Hunter Biden Writing Memoir Based On Drug Abuse – Gets A Cool $2 Million In Advance

The Biden White House recently put out a statement saying that members of Joe Biden’s family would not cash in on his presidency.

Days later, we learn that Hunter Biden is writing a book, for which he has already been paid an advance of $2 million.

It must be nice.

The Daily Mail reports:

Hunter Biden ‘nets $2m advance’ for his upcoming memoir Beautiful Things about his battle with drugs – despite Joe saying his family would NOT cash in on presidency

Drugs, prostitutes, shady dealings, a quickie marriage — President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is too easily depicted as sleaze in human form.

Who else would have left his wife and jumped into bed with his recently departed brother’s widow only for her to end the affair when he got a stripper pregnant?

Is it only Hunter who could have received two special waivers to join the military and be commissioned at a special ceremony in the White House, but then blow his chance on his very first day when a blood test came back positive for cocaine?

Who but Hunter who could receive a diamond from a would-be Chinese business partner whose existence would come to light in divorce papers?

Now the president’s son is getting to tell his side of his unsavory life — warts and all — in a book that could embarrass his father even further, less than three months into his term in the Oval Office.

Beautiful Things — the as yet unexplained title of Biden’s tome — promises to center on his well-publicized struggles with substance abuse according to Gallery Books, an imprint of publishers Simon & Schuster.

And get this. The company publishing Hunter Biden’s book is the same one that dropped Josh Hawley’s book.

It’s almost like there’s a different set of rules for Democrats. Almost.

President Trump Holds a Peaceful ‘Save America’ Rally in DC, then a March to the Capitol where Antifa Provocateurs Dressed as Trump Supporters Violently Broke in as Pence and RINOs Betrayed America

The Save America Rally

Thousands of patriots arrived in Washington, D.C. to participate in the ‘Save America Rally’ as citizens across the country continued to demand a full investigation into election fraud.

Rally participants called on Congress to decertify fraudulent election results in contested states. Many asserted Joe Biden’s purported victory was illegal and Democrat attempts to impose their far-left rule will fail. President Trump responded to the out-pour of support by assuring demonstrators he recognizes all their sentiments. He said, “Americans have had enough of radical left Democrats trying to steal the election.”1

President Donald Trump spoke to over a million Trump supporters and called on Vice President Mike Pence to send key battleground states’ electoral results back to state legislatures during the Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 6.

“States want to correct their votes, which they now know were based on irregularities and fraud, plus corrupt process never received legislative approval,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “All Mike Pence has to do is send them back to the States, AND WE WIN. Do it Mike, this is a time for extreme courage!”

Hours before that, Trump said that if Pence “comes through,” Trump will win the presidency, adding that he believes Pence “can send it back” to the legislatures.

Even before President Trump had finished his speech with 99% of the Trump supporters listening to his speech until the end, flashbangs were going off at the Capitol where Antifa provocateurs were dressed up as Trump supporters.

Protest at the Capitol Building. The False Flag Operation.

Why is the date stamp on this NPR article hours before the Capitol Building was stormed?

The raid on the Capitol Building, led by over 200 (226 accused by brother of leader) Antifa agent provocateurs dressed as Trump supporters, set the stage to justify the final betrayal of America as Dems and Republicans voted to install Joe Biden as president, even after irrefutable proof of widespread election rigging and fraud across the swing states.

Antifa was brought to the capital in at least four charter buses with a police escort as well as a black (CIA or FBI?) SUV. This was seen firsthand by one Trump supporter who captured it on video:

Alabama Representative Mo Brooks asserts that Congress was briefed before the January 6th Million MAGA March about ANTIFA actors infiltrating the protest to cause chaos, sew seeds of violence, and ultimately change the narrative by turning an overall peaceful protest into a mainstream media declared riot.

Four military veterans gave The Gateway Pundit their firsthand account on the protest at the US Capitol. Most importantly they all related that the crowd was completely non-violent and the police instigated the violence against the protesters before they even got on the Capitol grounds.

“We were on the sidewalk first, up against some metal barricades and bleachers, waiting for President Trump to come speak at the Capitol at 1 PM. Ten minutes before, thousands of people were on the street chanting “F*** you Nancy” and “Stop the Steal” on a megaphone and people were getting upset because we had just found out that Vice President Mike Pence had gone back on a previous statement indicating he would question the certification of electors. As the crowd found out that they had been betrayed yet again by the GOP establishment, lied to by someone as cowardly as Mike Pence, people’s anger was visible,” said Charles. “They unrolled a massive banner of vampire Nancy Pelosi and it charged up the crowd.”

“The streets were jam-packed, of everyday people: grandmas, children, families, lawyers, doctors, people from all walks of life. This was an American crowd,” said Bill.

“These families moved to the interior barricades, it wasn’t aggressive, just peaceful. This is where the cops came in and used overwhelming force. We were on the line with the barricade and out come the metal batons and they started hitting Trump protesters as hard as they possibly could. They were hitting old men and old women, people who for some reason brought their families to the event. I couldn’t believe that there were young kids walking in this crowd, but the police were targeting the kids and hitting them with a baton across the head. It was vicious.” according to Charles.

“They were regular police at this point,” said Bill.

BELOW: Joshua Phillips of the Epoch Times speaks with Michael Yon, a war correspondent who has attended hundreds of protests and has deep insights into Antifa and their tactics.

Shown on the left disguised as a Trump supporter who busted into the Capitol Building, and on the right with Antifa.

This guy stormed the Capitol as a Trump supporter. He is the son of a prominent Democrat Judge in NY and a registered member of Antifa.

A 25-year-old Grand Rapids man arrested in the aftermath of the U.S. Capitol riot was “not a Trumpster,” his step-father said.

Next, the left-wing media, Big Tech and lawmakers are pushing the narrative that Trump incited terrorism, that all Trump supporters are violent insurrectionists and that President Biden must invoke the Insurrection Act to “purge” all Trump supporters from the nation. One ABC News director, Rick Klein, even called for a “cleansing” of the nation by eliminating / executing all Trump supporters.

The Left is using the “storming” false flag event to whitewash all evidence of election fraud. Somehow, since people pretending to be MAGA supporters stormed the building, now the massive evidence of Biden’s overwhelming fraud and cheating no longer matters. The Left is once again pretending to occupy the moral high ground, even as they operate as criminals and scumbags.

Many of the frontline violent protestors were Antifa or Skinheads dressed as Trump supporters, but there were hundreds of pissed off Americans expressing their disgust with paid off politicians selling out their country to communism and being treated like criminals (battoned, pepper-sprayed, shoved, mocked, etc.) while peaceably protesting. There were 2 segments that got into the Capitol: (1) a group that were let in by the police and (2) another segment led by Antifa masquerading as Trump supporters that violently broke in along with some provoked Trump supporters.

One analysis of today’s events suggests:

… that this was anything other than a setup to destroy and discredit the Trump movement.  It fits with the information and psychological warfare operations which have been conducted against Donald Trump and the American people since Trump declared his candidacy.

AntiFa was caught on video handing out weapons or tools from inside the Capitol building to goons outside and there are multiple posts showing pre-planning and later boasting that they had infiltrated the Capitol Protest and planned a seige to blame Trump supporters.

Others point out that this was the 3rd time Trump supporters have gathered in Washington DC since the November election with no violence until today.  Also, why was Antifa not attacking Trump supporters like they always do?  Is it because they infiltrated the event? Big Media and Big Tech shamed Trump supporters that night and continued to disperse the propaganda.  They wanted to shame Trump supporters for speaking out about the horribly corrupt stolen election!

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) gave a great speech on the electoral fraud and also suggests Antifa could have been responsible for the events on Capitol Hill.  While debating election certification Wednesday, he highlighted President Trump’s explicit calls for his supporters to take part in peaceful demonstrations in Washington, D.C.

Baked Alaska” was a Trump supporter in 2016, but then he turned on Trump.  He somehow found himself in the Speaker’s office in the Capitol with controversial activist Nick Fuentes.

When Black Lives Matter and Antifa ravaged some of our major cities over the majority of 2020, these clowns did not denounce the rioting, looting and violence. They lied and called it peaceful protests. But the Silent Majority saw with their own eyes the desecration of statues, the assaults on law abiding citizens, the destruction of small businesses.

When disgruntled Democrats called for violence and uprisings against Trump and Hollywood elite insisted, “Trump is not our President”, the media did not denounce them as “insurrectionists.” When Madonna called for blowing up the White House the only outrage came from Trump supporters. The rest of the establishment yawned and celebrated. When Kathy Griffin, a low rent, untalented comedian, decapitated a model of Donald Trump, the media again shrugged this off as nothing of import.

Videos taken of Trump supporters gathered at the West Front of the Capitol during Wednesday’s protest show that they stopped a person whom they believed to be an Antifa thug who was trying to break windows in the Capitol. In one of the videos, Trump supporters can be heard calling out, “Don’t break the window!” “No Antifa! No Antifa!” as several Trump supporters intervened and stopped the attack by someone dressed and acting like Antifa but with a Trump sticker on the back of their helmet.

The Washington Times reported that XRVision had reported that they confirmed Antifa was in the Capitol, however, XRVision would later deny that and deny that they ever spoke with a military officer and ever confirmed individuals in the Capitol were Antifa members.

XRVision provided to The Gateway Pundit information that two members in the Capitol, who appear to be alluded to in the above Times report as Antifa members,  are not Antifa but are rather tied to the Skinheads and the National Socialist Movement.

This begs many questions.  How did these people get in the Capitol Building?  Why were they there?  Were they paid for being there?  Were they there to tie the Trump Administration to the Skinheads?  Why did they take their picture when in the Capitol? Another individual in the pictures is an Arizona actor and singer.  He has been seen at BLM events carrying a QAnon poster.

@linwood @SidneyPowell

— Jenifercher Jenifercher Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Democrats, their dishonest Big Media and Big Tech, and their ‘fact checkers’ claim the intrusion into the Capitol on January 6th was an ‘armed insurrection.’ However, top FBI counterterrorism official Jill Sanborn testified on March 3rd 2020 that there were no guns confiscated at the Capitol on January 6th and that the only shots fired was the one that killed Ashli Babbitt.

The Communist Chinese government seized on the alleged Trump mob riots in the U.S. Capitol to justify its brutal crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong. CCP government mouthpiece the Global Times posted images of chaos from both riots to highlight western media double standards in offering tacit support for the unrest in Hong Kong while denouncing what happened in Capitol Hill as an “insurrection.”2

The Gateway Pundit concluded that [begin excerpt] the so-called “attack” on the U.S. Capitol was a set up, with several thousand Trump supporters acting as unwitting bit players in an event incited by Antifa and BLM agitators disguised as Trump supporters.  The FBI knew something was going to happen at the Capitol but did nothing to prevent nor deter it. The FBI and the U.S. Capitol Police just stepped back and let swarms of Trump supporters into the Capitol.

It is essential to be very clear about what happened and what did not happen. This was not a “riot” if riot means people hurling rocks and bottles or igniting Molotov cocktails and torching all structures in their reach. The vast majority of those who entered the Capitol behaved more as tourists than anarchists. There was no wanton, massive destruction of art work, furniture or signs inside the building. Walls were not covered with graffiti or feces.

Most importantly, the Trump supporters did not kill a single person. Media and democrat impeachment lawyer lies have gaslighted much of the public to believe that at least seven people died and that the Trump folks killed them all, including the Capitol policeman. All a lie. Glenn Greenwald did a masterful job in deconstructing this monstrous propaganda.

What should really scare the hell out of you and out of every honest civil libertarian are the subsequent actions of America’s GESTAPO aka the FBI. (And yes, they have become an American version of the Gestapo–carrying out partisan political attacks and ignoring the Constitution.) Ken Klippenstein, writing at the Intercept, is the only one so far to report this.

The vast majority of Trump voters and supporters are law abiding, peaceful folks. The rabid, radical left now in charge of the Democrats mistakes this silence for stupidity and weakness. But we are not going to acquiesce to such bullying and abuse. Most importantly, we are not going to accept the tsunami of lies sweeping over the airwaves and the internet.

We know what a real insurrection looks like. We remember the burned out stores and restaurants in Minneapolis, Atlanta, New York, Oakland, Seattle, Portland and Saint Louis. We remember the White House being besieged by Antifa and BLM hordes hurling bricks and frozen water bottles. We remember that more than a hundred police and Secret Service were wounded in these frays. We remember the monsters who set fire to St. John’s Church, which sits across Lafayette Park from the White House. We saw actual insurrection and we also saw the Democrats and the media insist that this was mere peaceful protesting.

This is the line in the sand separating decent Americans from depraved animals keen on destroying this Republic. The Trump supporters who gathered in Washington on January 6 are not racists nor insurrectionists. They are patriots who love this nation and what it is supposed to stand for. But they also are men and women who witnessed a fraudulent Presidential election and the subsequent abdication of  the very institutions of law enforcement and justice that were supposed to uphold the rule of law.

The Betrayal by Pence, Congress

Vice President Mike Pence rebuffed President Trump and refused to reject Joe Biden’s electoral college votes in contested states.

“It is my considered judgement that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not,” Pence said.

As president of the Senate, Pence is presiding over the session. The purpose of the session is to count electoral votes. Under the Electoral College system, voters choose electors. Those electors then vote, almost always for the candidate that received the most ballots in their state. Congress meets in the January after an election to tally the votes.

Trump and some Republicans argue that Pence has the “exclusive authority” to reject electoral votes for Biden and choose the ones for Trump. A lawsuit asking a court to support that view was rejected by a district judge. An appeal was dismissed, though the plaintiffs earlier Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to intervene.1

President Trump blasted Pence for lacking courage.

“Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!” Trump said.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and several other Republican senators reversed course in their plans to object to Electoral College votes on Jan. 6 following the civil unrest that broke out on U.S. Capitol grounds. Loeffler, speaking from the Senate floor, said the unrest and acts of violence that occurred earlier in the day had forced her to reconsider challenging the electoral votes in several disputed states.

I cannot now in good conscience object to the certification of these electors,” she said in a brief speech. “The violence, the lawlessness, and siege of the halls of Congress arec abhorrent and stand as a direct attack on what my objection was intended to protect, the sanctity of the American democratic process.”s

Loeffler, who lost her Senate runoff race, was joined by other lawmakers in dropping their plans to object to the disputed votes. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) said in a statement that she has “decided I will vote to uphold the Electoral College result” a day after she said would support the efforts to challenge the votes.

Similarly, Sens. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and James Lankford (R-Okla.) also released a joint statement calling on Congress to “come together and vote to certify the election results.” Daines had previously signed onto a letter committing to challenge disputed votes.

The media reported that the officer died from injuries suffered after being hit with a fire extinguisher during the protest on January 6. They lied. The officer was hospitalized in critical condition from a “medical emergency.” It was not confirmed that he was struck with a fire extinguisher, or if the medical emergency was even related to the protest. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund announced his resignation effective January 16th, the day after the protest.

The Aftermath

Investigative reporter John Solomon said the DC police rejected his FOIA request for records pertaining to their investigation of the siege of the U.S. Capitol, claiming the release of the records would be ‘personally embarrassing’ and privacy invading to release the documents. John Solomon also said that inside sources leaked maps, internal documents helping to assist rioters enter and navigate the Capitol building.

The media used the protest to completely censor President Trump as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others locked Trump out of his account leading to a mass exodus from these social media tyrants and thus billions in lost profit by the tech giants. Shopify also took Trump Organization and campaign stores offline. Former First Lady and wannabe tyrant Michelle Obama called on tech companies to permanently ban President Trump from their platforms. Sean Hannity reported that Trump had joined Parler thus prompting Amazon to kick the free speech social media platform off of their servers and Apple suspended them from their app store citing threats of violence on their platform. Google banned the platform as well.

Tucker Carlson himself, his show and even Fox News channel were targeted by prominent Democrats in a campaign led by CNN – the channel’s main competitor – to force Fox News off the airCNN claimed that “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and other shows on the Fox News channel were “directly responsible for the violence at the US Capitol this week,” according to Fox News.

Cabinet officials were discussing removing Trump by the 25th Amendment following the media hysteria overhyping the storming of the US Capitol Building after minimizing the Antifa and BLM riots that burned and destroyed dozens of buildings and statues throughout 2020.

What happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the United States, incited by the president,” Schumer, D-N.Y., said in a statement Thursday morning. “This president should not hold office one day longer.” “The quickest and most effective way — it can be done today — to remove this president from office would be for the vice president to immediately invoke the 25th Amendment,” Schumer said. “If the vice president and the Cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress should reconvene to impeach the president.

Schumer compared the event where four Trump supporters died, one murdered and the other three alleged to have died from natural causes, to Pearl Harbor, claiming Congress as the victims:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined presumptive Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to call on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office, after the president’s incitement of a crowd of supporters that violently stormed the U.S. Capitol.

In the afternoon, Pelosi called Trump a “dangerous man who should not continue in office. “This is urgent. This is [an] emergency of the highest magnitude,” she told reporters at her weekly press conference.

“I join the Senate Democratic leader in calling on the vice president to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment. If the vice president and Cabinet do not act, the Congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. That is the overwhelming sentiment of my caucus, and the American people, by the way.

Pelosi said if Pence does not act, then the House would consider impeachment to remove him from office. Such a move would be largely symbolic, since there would be little time for a Senate trial before Trump’s term ends in 13 days. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) became the first Republican in Congress to call for Trump’s removal by the 25th Amendment. Kinzinger released a video Thursday morning:

Speaking from the White House, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney said that Pelosi’s demands to invoke the 25th Amendment and impeach President Trump were linked to the fact that an Army Special Forces team managed to capture House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop amid the chaos of the Capitol riots.

In mid-February, Republican Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH), Devin Nunes (R-CA), Rodney Davis (R-IL) and James Comer (R-KY) sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi on her failure to protect the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 and asked her to explain her decision to:

** Deny national guard support on January 4th
** What conversations did she or her staff give Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving specifit to January 6th?
** What response did you give security officials on January 6th when National Guard support was initially requested?
** Why are House Officers refusing to turn over documents relevant to that day?

The Republican lawmakers claim the hour-long delay in National Guard approval was because the sergeant-at-arms “had to run the request up the chain of command,” including Pelosi. Republicans also note in their letter that Pelosi refused National Guard protection because the “optics” would be bad. Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser also refused National Guard protection before January 6th.2

Joe Biden fanned the flames following the chaos at the Capitol and labeled Trump supporters “domestic terrorists.”

Traitor Vice President Mike Pence decried supporters of President Donald Trump after they stormed Capitol Hill to protest the 2020 presidential election:

“To those who wreaked havoc in our capitol today, you did not win. Violence never wins,” Pence said. “Freedom wins, and this is still the people’s house.”

“Today was a dark day in the history of the United States Capitol, but thanks to the swift efforts of US Capitol Police, federal, state, and local law enforcement, the violence was quelled,” Pence said.

Traitor Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) released a statement telling President Donald Trump to accept the election results and “quit misleading the American people.

That same media narrative demanded that we forget the radical Left’s storming of the Capitol Building during Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS hearing praised by the media, of course. Forget about the May 31st, 2020 BLM Seige on the White House where over 60 secret service agents were injured while not firing a shot at the BLM rioters. You’re also not supposed to remember the many months of extreme violence and domestic terrorism of the radical Left as they burned cities, assaulted federal officers and set fire to police cars and government buildings throughout much of 2020.

Congresswoman Cori Bush calls for all members of Congress who objected to the Biden confirmation to be expelled from Congress. The Walll Street Journal Called on the President to resign.

Daily Mail reported a list from the FBI just a day later of their most wanted who waltzed into the Capitol Building on January 6th:

Included on the list were patriots such as Simone Gold who peacefully entered the Capitol Building and days later she was given the Roger Stone Swat Team treatment when here home was raided, she was shackled and drug out of it, while likely FBI stooges such as the DNC-RNC pipe bombers (planted but did not explode) that same day are still at large. Despite media reports saying the bomb squad was not called to the RNC building in Washington, D.C. until “around 12:45 p.m.” on Wednesday, January 6, multiple D.C. police bomb squad vehicles and personnel were seen outside the building at 9:54 a.m., multiple sources confirm.

In addition to the list above, the Justice Department has not discarded President Trump’s role in events at the Capitol:

Federal prosecutors have announced President Trump could potentially face charges over his role in inciting the violent siege of the US Capitol after he urged his supporters to ‘march’ on Congress to protest the results of the presidential election.

‘We are looking at all actors here. Not only the people who went into the building,’ Sherwin said during a press conference on the mayhem.

Space Force was upgraded to full intelligence agency status. This move would allow full authorization of the Global Broadcast Satelite by “breaking down barriers to information sharing and ensure that Space Force leaders have access to all intelligence that it would need”. According to Fox News, the White House pushed to make this change in classification ASAP. This may be in preparation for a worldwide emergency broadcast using his executive powers to do so in leiu of the massive deep state censorship and dispersion of propaganda.

More Aftermath:

See Also:

Congress Overrides President Trump’s Veto of $740 Billion Defense Bill

The Senate voted to override President Donald Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2021.

The upper house on Friday afternoon passed the bill without the president’s signature with an 80–13 vote—the first time a Trump veto has been overridden. The debate over the bill was ended earlier in the day with the same result.

Thirteen senators voted to sustain Trump’s veto of the bill, including Republicans Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), Mike Braun (R-Ind.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and John Kennedy (R-La.).

Across the aisle, supporters were Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).

The House voted late Monday to override Trump’s veto with a 322–87 vote.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) indicated early in the week that his chamber would vote to override Trump’s veto. He urged the Senate Republicans to pass the bill breaking away from the president.

Trump vetoed the NDAA on Dec. 23 for a number of reasons, including wasteful spending overseas and because the bill failed to remove Section 230—the liability shield that protects social media companies.

He said he’s unhappy with the bill also because it requires the renaming of historic military installations, restricts the president’s ability to use military construction funds for national emergency use, and contradicts his efforts to bring the U.S. troops back from overseas.

“For all of these reasons, I cannot support this bill,” Trump said in a statement on Dec. 23.

The president emphasized that despite his veto, he’s a strong supporter of the military.

“No one has worked harder, or approved more money for the military, than I have—over $2 trillion,” he wrote in his statement. “During my 4 years, with the support of many others, we have almost entirely rebuilt the United States military, which was totally depleted when I took office.”

“My Administration has taken strong actions to help keep our Nation safe and support our service members,” he added.


GOP-Controlled Senate Passes ‘America Last’ Green Card Giveaway to Reward Big Tech

by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

The GOP-controlled Senate stabbed their voters in the back on Wednesday by passing Utah Senator Mike Lee’s green card giveaway to reward Big Tech by allowing them to import hundreds of thousands of Indian workers to take jobs from struggling American tech workers.

The bill failed earlier this year but Lee brought it back and the GOP-controlled Senate just passed it with unanimous consent — right before the election in Georgia which will determine whether the GOP holds on to the Senate.

America First patriots were urging folks to call their senators on Wednesday and demand they object to the bill.

It would only have taken one senator to force a debate or force a vote on the bill.

Not one senator objected.

Republican Senator Mike Braun of North Dakota could be seen smirking after the bill was passed:

As Ryan Girdusky noted, not even Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri — who has made a name for himself by bashing Big Tech — bothered to muster up an objection.

The same goes for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, both of whom are up for reelection in Georgia.

The GOP are also currently teaming up with Democrats to shove through a $740 billion defense authorization bill that will erase our history by renaming military bases named after Confederate generals. President Trump demanded the bill include a measure to change Section 230 but his objections were ignored.

The contempt these GOP traitors have for their own voters is almost beyond belief.

It appears that now that they think they’ve got Trump out of the way they’re just going to return to business as usual — i.e. screwing us relentlessly on behalf of their globalist donors.

This is naked tyranny.

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Tucker Carlson: Heritage Foundation, Other Koch-Funded Groups Carrying Water For Big Tech’s Left-Wing Agenda

Fox News host Tucker Carlson unveiled a report showing that several well-known conservative organizations, all funded by the Koch brothers, are actively helping so-called “Big Tech” suppress conservative speech on the internet.

The Friday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue began with a review of various ways “Google, Facebook, and  Twitter work in secret to impose a left-wing political agenda on this country.” Although polls show Republican voters “starting to figure this out” and wanting the Trump administration to take action, Carlson noted, “no one in Washington is doing anything.”

“But it doesn’t have to be that way,” said the Fox News host. “Tech companies have thrived under a special immunity they received from Congress that protects them from lawsuits over what people say on their platforms. It’s an exemption that Fox News, for example, does not have. So why does Google have it?”


Carlson mentioned Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley as a rare example of a high ranking politician trying to fix the problem by proposing “stripping that immunity from tech companies, and treating them like everyone else, unless they can maintain neutral platforms for all views.”

Other ideas, like “breaking up major tech companies,” have not happened.

“Why all the inaction?” Carlson asked. “A big part of the problem is that conservative nonprofits in Washington, the ones that are supposed to be looking out for you, aren’t actually looking out for you. They’re looking out for Big Tech.”

The Fox News host brought up a recently obtained report from the Campaign for Accountability showing how “conservative organizations in DC have colluded with Big Tech to shield left-wing monopolies from any oversight at all.”

News items unveiled by the report include Americans for Prosperity supporting Facebook and Google with an ad campaign targeting politicians of both parties in several states who are leading antitrust investigations.

“In all, the Koch network quietly spent at least $10 million defending Silicon Valley companies that work to silence conservatives,” Carlson said. “As one former Koch employee recently told this show, quote, ‘I know for a fact they take money from social media companies to do their bidding.’”

The 22 Koch-funded “right-leaning institutions” include “the American Conservative Union, the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Mercatus Center.” (RELATED: ‘This Is Not The Capitalism That I Signed Up For’ — Tucker Carlson And Steve Hilton Discuss Busting Big Tech’s Monopoly)

“What does all this money buy?” he asked. “Well in September of 2018, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and three other groups funded by Google and the Kochs sent a joint letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressing grave concerns over DoJ’s plans to look into whether search engines and social media were hurting competition and stifling speech. Big Tech companies silence conservatives. Conservative nonprofits try to prevent the government from doing anything about it. Makes sense.”

Calling the Heritage Foundation the “biggest and best-funded think tank in Washington,” Carlson insisted that it now “no longer represents the interest of conservatives, at least on the question of tech.” The Fox News host cited a paper that defends Silicon Valley’s special privileges on the basis of the contention that conservatives can simply “start their own Google” if they don’t like it.

“The paper could have been written by tech lobbyists, and in fact may have been,” said Carlson. “A trade association that represents Silicon Valley called the liability exemption Google enjoys, quote, ‘the most important law in tech.’ Heritage’s paper repeats that line, verbatim, word for word, along with many others.”

The Fox News host concluded by calling the Heritage Foundation’s actions “embarrassing,” although they aren’t “embarrassed” and neither are any of the “so-called ‘conservative’ nonprofits in Washington.”

“They make deals with people who hate you, secretly sell out your interests, then beg you to tithe like it’s the medieval church,” he said. “That’s the system we’ve had for decades. Maybe that’s why, no matter how much money you send, nothing gets more conservative. You wonder how much longer this can continue.”

Source: Daily Caller