Lil Nas X Releases Nike ‘Satan Shoes’ That Contain Human Blood And Are Limited To 666 Pairs, Nike Sues

Rapper Lil Nas X unveiled a limited edition pair of “Satan shoes” that contain human blood and are limited to 666 pairs.

The “Old Town Road” singer is released the pair of shoes on March 29 as a collaboration with the custom sneaker brand MSCHF. The shoes start at $1,018 and contain “60cc ink and 1 drop of human blood.”

The timing of the shoe’s release coincides with the release of Nas’s latest video, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” which was released Thursday. The music video shows him dancing on a stripper pole on his way down to hell, as well as giving Satan a lap dance.

The title video “Montero” is a reference to Lil Nas X’s real name, Montero Lamar Hill, according to NBC.

Lil Nas X tweeted on March 25 that the song was dedicated to”14-year old Montero.” (RELATED: Lil Nas X Explains Why He Opened Up About Being Gay)

“I wrote a song with our name in it. it’s about a guy I met last summer. I know we promised to never come out publicly, I know we promised never to be “that” type of gay person, I know we promised to die with the secret, but this will open doors for many other queer people to simply exist,” the statement read in part.

Source: DailyCaller

The Luciferian elite who have been secretly leading the world into global slavery under their rule are boldly exhibiting their true religion:

Three days prior to the premiere of th satan shoes, Lil Nas – who is being promoted to elementary age school children – premiered a video where he simulates gay sex with Satan.

Nike later released a statement and denied their involvement with Lil Nas X. Nike said they did not collaborate on the production of the Satanic shoes by Lil Nas.

“We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF,” Nike said in a statement. “Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them.”

Lil Nas later posted on Twitter what was called an “apology” but once you click on it the video shows him lap dancing on Satan. The shoes were released on the Holiest week in the Christian calendar, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Nike sued MSCHF.

Nike claims MSCHF buys the shoes from Nike, then the artists it works with make their own creative modifications before selling them at a higher price.

Nike’s suing for trademark infringement because the famous Swoosh logo is still prominently featured on X’s shoes. It wants damages, and perhaps more importantly for Nas X … Nike wants the judge to block all sales of the Satan Shoe.

The Satan Shoe sparked outrage within the sports world … with stars like Trevor Lawrence and Nick Young voicing their disgust with the product.

According to Brendan Dunne MSCHF said last week, “It is totally legal in the sense that, because we’re not doing knockoffs, because we are buying their shoes and doing our own art and selling it for more, it’s like 1000 present legal.”


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Super Bowl LV

Goldstein Biden appeared with his wife on videoscreen to tell America to obey. Joe Biden said. “Wear masks. Stay socially distance. Get tested.” Both tyrannical Orwellian rules that do not work and only serve to take away our freedoms.

Super Bowl LV kicked off with the singing of the Black National Anthem. Alicia Keys sang, “Lift Your Voice and Sing” in Tampa to start off the festivities. Shots of NFL players kneeling to the US National Anthem and Black Lives Matter protests were included in this Super Bowl video. (TGP) The Super Bowl ratings were down 9% from last year, was the least-watched since 2006, and the lowest-rated Super Bowl in 50 years!

The game was televised nationally by CBS. Country music singer Eric Church and R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan performed the national anthem.

The Game

The NFC champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs, 31–9. The game took place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida and was the fifth Super Bowl hosted by the Tampa area and the third held at Raymond James Stadium. It was the fourth time that the Super Bowl was in the same state in back-to-back years; Super Bowl LIV had taken place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The Buccaneers became the first team to play a Super Bowl in its home stadium, and the first wild card team to appear in the Super Bowl since the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV. In his first season as a player for the Buccaneers, quarterback Tom Brady appeared in his 10th Super Bowl and won his seventh, both records for an individual player. The Chiefs sought to become the first team to repeat as Super Bowl champions since Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots (XXXVIII and XXXIX). Due to COVID-19 protocols limiting the stadium’s seating capacity to 25,000 fans, this was the lowest attended Super Bowl. For the 5th time in his career, Brady was named Super Bowl MVP, completing 21 of 29 passes for 201 yards and three touchdowns.

The Satanic Halftime Show

The halftime show was headlined by Canadian singer The Weeknd. Former KC Chief and NFL standout Larry Johnson took to Twitter and claimed that The Weeknd performed a satanic ritual in front of thousands of people inside Raymond James Stadium and the millions watching at home.

The Vigilant Citizen writes that The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance appears to be the conclusion to a narrative that has been going on for months. Through music videos and live performances, the singer has been telling a story about fame, fortune, and the true cost of it all. This story was amplified and “validated” by mass media itself as he was given the opportunity to play out his persona on the biggest stages on Earth. After winning awards and appearing in countless media events while in character, The Weeknd brought his dark persona to the masses during the Super Bowl Halftime show.

The moral of the story: Selling your soul is totally worth it … until you get decapitated. More importantly, the show is a reminder of who actually rules the “entertainment” that we’re supposed to consume while in lockdown.

Other symbols pointed out by others not covered in the video above:

Even a player used an Illuminati hand sign to close out the Super Bowl as Bucs linebacker Devin White made an interception in the endzone and then celebrated in front of the camera with the Illuminati 666 symbol over his eye.

In his after-game interview and in a now-deleted Tweet, Chiefs player Tyrann Mathieu said after his incident on the field with Tom Brady, “He called me something I won’t repeat but yeah I’ll let all the media throw me under bus as if I did something or said something to him…” However, Tom Brady was mic’d up for the entire game and could have easily proven he was innocent while Mathieu would have been the next Jussie Smollett.

Rapper Azealia Banks Dug Up Her Dead Cat Named Lucifer and Cooked It on Instagram

Is she mentally deranged? Or was she simply engaging in typical music industry witchcraft? Why not both?

Sometimes I re-read the headlines I find myself writing and I’m stunned by their absurdity. On the other hand, one can never be fully surprised by anything when dealing with the dark side of the entertainment industry. Because a lot of people in that industry are into very sick stuff.

Azealia Banks is a rapper but she’s mostly known for beefing with people on Twitter. She’s also known for posting disturbing stuff on Instagram.

On January 12th, Banks posted a (now deleted) story on Instagram where she dug up her dead cat named Lucifer (of course) and boiled it in her kitchen to “bring her back to life”.

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Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

Kobe (Covid in Hebrew) was one of those athletes that transcended the boundaries of their sport to become pop culture icons. More than a basketball superstar, Kobe was a household name – the type that was known throughout the world on a first-name basis. He was the personification of success and greatness. On the basketball court, he won everything that was possible to win and he was in the process of passing on this legacy to his four daughters. Off the court, he cashed in on some of the most lucrative endorsement deals in sports history and he was at the head of a massive business empire. Oh, and he also won an Oscar. And, when major pitfalls came on his path (i.e. rape allegations in 2003), he managed to bounce back like the basketball he used to dribble. In short, it seemed like nothing could stop Kobe from flying high … until it all came crashing down.

For these reasons, the sudden and unexpected death of Kobe Bryant at the young age of 41 was received with complete shock and disbelief. It was one of those events that immediately send shockwaves around the world. But that shockwave was most strongly felt at the epicenter of it all: Los Angeles.

A few hours later, the Staples Center – the arena where Kobe made history – turned into a makeshift memorial for the deceased athlete. The same night, a major media event took place at this exact location: The 2020 Grammy Awards.

This is one of many bizarre coincidences surrounding the death of Kobe Bryant. And there are many more.

Synchronicity is defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”. Carl Jung described these events as “meaningful coincidences”. He also believed that they happened for a reason.

The least one can say is that Kobe’s death is surrounded by some eerie synchronicity. Or was it all planned?

One thing is for sure, there’s an eerie connection between Kobe and helicopter crashes. It’s unreal. Here are some examples.

Helicopter Crashes

In 2011, Kobe starred in a major, star-studded advertisement to promote his Nike shoes and his new alter-ego: Black Mamba. Spanning nearly 6 minutes, the ad ended with Kobe fighting a “final boss” (played by Kanye West), who flees in a helicopter. What follows is now … eerie.

Kanye West hangs from a helicopter at the end of the Black Mamba ad.

Kobe then realizes that the basketball he is holding is actually a bomb. He throws it on the helicopter.

The helicopter explodes in mid-air and crashes on the basketball court. The ad ends with the burning wreckage of a helicopter.

In 2017, Kobe was featured in the adult cartoon show Chamberlain Heights … and he literally dies in a helicopter crash.

Kobe crawls out of a helicopter that crashed.

After asking for help (and not receiving it), Kobe’s helicopter explodes.

Kobe’s championship rings fall down, implying that he’s really dead.

Then there’s this tweet dating from 2012 that went viral immediately after Kobe’s death.

When do coincidences become “meaningful coincidences”? Difficult to say. However, the fact that Kobe’s death was closely intertwined with the 2020 Grammy Awards adds another layer of strangeness.

Kobe and the Grammys

To fully understand the synchronicity at play here, I need to go back to 2012. On February 11th, 2012, Whitney Houston – a major icon in the music industry – was found dead at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. At the same exact location, a few floors below, a pre-Grammy award party was taking place with over 800 guests. The next day, the 2012 Grammy Awards took place and the entire event was tainted with Houston’s death. As explained in my article Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual, the ceremony was creepy and strange – complete with some satanic undertones. It also put forth Whitney’s “replacement” – Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson performs in memory of the late Whitney Houston at the Staples Center during the 54th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 12, 2012. AFP PHOTO Robyn BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Jennifer Hudson was literally placed “in the spotlight” as she performed under pictures of Whitney Houston at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Passing on the torch.

Oddly enough, Kobe’s death followed the same exact pattern. A few hours before the 2020 Grammy Awards, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California – about 30 miles from the Staples Center, where the Grammy Awards took place.

Coincidentally enough, it is at this very same Staples Center that Kobe played hundreds of times as part of the Los Angeles Lakers. Alicia Keys, the host of the 2020 Grammy Awards, even called the arena “the house that Kobe built”.

Shortly after the death of Kobe, the Staples Center turned into a makeshift memorial for Kobe.

The same night, at the same location, the 2020 Grammy Awards took place. The entire event was heavily tainted by Kobe’s death.

A performance featuring DJ Khaled, YG and John Legend was dedicated to Nipsey Hussle – another “King of Los Angeles” who died in odd circumstances (read my article about him here). Kobe was apparently added at the last minute to this tribute.

Therefore, like Whitney Houston, Kobe’s death was closely intertwined with the Grammy awards became THE mass media event ritualizing his death. And, like Whitney Houston, a passing of the torch occurred shortly prior to all of this. This is Kobe’s final post on Instagram:

Kobe congratulating Lebron James for surpassing him in the NBA all-time scoring list.

Coincidentally enough, Lebron wrote on his shoes a tribute on the day of that game:

Lebron James wrote “Mamba 4 Life” on his shoes on the “passing of the torch” game prior to Kobe’s death.

Therefore, after the crowning of “King James”, Kobe passed away near the Staples Center, where he ruled for years. It is at this same Staples Center that the 2020 Grammy Awards turned into an elite-industry-catered ceremony for Kobe. Since 2009, I’ve been stating that these award shows are actually mega-rituals that emanate powerful energy. The 2020 Grammy Awards were a prime example of this fact.

In Conclusion

The sudden death of Kobe Bryant is reminiscent of the sudden deaths of other icons such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Since these figures were omnipresent in mass media, they were, in some odd way, a part of people’s lives. Therefore, news of their deaths inevitably creates a shockwave of shock and grief around the world. And that shock and grief was palpable at the 2020 Grammy Awards – the same way it was palpable at the 2012 Grammys, following the death of Whitney Houston.

While death can strike anyone, at any time and that accidents definitely happen on a daily basis, the cases of Whitney and Kobe are surrounded by plenty of eerie facts. While they can all be dismissed as mere coincidences, Carl Jung believed that, sometimes, coincidences are so meaningful that the universe is, somehow, trying to tell us something. Like, maybe, that there were dark forces at play in Kobe’s death.

The article was created by

Pastor of Amc Ministries and director of the Pastor’s Chronicles, under the Power of The Elijah’s Spirit, the message is giving to the world, Pastor Hinton’s mission is to wake as many as he can from the matrix before that dreadful terrible day!!
KOBE BRYANT: Luciferian Project Completed with Bishop Larry Gaiters

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The 2019 VMAs: It’s Not About Music, It’s About Pushing Narratives

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