Polish President Vows to Ban LGBT Indoctrination in Schools

Polish President Andrzej Duda has vowed to ban LGBT propaganda from being taught in schools as part of a broader pro-family agenda he hopes to implement if elected to a second term in office.

During a gathering with supporters ahead of the June 28th presidential eletion, Duda signed a “Family Card” containing a raft of promises and proposals, including blocking the legalization of homosexual marriage and barring gay couples from adopting children in the conservative, Catholic nation.

“Parents are responsible for the sexual education of their children,” Duda told supporters. “It is not possible for any institutions to interfere in the way parents raise their children.”

“It’s a foreign ideology. There is no consent for this phenomenon to happen in our country in any way.”

The Family Card also contains a promise to protect the Rodzina 500 Plus program, a government assistance initiative designed to encourage traditional nuclear families to have more children.

According to the latest polling data from Politico, Duda maintains a sizeable 17-point lead over his closest competitor, Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, who allowed LGBT education to be introduced into Warsaw schools.

In response to Duda’s pledge, activists staged a “Rainbow Disco at the Palace” event where attendees were urged to blast music and dance in front of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, according to Do Rzeczy.

Source: https://europe.infowars.com/its-a-foreign-ideology-polish-president-vows-to-ban-lgbt-indoctrination-in-schools/

Indiana University Holds Three-Day ‘Sex Fest’ featuring BDSM Demos, Sex Toys, ‘Kink’ Workshop

Indiana University, the home of the Kinsey Institute that birthed the sexual revolution, held a three day long “Sex Fest” that featured a workshop on “kink,” sex toy tables and a woman being publicly whipped as part of a BDSM demonstration. Students who attend the school’s festival are given t-shirts that say “I love sex.”

Campus Reform obtained shocking photos and videos from the events, including the “kink workshop.” The photos they published show tables at the event full of whips, paddles dildos, and other sexual objects. “One table contained a flyer that listed different types of ‘nipple toys’ which included a ‘clothespin,’ ‘nipple pump,’ ‘nipple lasso,’ ‘magnetic clamp,’ ‘adjustable clamp,’ ‘clover clamp,’ ‘nipple tweezer,’ and ‘hand.’”

“Another flyer asked attendees to ‘circle things you know you want’ and to ‘cross out things you know you don’t want,’” Campus Reform reported. “Among the options to either circle or cross out in the ‘bondage’ category were ‘rope,’ ‘leather/cuffs,’ ‘cages,’ ‘collar/lead.’ In the ‘sensation play’ category, ‘electricity,’ ‘hair pulling,’ ‘scratching,’ ‘mind f$%#s,’ and ‘exhibitionism’ were among the options.”

A video posted to Twitter by an upset student also shows a woman in her underwear being whipped while tied up in a dorm hall.

The university has defended the event, saying that learning about BDSM safety has been requested by students.

“One of the topics most requested by students was how to practice BDSM safety,” Indiana University spokesperson Chuck Carney told Campus Reform. “Our public health researchers have found some evidence to suggest that people are engaging in a broader range of sexual activities and as a result, it is the IU Health Center’s mission to make sure they practice it safely, following the BDSM community’s principal tenets of ‘safe, sane, and consensual.’”

Carney also confirmed that the event is being paid for by the university, saying “…the money comes largely from grants and research funding, but also two student organizations.”

Indiana University canceled the final night of its three-day “Sex Fest,” due to the exposure created by Campus Reform.

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/indiana-university-holds-three-day-sex-fest-featuring-bdsm-demos-sex-toys-kink-workshop/

Study: How does your body respond to feelings of moral outrage? It depends on your politics

When you see someone being unfair, disloyal or uncaring toward others, do you feel a sense of moral outrage in the form of a twisting stomach, pounding heart or flushing face? And is it possible that your body’s response depends on your political affiliation?

Researchers with the University of Southern California Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) set out to examine how and where emotions associated with violations of moral concerns are experienced in the body, and whether political orientation plays a role.

“Our study finds that liberals and conservatives feel moral violations in different areas of their bodies, interpret them as distinct complex feelings and make different moral and political judgements,” said Morteza Dehghani, assistant professor of psychology and computer science at the BCI and the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. “This was particularly true for perceptions of feelings of loyalty and purity.”

The research was published today in Psychological Science.

Liberals and conservatives: Wired differently?

Prior research has shown liberals and conservatives rely on different moral foundations and react differently to violations of morals. The authors say their study is the first to indicate that political orientation influences where and how violations of specific moral concerns — including care, fairness, purity, loyalty and authority — are felt in the body. For example, liberals feel violations of purity in their crotch area, chest and slightly in their heads while conservatives feel these violations almost exclusively — and very strongly — in their heads.

The results are part of a growing body of research on psychological and physiological differences between liberals and conservatives and adds to the growing scientific body of work on how morality is linked to emotions.

“These findings suggest that at least some of these differences can be attributed to the basic emotional processes, which seem to function somewhat differently according to political affiliation. In addition, our results highlight a considerable amount of overlap in Republicans’ and Democrats’ emotional responses to moral transgressions,” said Mohammad Atari, the first author of the paper and a third-year PhD student at USC Dornsife.

“Activated” by moral outrage

It’s widely accepted that the sensing of physiological feedback from the body and its visceral organs is essential for emotional experience, but psychologists have only recently identified the distribution of emotion-related body sensations — or “feeling space” — by distinct maps.

Some emotions are associated with more activity in certain body parts, like a quickening heartbeat, while other body regions might be “deactivated” in the same emotional experience. Fear, for example, is represented by activity in the chest and head area, while sadness may accompany slight activations in the chest and deactivations in lower limbs.

The researchers wanted to take this emotional mapping to another level by examining the body’s sensations of moral emotions in reaction to moral violations. They also wanted to study whether identification as conservative or liberal could predict where people experienced these emotions.

Mapping responses to moral violations

Study participants rated their political affiliation with the Republican or the Democratic party and ranked their conservatism on a scale ranging from 1 (very liberal) to 7 (very conservative). Researchers then used these to assign a political orientation score. Higher scores indicated someone was more conservative.

Researchers used a detailed questionnaire to assess the degree to which participants deemed different considerations as relevant when making moral judgments and their agreement with statements about morality. Participants were scored on their moral concerns of care, fairness, loyalty, authority, and purity.

Participants were randomly assigned to read scenarios involving moral violations, such as someone avoiding sitting next to an obese person on a bus. They were asked to rank on a scale of 1 to 5 how morally wrong it was and the strength of their emotional response to the behavior. Next, they were asked to draw key aspects of their experience on two highly detailed silhouettes of the body, demonstrating areas where feelings were stronger or faster and areas of their body where feelings were weaker or slower.

Researchers used the drawings to compute individual-level body sensation maps. The results showed that different moral violations are felt relatively similarly across the five moral concerns. However, scientists observed some important differences when they compared how feelings were experienced among liberals and conservatives.

The authors replicated their results in a second, nationally stratified sample, and found those results were fully consistent with the main study.

Is it all in your head?

Many feelings associated with moral violations consistently showed up in the same areas of the body. Across moral violations, the head and face area were highly activated and were paired with varying levels of activation in the chest.

“The consistent activation observed in the head area suggests that people subjectively associate moral violations with high-level cognitive processing ‘in their head,'” Dehghani said. “This didn’t surprise us, as moral violation scenarios require a high level of cognitive and emotional processing, as well as an evaluation of standards of right and wrong.”


Additional authors include Aida Mostafazadeh Davani, a PhD student in computer science at USC Dornsife and the BCI.

Source: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-01/uosc-hdy010820.php

Teen Vogue Celebrates Christmas by Promoting Anal Sex & ANTIFA

Teen Vogue, basically toilet paper posing as a magazine, celebrated Christmas on Wednesday by tweeting out articles explaining how to do anal sex “the right way,” and how Antifa’s “primary motivation is to stop racists.”

In the article written for an adolescent audience titled “Anal Sex: Safety, How tos, Tips, and More,” Teen Vogue tells their young readers “not everyone is having, or wants to have, ‘penis in the vagina’ sex.”

“This is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk,” the article continues.

Next, the author makes sure the readers know anal sex “isn’t weird or gross,” and explains that “you don’t have to put anything very far up there (if you don’t want to) for it to feel good.”

It gets worse, but I think you get the picture.

In the article titled “Antifa History and Politics, Explained,” Teen Vogue talked with Dartmouth College historian and Antifa sympathizer Mark Bray.

In the pro-Antifa propaganda piece directed toward underage individuals, Bray claims the violent left-wing group “aspires toward creating a better world,” and that their “primary motivation is to stop racists from organizing.”

Sounds like something anyone could get on board with right?

“The vast majority of what they do does not entail any physical confrontation,” Bray continues.

Totally ignoring the multitude of examples where Antifa has engaged in unprovoked physical assaults, Bray alleges Antifa acts in “self-defense” and compares it to “the need for self-defense from Mussolini’s black shirts and Hitler’s brown shirts.”

Then, in a total inversion of reality, Bray says Antifa uses “self-defense as a preemptive measure.”

Source: Infowars

Christian School Governor Suspended after Questioning LGBT Reading Material

A Christian school governor has been suspended after she questioned the introduction of LGBT books and plans to mark Pride month.

Maureen Griffith, 74, has been a governor at Alperton Community School in Brent, North London, since the early 1990s.

She became concerned that parents had not been properly consulted about plans for reading lists tying in with LGBTQ+ Pride Month to be introduced for the next school year.

She voiced her concerns at a governors’ meeting on May 1 where she said she would not have wanted her own children to be reading LGBT books.

“At the meeting, I raised that the introduction of LGBT books and Pride month into the school had not been mentioned before at any previous meetings,” she said.

“I said that parents had not been consulted and that there would be parents with children from religious backgrounds who would object and not want their children to have this form of sex education.

“I urged them to consider those families, and added that as a parent myself, I would not have wanted my sons to be reading LGBT books or to be involved in an LGBT Pride month.”

Mrs Griffith says she was told by a member of staff during the meeting that she should be accepting of the LGBT plans as they corresponded with the law.

A few weeks after the meeting, she received a letter from the school notifying her of her suspension pending an investigation into her comments.

She has yet to hear any confirmation about her position from the school but fears that she will now be sacked as governor.

Mrs Griffith, who grew up in Barbados, denied being homophobic.

“It never occurred to me that I could be ‘homophobic’ or scared of something. These things don’t come into my head,” she said.

“But now with this LGBT agenda, not just in schools, but across society, there is no debate, no questioning and there is only a one-way democracy.

“I loved being part of education and planning what was happening at the school. I am, however, at peace over the whole situation. I am not annoyed; I am only saddened that this is happening in this country.

“My faith in Jesus is very important to me in good and bad times – it is my be all and end all. I can do nothing without His help, and he makes my burden lighter. This is how my mum brought me up.”

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting Mrs Griffith, said that people who disagree with LGBT teaching in schools are being censored.

“What has taken place at this school is a microcosm of what is happening across our society and sends a clear message to teachers, governors and students: if you oppose the LGBT agenda you will be silenced and punished,” she said.

“No one is exempt, not even a kind, caring and compassionate woman in her 70s who has dedicated her whole life to caring for others and increasing the life chances of children and improving her community.

“Such censor for merely questioning whether books with LGBT themes are appropriate for school libraries, and asking whether parents had been properly consulted, cannot go unchallenged. We call on the school to reinstate Mrs Griffith and issue a full apology.”

Alperton Community School said in a media statement: “We are unable to comment on specific details relating to members of the School community for confidentiality and data protection reasons. However, we confirm that the School adopts the National Governance Association Governors Code of Conduct and that where complaints are raised in respect of Governors, the School would always consider whether an impartial and independent investigation is necessary.

“We further confirm that the School’s policies and resources are regularly reviewed and are wholly appropriate for the School community.”