newsweek feels the need to “debunk” it as soon as possible. So, in one of its “there’s nothing to see here” articles, Newsweek reached out to Wayfair who provided this statement:

“There is, of course, no truth to these claims. The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced. Recognizing that the photos and descriptions provided by the supplier did not adequately explain the high price point, we have temporarily removed the products from site to rename them and to provide a more in-depth description and photos that accurately depict the product to clarify the price point.”

The statement did not explain why items such as throw pillows were priced at thousands of dollars. Also, the Newsweek article did not attempt to investigate this story further, it simply attempted to shut it down (as it usually does). As a result, nearly all of the comments on this article were rather scathing. Here’s an example:

Snopes also felt the need to “fact-check” this story and concluded that it was “False”. The main reason? Wayfair said so. This is the same Snopes that answered the question “Did Melinda Gates Wear an Upside-Down Cross?” with “Mostly False” – although we could all see it with our own eyes in HD. The reason? Because the Church of Satan said that the inverted cross “did not prove allegiance to their church”. In other words: They just had to come up with a reason to say that the story was “false”.

I am not saying that this Wayfair story is undoubtedly true. However, it should not be shut down without a proper investigation. With that being said, this Wayfair story led to a bizarre discovery that is 100% true, verifiable and that could point towards an actual network of pedophiles.


While investigating Wayfair items, a Twitter user discovered that searching for suspicious items’ SKU number followed by the string “src usa” in the Russian search engine Yandex leads to upsetting search results: Young girls in “sexy” outfits. However, upon further investigation, it was discovered that this works with or without SKU numbers. One can search for “whatever srcusa” or “usasrc” and come up with pictures of girls (this is changing rapidly as Yandex appears to be scrambling to modify search results).

There’s something wrong with Yandex.

This is so obvious and verifiable that even disinformation site Snopes had to admit that there’s something strange is going on.

“As this rumor circulated on social media, people chimed in with additional “evidence” of Wayfair’s supposedly nefarious activities. For instance, some claimed that searching for the stock keeping unit number (SKU) associated with these items preceded by the term “src usa” on the Russian search engine Yandex returned images of young female children. This is, bizarrely, true. However, searching for just about any random string of numbers preceded by the “src usa” returns similar results. We reached out to Yandex for more information about the “src usa” search term, and will update this article accordingly”.
– Snopes, Is Wayfair Trafficking Children Via Overpriced Items?

Apparently, “src usa” is some sort of code in the sick world of “child lovers”. With that being said, here’s a picture posted by Tom Hanks on Instagram in 2016.

A single glove with the letters SRC USA. The picture was clearly framed to place emphasis on these letters.

Last year, I posted an article on Isaac Kappy – the Hollywood actor who died in very bizarre circumstances after accusing a long list of celebrities of partaking in child abuse. One of these celebrities was Tom Hanks. The article states:

“For years now, Tom Hanks has been creeping people out with bizarre pictures of random single gloves, shoes or boots found on the ground, combined with strange captions. Many of the comments on these posts state that these pictures actually represent people who were killed or abducted by the occult elite.

About a month prior to Kappy’s death, Hanks (who was accused by Kappy of pedophilia) posted a picture of a glove on Route 66 (Kappy died on Route 66) with the caption: “Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.”

Some interpret this post as a prediction of Isaac Kappy’s death (or murder).

Considering what was just discovered regarding “src usa”, the pictures posted by “Hanx” are creepier than ever. As an upsetting bonus, here’s another picture from Tom Hanks’ IG account.

I mean, seriously.

In Conclusion

At the moment, there is no way of proving the accusations against Wayfair. Nobody ordered an actual overpriced item and documented what happened afterward. However, the bizarre response to this story by media and Wayfair itself only proves that there might be something going on. If these “conspiracy theorists” are actually out of their minds, why would Wayfair scramble to remove these items from its site? Were they afraid of what would happen if someone actually ordered a “Samiyah” cabinet? Why did Wayfair say that the cabinets were “appropriately priced” because they’re “industrial-grade” while not explaining other items like the $9,999 throw pillows? Are those “industrial-grade” pillows as well?

The fact that media sources such as Snopes and Newsweek attempted to shut down this entire story instead of actually investigating it is also telling. Journalists are supposed to investigate stories, not shut them down with vague shortcuts. As usual, they deformed the story to make it seem as if the “conspiracy theorists” believe that children were delivered inside of the cabinets. Of course, that doesn’t make sense. Those investigating this are actually worried that these items might be a front – a gateway to child trafficking. Because, as you might know, the best place to hide something is in plain sight.

While this Wayfair story is still mostly based on speculations, there’s something extremely real and verifiable that came out of this: There’s something wrong with Yandex. The letters “USA SRC” and its derivatives appear to be an actual code for child abusers. The fact that “Hanx” clearly pictured these words in one of his creepy pictures (that were already suspected of being linked to child trafficking) is simply mind-blowing.

All of this mess needs to be investigated a soon as possible because these companies and organizations are currently scrambling to scrub all traces of their network from the net.

Source: The Vigilant Citizen

ICE Director: ‘Recycled’ Children Part of Human Trafficking on U.S. Southern Border

Michael Albence, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said that the federal law enforcement agency is facing a “new area” of human trafficking along the U.S. border with Mexico as children are used to try to gain admission into the country.

Breitbart News asked Albence to explain the role of human trafficking as it relates to the border crisis. He said:

Frankly, it’s a new area of trafficking that we didn’t see before and that’s the recycling of children. Children that are being utilized and sold and rented in Central America and Mexico; given to unrelated adults for the sole purpose of them coming into the country illegally and posing as a family … to try to be released.

Albence said that last year ICE dealt with more than a thousand cases of what he called “fraudulent families” and that the agency has dedicated 400 special agents and analysts to cope with the phenomenon.

He said DNA testing has been used to determine familial relations as part of ICE investigations.

“We know children are being sent back three, four, five times to Central America only to be re-victimized and brought back in, and God knows what they’re suffering as they’re going through that process,” Albence said.

The Heritage event highlighted the severity of the human trafficking problem in the United States, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children receiving 18.4 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation and abuse in 2018.

Ironically, during the same week, the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border Security, Facilitation and Operations, now controlled by Democrats, held a hearing on how children crossing the border are treated while in federal custody.

Kathleen Rice, chairwoman of the subcommittee, harshly criticized Custom and Border Protection (CBP), the agency that has initial custody of people entering the country, at the hearing, including naming six children who have died while in custody.

Rice said in her opening remarks:

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of families and children arriving on the southern border over the past several years. Most of these families and children arrived from Central America, fleeing vicious cartels, gang violence, and extreme poverty. And after surviving long, dangerous journeys, these families should have been with met with safe refuge.

Rice accused CBP of keeping people in “inhumane conditions.”

But Brian Hastings, the man in charge of operations at CBP, defended the agency and explained the overwhelming number of people it has had to deal with.

Hastings said in his prepared testimony:

During FY (fiscal year) 2019, CBP apprehended or found inadmissible more than 1.14 million individuals. Eighty-five percent of those encounters – more than 977,500 – occurred on the Southwest border, an average of nearly two apprehensions or findings of inadmissibility every minute of every day for the entire year.

During FY 2019, USBP Southwest border apprehensions exceeded 851,000 – the highest level since FY 2007. Nearly 65 percent of USBP apprehensions were families and children – more than 473,000 individuals – the highest number of family units in any year on record and an increase of 342 percent over the previous record.

“In total, USBP processed more than 321,000 alien children on the Southwest border during FY 2019,” Hastings said.

Source: Breitbart

Watch the full report and interview below:

Report: Ghislaine Maxwell Has ‘Serious Dirt’ on Elites, Confident She Won’t Face Charges for Epstein Pedophile Network

Exiled British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is confident she won’t be prosecuted for her involvement in deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile network, according to friends close to the madam.

“Ghislaine and her sister Isabel remain totally convinced that she’ll escape any criminal convictions and will eventually clear the family name and return to high society once the dust has settled,” Laura Goldman, a friend of Maxwell’s sister Isabel, told The Sun.

“She has wealthy connections who hide her and even pay some legal fees. She can stay out of the public eye as long as she wants.”

Goldman added that despite Maxwell going into hiding, she remains sure she won’t face consequences for allegedly procuring underage women for Epstein.

“Ghislaine is so confident that she’ll be back that she’s still texting friends in different social circles while she’s in hiding,” Goldman said.

“She obviously has some serious dirt on someone to be so sure of herself in the circumstances,” she added.

Notably, despite Maxwell maintaining her innocence, she was was apparently “relieved” after learning of Epstein’s suspicious death from his Manhattan jail cell, because the disgraced pedophile wouldn’t be able to turn on her.

“She was more relieved than anything,” Goldman said. “It may have placed her more in the spotlight but at least he couldn’t turn on her.”

The FBI reportedly is aware of Maxwell’s whereabouts and is “building a case against her,” according to lawyer Spencer Kuvin, who is representing several of Epstein’s victims.

“I think ultimately they are building a case and know where she is and they’re just not letting on, much like they did with Mr Epstein, who, when he stepped foot in the US, they just arrested him,” Kuvin said last month. “Nobody knew that, they didn’t broadcast it, they didn’t tell anyone he was traveling here, they just did it.”

“Anytime she travels, the federal government is going to know where she is because there are flight logs required for every type of travel, whether it’s private jet or commercial, the federal government, through the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration], has flight logs and international organizations also have flight logs,” he added.

Another source close to Maxwell told The Sun that if she goes down, she’s taking a lot of powerful people down with her.

“She’s an incredibly intelligent, cunning character and you can bet she’ll have a lot of tricks up her sleeve still – even though she’s up to her neck in trouble through her association with Epstein,” the source said.

“If she’s going down, you can bet a lot of others will be going down with her.”

A source told The Daily Mail that the 58-year-old alleged Epstein madam is being transported from one safe house to the next amid concerns that she may be killed so as not to disclose the elite’s sordid secrets allegedly collected on behalf of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

“There has been so much rubbish written about Ghislaine. The reality is she receives multiple, credible death threats on a daily basis,” the source said. “The hate mail is sometimes 2 [feet] high.”

“She is constantly moving. Her life is in danger. She is being guarded by the best of the very best and that includes former U.S. Navy SEALs. She’s not under the protection of any government. She’s on her own.”

The reports come amid uncertainty over Maxwell’s whereabouts.

Source: Infowars; Infowars

Top ‘Never-Trumpers’ Tied to Politician Indicted for Human Smuggling and Selling Children

The names of some of the largest GOP critics of President Donald Trump are surfacing in the investigation of a politician indicted this week on charges of fraud, human smuggling, selling children, forgery, conspiracy and ripping off the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.

Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen has been indicted in Arizona, Utah and Arkansas on state and federal charges that he is running an illegal adoption ring.

In all, he’s facing 62 criminal charges involving dozens of pregnant woman brought in from the Marshall Islands to supply babies to Petersen’s clients and millions to his bank account.

“Make no mistake, this case is the purest form of human trafficking,” the U.S. Attorney for western Arkansas, Duane “Dak” Kees, said Wednesday at a press conference in Springdale Ark. where he announced the federal indictments.

But what IS NOT public, until now, is Petersen’s curious association with GOP critics of President Trump, including former US Sen. Jeff Flake, late Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Mitt Romney among others. Petersen also campaigned for and is friends with Arizona Gov. Goug Ducey and other politicians, according to records and sources.

Petersen’s association with Flake, who recently resigned from the Senate, is perhaps most curious. Petersen’s alleged schemes involved securing pregnant women from the Marshall Islands. Flake is somewhat famous for his much-hyped personal trips to the Marshall Islands. Flake has trekked to the Marshall Islands at least four times, including once to film a reality survival show while he was in the Senate.

Petersen’s reference in 2013 to being invited on a Marshall Island trip WITH Flake is something that promises to peak the interest of state and federal investigators.

“Any investigator worth their salt would want to know what else Jeff Flake was doing on these trips to the Marshall Islands,” said Thomas Paine of True Pundit who worked for many federal agencies investigating fraud and corruption. “I would want to interview Flake just to get a feel for his relationship with Petersen and information on these trips.

“Is this merely a strange coincidence? You rule out coincidences as part of a proper investigation but the emphasis here is in on the word proper.”

Petersen has bragged that his Mesa-based family has roots in Arizona for generations. Flake too hails from Mesa.

Federal law enforcement sources said they do not believe Flake has been interviewed about Petersen. However, additional photos that have surfaced showing Petersen with politicians like Flake and the late John McCain should likewise intrigue ethical investigators.

What was Petersen’s relationship with McCain? Petersen is mentioned in a news piece detailing McCain using his influence to secure $15 million in federal funds linked to a land purchase in Maricopa County to benefit a large political mega donor who piped almost $225,000 into McCain’s coffers.

Are there more questionable land deals to be probed?

The indictment against Petersen, for the most part, said he began bringing pregnant women into the United States from the Marshall Islands in 2014. Petersen and his solo-practitioning law firm charged as much as $40,000 per adoption, placing the newborns with American parents — in many cases — against the will of their foreign birth mothers. At the same time Petersen was rubbing elbows with high profile politicians as an elected official himself and drawing a public salary.

Petersen has contributed to the political campaigns of former U.S. Sen. Dean Heller from Nevada as well as made multiple contributions to Mitt Romney, federal records show. Petersen also campaigned for Romney’s presidential bid. All told, Petersen made five political contributions to Romney, FEC records show for approximately $1,500.

Today, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey called for Peterson to step down and resign as Maricopa County Assessor. Ducey made no mention of Petersen’s work on Ducey’s campaign, however. Or Ducey’s shout outs to Petersen on social media.

Petersen, who was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Gila Bend, issued a statement saying he has done nothing wrong and is “extremely proud” of his work “to help mothers and fathers and create new families.”

Petersen, who works as an adoption lawyer in all three states, is charged with 32 counts in Arizona, 11 counts in Utah and 19 federal charges in Arkansas.

According to authorities, Petersen and his Marshallese partner/translator, Lynwood Jennet, recruited pregnant women in the Marshall Islands and paid for them to come to Arizona, Utah and Arkansas where they would live in houses or apartments provided by Petersen.

The women in Petersen’s Arizona operation then would be directed to sign up for the state’s Medicaid program, falsely claiming they were state residents in order have their pregnancy and birth costs covered by taxpayers, the indictment claims.

Once born, the babies would be put up for adoption, earning Petersen a hefty commission and the birth mothers an all-expenses-paid trip either to Arkansas or back home to the Marshall Islands.

Marshallese women who want to adopt out their children cannot come to the U.S. without a special visa, according to a treaty provision enacted in 2003. This, to avoid exploitation of vulnerable women in the impoverished nation.

Per reporting: Before his election, Petersen served nearly eight years in the Assessor’s Office working as the assessor’s representative at the Arizona Legislature and as the agency’s public information officer, according to his biography on the county assessor’s website.

Petersen is an active member of the Maricopa County Republican Party, the Arizona Republican Party, and a precinct committeeman in Legislative District 25, according to the bio.

This story is developing.


Source: https://truepundit.com/top-never-trumpers-tied-to-politician-indicted-for-human-smuggling-and-selling-children/

Amazing Polly was connecting these dots a month prior to the arrest: