Mind Control Lasers turn Mice into Killer Rodents with the Flip of a Switch

Scientists have transformed the harmless mouse into a killing machine with the flip of a switch, using lasers to manipulate the rodent’s brain circuit and turn on their predatory instinct. Mice, which usually serve as prey for larger mammals, became threatening predators when researchers used a laser light to activate two sets of neurons in the […]

Whistleblower Robert Duncan Exposes How CIA and Military Secret Technology is Weaponized and Used on Innocent Humans

Bio of Author “True nobility is exempt from fear”. – King Henry the Sixth, Part II (Act IV, Scene I). Call me The Saint. I am the all American – prep school, Harvard College graduating with honors in computer science and a minor in premedical studies, and advanced degrees from Harvard and Dartmouth in business […]

Lecture by Dr. Colin Ross: The CIA and Military Mind Control Research: Building the Manchurian Candidate

The Canadian psychiatrist and specialist on trauma and dissociation, Dr. Colin Ross, presented a paper at the 9th Annual Western Clinical Conference on Trauma and Dissociation in Orange County, California, where he showed that he encountered evidence from released CIA-FOIA documents that the agency did research on the creation of Manchurian candidates since World War […]

The Greenbaum Speech: Dr. Corydon Hammond’s Groundbreaking Speech on SRA, Hypnotic Mind Control Techniques, and Deprogramming

Dr. Corydon Hammond, a Psychologist from the University of Utah, delivered a stunning lecture entitled “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse” at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality in Alexandria, Virginia on June 25, 1992. Listen below… The revealing essay below on the role of cults in ritual abuse and mind control […]

Joint Senate Hearing on Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification

[Beginning of live opening statement in hearing by Admiral Stansfield Turner, Director of CIA — paraphrased and reduced by author] I would like to thank the Committee for reminding us all that the events about which we are here to talk are 12- to 24-years old. They in no way represent the current activities or […]