Calvin Coolidge Address Before the Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, D.C. – “… As there were Fathers in our Republic so there were Mothers.”

Members of the Daughters of the American Revolution: Coming to address the Thirty-fifth Continental Congress of the National Society of the Daughters American Revolution reminds me that I have had that privilege several times in the past. You represent one of the most distinguished patriotic orders of our Nation in cherishing the memory of the […]

Battle of Monmouth and the Legend of Molly Pitcher

According to legend, at the Battle of Monmouth (June 28, 1778), Mary Hays, wife of artilleryman William Hays, carried water to cool both the cannon and the soldiers in her husband’s battery—hence the nickname “Molly Pitcher.” Legend also asserts that when William Hays collapsed or was wounded, she took her husband’s place in the gun crew for the […]

The Heroics of Margaret Corbin, the First Woman in U.S. History to be Awarded a Military Pension.

A similar story to that of the famous Molly Pitcher is that of Margaret Cochran Corbin, wife of artilleryman John Corbin. On Nov. 16, 1776, John Corbin, along with 2,800 Continental soldiers, defended Manhattan’s Fort Washington, which was being attacked by 9,000 Hessian mercenary troops. Margaret Corbin was bringing water to swab the cannon, when […]