DHS Whistleblower against Obama Administration, Philip Haney, Found Dead – Shot and Killed

DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was found shot dead near his vehicle in California. Haney died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot, according to a statement issued Saturday afternoon by the Office the Sheriff-Coroner for Amador County, California that cautioned the investigation was “active and ongoing”. Haney had been missing for two days.

“My friend Phil Haney was found shot yesterday in CA. I had lunch with him a month ago. He warned something could happen to him. He was to get married in a month. It will be falsely called a suicide.”

Philip Haney was the co-author with Art Moore of the book, See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to JihadHaney told Sean Hannity in 2016 that he was ordered during the Obama administration to scrub the record of Muslims in the US with terrorist ties. He also spoke out against the Muslim Brotherhood’s Obama-era infiltration of the US government in October 2019.

The story of his death was not reported by the mainstream media.

Philip Haney said political correctness during the Obama years killed the investigation that might have stopped the San Bernardino Christmas terrorists.

Law Enforcement Today reported:

We’ve received reports that Philip Haney, a DHS whistleblower on the Obama administration, has been found dead.

We have not yet received independent confirmation from the Sheriff’s Department, but sources within law enforcement have verified that there’s a death investigation underway.

If you have seen a few episodes of Behind the Uniform or have ever watched Fox News, you probably recognize the name Philip Haney. He was the DHS whistleblower that dropped the hammer on the Obama administration regarding the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

He was also a friend to many at Law Enforcement Today. We have an exclusive interview with him at the bottom of the article that was conducted on Behind the Uniforms before his death.

National security specialist Ilana Freedman who had worked with Philip Haney, said she was very surprised to hear the news about Philip. Phil wrote a promotion for her book. Ilana told The Gateway Pundit, “I believe he was murdered. I don’t believe it was suicide. I am an intelligence analyst. What I see here is something very nasty. He thought several weeks ago he might be assassinated. Philip said if he were killed it would absolutely would not be suicide.

Ilana added that people who knew him believed he would never commit suicide. “He was a very religious man who believed suicide was a sin. A fellow associate I know said Philip stated several times that if he was accused of suicide not to believe it. He said that to a lot of people.” And Ilana spoke about a project Philip Haney was working on that was going to be published this year. He had very serious allegations. Phil claimed the terror attacks in California and Florida could have been prevented.

Rep. King knew Phil Haney since he outed himself as a whistleblower during the Obama years. Steve said whatever Philip Haney told you, “you could by golly believe.” Steve also had Haney as a guest speaker during an event in Iowa to promote his book. Rep. King told The Gateway Pundit, “I don’t believe Phil Haney committed suicide. Phil was a committed Christian.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) spoke out on the House floor this week to remember his friend Philip Haney. Rep. Gohmert did not come right out and say Phillip Haney was murdered. But he did do an excellent job of explaining why members of the Obama administration would have excellent motives to have done so.

Rep. Louie Gohmert: “I had a friend I met here years ago. His name is Phil Haney and he was one of the kindest, most patriotic, competent people I’ve ever known in my life… We had a mutual pact. If it’s said that either one of us end up having committed suicide then the other is going to make sure that truth wins out… He saw things that were a threat to this country, he said something, and he was severely punished for it, because apparently the Obama administration had some radical ties that they did not want anybody, including Philip Haney, to expose… He was gonna name names of people that put this country at risk…and he ends with a bullet in him?”

Vlad Tepes has the entire speech.


Elite Sex Trafficker Jeffery Epstein ‘Suicided’ While in Prison Awaiting Trial

On August 9, 2019 more documents were unsealed with victim statements alleging they were forced to have sex with Bill Clinton, former Clinton United Nations Ambassador Bill Richardson, and Democrat Majority Leader George Mitchell among others of the global elite.[59] 24 hours later, Epstein was dead at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan while in the U.S. Marshall Service custody. CBS News reported “shouting and shrieking” coming from Epstein’s cell.[60] Epstein suffered broken bones in his neck.
Dr. Wecht, who is a doctor and lawyer, told Kennedy a Montreal study found only 2 of 239 hanging death resulted in a broken Hyoid bone — or less than 1% of those killed.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons announced “Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell in the Special Housing Unit from an apparent suicide.” According to the Associated Press one of Epstein’s guards was not a corrections official.[61] Attorney General William Barr authorized an FBI and Inspector General investigation. Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney for New York, claimed that “There should be—and almost certainly is—video of Epstein’s suicide at MCC. One hopes it is complete, conclusive, and secured.”[62] The warden was reassigned and two guards placed on leave.[63] The Southern District of New York (SDNY), also began its own internal investigation.Epstein’s death obscured some of the important news coming out of the unsealed documents.[64]Within hours after Epstein’s death was announced Shareblue, the brain-child of far-Left muckraker David Brock, triggered the maximum alert warning for the Shareblue community as they dispatched urgent talking points for their social media army. Shareblue had hired Allison “Avi” Girvin as the CEO for Shareblue Media. Girvin was previously the head of NBC News’s Business, Tech, and Media unit. The “Stalwarts” are those activists paid to go on-line into all social media and broadcast platforms to defend leftist interests. Stalwarts were instructed, as always, to “ROLCON”, or role playing as a conservative. Joe Scarborough immediately answered the call and blamed Russia without proof.[65] Fellow MSNBC collusion hoaxer Joy Reid claimed, also without proof, that Bill Barr had “goons” kill Epstein.[66] NBC Saturday Night Live Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin echoed Scarborough’s conspiracy theory.[67]Rod Rosenstein publicly advocated for a “suicide” narrative two days into the investigation;[68] Rosenstein had at one time admonished the unprofessionalism of James Comey for speaking publicly about an investigation while it was ongoing or even after it is concluded. Epstein’s attorney said Epstein was in fear for his life while in custody.[69] NBC News reported the flag on Pedophile Island was lowered to half-staff four days after his death.[70]The FBI did not search the Virgin Island property until two days after his death. Had the Mann Act been charged initially, a warrant to search the Virgin Islands and New Mexico properties could have been secured six weeks earlier at the time of Epstein’s arrest. Now that he’s dead, the Eurocentric government of Emmanuel Macron likewise is considering opening an investigation into Epstein’s activities on French territory and in his Paris apartment.[71]Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman released a statement about the criminal case against Epstein saying “our investigation of the conduct charged in the Indictment—which included a conspiracy count—remains ongoing.” Bill Barr said “Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy.”A John Doe filed a motion asking the judge not to release more names from the unsealed documents.[72]Public reaction was a virtual universal rejection of the mainstream fake news media and the government’s account of a suicide. A poll just five days after the MCC announcement of an “apparent suicide” found only 29% of American Adults believe Epstein actually committed suicide while in jail. Forty-two percent (42%) think Epstein was murdered to prevent him from testifying against powerful people with whom he associated. 29% are undecided.[74]Trevor Noah of The Daily Show asked Hillary Clinton as a guest on the show how she killed Epstein.[75] PewDiePie watched this clip while reviewing memes which stated, “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”[76] Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars noted that this represents the pervasion of memes into society and their widespread use to lampoon political situations.[77] Even Syrian president Bashar al-Assad weighed into the discussion.[78] (Conservapedia)In a November 20, 2019 interview with Associated Press, US Attorney General William Barr put all conspiracy theories to rest once and for all by assuring the world that alleged sex trafficker and alleged billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s death was simply the result of a very, very, very long series of unfortunate coincidences.Barr told AP:
“I can understand people who immediately, whose minds went to sort of the worst-case scenario because it was a perfect storm of screw-ups,”The attorney general also sought to dampen conspiracy theories by people who have questioned whether Epstein really took his own life, saying the evidence proves Epstein killed himself,” AP reports.“He added that he personally reviewed security footage that confirmed that no one entered the area where Epstein was housed on the night he died.”
This perfect storm of unlucky oopsies include: So there you have it. The US government says that an intelligence asset with damning information on many powerful individuals did in fact kill himself due to an admittedly bizarre and wildly unlikely series of strange coincidences. I for one have no more questions. Checkmate, conspiracy theorists.
“Mr. Epstein’s death in August at a federal detention center in Manhattan set off a rash of unfounded conspiracy theories on social media that were picked up and repeated by high-profile figures, including Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. No matter their ideology, the refrain of the theories was the same: Something did not add up,” says The New York Times in its report Barr’s statements.
Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s a completely unfounded conspiracy theory to believe that someone with ties to powerful institutions and individuals might be murdered in a way that was made to look like a suicide. We don’t live in a world where opaque organizations do evil things in secret, we live in a world where the government is always our friend and the TV would never lie to us. I’m glad these comments made by Barr (whose father in another strange coincidence gave Epstein his first job) have at long last struck a fatal blow to anyone who would doubt the beneficent hand of our beloved institutions. (Infowars)Articles of Evidence that Prove Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself:
Months later, a loaded handgun was discovered in the same jail Epstein died in, prompting significant concern over the facility’s security protocols. The gun was believed to be smuggled into the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), located in New York City, after a lockdown that lasted a week, according to the AP news.

FBI Agent Investigating the Clinton Foundation Commits Suicide in Austin Night Club. Witnesses Told to “Keep Quiet”

A report claims that witnesses to the bizarre dance floor suicide of an FBI agent in an Austin nightclub were told to “keep quiet” about the incident.

Salvatore “Sal” Cincinelli, a former Wall Street broker, was one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors and also allegedly probed the finances of the Clinton Foundation.

Cincinelli, 41, was found with at least one gunshot wound inside the Container Bar in Austin, Texas when police arrived there shortly before midnight on July 16, reports the New York Post.

He had been out partying with FBI colleagues. The group had been drinking and dancing but Cincinelli reportedly turned the gun on himself later in the evening in the middle of a crowded dance floor.

According to True Pundit, FBI officials were keen to keep details of the incident under wraps.

“FBI agents on site and police instructed witnesses to delete any video and photographs of the event and cleared out the bar, according to reports. Likewise, FBI officials instructed Austin Police to not release any details of the death to the media, sources confirmed. Witnesses at the nite club were also told to “stay offline” and “keep quiet” about the shooting, sources said.”

When he quit his high paying Wall Street job to investigate financial crimes, Cincinelli said his wife was furious and “worried about his safety.”

The FBI has refused to comment on the incident. The owner of the bar also refused to respond to phone calls seeking comment.

Source: Infowars

NYPD officer in murder for hire plot speaks to her stone-faced husband…
New York Daily News ^ | 05/30/19 | Stephen Rex Brown

Valerie Cincinelli

The scene was more surreal than the accusation: The 12-year NYPD veteran busted for hiring a hit man to whack her estranged husband now begging for his help.

Imprisoned officer Valerie Cincinelli, her weeping audible via speakerphone Thursday in a Nassau County courtroom, proclaimed her innocence in a pair of murder-for-hire plots before directly addressing her skeptical spouse Isaiah Carvalho.

“Isaiah, can you hear me?” asked Cincinelli in a disembodied voice as their divorce case hearing wound to a close. “Hello, can you hear me? You know I didn’t do this. You know me for how many years? You frickin’ know me. You know I’m a good mom.”

A stone-faced Carvalho, whose “death” was staged earlier this month as part of the federal case against his wife, sat mutely and stared down at a courtroom table while Cincinelli spoke. The two were married four years ago, and Carvalho sued his wife for divorce last year in Nassau County Supreme Court.

By then, she was cheating with a boyfriend who contacted the FBI and wore a wire against Cincinelli after she asked him to locate a shooter this past February.

Cincinelli earlier noted that she was only charged and not convicted when the subject turned to an order of protection granted to her 5-year-old son in the wake of her May 17 arrest for the alleged schemes to execute Carvalho and the 15-year-old daughter of her beau John DiRubba.

“Your honor, it’s an allegation,” said Cincinelli, 34, who remains locked up inside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. “And I’m going to be found not guilty. I assure you that. It’s just going to take a little time.

“I raised (my son). I’ve done everything for him, and I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s an allegation.”

Her stressed-out spouse declined to discuss the case against his wife, who was indicted May 29th on two counts of murder for hire and one for obstruction of justice. Prosecutors charged that she allegedly destroyed a pair of iPhones in a failed cover-up of the planned homicides.

She was busted after DiRubba, a mob wannabe described by a former neighbor as a “poor man’s Tony Soprano,” cooperated with the FBI to bring her down. The suspect turned homicidal toward DiRubba’s 15-year-old daughter because the girl was cutting into the couple’s time together, authorities alleged.

The high school student, like Carvalho, escaped unharmed after DiRubba contacted the FBI and the wheels were set in motion for Cincinelli’s arrest.

Both her lawyer in the divorce matter and her criminal defense attorney asserted their client was innocent.

“I don’t think she did any of this,” said marital attorney Vincent Trimarco. “There was never any indication to me that she did any of this or that anything like this was possible.”

Defense attorney James Kousouros, who took on the case last week, echoed those sentiments.

“We are contesting these charges vigorously,” he said. “There’s clearly more than to this case than meets the eye. We intend to prove Ms. Cincinelli’s innocence in this matter.”

Carvalho said he was unaware of the indictment unsealed Thursday against his wife. At the end of the Long Island hearing, the husband was granted access to the couple’s home to pick up their son’s belongings.

Cincinelli was arrested after federal agents staged a murder scene using the still-alive Carvalho. The “victim” was posed slumping into the passenger seat of his car, and authorities scattered broken glass across the floor and Carvalho’s supposed corpse. A Suffolk County detective actually visited Cincinelli’s Long Island home to notify her of the husband’s fake murder.

Authorities said the bogus death pic of Carvalho was texted to Cincinelli on her cell phone. Under the deal with the “hit man,” the cost for killing Carvalho was $7,000 while the slaying of the teenager would add $3,000 to the terrible tab, authorities said.

According to the indictment, Cincinelli trashed an iPhone 6 and an iPhone X Max to prevent their use in a grand jury investigation of the alleged double murder plot.

If convicted, the maximum prison sentence for murder for hire is 10 years —while obstruction of justice carries a potential 20-year term.

The callous Cincinelli — the mother of a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship — was unmoved when the phony hit man blanched at the plan to murder the teen near a New Jersey school, according to a source.

“Run her the f–– over,” she allegedly replied. “How about that?”

NYPD Chief “Commits Suicide” 1 Month Before Retiring; Was Directly Involved in Anthony Weiner Laptop Computer Evidence Handling

A high-ranking New York City Police Department officer has died from an allegedly self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Deputy Chief Steven Silks was found in an unmarked patrol car wearing civilian clothes Wednesday evening, just one month before he would turn 63 and face mandatory retirement.

He allegedly shot himself in the head, with the gun reportedly discovered beside him.

He was very closely and heavily involved in the investigation of the Laptop seized from former Congressman Anthony Weiner which allegedly held volumes of Hillary Clinton email evidence on it.

A fellow officer told the New York Daily News that Silks was deeply committed to the job. Silks reportedly submitted his mandatory retirement papers the day before.

His family lives out of state. He’s not married. He absolutely lived for the NYPD,” the officer said. “He was admired and loved by everybody he worked with. He was aged out. He’s the kind of guy who would have served until he died of natural causes.

Sources within the NYPD said Silks had expressed sadness ahead of his mandatory departure from the force. He had served the force for 39 years.

Other sources however, say the Deputy Chief was heavily involved in the sex crimes investigation of former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, and that the Chief PERSONALLY OVERSAW the evidence-gathering from a laptop computer seized from Weiner in that investigation.

That laptop is alleged to have contained numerous emails from Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State, and numerous files in a folder titled “Insurance Policy” which reportedly contained extraordinary details about child sex rings operated by – and for use of — high ranking government officials nationwide.

Ultimately that laptop had to be turned over by NYPD to the FBI, which allegedly “lost it.”

Rumors have abounded for years that NYPD top brass took copies of the hard drive because they were suspicious of the feds, and wanted to make certain the evidence was preserved.

One high ranking NYPD official, at the time the laptop was seized, told media outlets he was sickened by what was on that computer, and if the feds did not pursue the necessary investigations, HE would reveal what the laptop contained!

It is now believed that Deputy Chief Silks WAS THAT OFFICIAL, but no one is confirming or denying that information at this time.

Was Chief Silks “Arkancided?”  The world is curious . . .

Source: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=124443

Former Clinton And Obama Advisor Alan Krueger Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide Ahead Of New Book Release

Princeton police reported that they were called to the professor’s home on March 23rd where they found him unresponsive, The New York Times reported. One of the interesting things about the ‘suicide’ is that Krueger had a book set to hit the shelves in June, 2019 and seemed to have everything to live for. Two people probably not stunned by this news, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Professor Alan Krueger, a man who had a new book coming out in June and everything to live for, suddenly decided to commit suicide for no apparent reason, stunning his colleagues and associates. But I could tell you two people not stunned by this news, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Why? Because they have long since grown accustomed to the people they used to work with dying under sudden and suspicious circumstances. This profoundly unlucky group of people, nearly 60 in total, are members of what we like to call The Clinton Dead Pool. Since they can no longer speak, we shall speak for them.

Professor Alan Krueger, a top adviser to former Presidents Obama and Clinton, has been found dead of an apparent suicide.

Princeton police reported that they were called to the professor’s home on Saturday where they found him unresponsive, The New York Times reported.

Mr. Krueger was an assistant secretary of the Treasury from 2009 to 2010, as President Barack Obama’s administration tried to lead the United States out of its worst recession since the Great Depression. Mr. Obama later named him chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, a post he held from 2011 to 2013. He was the Labor Department’s chief economist under President Bill Clinton from 1994 to 1995.

A labor economist by training, Mr. Krueger was part of a new wave of economists who pushed the field toward a more empirical mind-set, with an emphasis on data rather than theory. He applied that approach broadly: to education, health care, labor markets and terrorism, and even to more lighthearted subjects like the rising price of concert tickets. His latest book, due out in June, is on the economics of the music industry.

“He is certainly among the most — if not the most — significant labor economists and all-around empirical economists of the last three decades,” said Lawrence Katz, a Harvard economist and frequent collaborator. Mr. Krueger, he said, was one of a handful of researchers who “really changed the shape of economics and turned it into a more serious science.”

Mr. Krueger was perhaps best known for his work in the early 1990s on the effects of the minimum wage, in collaboration with Mr. Katz and another economist, David Card. Standard economic thinking at the time held that raising the minimum wage would reduce employment for low-wage workers; Mr. Katz said that he and Mr. Krueger had expected to find the same. Instead, they discovered no impact on employment — a finding that has proved influential though it remains in dispute.

“Even when people were saying you’re crazy as an economist, he was really willing to let the data lead where it went,” Mr. Katz said.

Mr. Krueger was a young, newly tenured professor in 1994 when he was tapped by the secretary of labor, Robert B. Reich, to serve as chief economist for the department, succeeding Mr. Katz. After two years in the job, Mr. Krueger returned to Princeton and vowed never to return to government, according to a 2014 profile in a Princeton alumni magazine.

But in late 2008, Mr. Krueger got a call from Timothy F. Geithner, Mr. Obama’s pick for Treasury secretary. As Mr. Krueger recalled, Mr. Geithner said: “The economy’s in a free fall. Why don’t you come to Treasury and work on big, consequential things?”

“That was his line,” Mr. Krueger said. “And I couldn’t say no.”

Mr. Krueger spent two years at Treasury as chief economist and assistant secretary for economic policy. Then, after a brief return to Princeton, he went back to Washington as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, where he pushed the administration to focus on issues of inequality and economic opportunity.

One of the interesting things about the suicide is that Krueger has a book set to hit the shelves in June, 2019 and seemed to have everything to live for.

Source: TheFederalistPapers.com