UN Backed Great Reset Turns Off Texas Power: Millions left without Power and Food

Welcome to socialism, the promised dark winter, and the Great Reset, Texas! Less than a month into the Biden regime, Texas began Venezuela-style rolling blackouts just like democrat-socialist-run California saw in August 2020. The Golden State’s ambitious renewable portfolio standard came under fire as the state’s energy grid buckled under the strain of an oppressive heatwave, prompting rolling blackouts that left millions without power as the state moved to replace nuclear and natural gas as energy sources with solar and wind.

With temperatures reaching single digits, many frustrated customers woke up to freezing homes and zero electricity Monday morning due to planned blackouts ordered by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). “The planned blackouts did not go as planned. Instead of being rolling blackouts, the outages have lasted hours,” reported KXAN. ERCOT (on Monday) shut one of two reactors at their nuclear power plant down because it was not winterized to withstand cold weather, halving its 2,700 megawatts of generating capacity.

Infowars was sent a Department of Energy document, confirmed to be authentic, showing Texas begging for federal authorization to increase power, but the DoE blocked Texas from increasing power output before and during the deadly storm.

On his first day in office, Joe Biden signed a number of EOs made possible by Bill Barr’s DOJ, as Barr was fast-tracking Biden’s EOs while he was slow-walking President Trump’s. Barr enabled Biden to be able to sign his EO on climate his first day in office. Hidden towards the bottom of the EO, is a clause about China.  It turns out that the same day Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, he also lifted the security on our power grid for 90 days (Trump’s EO the year prior secured our power grid by giving China no access.)

This was just a small little paragraph tucked away in one of Biden’s EO’s the first day he was in office under the umbrella of “restoring science to tackle the climate crisis”.  Of course, science and climate crisis are polar opposites.  Looking over the EO, there appears to be nothing that benefits the United States of America which begs the question, who wrote and approved this mess?


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said reports suggesting renewables caused the power grid failure in Texas are inaccurate, rather it was renewables that came in to save the day. “Numerous reports show that it was failure in coal and natural gas that contributed to the state’s power shortages,” Psaki said.

However, Zero Hedge reported:

Cascend Strategy writes that “in case there was any doubt why the Texas grid collapsed, the data is clear”

  • Wind failed as “Ice storms knocked out nearly half the wind-power generating capacity of Texas on Sunday as a massive deep freeze across the state locked up wind turbine generators, creating an electricity generation crisis.”
  • Natural gas made up the difference for a while
  • But then everything else followed down

ZeroHedge reported that the reactor’s shutdown only represented 1,280 megawatts of the 30,000 megawatts of outages on Monday. Nuclear power provides about 11% of ERCOT’s power. Much of the power generation loss was due to freezing wellheads that impeded the flow of natgas to power stations, triggering electric shortages as demand overwhelmed the grid. The high concentration of natgas generation on ERCOT’s grid makes it vulnerable to power disruptions if fuel flow is disrupted.

What’s worse is that ERCOT is a separate grid than the rest of the country. This means ERCOT had limited ability to pull power from other grids, which was much of why blackouts occurred.

The massive blackout in Texas also shined a spotlight on a little-known policy: ERCOT officers and directors are not required to live in Texas, and Chairwoman Sally Talberg, a democrat, lives in Michigan. She was elected as chair of the board only days before the power outage.

The USA Today reported three days after the blackouts started that across the U.S, more than 1 million people still had no electricity: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and Oregon experienced widespread outages. On Thursday, President Joe Biden declared states of emergency in both Texas and Oklahoma, and authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide generators and supplies to states impacted by the severe winter weather. “Jill and I are keeping Texas, Oklahoma, and other impacted states in our prayers,” he virtue signalled on Twitter.

Dozens of people died due to the extreme weather. Traffic accidents claimed the most lives, but some died as a result of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning while struggling to find warmth inside their homes. Dozens of unprepared Texans lined up outside of stores to get food and other needed supplies.

Alex Jones who lives in Texs covered the apocalyptic conditions on Infowars:


Hunter Biden Writing Memoir Based On Drug Abuse – Gets A Cool $2 Million In Advance

The Biden White House recently put out a statement saying that members of Joe Biden’s family would not cash in on his presidency.

Days later, we learn that Hunter Biden is writing a book, for which he has already been paid an advance of $2 million.

It must be nice.

The Daily Mail reports:

Hunter Biden ‘nets $2m advance’ for his upcoming memoir Beautiful Things about his battle with drugs – despite Joe saying his family would NOT cash in on presidency

Drugs, prostitutes, shady dealings, a quickie marriage — President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is too easily depicted as sleaze in human form.

Who else would have left his wife and jumped into bed with his recently departed brother’s widow only for her to end the affair when he got a stripper pregnant?

Is it only Hunter who could have received two special waivers to join the military and be commissioned at a special ceremony in the White House, but then blow his chance on his very first day when a blood test came back positive for cocaine?

Who but Hunter who could receive a diamond from a would-be Chinese business partner whose existence would come to light in divorce papers?

Now the president’s son is getting to tell his side of his unsavory life — warts and all — in a book that could embarrass his father even further, less than three months into his term in the Oval Office.

Beautiful Things — the as yet unexplained title of Biden’s tome — promises to center on his well-publicized struggles with substance abuse according to Gallery Books, an imprint of publishers Simon & Schuster.

And get this. The company publishing Hunter Biden’s book is the same one that dropped Josh Hawley’s book.

It’s almost like there’s a different set of rules for Democrats. Almost.

Report: Hundreds of Twitter Accounts Linked to China Sowed Discord Before and After Election

A new report by Crime and Security found that hundreds of Twitter accounts linked to the Chinese regime sowed discord in the United States before and then after the 2020 US election.

Crime and Security Org reported:

A sophisticated China-linked social media operation played a key role in spreading disinformation during and after the US election, a report from Cardiff University concludes.

The study, from the Crime and Security Research Institute, shows evidence of the network’s activities reaching a wide audience, most successfully through a now debunked viral video that was later shared by Eric Trump, son of former US President Donald Trump, falsely showing ballots being burned on election day.

Researchers also found evidence of the same network spreading anti-US propaganda which amplified calls for violence before and after the Capitol riot in Washington on 6 January 2021.

Professor Martin Innes, Director of the Crime and Security Research Institute, who leads the Open Source Communications, Analytics Research (OSCAR) research team said: “Although only Twitter can fully certify an attribution, our analysis using open-source traces strongly suggests multiple links to China. Our initial findings suggested that the operation was not especially complex, but as we have dug deeper into the network, we have had to substantially revise our original view. The behaviour of the accounts was sophisticated and disciplined, and seemingly designed to avoid detection by Twitter’s counter-measures. There is at least one example of these accounts helping to propagate disinformation that went on to receive more than a million views.”

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/new-report-finds-hundreds-twitter-accounts-linked-china-sowed-discord-election/

Over $100K Of China-Made Counterfeit Currency Seized In Chicago

On January 28th, officers at Chicago’s International Mail Facility (IMF) uncovered various shipments of counterfeit bills.”

“The first shipment contained 957 counterfeit $100 dollar bills and 44 counterfeit $50 dollar bills totaling $97,900.  In the second shipment were 384 counterfeit $100 dollar bills,” the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) notes.

In total, “$136,300 of counterfeit currency was seized under Counterfeit U.S. Currency, Coins or Government Securities.”

The shipments were destined for Auburn Hills, Michigan and Independence, Missouri.

Source: NationalPulse

GOP Lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles of Impeachment on President Joe Biden

Freshman Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment on President Joe Biden on Thursday. She made the announcement on Twitter this afternoon. Rep. Greene promised to file charges against the corrupt Democrat last week.
Today she fulfilled that commitment.

Here are Rep. Greene’s detailed charges against corrupt President Joe Biden.

Rep. Greene focused on Joe Biden’s pay-for-play scheme that was caught on video where he threatened Ukrainian leaders in order to protect his son Hunter Biden.

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/breaking-gop-lawmaker-marjorie-taylor-greene-introduces-articles-impeachment-joe-biden/