Event 201: The Gates Foundation Simulates their Lab Developed Coronavirus – Estimated to Kill 65 Million in 18 mos.

Long before the Coronavirus outbreak, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the World Economic Forum co-hosted an event in NYC where “policymakers, business leaders, and health officials” worked together on a simulated coronavirus outbreak.

Titled the “Event 201” pandemic, the high-level pandemic exercise “dropped participants right in the midst of an uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak that was spreading like wildfire out of South America to wreak worldwide havoc.”

“In the simulation, CAPS (the coronavirus) resulted in a death toll of 65 million people within 18 months,” according to John Hopkins University.

A video highlight reel from the event shows fictional newscasters from “GNN” discuss how the hypothetical immune-resistant virus (nicknamed CAPS) was crippling trade and travel, sending the global economy into freefall.

It just so happens that a professor from Imperial College London recently warned the coronavirus has the same kill rate as the Spanish flu, which claimed the lives of 20-50 million people in 1918.

Event 201 Promotes Globalism As Solution To Pandemic

In the video, Tom Inglesby of the John Hopkins Center For Health Security promoted globalism as a solution, saying, “there are problems emerging that can only be solved by global business and governments working together.”

Further promoting globalism as an antidote to the hypothetical outbreak, participants in Event 201 proposed the following:

  1. Governments, international organizations, and businesses should plan now for how essential corporate capabilities will be utilized during a large-scale pandemic.
  2. Industry, national governments, and international organizations should work together to enhance internationally held stockpiles of medical countermeasures (MCMs) to enable rapid and equitable distribution during a severe pandemic.
  3. Countries, international organizations, and global transportation companies should work together to maintain travel and trade during severe pandemics.
  4. Governments should provide more resources and support for the development and surge manufacturing of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics that will be needed during a severe pandemic.
  5. Global business should recognize the economic burden of pandemics and fight for stronger preparedness.
  6. International organizations should prioritize reducing economic impacts of epidemics and pandemics.
  7. Governments and the private sector should assign a greater priority to developing methods to combat mis- and disinformation prior to the next pandemic response.

Once again, remember that all of this took place prior to the first documented report of the illness in late December of 2019.

Outbreak Emanates From Chinese City With Controversial Lab

The deadly virus, called the Wuhan coronavirus based on the Chinese city it emanated from, comes just years after a controversial lab was opened in Wuhan to work with the world’s most dangerous pathogens.

As of January 15, the virus made its way to America with a man carrying the illness from Wuhan, China to Washington state.

A report out of Texas on January 23rd 2020, claims officials at the Brazos County Health District are investigating a suspected case of the coronavirus.

At the time of writing this article, the death total has reached 25 and the estimated number of people infected with coronavirus in Wuhan is around 4,000.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Look To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine 

But don’t worry, the same globalists who own the patent to the virus and predicted its rise are “scrambling to develop vaccines for the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.”

According to Business Insider, “A coalition backed by Bill Gates is funding biotechs” who are attempting to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Is this illness being intentionally spread so governments worldwide can join forces in the name of stopping the virus, or so groups like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation can step in and become saviors, or is it all just a massive coincidence?

The good news is internet users are wise to the activities of the Gates’ and the global elite’s depopulation agenda as seen in the following Twitter posts:

Source: https://www.infowars.com/bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation-others-predicted-up-to-65-million-deaths-via-coronavirus-in-simulation-ran-3-months-ago/

Study: Poor Countries will Need to INCREASE Carbon Footprint to Address Hunger

Achieving a nutritious diet with adequate calories in developing countries will require a substantial increase in greenhouse gas emissions and water use, scientists reported Monday, calling on high-income countries to accelerate the adoption of plant-heavy diets.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University developed a model looking at how changes to dietary patterns across 140 countries would impact greenhouse gas emissions and freshwater use at the individual and country level, publishing their work in the journal Global Environmental Change.

They used the model to determine the per capita and countrywide climate and water footprints of nine “plant-forward” diets, which included no red meat, pescatarian, vegetarian without eliminating eggs and dairy, vegan, and others.

Keeve Nachman, the study’s senior author, told AFP that much of the conversation about mitigating the effects of climate change “fails to recognize that many parts of the world are dealing with undernutrition.”

“In order to get them to a place where they are not experiencing chronic undernutrition, they’ll need to eat more, and accordingly, they’ll need to increase their carbon footprint,” he said.

“What that says to us is that in many high-income countries around the world, where we’re consuming far more animal products than the global average, there’s an increased urgency to start transitioning sooner rather than later towards some of these more plant-forward diets.”

One encouraging finding, said the scientists, was that this goal does not necessarily require individuals to give up certain foods entirely.

Their modeling showed for example that a diet in which animal protein came mainly from low food chain animals, such as small fish and mollusks, had nearly as low of an environmental impact as a vegan diet.

– Two-thirds vegan –

They also found that reducing animal food consumption by two-thirds, termed going “two-thirds vegan,” generally had a lower climate and water footprint than a traditional vegetarian diet which includes dairy and egg consumption.

Two-third vegan assumes a vegan diet for two out of three meals per day, with each meal providing equal caloric content.

“Some of the biggest barriers, speaking more as a person and less as a scientist, I think it can be difficult to grapple with the notion that I’m going to have to give up a single food forever,” said Nachman.

“So I think what’s exciting about some of the diets that we’ve modeled is, There are diets that don’t require you to fully eliminate any particular animal products, it’s all about more nuanced approach.”

The study also found that a food’s country of origin can have huge consequences for its climate impact.

For example, one pound of beef produced in Paraguay contributes nearly 17 times more greenhouse gases than one pound of beef produced in Denmark, a disparity linked to deforestation as a result of grazing land.

A separate report published Monday by the Food and Land Use Coalition calculated that wide-ranging reform in the way food is produced and consumed could unlock $4.5 trillion in new business opportunities each year by 2030.

It outlined ten transitions, including measures to protect and restore nature and climate, empowering indigenous communities, promoting a diverse and healthy diet and reducing waste, finding these would save costs of $5.7 trillion a year, more than 15 times the investment cost of $350 billion a year.

“You can both have a better climate and better growth,” Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, an ambassador for the coalition and former finance minister of Nigeria told AFP.

We don’t simply say to stop eating meat, moving towards a healthier, more plant-based diet is one of the transitions that we talk about. But another is practicing productive and regenerative agriculture” that rebuilds soil organic matter and restores biodiversity.

Source: Breitbart

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