Laura Loomer Banned From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What’s To Come For All Conservative Americans

For years, Big Tech has used me as Patient Zero in their test case in mass de-platforming by eliminating my ability to reach the public because of my political views.

Being forced to use alternative social media sites, I know I’ve been a little “offline” since I ran for Congress in President Trump’s home district, Florida-21 a few months ago. But I feel compelled to reach out to you to share a shocking story about something that happened to me and is relevant to all of us. It might have seemed implausible a few years ago, but things are rapidly changing here in America, our rights are in danger, and our Republic is in a fragile place.

The new bans on President Trump and Conservative voices around the nation over the last two weeks are what I’ve been dealing with and actively fighting against for years.

My speech on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been banned and eliminated.

My ability to conduct business on PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe and other financial institutions has been banned.

Chase Bank once shut down my online banking.

Comcast blocked my congressional campaign from sending texts and emails to voters while they donated to my opponent.

Even my ability to travel has all been restricted, as I am permanently banned on Uber and Lyft.

I can’t even have a sandwich delivered because I’ve been banned on UberEats.

What I haven’t shared with you is that last year, I found out my 2nd Amendment rights have also been stripped without warning or explanation.

That’s right, I – a young woman who faces constant death threats – cannot own or possess a firearm for my own personal protection. My 2nd Amendment right has been BANNED.

While I have NEVER been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, and I’ve never been adjudicated mentally unfit by a judge, my name was placed in the Federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and I have been prohibited from ever owning or even touching a firearm.

It’s called “Red Flagging”.

The only people who have the ability to put you in the NICS database is the FBI.

I learned during my campaign for Congress that despite the fact that I have never been charged or convicted of any crime whatsoever, my name had been placed on a secret Federal “no buy” list maintained by the FBI, which prohibited me from my legal right to buy a firearm.

My name landed on this secret “no buy” list shortly after I questioned the former FBI director James Comey at his first book signing event about a number of lies in his published memoir. I was acting entirely legally in my role as an investigative journalist and as an attendee of the event.

As a result, I’ve lost my rights to protect myself and my home.

But, with your help I WILL be getting my rights restored.

I’ve been sitting on this news for months while others helped me investigate and find out why I’ve been Red Flagged.

I’ve had the deepest background checks run against me . . . and I don’t even have a speeding ticket.

We’ve concluded the obvious . . . I had my 2nd Amendment Rights stripped due to my political views and activism.

Given that the FBI is the only organization that can put you in the NICS database, I have reason to believe that I’ve been targeted by the FBI.

This has been extremely troubling to me because as a young woman and a public figure, I often get death threats, and I have had to call the police numerous times as well as the FBI because I have been targeted by ANTIFA, Islamic terrorists, and members of the radical left have even come to my home and vandalized my car. I have no way to protect myself except for private security, which is costly.

Just as conservative Americans are being banned from social media, banned from banking, and placed on No-Fly lists across the country right now, the next step is to designate them as  “domestic terrorists” and strip them of their gun rights.

Tomorrow, on January 20th, 2021, with the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the police state is about to take unfettered power in America. Shockingly I had the first taste of what is to come for all Conservative Americans when I was detained at the Miami airport last week while flying back into the country from a brief post election trip to El Salvador where I was working on my upcoming book, LOOMERED: How I Became The Most Banned Woman In The World.

I was singled out with no explanation and subjected to a thorough search, I was not allowed to grab my own suitcases from baggage claim, and I was detained for several hours while different federal officials from Department of Homeland Security interrogated me about my Wikipedia page, which states that I am a right-wing extremist and was an official Republican nominee for Congress, endorsed by President Trump. DHS officers also asked me about the events that occurred on January 6th in Washington DC. Needless to say, I was not in the country at the time, and know nothing about the protest at the US capitol.

That’s why it’s so important to challenge this now, because I’m confident that I can have the Red Flag removed and publish the information and document the process so that others who will soon be targeted by the Democrat Party for their conservative political views can do the same when this happens to them.

To cover legal expenses, and retain a top 2nd Amendment Attorney to restore my gun rights and prevent this from happening to you through a national Second Amendment issue advocacy campaign, I need your help to raise $20,000.

Can you chip in and help cover the costs?

I didn’t want to have to release this information, because it has made me fear for my life.

I have no other option but to go public about this for the sake of warning every American of what’s to come, and I have no other option but to sue the federal government over this abridgment of my 2nd Amendment rights.

We are under attack.

They have taken the 1st Amendment away from us.  If they take the 2nd Amendment away from us, we will NEVER regain the 1st.


Laura Loomer

Source: Infowars

Xfinity-Comcast Bans GOP Candidate Laura Loomer from Sending Texts and Emails

Laura Loomer has never committed a crime. In 2018 Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter. She was then banned from Facebook and then she was banned from PayPal.

CAIR not only worked with Twitter to get Laura Loomer banned they then cheered the news ON TWITTER!

And now this– Comcast and its subsidiary Xfinity banned GOP candidate Laura Loomer from sending text messages and emails to supporters. This is Orwellian and should frighten ANY American!

Via Pete Hegseth:


Twitter Bans Jewish Star of David in Profile Images – Deems it “Hateful Imagery”

In 2014, Zahra Billoo, the radical executive-director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, tweeted that she “struggles with Memorial Day each year.”

Billoo also retweeted radical comments from CAIR official Dawud Walid from Michigan and radical Islamist poet Remi Kanazi.

In January 2019 The Wall Street Journal reported that Zahra Billoo was directing Facebook and Twitter on censoring conservative voices.

Billoo had an exceptional hatred for Jewish conservative Laura Loomer and pushed Facebook and Twitter to delete Laura from their platform.

As Jordan Schachtel reported at Conservative Review — Zahra Billoo has numerous tweets that violate so-called Twitter and Facebook standards for hate speech.

National File Hosts the ‘Emergency Save the First Amendment Summit’ Sponsored by Infowars

National File hosted the Emergency Save the First Amendment Summit on February 26, 2020 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Speakers included:

  • Alex Jones, who was infamously banned from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Gavin McInnes, founder of, who was famously banned from Facebook and Twitter
  • Patrick Howley, formerly of Breitbart and The Daily Caller, one of the most influential reporters in 2016
  • Owen Shroyer, known for viral videos confronting the left and exposing Drag Queen Story Time

The Emergency First Amendment Summit featured a Q&A session for the audience to engage with speakers, and was live streamed on social media.

The Emergency Save the First Amendment Summit was free to the public, and was ticketed through

All media was invited to attend.

The free speech of conservative Americans is under attack,” said National File editor-in-chief Tom Pappert. “Alex Jones was banned because Americans wanted to hear his message. Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin McInnes, and Milo Yiannopoulos were all banned for the same reason.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all claim that they’re unbiased platforms, yet their employees almost exclusively donate to Democrats.


  •  Tom Pappert
  •  Nick Fuentes
  • Patrick Howley
  • Millie Weaver
  • Peter D’Abrosca
  • DeAnna Lorraine
  • Enrique Tarrio
  • Owen Shroyer
  • Gavin McInnes
  • Alex Jones
  • Michael Flynn (son of General Mike Flynn)
  • Q&A

Instagram and Facebook Bans Censored.TV and Everyone Associated With it (Gavin McInnis, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Joe Biggs & more), a network featuring the most censored — and some of the most interesting — people on the internet, has now been banned from Instagram and Facebook.

The network is home to popular and controversial commentators such as Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Joe Biggs and many others.

McInnes, the comedian and political commentator who founded the Proud Boys, said that he is receiving reports that people who simply “liked” or followed the pages have been banned for “supporting a violent organization.” He said that “this could come from the FBI saying ‘white nationalists’ are just as dangerous as ISIS. That must include Proud Boys, which must include me, and anyone remotely associated with me.”

Proud Boys are a diverse right-wing and pro-Trump social club for men, though they have been smeared as “white nationalists” by the left for years.

It is not only the accounts for the network and those who work there that have been censored by the Silicon Valley giants, but also all links to their website from any user, including in direct messages.

“ is the new n—-r,” remarked Yiannopoulos, the network’s Friday night host, when asked for a comment about the ban.

“You can’t even say ‘I hate the alcoholic, bed-wetting neo-Nazi warlords at in a DM to a friend,” Yiannopoulos added. “What an amazing compliment and admission of fear and respect from Menlo Park.”

McInnes told Gateway Pundit that even their tech guy was banned from both platforms.

“This is clearly Big Tech trying to deny the right to a platform. They are for the DNC and against free speech — which ultimately means they are against America,” McInnes said. “Punishing me is not enough. Now they want to punish anyone who goes near me. They think this is going to help them win 2020, but they’ve already lost.”

Biggs called the ban “horsesh-t” and noted that his show on the network is about health and helping veterans — hardly controversial content.

“Here we have a website with the most banned people on the planet, putting out actual content. Real content with a bit of comedy added to it,” Biggs told TGP. “God forbid we bring a little laughter into this world.”

The veteran said that the ban is typical behavior from Democrats and their allies in Big Tech, who ban hardworking individuals from social media platforms “in an effort to control the narrative.”

“This is unacceptable behavior — and childish,” Biggs added. “I mean, my show is about helping veterans and getting healthy. What is so threatening about that?”

A fan account for Loomer, who is also running for Congress in Florida, reported that they were not even allowed to post an image with the link written on it.

Loomer recently filed a formal Federal Election Commission complaint against Twitter for providing in-kind corporate contributions to her opponent, Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel, by censoring her from the platform.

The feisty candidate has also inspired a bill to stop political censorship by Big Tech platforms. The bill, introduced last month by Florida State Senator Joe Gruters, awards a minimum of $75,000 in damages against social media companies that “deletes or censors the user’s religious speech or political speech; or uses an algorithm to disfavor or censure the user’s religious speech or political speech.” It will also bar tech platforms from using “the social media website user’s alleged hate speech as a basis for justification or defense of the social media website’s actions at trial.”

“Facebook, which owns Instagram, might as well change its name to Fascistbook because they have yet again decided to censor and ban people who express conservative opinions. Mark Zuckerberg is an absolute hypocrite. Less than 1 week ago he said Facebook must stand up for free speech, and in the same week he is banning people affiliated with Censored.TV, a new site that I am a part of, which was created to host the content of banned individuals,” Loomer told TGP in response to the ban.

“Facebook is creating a digital gulag and Mark Zuckerberg is essentially the gestapo, silencing and even threatening the lives of those who he disagrees with politically. In May, Facebook and Instagram banned me and labeled me a dangerous individual, which prompted me to file a 3 billion dollar lawsuit against the company for defamation. The day I filed my lawsuit, Facebook changed its community standards to say it was ok for users to post death threats against me and others they deemed ‘dangerous individuals,’” Loomer continued. “It is so obvious Facebook and it’s company Instagram along with Twitter are amping up their silencing of conservatives so that they can help the Democrats steal the 2020 election. They must be stopped.”

Those who wish to support the network can visit their website for more information.