‘Snatched From the Flames’: Nathan Reynolds Journey from Luciferianism to Christianity

Snatched From The Flames is a true story of Nathan Reynolds quest to discover answers to his mysterious double life. Born in between the world of the living and the land of the dead Nathan hunted for vengeance, hope, and healing. Until the day came when he made a decision that changed it all. He chose to tell the woman he loved the man she married was not what he seemed to be. For buried in the past of his other life were Secrets of bloodshed, torment, and murder. This book follows his family as they make their way out of the deadly Underworld where they will discover Hope hiding in the darkest of nights, a daughter who saves his life and a man on a desperate quest for redemption.



“Standing For The Truth” by Nathan Reynolds | Flat Earth International Conference 2019 (Nov 15)

In Facebook Live Broadcast, Elite Wife Blows Whistle on Pedophile Ring at ‘Highest Levels’

The widow of an elite politician has blown the whistle on her late husband claiming he was part of a massive pedophile ring that went to the “the highest heights you can imagine.” Anihera Zhou Black has bravely come forward in an exclusive interview with The New Zealand Herald saying that her late husband was involved in an elite pedophile ring that went “deep and wide”. “These people aren’t just laborers and workers at fast food restaurants,” Black says. “These people are in suits, they are people in power,” she added.

Awanui Black died aged 48 in 2016 after drinking himself to death. Black was a regional councilor, Maori Party political aspirant, a commissioner at the Maori Language Commission, and also a lecturer at Te Wananga o Raukawa and Treaty of Waitangi negotiator for Ngati Pukenga.

According to Zhou Black’s stomach-churning, Facebook live broadcast, her husband was also a pedophile involved at the very highest levels of government. Zhou Black, 49 said her difficult decision to expose her late husband as a satanic elite pedophile was intended to give victims of abuse strength to come forward.

Black also revealed that she believed her late husband used their marriage as a ‘disguise’ to mask his pedophilia and horrific child abuse. The couple met young, both 15 and were in a steady relationship by 18. He went on to become a highly regarded pillar of the Bay of Plenty community and someone with the charisma to stand on the national stage.

“Our relationship is one where I never had a voice through our marriage. I had been conditioned, groomed, to be the quiet wife.”

According to Her Facebook Live post – based on partial admissions from Black and disclosures from others – came after 26 years of silence. The New Zealand Herald reports: The truth, as she now believes it to be, had to fight against his “grooming” of her to play a role which covered who he really was.

“I had painted a picture of who he was and along with everybody else, it was a picture he wanted us to see.

“I had held onto that with everything I had, supported everything he did and let him go off and do kaupapa and I looked after our children and looked after our household and just did what I had to do to support him.”

Now, she believed he had used their marriage as a mask for his “private life” – one that included affairs with consenting adults, abuse against children and large amounts of alcohol.

“He did admit to me that he thought he was rangatira and he thought he was entitled to have women wherever he slept for the night. That might have rolled a few hundred years ago but it’s not what I signed up for. “He was never ever faithful. Prostitutes, orgies, group sex – all of it.”

And there were children, she said. The youngest victim to have emerged was someone who had said they were aged 8 when sexually abused by Awanui Black.

Zhou Black said the couple separated in 2012, during which time he admitted affairs and using pre-teen pornography. There was a reconciliation a year later but the time away gave Zhou Black a voice she felt she never had and the reunion never worked.

In 2014, they separated again and stayed apart. Zhou Black said during these time she would yearn for him to tell her the truth. Her sister said it was an impossible request because, once a string of marital infidelities was swept aside, the truth was much darker and far worse. “The sad thing with Awa is that he knew if he told her the truth, there was no going back from that. He knew what the outcome of that was.” Anihera Zhou Black said in the time which followed there came disclosures, and events which occurred that answered questions in her mind from her years married to Awanui Black. It had led her to believe there was a “ring” of people who – with her former husband – had preyed on children.

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Nicole Kidman: “Stanley (Kubrick) told me the World is Run by Pedophiles”

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