Monica Crowley Vindicated by Columbia Univ. after Fake Plagiarism Accusations from CNN, Establishment Media

Treasury Department Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs Monica Crowley has been vindicated by Columbia University after a years-long investigation ultimately concluded she did not plagiarize her thesis, despite allegations by CNN and other establishment media outlets that she did.

Crowley, now the Treasury Department’s top spokeswoman but previously a Fox News contributor, had been under consideration to join the National Security Council (NSC) in the White House at the very beginning of President Donald Trump’s administration under his first national security adviser, retired Gen. Mike Flynn. Then, allegations from CNN and Politico, among other publications, claimed that she plagiarized her 2012 book and her thesis at Columbia, sparking Columbia to launch a review of her thesis that has now concluded.

The review found Crowley did not commit research misconduct, and sources familiar with the investigation added that the university is “not disciplining her in any way.” The university also, the source familiar with the details of the investigation told Breitbart News, found no research misconduct by Crowley. She encourages the public to read her PhD dissertation—which is about U.S.-China relations—because it is a clearly newsworthy topic and added she is proud of her work.

“After CNN and other news outlets falsified my PhD dissertation by omitting nearly 40 footnotes, Columbia University began a process to review the work,” Crowley told Breitbart News on Friday afternoon. “I am delighted that they have concluded that there was no research misconduct, as I have maintained all along. I was also happy to address any inadvertent and honest errors and update the work. I am extremely proud of the dissertation, particularly given the fresh timeliness of its subject—the U.S.-China relationship—and hope that others will read and appreciate it.”

A source familiar with the matter told Breitbart News that the university’s use of the word “plagiarism” in its statement is a purely academic definition, and not the widely accepted use of the term.

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