GOP-Controlled Senate Passes ‘America Last’ Green Card Giveaway to Reward Big Tech

by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

The GOP-controlled Senate stabbed their voters in the back on Wednesday by passing Utah Senator Mike Lee’s green card giveaway to reward Big Tech by allowing them to import hundreds of thousands of Indian workers to take jobs from struggling American tech workers.

The bill failed earlier this year but Lee brought it back and the GOP-controlled Senate just passed it with unanimous consent — right before the election in Georgia which will determine whether the GOP holds on to the Senate.

America First patriots were urging folks to call their senators on Wednesday and demand they object to the bill.

It would only have taken one senator to force a debate or force a vote on the bill.

Not one senator objected.

Republican Senator Mike Braun of North Dakota could be seen smirking after the bill was passed:

As Ryan Girdusky noted, not even Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri — who has made a name for himself by bashing Big Tech — bothered to muster up an objection.

The same goes for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, both of whom are up for reelection in Georgia.

The GOP are also currently teaming up with Democrats to shove through a $740 billion defense authorization bill that will erase our history by renaming military bases named after Confederate generals. President Trump demanded the bill include a measure to change Section 230 but his objections were ignored.

The contempt these GOP traitors have for their own voters is almost beyond belief.

It appears that now that they think they’ve got Trump out of the way they’re just going to return to business as usual — i.e. screwing us relentlessly on behalf of their globalist donors.

This is naked tyranny.

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Netflix Releases Preteen ‘Twerking’ Film Once Again Sexualizing Children

Leading up to its release, Netflix has been caught promoting a movie titled Cuties as a drama about an 11-year-old who “explores her femininity” through “twerking,” complete with a provocative poster.

This is the far-left streaming outlet’s third strike when it comes to sexualizing children.

This streaming site is home to Barack and Michelle Obama.

The movie — a Sundance darling, naturally — is a French title. Cuties is rated TV-MA, which means there is an 11-year-old character in a movie that is “usually not suitable for anyone under 17 years of age (18 in some cases). Content may contain strong coarse language, explicit (in some cases, pornographic) strong sexual content, nudity, or intense/graphic violence.”

According to the Daily Mailthe theatrical release earned an NC-17 rating, which means no children under 17 are allowed into the theater, even if accompanied by a parent.

NC-17 movies usually earn that rating for provocative sexual imagery.

The movie’s protagonist is 11-year-old Amy, a Senegalese Muslim girl who joins a dance group. She’s portrayed by Fathia Youssouf, who is 14 now and was likely 12 or 13 during filming.

According to one rave review:

The 11-year-old girls in Cutiesa French Netflix film that premiered at Sundance Film Festival on Thursday night—have a tentative grasp on the concept of sex. They theorize that oral sex involves a man’s penis filling up a woman’s entire body, and they know that condoms have something to do with AIDS, but they’re not quite sure what. But what they know with certainty is that sexuality is a girl’s key to attention and power. And they know that power is something they want.

It gets worse:

Amy [remember she’s only 11] impresses them with an audition. She has a secret weapon: A particularly risque dance move that involves humping the floor. Not even The Cuties have dared to be that sexual before.


[The] script perfectly captures that preteen desperation to fit in, which so many girls understand to mean to “be sexy.” With the daily barrage of hypersexualized women in media, how can you blame them? Amy’s goal is not to have sex with men—again, she barely understands the mechanics of sex—it’s to win the approval of her classmates.

Fair enough…

The movie’s director, Maïmouna Doucouré, says the film is in fact a critique of the sexualization of children, specifically the Internet’s role in it. Not having seen the movie myself, I can’t comment either way. Cuties doesn’t stream on Netflix until next month.

Nevertheless, there is plenty of reason to ask whether Netflix’s intent was to sell this movie to the naked-under-the-raincoat crowd.

Netflix’s promotional poster features four prepubescent girls with bare midriffs in provocative poses wearing short shorts, which is something quite different from the original French poster.

Worse still, Netflix originally promoted the movie in the same way you would soft-core pornography. Get this: “Amy, 11, becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew. Hoping to join them, she starts to explore her femininity, defying her family’s traditions.”

What type of animal wants to watch a movie about an 11-year-old — she’s eleven! — twerking and exploring her femininity?

Apparently, after an online uproar, Netflix changed the description to this — you’ll note how Netflix “owns” all us backwards “conservatives” who oppose child porn: “Eleven-year-old Amy starts to rebel against her conservative family’s traditions when she becomes fascinated with a free-spirited dance crew.”

You want to know what I believe in?

I believe in drawing lines.

I am not a scold. I am not a prude. I hate the cancel culture. The only strong feeling that bubbles up in me when it comes to what consenting adults do to one another at home or on the screen is indifference. But can we draw the line at children?

Can we draw the line at exploiting little girls — 11, 12, 13-year-old girls?

Can we draw the line at sexualizing children?

This didn’t sneak past someone at Netflix. Decisions were made. People with the power to decide decided to sell little girls, little prepubescent girls, like sex objects.

What are the rules, Hollywood? Objectification is wrong unless she’s eleven?

Oh, and this is not the first time Netflix has pimped little kids to the naked-under-the-raincoat crowd.

Remember Baby, the series that freakin’ glorified sex trafficking of 15-year-olds?

Then there was the movie Desire, which Netflix streamed even though it featured a scene where a pre-teen girl is depicted masturbating herself to orgasm.

“The camera even takes this scene into a close-up of the child’s face in slow motion, moving up and down and panting like a porn star. The scene is graphic and includes an orgasm,” PJ Media’s Megan Fox said describing the scene.

The director has defended himself by saying the actresses had no idea what they were doing was in a sexual context… but does that make it any better that he took footage of them doing something innocent and then made the viewer linger on that footage, made the viewer tie that footage to sex in the prologue of a movie that’s marketed as erotic and arousing? The suits at Netflix didn’t hesitate to license that?

Let me get this straight… The Woke Taliban force me to sit through a tutorial about what’s appropriate to laugh in Blazing Saddles, but soft core kiddie porn is a-okay with this crowd.

To be clear, I’m not commenting on the movie. Movies like Bully (2001), L.I.E. (2001), and others have  successfully used teens and pre-teens to delve into mature themes. That might be true for Cuties. But don’t tell me the suits at Netflix aren’t playing it up with a cheap, exploitative strategy of LOOK AT THESE “CUTIES” TWERKING ON SEPTEMBER 9TH!!

This is what evil looks like.

Source: Breitbart News

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Netflix U.S. Subs Drop in Q2 after Threatening Boycott of Georgia’s Economy after the Passage of the Heartbeat Law

For the first time in eight years, Netflix lost subscribers in the U.S. — dropping a net 130,000 for the second quarter of 2019 — and added nearly 2 million fewer international customers than expected, sending the stock tumbling. Paid subscribers grew by 2.7 million, including 2.83 million internationally, almost half that of Netflix’s previous guidance of 5.0 million net adds (300,000 in the U.S. and 4.7 million for the international segment). Netflix had 151.6 million paid streaming subs as of the end of June.

Netflix shares fell more than 12% in after-hours trading. The company said the Q2 subscriber results were the result of a weaker content slate in the quarter, which drove fewer paid net adds than anticipated, and said price hikes also hurt subscriber additions. Over 100,000 Americans had already cancelled their Netflix subscriptions over the streaming giant’s threatened boycott of Georgia’s economy after the passage of the heartbeat law, but no mention of that by the PR team. Connections between Hollywood and government, and the Obamas in particular, are revealing a much bigger and much darker agenda at play.

Netflix lost 16 billion dollars in market value the day after the streaming giant’s Q2 financial report showed that it lost subscribers for the first time in 8 years. The company had projected to gain around 300,000 new U.S. subscribers, but actually lost around 130,000. Since the release of its quarterly report on July 17th, the company’s stock has continued to decline.

Visibly shocked analysts attempted to explain this dramatic downturn by blaming Netflix’s recent $2 increase to its basic membership plan, the general saturation of the streaming market in the United States, or the loss of a couple of popular old TV shows.

And yet, for Christian conservatives, Netflix’s poor report was not unexpected or surprising. After all, over 100,000 people pledged to cancel their Netflix subscriptions by signing the Personhood Alliance/Citizen Go and LifeSiteNews petitions after Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, threatened to boycott Georgia’s film industry over the passage of the heartbeat bill.

The media backlash

When announced, the petitions against Netflix attracted the attention of many major media outlets such as Newsweek and Fox who covered the story as an ongoing chapter in the American culture wars. Back in the early spring of 2019, as the Georgia heartbeat bill was getting ready to pass the legislature, a group of Hollywood actors, headed by the infamously pro-abortion actress Alyssa Milano, signed a letter vowing never to work in Georgia again if the legislature passed the heartbeat bill. Undaunted by the threats, the legislature passed the law. However, it wasn’t until Governor Kemp signed the bill into law that Netflix became the first major studio to attack the legislation, quickly followed by the gender-confused folks at Disney and their fellow Leftists at Time Warner.

The fact that the big money waited to threaten Georgia until after the bill became law is not surprising, however, because Hollywood makes a handsome profit from filming in a state that offers a 20% tax credit for major productions. The tax credit, like all reductions in taxes, benefited not only the people of Georgia who found jobs in the film industry, but also the liberal Hollywood companies themselves, which have been fleeing the anti-business dystopia of California.

The sound of silence

Coming off of several successful threatened boycotts of pro-family states by corporate America, the Hollywood elites were feeling pretty good about their immoral virtue-signaling on abortion and their threats against Georgia’s economy — that is, until Netflix’s quarterly report came out. As soon as it became clear that the pro-lifers’ campaigns to boycott Netflix had been successful, the media coverage of the boycotts went completely silent.

The boldness of the Hollywood elites in openly threatening a very large section of their client base (around 50% of the American people consider themselves pro-life), while shutting themselves out of a tax haven, is yet another indication that the cultural chasm which separates religious Americans from their secularized neighbors is increasingly unbridgeable for either side. More importantly, it is also an indication that the radical Left is no longer happy with the steady progress it has made since the 1960s to establish an atheistic cultural dominance. Now, the Left wants to completely silence dissenting Christians who dare to implement the biblical worldview through public policy.

Straight from the Marxist playbook

The idea of cultural supremacy, or hegemony, was one of the central principles of Italian Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci. He viewed the cultural hegemony of the ruling class at the turn of the 20th century as the main obstacle to bringing about his desired worldwide communist revolution. Of course, at that time, cultural hegemony was solidly at the capitalist end of the spectrum and was supported by religious and folk traditions. Gramsci argued that, in order to create the necessary conditions for a communist state, communist values would have to become culturally hegemonic. In other words, before the revolution could succeed, the people would have to view communist ideals as being commonsense ideas. Marxists called this “politics without politics,” and it was one of the key principles of American Leftist community organizer Saul Alinsky, a man whom Barack Obama credited in his autobiography as shaping some of his thinking.

This conscious drive to achieve cultural hegemony explains why Hollywood is so blatantly iconoclastic. In other words, they set out to intentionally attack settled beliefs and destroy religious symbols and traditions. What the Soviet communists attempted to achieve with tanks and a nuclear arsenal, Hollywood has largely succeeded in achieving through a constant debasing of Western culture and religiosity. The institution of the family — defined as a married virtuous couple open to caring for the previous and the next generations, and of religion being the guide to such a virtuous life — has been under attack from Hollywood elites who are following Gramsci’s guidebook to create a Marxist State.

The play-by-play: Netflix and the Obamas

But going back to Netflix and the attempted pro-abortion Boycott against Georgia that backfired so spectacularly.

Why would Netflix in particular lead the way in so brazenly insulting conservative American’s distaste for the liberal “sacrament” of abortion? Why would they jeopardize their wildly successful march towards cultural hegemony with such a move? To find this out, we can go back to Barack Obama’s campaign promise to “fundamentally transform America.”

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2019 Dirty Dozen List Released which Names 12 Mainstream Contributors to Sexual Exploitation in America. Tops the List.

Think Amazon and the fast delivery of a seemingly endless array of products comes to mind. It is that, but there is a darker side. Try “gratuitous nudity and simulated sex scenes.” Think “child-like sex dolls.” Think “eroticized child nudity.” Think “incest, babysitter, and group-sex themes.” That’s from the “Dirty Dozen” list compiled by the National […]

Report: Billionaire George Soros’ Investment Management Firm Sold Off Shares of Facebook, Netflix and Goldman Sachs just Before they Tumbled

Billionaire George Soros’ investment management firm has saved millions after completely selling off its shares of Facebook and slashing its stakes in Netflix and Goldman Sachs just before the stocks nosedived, a report said Wednesday. Soros Management Fund saved $17.7 million in the fourth quarter by dumping the three stocks, Barron’s reported. Goldman tumbled 15 percent […]