Abortion Survivor, Sarah Smith, Delivered a Powerful Address at the International “Congress for Life” in Rome

Abortion Survivor, Sarah Smith, delivered a powerful address at the international “Congress for Life” in Rome, organized by the Legionaries of Christ to celebrate the first anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s encyclical letter Evangelium Vitae – The Gospel of Life. Sarah told the conference how she came to discover the dreadful secret that she had somehow […]

Gianna Jessen’s 17-Year Old Birthmother Attempted a Saline Abortion, but Surprisingly the Next Day She Miraculously Gave Birth to a Living Baby.

On this date, Gianna Jessen’s 17 year old birthmother (Tina) sought a saline abortion at seven months pregnant. Saline abortions involve injecting a caustic saline solution into the amniotic fluid, which (normally) causes the fetus to be scalded to death and then delivered dead. In this case, however, things didn’t go according to plan. In […]

Following the Battle of Antietam, President Lincoln Decides: ““The time for the annunciation of the emancipation policy can no longer be delayed.”

The Confederate Army was unstoppable – within weeks of winning the Civil War. General Robert E. Lee had won the Second Battle of Bull Run and was marching 55,000 Confederate troops into Maryland on Sept. 3, 1862. The Confederate Army was welcomed into Maryland as anti-Union protests had been filling Baltimore’s streets. On Sept. 13, […]

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams Die on the 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, Fulfilling Dr. Benjamin Rush’s Prophesy

The Dream of Dr. Benjamin Rush & God’s Hand in Reconciling John Adams and Thomas Jefferson One of the more bitter aspects of the retirement of John Adams from the presidency in 1800 was the fact that several of those with whom he had early co-labored during the Revolution had become his fervent adversaries. This […]

Francis Scott Key Penned the Poem, the ‘Star Spangled Banner’, Later to Become the National Anthem

Francis Scott Key penned the words to the US National Anthem after watching the bombardment for 25 hours and seeing “Bombs bursting in air, missiles, so much debris, he strained to see. Was the flag still there? He couldn’t see a thing. All night long, he couldn’t. At the crack of dawn, he ran out […]