Report: 500,000 Tibetans Sent to Labor Camps, Indoctrinated by the Communist Party of China (CCP)

In 2019 and 2020, the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) introduced new policies to promote the systematic, centralized, and large-scale training and transfer of “rural surplus laborers” to other parts of the TAR, as well as to other provinces of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In the first 7 months of 2020, the region had trained over half a million rural surplus laborers through this policy. This scheme encompasses Tibetans of all ages, covers the entire region, and is distinct from the coercive vocational training of secondary students and young adults reported by exile Tibetans (RFA, October 29, 2019).

The labor transfer policy mandates that pastoralists and farmers are to be subjected to centralized “military-style” (军旅式, junlüshi) vocational training, which aims to reform “backward thinking” and includes training in “work discipline,” law, and the Chinese language. Examples from the TAR’s Chamdo region indicate that the militarized training regimen is supervised by People’s Armed Police drill sergeants, and training photos published by state media show Tibetan trainees dressed in military fatigues (see accompanying images).

Poverty alleviation reports bluntly say that the state must “stop raising up lazy people.” Documents state that the “strict military-style management” of the vocational training process “strengthens [the Tibetans’] weak work discipline” and reforms their “backward thinking.” Tibetans are to be transformed from “[being] unwilling to move” to becoming willing to participate, a process that requires “diluting the negative influence of religion.” This is aided by a worrisome new scheme that “encourages” Tibetans to hand over their land and herds to government-run cooperatives, turning them into wage laborers.

An order-oriented, batch-style matching and training mechanism trains laborers based on company needs. Training, matching and delivery of workers to their work destination takes place in a centralized fashion. Recruitments rely, among other things, on village-based work teams, an intrusive social control mechanism pioneered in the TAR by Chen Quanguo (陈全国), and later used in Xinjiang to identify Uyghurs who should be sent to internment camps (China Brief, September 21, 2017). Key policy documents state that cadres who fail to achieve the mandated quotas are subject to “strict rewards and punishments” (严格奖惩措施, yange jiangcheng cuoshi). The goal of the scheme is to achieve Xi Jinping’s signature goal of eradicating absolute poverty by increasing rural disposable incomes. This means that Tibetan nomads and farmers must change their livelihoods so that they earn a measurable cash income, and can therefore be declared “poverty-free.”

This draconian scheme shows a disturbing number of close similarities to the system of coercive vocational training and labor transfer established in Xinjiang. The fact that Tibet and Xinjiang share many of the same social control and securitization mechanisms—in each case introduced under administrations directed by Chen Quanguo—renders the adaptation of one region’s scheme to the other particularly straightforward.

Historical Context

As early as 2005, the TAR had a small-scale rural surplus labor training and employment initiative for pastoralists and farmers in Lhasa (Sina, May 13, 2005). The 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) then specified that this type of training and labor transfer was to be conducted throughout the TAR (PRC Government, February 8, 2006). From 2012, the Chamdo region initiated a “military-style training for surplus labor force transfer for pastoral and agricultural regions” (农牧区富余劳动力转移就业军旅式培训, nongmuqu fuyu laodongli zhuanyi jiuye junlüshi peixun) (Tibet’s Chamdo, October 8, 2014). Chamdo’s scheme was formally established in the region’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), with the goal of training 65,000 laborers (including urban unemployed persons) during that time (Chamdo Government, December 29, 2015).

By 2016, Chamdo had established 45 related vocational training bases (TAR Government, November 17, 2016). Starting in 2016, the TAR’s Shannan region likewise implemented vocational training with “semi-military-style management” (半军事化管理, ban junshihua guanli) (Tibet Shannan Net, April 5, 2017). Several different sources indicate that Chamdo’s military-style training management was conducted by People’s Armed Police drill sergeants.[1]

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Kanye: “Protect Your Kids From Being Indoctrinated By Hollywood & The Media”

Kanye West says that parents need to protect their children from being ‘indoctrinated’ into embracing lives of vapid meaninglessness by the media and the entertainment industry.

The music icon was speaking to an audience at Joel Osteen’s church in Houston during one of his Sunday Service events.

He began by pointing out that many famous people are in service to Satan and not God because they value money and power above all else.

“You start to feel like Satan is the most powerful and you start to feel that if you service God in life it means you will not prosper and the only way to prosper is in service to fame,” said Kanye.

“The devil stole all the good producers, the devil stole all the good musicians, all the good artists, all the good designers, all the good business people and said you’ve got to come over and work for me,” he added.

Kanye reassured the audience that a shift was happening and that his conversion to Christianity is a major part of that shift.

“Jesus has won the victory because now the greatest artist that God has ever created is working for him…All of that arrogance and confidence and cockiness y’all seen me use before, God is now using for Him,” said Kanye.

The Jesus is King singer then turned his attention to cultural degeneracy, telling the crowd; “We have our own daughters and we’re still rapping about trying to hook up with somebody’s daughter.”

He went on to urge parents about the necessity of “protecting your kids from the indoctrination of the media, the thousands of thousands of images that are fed to children by the age of 6 or 7.”

Kanye added that: images are “purposely mixed in to lower the kid’s super power and esteem so that they can be more susceptible to consumption and feel that they need to consume and become a part of the robotic numeric system that controls so much.” 

Kanye added that:

images are “purposely mixed in to lower the kid’s super power and esteem so that they can be more susceptible to consumption and feel that they need to consume and become a part of the robotic numeric system that controls so much.”

With words like these, is it any wonder Yeezy is hated by much of the mainstream entertainment industry?


More than a Third of Millennials Polled Approve of Communism

A new survey released by the Washington, D.C., nonprofit Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation reflects that, if the younger generation gets out and votes in 2020, those running for office on the far left have reason to be hopeful.

‘The historical amnesia about the dangers of communism and socialism is on full display in this year’s report.’

Marion Smith, executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

According to YouGov, which conducted the poll, capitalism, amid a widening divide between the haves and have-nots, has plunged in popularity from a year ago, with one out of every two millennials — ages 23 to 38 — supporting it.

Meanwhile, 36% of millennials polled say that they approve of communism, which is up significantly from 28% in 2018.

Socialism, a dirty word to the president and many of his supporters, has shown a decrease in favorability in all age groups except the Silent Generation (age 74+) and millennials, of which 70% say they’d be likely to vote for a socialist candidate.

Marion Smith, executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, says he’s troubled by the findings of the poll.

“The historical amnesia about the dangers of communism and socialism is on full display in this year’s report,” Smith said in a statement on Monday. “When we don’t educate our youngest generations about the historical truth of 100 million victims murdered at the hands of communist regimes over the past century, we shouldn’t be surprised at their willingness to embrace Marxist ideas.”

Other nuggets from the report include that 22% of millennials believe “society would be better if all private property was abolished,” and that 45% of Generation Z members and millennials believe that “all higher education should be free.”

As for the biggest threat to world peace, 27% across every generation pointed a finger at President Trump, while 22% named North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un and 15% picked Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Source: Marketwatch

NEA Partners with radical homosexual group, HRC, to Indoctrinate Teachers on how to “Create a Positive LGBTQ and Gender Inclusive School Climate.”

Under the guise of creating “Welcoming Schools,” the far-left National Education Association (NEA) and the radical homosexual group “Human Rights Campaign” (HRC) are joining forces to brainwash and abuse American children. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others who believe in science and biology are not “welcome.”

In an e-mail about its “Welcoming Schools” program sent out to teachers on October 16, the extremist LGBT group’s foundation announced what it described as a “powerful partnership” with the NEA, America’s largest teachers’ union. Teachers who contacted The Newman Report about the partnership expressed serious concerns.

“It’s official! Welcoming Schools and the National Education Association (NEA) are partners,” the Human Rights Campaign Foundation boasted in the e-mail. “This summer, ten NEA trainers from various Social Justice cadres were trained to be Welcoming Schools Facilitators. The Welcoming Schools NEA cohort will be presenting at both nationwide (NEA LGBTQ) and statewide (NJEA) conferences.”

The group is also hoping more school districts will hand over taxpayer money to provide radical LGBT “professional development” to teachers. “We look forward to being able to bring essential professional development to many more educators through this partnership,” the HRC declared in its email, linking to a website touting its indoctrination sessions for teachers on how to “create a positive LGBTQ and gender inclusive school climate.”

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American Educator Fall Issue Indoctrinates Teachers to Inject Race and Racism Into Every Subject and Every Conversation

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the radical union that reaches into tens of thousands of classrooms, is pushing saturation indoctrination on race, “racism,” “racial identity,” “bias,” “prejudice,” “discrimination,” “hate,” “white supremacy,” and, of course, “equity,” “tolerance” and “diversity.”

As American students at all grade levels fall further and further behind in all academic areas, the 1.7 million-member union is telling its teachers that they must focus not on helping their students learn the basic subject matter and academic skills that will enable them to be productive, prosperous, self-supporting citizens, but that teachers must instead become non-stop agitators for “racial justice” and fulltime race psychologists/sociologists — both inside and outside the classroom.

The Fall 2019 issue of the AFT journal American Educator is devoted to “Confronting Bias in Schools: Classroom Conversations on Race , Ethnicity, and Identity.” However, a more accurate title might have been “Compounding Bias in Schools,” or “Enflaming Racial Tensions and Hatred in Schools.”

“The President Is Leading a Homegrown Hate Movement”

AFT President Randi Weingarten leads off the issue with an attack on President Donald Trump, declaring, “The president is leading a homegrown hate movement.” In her “Where We Stand” column, Weingarten proclaims that “President Trump has trampled rights enshrined in the Constitution and waged a war on truth. He has fanned biases that aim to dehumanize ‘the other’ and that erode our democracy. He is enamored of despots, and distances our allies…. We can’t ignore Trump’s bigotry and cruelty, or the fact that his erratic behavior is intended to create chaos and confusion.”

This anti-Trump tirade follows only a few sentences after Weingarten had asserted that teachers “are called on to be guardians of democracy and cultivators of decency.” She also says teachers must “help young people value members of other groups,” and classrooms must be places “where disagreements are over ideas, not people, and dissenting views are respectfully heard, not shouted down.” But Weingarten’s decency, civility, and tolerance apparently does not extend to the tens of millions of deplorables who voted for Donald Trump, and the tens of millions more that disapprove of the union’s strident propaganda concerning LGBTQ programming, gun control, global warming, and other radical agenda items. Neither, obviously, does her lecturing on civility and inclusivity apply to the legions of militant AFT cadres that participate in riotous protests, lead their students in profanity-strewn “I Hate Trump!” chants, and engage in disruptive walkouts and school strikes.

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