Bretbart Exclusive — Devin Nunes: Adam Schiff Using Intel Committee Investigation of Rioters to Target Trump

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Breitbart News exclusively this weekend that his committee’s chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been running a thus-far-unreported investigation into the Trump administration’s response to violence in American cities.

Asked if Schiff should hold hearings on the threats to the country on display in American cities and outside the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Washington, DC, Nunes revealed that Schiff has been plotting to hold hearings on this matter. The difference, however, is Schiff’s hearings are actually going to target President Donald Trump and his administration’s efforts to secure order in places like Portland, and law enforcement and national security officials trying to restore law and order in riotous Democrat cities, rather than targeting the people behind the violence, looting, rioting, chaos, and mayhem.

“It’s funny you should say that — they are actually going to have, they’re running an investigation into this,” Nunes said on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel. “It hasn’t gotten too much coverage yet. They’re running an investigation from the Intelligence Committee, which has become the impeachment committee, on the situation that happened up in Seattle and Portland. But guess what? They’re running the investigation to see what federal assets did the Trump administration use and was it legal or not to keep the peace in the Pacific Northwest. So they are going to hold hearings, but they’re basically holding hearings to condemn the Trump administration for trying to save Americans’ lives and save Americans’ property and save us from all this looting and rioting and trying to keep under somewhat of some civil discourse here. So, they’re having hearings alright, but for the opposite reason.”

Asked if Schiff’s efforts to target with the Intelligence Committee the law enforcement community’s push to restore order instead of the people disrupting American communities and causing the mayhem in the first place actually assists those creating the chaos, Nunes said that Schiff has perverted the purpose of the Intelligence Committee.

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Democrats Release ‘Notes’ by Indicted Lev Parnas Who Is Trying to Save His Own Hide

Democrats released ‘notes’ by Lev Parnas in which he claims Rudy Giuliani ordered him to to call President Zelensky of Ukraine and tell him aid would not be forthcoming if he didn’t agree to investigate the Bidens.

This Lev Parnas news was already reported in The New York Times two months prior, and Rush Limbaugh called it — Predicting in November that Democrats would come back and use Lev Parnas in their attacks on President Trump.

The legendary conservative radio host predicted on November 11th that indicted Ukrainian Lev Parnas will be the Democrats’ Great Ukrainian Hope.

The slimy Democrats not only sat on their Parnas “evidence” for months but their latest great hope to take down President Trump wears an ankle monitor when he goes on interviews.

Via NBC from a December article:

Parnas, 47, had been seeking less restrictive terms of confinement and monitoring while he awaits trial.

Parnas was arrested in October along with Igor Fruman, another Giuliani associate, and pleaded not guilty to charges of funneling money from foreign entities to U.S. candidates in a scheme to buy political influence.

Both Parnas and Fruman are alleged to have started making illegal campaign contributions in March 2018. Parnas, who is Ukrainian, was originally released on a $1 million bond secured on $200,000 cash. He was eventually released to home confinement with electronic monitoring.

Rachel Maddow invited Lev Parnas on her CNN show to pump him up to the liberal base and to discuss his ‘evidence’ that will finally take down the Orange Man and his evil pro-American regime!

Parnas, an obscure Republican donor, indicted President Trump, Vice President Pence, Rudy Giuliani, AG Bill Barr, Joe di Genova, Victoria Toensing and Rep. Devin Nunes.

It didn’t take long for the Department of Justice to publish a response to Lev Parnas and his claims saying his comments about Bill Barr were “100% false.”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham blasted Parnas’s credibility, saying he is simply looking for attention and trying to avoid going to jail.

“This is a man who’s under indictment and who’s actually out on bail,” Grisham said Thursday morning on Fox News. “This is a man who owns a company called Fraud Inc., so I think that’s something that people should be thinking about. We’re not too concerned about it.”

“It’s unfortunate that he’s now making a media tour with a lot of the outlets that are, you know, against the president,” she said. “I think that shows exactly what he’s doing.”

Grisham shot down the reliability of Parnas’s notes and text message exchanges with Giuliani. “I’ve got to say, just to say Rudy told me these things doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with the president, and it certainly doesn’t mean the president was directing him to do anything,” Grisham said.

“We stand by exactly what we’ve been saying,” she added. “The president did nothing wrong.”

The Justice Department on Thursday also denied Parnas‘ claims that Attorney Barr knew about Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine. “100 percent false,” Justice Department Kerri Kupec said in a statement.

“The President has not spoken with the Attorney General about having Ukraine investigate anything relating to former Vice President Biden or his son,” the statement said. “The President has not asked the Attorney General to contact Ukraine – on this or any other matter.”

Benjamin Goldman at Pen Media reported:

Serhiy Shefir, the first aid to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, revealed that Democrat witness Lev Parnas lied about a meeting where he claimed he threatened to withhold military aid.

Parnas told the New York Times last week that he and Shefir discussed withholding $400 million in aid form Ukraine unless they investigated the Bidens. Shefir, however, doesn’t remember it that way.

Serhiy Shefir told Kyiv Post, an English language Ukrainian newspaper, that his meeting with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman was “neither long nor informative”.

According to him, the only thing that Parnas and Fruman discussed was trying to set up a meeting between President Zelensky and Rudy, something they apparently didn’t even take seriously.

“We said that we will gladly meet with him, but only officially, after the inauguration, and that there can be no meeting now.”

Shefir said that Fruman and Parnas told him the point of the meeting was “they want to help this country” since they are Ukrainians themselves. Shefir, however, was not convinced.

“The meeting took place before we started at the job, and we didn’t get very deep into what their ‘help’ would be. These were general words said over a cup of tea.”

Serhiy Shefir also said that he didn’t really give any weight to either Lev Parnas or Igor Fruman, saying they didn’t consider them representatives of President Trump.

“We didn’t perceive them as representatives of the White House. Even now, I don’t understand what their role was. It was a meeting of private citizens with a private citizen.”

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For the record, back in November 2019 the spokesman for the Ukrainian President said Les Parnas was lying on his so-called meeting with President Zelensky.

And on Jan 16th of 2020, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko who told her,

“It’s all over the Ukrainian media as well today and yesterday and strangely enough my name was not mentioned although I am Minister of Foreign Affairs. And frankly I never spoke with this individual. And again frankly I don’t trust any word again he’s now saying.”

Parnas is likely lying at the request of dirty US attorneys in charge of his own case, as General Flynn was setup to do but refused, in order to reduce his own sentence that includes charges of conspiracy, making false statements to the Federal Election Commission and falsification of records.


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