2019 ‘Schooling in America’ Report Shows Interest in Homeschooling at All-Time High

Faced with rapidly deteriorating conditions in government schools, interest among American parents in home education has surged to an “all-time high,” according to a new survey. Federal and state government data also show that homeschooling is growing quickly.

In an October report by the non-profit group EdChoice titled “2019 Schooling in America,” the organization showed that a staggering 15 percent of parents would prefer homeschooling over other educational alternatives such as private, public, or charter schools. The figure was just 5 percent in 2012, showing a dramatic growth to its highest level on record.

Among the many reasons why parents said they had removed their children from public school were safety, drugs, violence, bullying, academics, curriculum, discipline, standards. A strong majority of Americans, 56 percent, said they believe public education is on the wrong track, the survey results showed. Just over a third thought it was moving in the right direction.

Overall, about 82 percent of children are enrolled in traditional government schools, with another 5 percent enrolled in government-funded charter schools. However, less than a third of current school parents would choose government schools, with the majority choosing homeschooling or private schools as their top choice. Even most public school teachers would choose other options.

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AG Bill Barr Flames ‘Unremitting Assault’ On Religion, Traditional Values During Notre Dame Visit

U.S. Attorney General William Barr spoke at Notre Dame Law School on Friday evening, calling for a defense of Judeo-Christian values and religious freedom in response to growing secularism in America.

The event was reserved for students, faculty and staff of the Notre Dame Law School and de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture, both of which hosted the lecture. It took place in the McCartan Courtroom while another room in the law school streamed the speech to another crowd of ticket-holding students and faculty.

Barr began by discussing the new challenges the United States is facing today. It’s a difficulty he said the Founding Fathers foresaw as “the supreme test of a free society.”

“The central question was whether over the long haul, we the people can handle freedom,” Barr said. “The question was whether the citizens in such a free society could maintain the moral discipline and virtue necessary for the survival of free institutions.”

In the Founders’ view, Barr said, free government was only suitable for people who had the discipline to control themselves according to a transcendent moral order. As John Adams put it, he said, the United States Constitution was made only for “a moral and religious people.”

“Now, modern secularists dismiss this idea of morality as sort of otherworldly superstition imposed by a killjoy clergy,” Barr said. “But in fact, Judeo-Christian moral standards are the ultimate utilitarian rules for human conduct. They reflect the rules that are best for man not in the by-and-by but in the here-and-now.”

By the same token, he said, violations of these moral laws have “bad, real world consequences” for man and society — such as society is seeing today.

“I think we all recognize that over the past 50 years, religion has been under increasing attack,” Barr said. “On the one hand, we have seen the steady erosion of our traditional Judeo-Christian moral system and a comprehensive effort to drive it from the public square. On the other hand, we see the growing ascendancy of secularism and the doctrine of moral relativism.”

With escalating suicide rates, the drug epidemic, hate crimes and more, there is a campaign to “destroy the traditional moral order,” Barr said, and secularists ignore these results and press on with “even greater militancy.”

“Among the militant secularists are many so-called progressives,” he said. “But where is the progress? We were told we are living in a post-Christian era. But what has replaced the Judeo-Christian moral system? What is it that can fill the spiritual void in the hearts of the individual person? And what is the system of values that can sustain human social life?”

There used to be a self-healing mechanism that would get things back on course if they go too far in society, Barr said. That may not be the case today, he argued, due to three forces — the first being the “organized destruction” on religion by secularists and their allies.

“One of the ironies, as some have observed, is that the secular project has itself become a religion pursued with religious fervor,” he said. “It is taking out all the trappings of religion, including inquisitions and excommunication. Those who defy the creed risk a figurative burning at the stake: social, educational and professional ostracism and exclusion waged through lawsuits and savage social media campaigns.”

Secondly, instead of addressing underlying causes of moral chaos today, Barr said society has now cast the state as the alleviator of bad consequences.

“So the reaction to growing illegitimacy is not sexual responsibility, but abortion,” he said. “The reaction to drug addiction is safe injection sites. The solution to the breakdown of the family is for the state to set itself up as an ersatz husband for the single mother and an ersatz father for the children. The call comes for more and more social programs to deal with this wreckage — and while we think we’re solving problems, we are underwriting them.”

The third phenomenon he noted is the law being used to break down traditional moral values, and to force religious people and entities to subscribe to practices antithetical to their faith.

“The problem is not that religion is being forced on others, the problem is that irreligion is being forced — secular values are being forced on people of faith,” he said.

Because the Trump administration “firmly supports” accommodation of religion, Barr said, this battleground has largely shifted to the states.

“Ground zero for these attacks on religion are the schools, and to me this is the most serious challenge to religious liberty today,” he said.

There are three fronts for the battle being waged in schools, he said. First is the public school curriculum, with states adopting curriculum incompatible with Judeo-Christian principles. He used New Jersey’s passing of a law requiring public schools to adopt LGBT curriculum as an example.

“This puts parents who descend from the secular orthodoxy to a difficult choice: try to scrape together enough money to send their kids to private school or homeschooling, or allow their children to be inculcated with messages that they fundamentally reject,” Barr said.

The second axis of attack involves states enacting policies “designed to starve religious schools” of funds, he said, encouraging students to choose secular options for schooling.

The third assault on religious freedom in schools, Barr asserted, includes efforts to force religious schools to adhere to secular orthodoxy through state laws.

If these measures are successful, those with religious convictions will become more marginalized, Barr said.

“We cannot sit back and just hope that the pendulum is going to swing back towards sanity,” he said. “As Catholics, we are committed to the Judeo-Christian values that have made this country great, and we know that the first thing we have to do to promote this renewal is to ensure that we are putting our principles into practice in our own personal lives.”

Barr emphasized the importance of the “moral education” of children today.

“We cannot have a moral Renaissance unless we succeed in passing to the next generation our faith and values in full vigor,” he said. “ … If ever there was a need for a resurgence of Catholic education, and more generally religiously affiliated schools, it is today.”

Barr closed his lecture by calling for vigilance in resisting efforts by secularists to “drive religious viewpoints from the public square.”

“I can assure you that as long as I am Attorney General, the Department of Justice will be at the forefront of this effort, ready to fight for the most cherished of all American liberties: the freedom to live according to our faith,” he said.

His lecture was followed by a Q&A session, which was closed to the press.

A recording obtained by The Observer, however, shows Barr fielded questions about the difference between working as Attorney General for President Donald Trump than under former president George H.W. Bush. He also discussed the digital age, hate in America, bipartisan support behind examining big tech companies and his views on immigration.

Along with more polarization today, Barr said things “on the outside” move faster with technology and things “on the inside” are moving slower as compared to his experience under Bush.

“Why things move more slowly in the department, I’m not sure, I’m trying to figure that out,” Barr said. “But I think part of it is of course the environment, people are more afraid of making difficult decisions and they try to finesse the problem rather than squarely deal with it.”

Barr said a serious problem is the rise of hate crimes in America, with many directed primarily at Jews and Muslims.

“I don’t know as much about the religion of Islam, but generally speaking as an Abrahamic religion, what I said about Judeo-Christianity and the importance of ensuring the ability to freely exercise your religion applies to Muslims in this country,” he said.

Catholic schools today are being discredited for teaching hate, Barr said.

“Traditional religious doctrine is now being defined as hate,” he said. “ … That’s used as a basis for trying to silence teaching of those traditional doctrines and moral precepts.”

On immigration, Barr said the problem he has is the unfairness with allowing people to “stand in line at the front door” while others “break into the back door.”

“One of the major problems [with illegal immigration] is the use of the asylum system, asylum or refugees, that is a system distinctive that is meant to deal with sort of exigent circumstances of someone who’s facing, you know, real harm in their country like persecution, fear of death, that kind of thing,” he said. “It’s for populations that are being persecuted, a way to give them haven for as long as that threat exists. So the whole point of this is to get them out of harm’s way — it is not a means of mass migration.”

Students in attendance at the lecture spoke to The Observer about their reactions to his speech.

Second-year law student Krystal Moczygemba said she had no idea what to expect but was struck by some of Barr’s insight.

“I thought he did a really great job of just presenting a topic area on something that all of us would be interested in,” she said. “ … His insight into the idea of self-governance and how that plays a role in how we view responsibility and moral accountability was I thought very interesting — I thought in a good way.”

Second-year law student Owen Fitzgerald said in an email he thought Barr brushed past the Establishment Clause to form an argument that America was founded as a Christian nation.

“Hearing the United States Attorney General blame ‘militant secularists’ for current American issues such as the drug crisis is as concerning as it is bizarre,” Fitzgerald said. “It should worry anyone who recognizes that the Establishment Clause is meant to keep government officials from acting to favor one religious view over another.”

Even so, Fitzgerald said he respects the law school’s decision to invite Barr.

“Now we know exactly what’s running through Barr’s head when he makes important decisions regarding the government’s role in religious matters,” Fitzgerald said. “I trust that in the future the law school will be as willing to invite someone to speak who believes it is not the government’s role to advocate for religion.”

Source: https://ndsmcobserver.com/2019/10/william-barr-speaks-at-notre-dame-about-militant-forces-of-secularism-religious-liberty-in-america/


Colorado CPS Illegally Seizes Disabled Son from Cyndie Abcug without Warrant or Substantiated Claims

The “child welfare” bureaucracy has struck again, this time targeting a seven-year-old disabled child and removing him from his mother’s care—and evidence suggests it was done by deceptive means.

Cynthia Abcug, a mother of four, has been struggling with the medical needs of her son Michael* since he was a baby. He suffered seizures and muscular problems, developmental delays, and more, all documented by specialists. On top of this, her teen daughter is in therapy for trauma she experienced as a child through the interference of child services, who placed her with the man she says abused her for eight years. Even though Cecily’s doctors were concerned she was being sexually abused as a toddler and stated in documentation that “Cecily stated ‘boo boo daddy’ and pointed to her vaginal area…” and that “sexual/emotional difficulties” were suspected, child services in Broward County, Florida, ordered her to have unsupervised visits with her abuser for the next eight years. Abcug eventually obtained a no-contact order against Cecily’s biological father, David Smith*, and he was barred from contacting her in any way going forward. The abuse was so severe that the court ordered them into the state’s address confidentiality program, which would conceal their location from the abuser. Abcug’s son Jeremy told PJM, “Cecily had an extremely hard time with her father and it took way too long for the system to do something substantial for her. It was evident that she was abused.”

Abcug’s youngest son Michael was seeing specialists until his physician, Dr. Wong, felt he could no longer treat him effectively. In documents, Wong described Michael’s condition at five years old.

Michael started to show signs of epilepsy since 7 months of age. He has been evaluated extensively by the Pediatric Neurologists and EEG specialists at Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital and Miami Children’s Hospital, two of the best Children’s Hospitals in South Florida. Unfortunately, to date, Michael has not achieved adequate control of his seizures nor has a definitive cause of his seizure disorder been found…it has been extremely difficult for Michael to integrate socially at school, and the effects of his epilepsy, as well as the side effects of his seizure medicines, have hampered his ability to learn. Furthermore, any extensive convulsions risk damage to his brain and potentially can be life-threatening.

Despite these findings, Abcug was accused of abuse through Munchausen by proxy by Smith, her ex, who called DHS repeatedly with false allegations causing a nightmare of investigations. Abcug was cleared of any wrongdoing and the Broward County DHS stopped taking Smith’s calls seriously. Cecily’s guardian ad litem appointed by the court during that time is on good terms with the family and is supportive of Abcug and her parenting decisions.

Dr. Wong recommended that Abcug take Michael to a specialist in Colorado who could get to the bottom of his undiagnosed disorders. “I strongly believe that Michael should be further evaluated at the neuroscience Institute at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado located in Aurora, Colorado,” wrote Wong. Abcug took his recommendation and petitioned the court for an emergency motion to temporarily relocate out of state with Michael and Cecily, the two minor children in her care. The petition was granted in January of 2018. In that ruling, Judge Frink ruled that Smith, Cecily’s father, was “prohibited from having any contact/communication with said minor child, including telephone communication, written communication or electronic communication.”

Abcug uprooted her life and moved to Colorado to find a diagnosis and seek recovery for Michael. The trouble started, Abcug said, when she began petitioning Pioneer Elementary School in Colorado to continue Michael’s special services, that he is federally guaranteed, into first grade. In kindergarten, Michael had aides and a teacher. By the end of the year, his teacher stated that Michael would need a paraprofessional with him in first grade. Dr. Collins, Michael’s new neurologist, also wrote a letter to the school district saying, “Michael’s extensive medical history (which encompasses episodes of muscle weakness, lack of coordination, and delayed processing ability) have a markedly deleterious effect on his ability to perform any task related to daily living.” She followed up with a list of things he would need help with at school including getting his coat on and off, going to the bathroom safely, opening his lunch, and close monitoring on the playground.

After attending school for one week, Abcug says Michael came home with an open wound on his back and an uneaten lunch every day. Abcug retained an attorney to represent Michael at an IEP meeting to try and get his needs met. The school declined the services requested and Abcug’s attorney confirmed the position of the school in a letter to them stating that “the team was not able to come to a resolution over a safety plan, which prompted Ms. Abcug to place Michael in a home-school program so that she could remain in compliance with the doctors’ orders. Had the IEP team decided to follow the doctors’ orders… Ms. Abcug would have agreed to place Michael in the school district’s program.”

Abcug pulled Michael out of school in October of 2018 to homeschool him. On January 31, 2019, the Department of Human Services showed up on her doorstep to interview her children on charges of neglect and abuse, which they refused to specify, except to say they received a call that Abcug was “misrepresenting Michael’s illness.” DHS interviewed both children against the advice and request of Cecily’s therapist, Amanda Edwards, who wrote, “It is my current clinical impression that the mental health and wellness of my client could be negatively impacted at this time by an interview and/or participation in any “investigation” should the appropriate therapeutic support not be present at the time of said interview.” DHS investigator Camille Gadziala interviewed the traumatized teenager, who has been diagnosed with PTSD, against Edwards’ recommendations. She also interviewed Michael without support as required by ADA guidelines. Even after the letter from Cecily’s therapist was sent to DHS, they interviewed her a second time without her therapist and within days Cecily attempted suicide and was hospitalized. Edwards said she “received no communication from any caseworker regarding this interview or investigation.”

DHS offered Abcug “services” after those interviews that they said would help her “set appointments” for all of Michael’s medical care. Abcug attended a “family meeting” at the DHS office, where three of Michael’s caregivers came with her and confirmed his medical conditions. When Abcug turned down the department’s offer for “services,” things got ugly.

Camille Gadziala texted Abcug requesting to interview the children again. Abcug denied her request. Gadziala then sent an email to Abcug informing her that she would have a court hearing on May 8th, 2019. (PJM is in possession of that email.) Abcug was not given any reason for the hearing or issued a summons to show up as Colorado law requires. She was given one email from an employee of DHS who then rescheduled the hearing at the last minute. Abcug requested the official petition that the department filed with the court several times and was told she could have it at the hearing. She was also told she could only get a court-appointed attorney thirty minutes before the hearing with no time for her representation to go over any of her evidence or medical records. Abcug did not have funds for a private attorney. In other words, the fate of her children rested on her ability to defend herself against charges she had not seen with a lawyer she had never met.

Abcug says when she went to court she was dismayed to discover that she was not allowed to see the petition or what she was alleged to have done, but was asked to sign it. She refused. “The Magistrate, Rebecca Moss, asked me why I didn’t sign it stating that I understood it and I told her, how can I understand something I haven’t read? I don’t even know why I’m here!” Abcug reported that Moss asked her three times, “Is your son terminal?” to which Abcug answered, “No!” each time. Moss then lightly questioned the agents of DHS, Camille Gadziala, Molly Stegink, and Nicole Adams, who told her that Abcug was “uncooperative.” Without explanation, Abcug says Moss ordered that Michael be placed in the custody of DHS and they removed him from his home within 30 minutes. A no-contact order was issued against Abcug for two weeks, where she would have no contact with Michael. “I was not allowed to speak in my defense or share any evidence to refute DHS’s false claims,” said Abcug.

Upon returning home, Abcug read the petition that DHS had filed against her and discovered they had charged her with making up Michaels’s medical issues. They went all the way into the records from Florida from years before and rehashed the old allegations that were proven false. They even outrageously claimed that “Dr. Collins reported that Ms. Abcug’s anxiety can escalate her to an illogical place out of fear. Dr. Collins sees Michael frequently to avoid Ms. Abcug’s frantic thoughts.” Dr. Collins refuted this accusation explicitly in a letter to Abcug. “I did schedule more frequent visits with you initially because of the complexity of Michael’s history, the tests we were doing, to be able to discuss the results with you, and yes, also because of your degree of anxiety about what is going on with Michael. I would and continue to do the same with any complex patient we are trying to figure out and also for any patient whose parents are anxious…This does not mean there is any harm being done to Michael or that I was doing anything different in your case than I would for another family in a similar situation.”

It’s hard to imagine any mother would not be anxious with a severely ill son that no one can diagnose. Collins continued, “Unfortunately, my opinion on the matter is irrelevant to DHS and they have made their decisions about his case regardless of my input as to whether anything inappropriate was done or there was any harm.”

Abcug’s oldest son Jake, who is twenty-six, told PJM that no one from DHS in Colorado ever contacted him to ask about his mother’s treatment of Michael. “You’re the first person who called me, and I was there,” he said. “He’s the sickest child I know. He goes unconscious from seizures since he was younger than one.”

Jake defends his mother absolutely. “She didn’t want to go to Colorado. She didn’t want to leave me. She followed the doctor’s orders and left a good paying job. She uprooted her life to do what is best for him,” he said. Jake and his family are desperate to know what is happening to Michael in DHS custody. “He was getting therapy three times a week. Are they caring for him? We still haven’t gotten a diagnosis and in order to get it, we listen to his doctors. If she didn’t follow their advice, she’d be charged with neglect!”

Michael’s occupational therapist (who declined to be identified) wrote a letter to DHS refuting their claims of abuse by Abcug. “Cindy Abcug, Michael’s Mom, has always kept the therapist in her home up to date on medical concerns with Michael,” she wrote. “She has told us verbally and given written information from both Dr. Collins and Dr. Finney regarding medical issues. This has included testing requested by the physician or me, to determine a diagnosis for Michael. It is my understanding that only 3 to 4 medical tests have been completed in the 1 ½ year he has lived in Colorado; one was requested by me.”

The therapist continued to destroy DHS’s claim that no one had witnessed Michael’s illness. “Currently both physicians are working diligently to determine a possible diagnosis for Michael’s medical issues, which I have observed myself.” Even more disturbing is that it appears that DHS did not reach out to the therapist before removing Michael from his mother’s custody. “I have not been interviewed by Douglas County Child Protection Services regarding their concerns,” she wrote.

Another outrageous and debunked claim DHS made in their faulty petition to remove Michael was that Abcug had subjected her other son, Jeremy, now an adult, to chemotherapy claiming, “She represents her older son Jeremy had stomach cancer and was receiving chemotherapy.” This claim is refuted by Jeremy in a letter he wrote on May 20, 2019. “These allegations against Cynthia are absolutely ridiculous. I’ve seen Michaels’s decline in health over the years, and the notion that she was poisoning Michael is unbelievable. She has never claimed that I had stomach cancer (in fact, she was the only one in the family to take steps to get me treated when I was suffering from h. Pylori bacteria.)…I hope Michael is rightfully returned to his family as soon as possible before his situation deteriorates even more so, and that more care is taken in these types of situations in the future.”

PJM reached out to Jeremy. “I don’t believe they looked at any of his records. They have taken no care in this case,” he said.

On May 30, Abcug received an email from Nicole Palmer, a caseworker at Douglas County Health Services, claiming that she had failed her court-mandated drug screening hair test and tested positive for marijuana. “I just wanted to let you know that your hair follicle was positive for THC. I have submitted these results to the legal team so you can obtain a copy,” wrote Palmer. To date, Abcug has not received a copy of that report. Unfortunately for DHS, Abcug went the Monday after taking the court-ordered test to Escreen for an identical test because she was concerned that the DHS testing was faulty or fraudulent. Escreen sent her samples to the same lab, Omega Laboratories, that DHS uses. The Omega hair screening that Escreen ordered came back negative for all drugs.

Recently in Alabama, a viral story about falsified drug tests that resulted in parents losing children was reported by local news.

More charges are expected for the owner of an Alabama lab collection company accused of altering paternity and drug test screenings.

The Ozark Police Department on Friday announced charges against 36-year-old Brandy Murrah, who lives in Clopton. Murrah is the owner of A & J Lab Collections.

Dale County District Attorney Kirke Adams said Monday that if the allegations against Murrah are true, it could mean that parents were denied custody based on falsified drug screen results.

Abcug has not seen Michael in 22 days. She is not allowed to know where he is or what medical procedures are being done on him. She only knows that he is being seen by medical professionals without her consent or knowledge and subjected to more tests they claim to want to save him from. She was notified that the foster family is enrolling him in day camp with rigorous sports and activities that he is not supposed to do without constant supervision and frequent breaks. Heat and activity can trigger a life-threatening seizure. While ignoring Michael’s doctors, DHS has also endangered Cecily. Abcug found out they contacted Cecily’s father, David Smith, and revealed to him the location of his daughter, who was under a protective order from a Florida court. Abcug believes they have put her life in danger. “We were put into a modified witness protection program to protect Cecily from her father who is unstable. DHS has violated that court order and revealed our location to him for unknown reasons. I’m worried they are going to try and give her back to her abuser.”

(Address Confidentiality ID cards for Abcug and her two minor children)

DHS and her court-appointed attorney have refused to give Abcug the copy of the court order separating her from Michael. Requests for an emergency petition to have Michael returned have also been ignored. “When an agency as powerful as DHS comes in and takes your child under false pretenses, it’s both heartbreaking and terrifying,” said Abcug. “I’m afraid of them retaliating because they still have my son and we haven’t seen him or heard from him since he has been in their custody. But at this point I need help. I have nothing to hide because I’ve done nothing wrong.”

PJM reached out to DHS for a statement and received no reply. But within minutes of that contact, Abcug received an email from DHS saying, “At this time the Department and GAL are continuing to assess Michael’s true medical, developmental, and emotional needs. The Department is concerned about influence and coaching in this case, therefore there will be no visits at this time.” Abcug had been asking for visits since they took him 22 days ago and this was the first conclusive communication about visitation she received.

Abcug is in the process of firing the court-appointed attorney and raising money for a private attorney. A GoFundMe page has been set up for Michael here.

* Some names have been changed to protect the identity of minor children


Source: – https://pjmedia.com/parenting/mother-…

Government Threatens to Shut Down Christian Schools Unless they Purge God and Family Oriented Curriculum

Authorities in Canada’s Alberta province are giving Christian schools a choice: Quit being Christian and teaching the truth of God’s Word, or be suspended and potentially even shut down. And because the schools all take government funding at this point, odds are good that the totalitarian gender ideologues running the education bureaucracy will get their […]

Pilot Comparative Study on the Health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated 6- to 12- year old U.S. children

Until now, there has not been one single published study that compared them to see who is healthier (or sicker) years after the shots. This first-of-its-kind study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated American homeschooled children shows who is really ailing.

Read it if you want and choose what you believe is the best option for your child.

America’s children are sick. Really sick.

According to ScienceDirect, an estimated 43% of US children (32 million) currently have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions, not including obesity.

We’re seeing once-rare pediatric disorders from Tourette’s syndrome and type 1 Diabetes to autism and ADD soaring, though there’s little pooling of data. It seems to me if people really wanted hard science, this would have been done!

Compared to their parents, young children today are four times more likely to have a chronic illness.

According to CCHR International, a mental-health watchdog, today’s generation of kids is a pharmaceutical company’s dream:

  • More than one million American children under five years old takes a psychiatric drug.
  • More than 8.3 million kids under 17 have consumed psychiatric drugs,
  • and the CDC says “in any given month one in four is taking at least one prescription drug” for something.

We’re assured vaccines are “safe and effective” even though public health officials acknowledge they sometimes have serious side-effects including death and despite the troubling fact that no long-term study of their effects on overall health has ever been conducted. In medicine, this used to be unthinkable!

And so the numbers keep climbing: 50 doses of 14 vaccines by age six69 doses of 16 pharmaceutical vaccines containing powerfully immune-altering ingredients by age 18.

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

Nearly 700 homeschooled six to 12-year-olds from four states, compared 261 unvaccinated children with 405 partially or fully vaccinated children, and assessed their overall health based on their mothers’ reports of vaccinations and physician-diagnosed illnesses.

What it found about increases in immune-mediated diseases like allergies and neurodevelopmental diseases including autism, should make all parents think twice:

  • Vaccinated children were more than three times as likely to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum than unvaccinated children (source)
  • Vaccinated children were 30-fold more likely to be diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) than non-vaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 22-fold more likely to require an allergy medication
  • Vaccinated children had more than quadruple the risk of being diagnosed with a learning disability than unvaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 300 percent more likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder than unvaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 340 percent more likely to have been diagnosed with pneumonia than unvaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 300 percent more likely to be diagnosed with an ear infection than unvaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 700 percent more likely to have surgery to insert ear drainage tubes than unvaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 2.5-fold more likely to be diagnosed with any chronic illness than unvaccinated children

Homeschooler vs. Homeschooler

The trouble with doing a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study 60 years or so after it should have been done is that virtually all American children are vaccinated today. When 95 percent of children get injections, there are few ‘controls’ left for studying long-term outcomes.

Comparing American children at large to small pockets of unvaccinated children like those in the Amish community is revealing, but critics say they are comparing apples to oranges. There are too many other variables — diet, fresh air, computer time, for example – that might explain differences in health besides vaccination status.

So, Anthony Mawson, a professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the School of Public Health, Jackson State University, along with colleagues Azad Bhuiyan and Binu Jacob, collaborated with Brian D. Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute, to engage and enroll homeschooling families through an anonymous online survey to participate in the study.

In this way, homeschoolers were compared to homeschoolers (apples to apples), but with the added advantage that homeschoolers as a population match the profiles of American families at large.

The Science

The Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute distilled the research findings. “Both vaccinated and unvaccinated children in the study got sick sometimes. As expected, vaccinated children were less likely to have some infections they were vaccinated against: they were 71% less likely to have had chickenpox (Odds Ratio = 0.26), 75% less likely to have had whooping cough (pertussis) (OR = 0.3), and 87% less likely to have had a rubella infection (OR = 0.1) (see Table 2) -.” (source)

However, in spite of public health hysteria over outbreaks of measles at Disneyland and mumps resurgence, there was no evidence that vaccinated children were any more protected against these so-called “vaccine-preventable diseases”. Children in both groups had about the same rates of infection with measles, mumps, Hepatitis A and B, influenza, rotavirus and meningitis (both viral and bacterial). (see ‘Acute Illness’ below Table 1).”

Unvaccinated children in the study were actually better protected against some “vaccine-preventable diseases” than children who got the shots. Since 2000, the CDC has recommended four shots against seven different strains of pneumococcal infections before age 15 months (13 strains since 2010), but vaccinated children in the study were 340 percent more likely to have been diagnosed with pneumonia compared to unvaccinated children (OR = 4.4).

Brain Drain

  • In the 80s, autism occurred one in 10,000 children; by the early 1990s, one in 2,500.
  • Five years ago, one in 88 children were diagnosed.
  • And today it is one in 68.

In the homeschooler study, the risk of being diagnosed on the spectrum was more than four-fold higher among vaccinated children (OR 4.3).

The CDC still quotes a 2004 Pediatrics study claiming to debunk a link between autism and vaccines even though one of its authors, their own top scientist William Thompson, admitted that he and colleagues colluded to obscure and then shred data (he kept copies) showing a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. Thompson confessed in one taped telephone chat to Brian Hooker, a bioengineer professor at Simpson University and the father of an autistic child.

The Thompson whistleblower case is the basis of the 2016 documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe by Andrew Wakefield, the gastroenterologist who was among the first to suggest a link the MMR vaccine and autism  in the late ‘90s, and who has become a symbol of how the system deals with dissenters. It’s the film the CDC does not want anyone to see.

Brain and nervous system damage from vaccines is nothing new. Crippling Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, for example, (which causes MRI-visible white spots on the brain), is a documented side effect for virtually every vaccine. Narcolepsy and Guillain Barré Syndrome are other examples.

Mercury, aluminum and what else?

Vaccine ingredients are known to cause brain damage. Robert Kennedy, Jr. has been highlighting the dangers of mercury as thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines and its relationship to autism.

Aluminium is another powerful, well-documented neurotoxin added to vaccines as an adjuvant to evoke an immune system response. Recent research has thrown everything scientists used to say about it (and the CDC still does) in the bin: aluminum has a half life of a week, and is not excreted from the body within hours or days, persisting for years and migrating to organs including lymph, spleen and brain. Aluminum in vaccines has been implicated in studies on Chronic Fatigue SyndromeMacrophagic Myofasciitis in numerous autoimmune diseasesAlzheimer’s disease, in sudden deaths following vaccination and in autism.

The FDA does not deny its toxicity – just that there is not enough aluminum toxin in vaccines to cause harm. But it calculates risk based on oral exposure. Even so it describes memory impairment in lab mice and “very young animals [which] appeared weaker and less active [and] less coordinated when their mothers were exposed to aluminum during pregnancy and while nursing.”

Injected vs Ingested

Injected exposure can hardly be safer. “It should be obvious that the route of exposure which bypasses the protective barriers of the gastrointestinal tract and/or the skin will likely require a much lower dose to produce a toxic outcome,” says a 2014 review implicating aluminium in the autism epidemic.

Besides toxic metals like aluminum and mercury, vaccines may contain contaminants from DNA from human aborted fetus cells, animal DNA and retroviruses and a host of debris and metal contaminants that are not measured by oversight agencies and whose health effects have never been studied.

Messed up microbiomes

As a possible mechanism for vaccine-induced ear infection, study authors Mawson and colleagues cite a 2006 study that looked at the types of bacteria in the nasal passages of children immunized with pneumococcal vaccine vs. “historical control” – kids from the prePCV-7 era – and found an increased colonization of a bacteria called M. catarrhalis in the vaccinated group. M. catarrhalis, it turns out, is associated with an increased risk of ear infection.

No surprise then that vaccinated children in the study were over two-fold more likely to have taken antibiotics (OR 2.7). They were also hospitalized more often (OR 1.8).

Wheezy and itchy

Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is another one of those current inexplicably soaring pediatric plagues; in 2012, it affected 6.6 million children. It is strongly associated with another spiking childhood disorder, asthma. More than three million American kids have a food allergy and one in four children have eczema. Worldwide, allergies have been increasing and they now affect almost half of all American school kids.

All this allergic disease was leading to more medication. The vaccinated children in the study were 22-fold more likely to have taken allergy medicine than the unvaccinated.

Dose-Response Relationship

“Other than vaccination itself, there was no explanation for the differences in health outcomes observed between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of children,” the study’s authors concluded.  Although the design of the study limits causal interpretation, they added, there is an apparent dose-response relationship between vaccination and chronic illness, with the partially vaccinated showing intermediate odds of being diagnosed with chickenpox and whooping cough as well as ear infection, pneumonia, allergic rhinitis, ADHD, eczema, and learning disability (see Table 4).

For more than a century it has been accepted public health dogma that vaccine benefits outweigh risks. What’s more, with the introduction of five new vaccines since 1995 bringing the total inoculations to 35 by kindergarten age, studies of the combined effect of vaccines have never been done. The reality is: real vaccine benefits are theoretical and real vaccine risks are unknown.

The emerging vaccine “war” is really growing numbers of “hesitant” parents (and health practitioners) questioning the CDC vaccine schedule for good reasons: Why are doctors who profit from vaccines the spokesmen for public health? Can government health agencies really be trusted to protect our children when they are so wedded to the pharmaceutical industry?  Why are toxins in vaccines? Does my kid really need this vaccine or is somebody selling it, like Coca Cola and video games? Why is it acceptable to knowingly sacrifice some children for the greater good? Is that greater good real or is it a mirage?

That vaccines may sometimes curb natural infections like chickenpox sometimes appears to be the case. But if they are such a miracle, then why are American kids so sick?

This pilot study shows us that if mainstream medicine and our public health agencies are really interested in children’s health, not just vaccine profits or defending vaccine religion against blasphemy, what is needed is not the will to make everyone believe, but the courage to find out.

Source: https://deeprootsathome.com/vaccinated-unvaccinated-healthier/