Fisherman Publicly Executed In North Korea For Listening To Foreign Radio Broadcast

A North Korean fishing boat captain was reportedly publicly executed for listening to a banned foreign radio station…

According to the U.S. Government-funded Radio Free Asia, North Korea executed a 40 year-old man after he admitted to listening to radio broadcasts from Radio Free Asia, banned in the dictator state. North Korea has strict rules when it comes to what content citizens can consume to deny them access to information and news from outside the country’s borders.

The man identified as Chongjin, picked up the foreign broadcasts while he was out in the water off the coast of North Korea.

Chongjin is said to have been turned in by by one of his crew members at a fishing base in the port city of Chongjin, where his crew member confessed his “offense” to authorities. It’s believed that Chongjin, who was once a radio operator in the military, had started listening to foreign broadcasts while on service. Chongjin was charged with “subversion against the party.”

“In mid-October, a captain of a fishing boat from Chongjin was executed by firing squad, on charges of listening to Radio Free Asia regularly over a long period of time,” a source told the station.

“The provincial security department defined his crime as an attempt of subversion against the party. They publicly shot him at the base in front of 100 other captains and managers of the facility’s fish processing plants,” they added.

“They also dismissed or discharged party officials, the base’s administration and the security officers who allowed Choi to work at sea.”

A second source claimed to the news agency that the fisherman who had turned Chongjin in was “vengeance for Choi’s arrogant and disrespectful behavior so he reported him to the security department.”

They also claimed:

 “It seems that the authorities made an example out of Choi to imprint on the residents that listening to outside radio stations means death.”

Despite acts like this execution North Korea has failed to quash its people’s desire to obtain information from the outside world. Two refugees who escaped from North Korea to settle in the neighboring South told RFA that North Korean residents often listen to their broadcasts because they are ‘curious’.

“We can get a variety of content from CDs and memory sticks, but what North Koreans most want to know is news from the outside,” one said.

“Residents can get many outside broadcasts, but they prefer RFA because it can be heard clearly in the Korean language.”

Alcohol BANNED in Welsh Pubs & Bars as New Social Distancing Measures Announced

(via RT) Pubs, bars, and restaurants in Wales will be banned from selling alcoholic drinks, and they will have to close by 6pm or switch to doing takeaway, according to the new set of rules unveiled for the hospitality industry.

Other entertainment venues, such as cinemas, bowling alleys, and skating rinks, will have to close outright.

The measures, announced by First Minister Mark Drakeford, will come into force from 6pm this Friday.

“I recognise just how hard the hospitality and leisure sectors have worked to comply with the regulations,” Drakeford said in a press conference, admitting the new rules’ harshness. “I know the new restrictions will be difficult, coming as they do at one of the busiest times of the year,” he added.

Anticipating backlash from business owners, workers, and customers, the first minister pleaded with the Welsh to consider the supposed severity of the pandemic. “We continue to face a virus that is moving incredibly quickly across Wales, and it is a virus that will exploit every opportunity when we spend time with one another,” he said.

However, Drakeford did not seem to find much support, as the new anti-coronavirus measures, coming just three weeks after he firebreak lockdown in Wales ended, were relentlessly attacked online. Commenters accused the Welsh government of “strangling parts of its economy,” and compared the country to North Korea. “Welcome to your new Prohibition era,” tweeted one person.

Only a few commenters seemed to agree with Drakeford, saying that bars and pubs did help the virus spread.

Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China

In a day when half the US population remained transfixed by the ongoing revelations about the contents of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” and the other half was doing everything in its power to ignore the news which the socials have conveniently been desperate to censor, a far less noticed but perhaps just as important investigative report authored by the unknown Typhoon Investigations, was released by Christopher Balding, Associate Professor at Peking University HSBC School of Business Shenzhen, China and also Bloomberg contributor  (which is odd considering the clear anti-Trump bias of the Bloomberg media empire) exposing Biden activities in China which “the press has simply refused to cover”, and which reveals “how Biden was compromised by the Communist Party of China.”

In a series of tweets around noon on Thursday, Balding said that he had really “not wanted to do this but roughly 2 months ago I was handed a report about Biden activities in China the press has simply refused to cover. I want to strongly emphasize I did not write the report but I know who did.”

Some more background on the origins of the report from Balding’s website:

For two months I have worked on behalf of my colleague to ensure that this report helped others report on the documented evidence of Biden activities with regards to China. I want to emphasize a couple of things about my own involvement.

  • First, I did not write the report and I am not responsible for the report. I have gone over the report with a fine tooth comb and can find nothing factually wrong with the report. Everything is cited and documented. Arguably the only weakness is that we do not have internal emails between Chinese players or the Chinese and Bidens that would make explicit what the links clearly imply.
  • Second, I will not be disclosing the individual who did write this report. They have very valid reasons to fear for both their personal safety and professional risks. Throughout the years that I have known this individual we never discussed politics. I have never heard them criticize any political party other than the CCP. They are not a Republican.
  • Third, it was my very real wish that the press would have reported on the documented evidence in this report and left me and the author entirely out of this situation. I did not vote for Trump in 2016 and will not vote for him in 2020. This information however is entirely valid public interest information that the press has simply refused to cover due to their own partisan wishes. I have serious policy differences with President Trump. I am pro-immigration. I would like to see more free trade efforts to shift trade away from China and into partner countries from Mexico to Vietnam and India. I believe that institution building in Asia is vital and America needs to take that lead. However, I cannot in good conscience allow documented evidence of the variety presented here go unreported by partisans who are simply choosing to hide information.
  • Finally, I will not be answering any questions about the report. I had no wish to be involved in Presidential politics. I do not want to be on the news. I will not be answer any questions about who wrote the report. We need to return the focus to the known documented facts.

Upon review, this is how Balding summarized the report’s contents in his series of tweets:

Hunter Biden is partnered with the Chinese state. Entire investment partnership is Chinese state money from social security fund to China Development Bank. It is actually a subsidiary of the Bank of China. This is not remotely anything less than a Chinese state funded play.

Though the entire size of the fund cannot be reconstructed, the Taiwanese cofounder who is now detained in China, reports it to be NOT $1-1.5 billion but $6.5 billion. This would make Hunters stake worth at a minimum at least $50 million if he was to sell it.

Disturbingly, everyone on the Chinese side are clearly linked with influence and intelligence organizations. China uses very innocuous sounding organization names to hide PLA, United Front, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs influence/intelligence operations. This report cannot say Hunter was the target of such an operation or that China even targeted him. However, based upon the clear pattern of individuals and organizations surrounding him it is an entirely reasonable conclusion.

Finally, the believed Godfather in arranging everything is a gentleman named Yang Jiechi. He is currently the CCP Director of Foreign Affairs leading strategist for America, Politburo member one of the most powerful men in China, and Xi confidant. Why does this matter?

He met regularly with Joe Biden during his stint as Chinese ambassador the US when Biden chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Later he was Minister of Foreign Affairs when the investment partnership was made official in 2013. Importantly, the Taiwanese national listed MOFA institutions as the key clients in helping to arrange everything. Yang would clearly have known the importance of Hunter Biden and undoubtedly would have been informed of any dealings. Given that he is now the point person in China for dealing with the US this raises major concerns about a Biden administration dealing impartially with an individual in this capacity. These are documented facts from Chinese corporate records like IPO prospectuses and media. They raise very valid concerns about Biden linkages to China.

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International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Christians Around the World United in Fast and Prayer for Persecuted Christians.

Christians around the world united in prayer for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church — a global prayer meeting for Christian brothers and sisters who boldly witness for Christ at any cost. VOM’s 2019 IDOP short film, Sang-chul: North Korea, provides a dramatic example of the challenges of following Christ inside the world’s most restricted nation. The film will inspire you and your family, group, class or church to pray for persecuted Christians in North Korea and around the world.

Filmed on the Korean peninsula, the film shares the true story of Pastor Han, who was assassinated by North Korean agents in China because of his effective gospel work among North Koreans. The story is told through the eyes of one of Pastor Han’s disciples, Sang-chul, a man who has followed in his mentor’s footsteps by continuing to share the gospel with North Koreans despite the danger. You and your church will be encouraged and better equipped to pray for Christians risking their lives for Christ. (source)

Congressman Steve Stockman is currently in prison based on charges that only seem to be applied against conservatives. Unless President Donald Trump pardons him, he will remain there for some time.  Yet Congressman Stockman is not being idle with his time nor feeling sorry for himself. Instead, he’s written a fine column on “Why November 3rd Matters.”

Congressman Steve Stockman's letter

Persecution of Christians around the world has been exploding. The greater tragedy is the sounds of silence from the world. After the murdering of six million Jews by European Axis of Evil we heard the clarion call of “never again” will there be genocide of those who practice their faith. But those who practice their faith are again being persecuted and murdered. From China to Burkina Faso (a landlocked country in West Africa), Christians are being cut down without so much as a whimper from the world.

Europe is seeing a rise of religious intolerance. On average, France has three churches a day that are vandalized, burned, robbed, destroyed, or defaced. Theft of religious icons is so common that the French police rarely investigate that crime. In Sweden, Christians walk in fear of being raped or attacked. Like France and Sweden, with Germany’s large new population, its rise in the frequency of attacks on Christians and Jews has caused a great increase in security concerns. So much so that the German state has put a gag order on the full reporting of immigration crimes so as to placate the institutional bureaucrats.

When a New Zealand leftist gunned down 49 innocent Muslims in cold blood in March of this year, the news reverberated around the world, as rightly it should. But what was the world press reaction just weeks later when Muslims in Sri Lanka massacred at least 290 innocent Christians as they worshiped in Easter services. Without any proof, NPR quickly reported the tragedy as retaliatory attacks for the New Zealand murders. This false narrative by our U.S. government-funded NPR radio stokes hatred and bigotry in America. Bigotry against Christians has become standard fare in our nation’s news cycles. Unfortunately, the fueling of religious bigotry toward Christians is now also the stock-and-trade of one of America’s major political parties.

During the recent Democrat presidential debate, Ron Reagan (son of President Reagan) promoted atheism, then mocked Christians by sneeringly declaring, “I’m not afraid of burning in hell.” This unnecessary wanton hatred is not necessary but is ever-increasing. Even the popular football player Drew Brees is attacked for just mentioning “bring your Bible to School Day.”

During the last Democrat convention, an offer of prayer was met with jeering and booing. The party of self-declared tolerance – isn’t.

Then this year’s Democrat field of ever-crazy, intolerant presidential candidates stoke more Christian hatred when a leading candidate advocated that teaching certain bible verses in church should be silenced by revoking a church’s nonprofit status. Under the Democrats, rights guaranteed under the Constitution to practice one’s faith would be restricted. They argue that the Constitution is not current with today’s values. Our sacred Constitution of protecting free speech and religious freedom is being rapidly eroded by those who hate.

Across the world more hatred for people of faith. The fact is that faith in big government, as practiced by socialist movements, destroys religion and free expression thereof. In China, there are two to three million Muslims imprisoned in concentration camps. Using the old Orwellian euphuism, China calls their concentration prisons “re-education camps.” Chinese dictator Xi has reinstituted Mao’s gulag prison “re-education” system used during the brutal days of Mao’s cultural revolution. Mao murdered millions. Now dictator Xi has ordered Christian pastors arrested and churches torn down, all to the deafening sound of silence from America’s leftist mainstream media. They are simpatico with the communists if not intentionally, in fact for lack of caring.

Cambodia’s mass murder Pol Pot learned from Mao and tried to destroy all people of faith.

Over 3 million Cambodians were murdered. The rise of socialism in the United States correlates to the rise of religious oppression. The underbelly of socialism is the destruction of people of faith who do not put the state first in their lives.

A few years ago, Al Sharpton went to Hollywood to complain about the “white Oscars” at the same time a church in Nigeria’s doors were locked by Muslim supremacist terrorists and set a blaze. Hundreds of Christians were burned alive – murdered – while screaming for help. It was a torturous, painful death. But we heard not a word from Al Sharpton. He was too busy shaking down Hollywood. Apparently, black lives don’t matter if they are Christian blacks.

And let us not forget the young girl students at a Christian school in Nigeria who were kidnapped, raped and forcibly married off. Many tweeted concerns, including Michelle Obama.

But after a few weeks, all was forgotten except by the victims’ loving parents who live in grief and pain. Only a third of the hundreds of girls were ever returned. In fact, in the following months Muslim Boko Haram kidnapped even more young Christian girls but many of their kidnappings never even made mention by the American press.

Repeatedly, Christian executions and mass murders have little sympathy or mention in the popular American press. In Burkina Faso, the largely quiet agrarian society in West Africa has had their country torn apart with a new and increasing number of attacks by Muslim terrorists against people of faith. The small peaceful nation is now dealing with the murder-driven agenda of the radical followers of Muslim terrorist groups. The Africa Center for Strategic Studies has reported 324 fatalities by the end of July this year, more than double such deaths in Burkina Faso in 2018. These and massive other persecutions are occurring there at the hands of members of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, the Macina Liberation Front, and Ansarul al Islam.

In many parts of the world, the continuing murder of Christians is a silent genocide spreading across many nations. If it was any other faith, it would bring down the weight of the world. In the Middle East, Christians who have been there for a millennium and who speak Aramaic – the language of Christ – are being cut down. Once prominent communities in Iraq and Syria are now on the cusp of extinction. The killings of Christians are not abated with the death of one terrorist leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi, a director of terrorist activity was killed over the weekend in a raid by Joint Special Operations’ Delta Force.

Christian bigotry is ever present. According to National Geographic there are more slaves now than in any time in history of the world, and many of the slaves are Christian. Christian blacks in South Sudan were regularly captured and kept as slaves by Muslims of northern Sudan and the Middle East. Christians are the number one persecuted people of faith in the world.

Some Christians in the 1930’s thought the political rhetoric was nothing more than hyperbole.

Lessons of yesterday are forgotten today. So many remain silent in the face of a building religious onslaught of bigotry couched in the name of betterment of society. Your rights as a Christian don’t leave in one night; they are stolen in a slow methodically deliberate movement. The notoriously corrupt Obama IRS lawyer Lois Lerner targeted Christians for decades and was promoted from the Federal Election Commission to overseeing the non-profit status of churches and other non-profit organizations. In her deposition, she admitted targeting Christians and conservatives. She has never answered for her crimes. Those who exposed her were targeted and put in prison. Many socialists who hate people of faith are still employed in our government – a systematic hiring of those leftists has left a tragic legacy in government that continues to spew out policies to undermine Christian’s values.

November 3 is International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Church. We should not just pray for those Christians elsewhere in the world, but for the persecuted church in America. For centuries America has been a beacon of religious liberty. Her lighthouse is now under assault. November 3 is a good time for those who believe in a free country and the religions liberty protected by America’s First Amendment to be on our knees for the persecuted Christians here at home.

America and the world desperately need the prayers of the faithful.

About the author: Former Congressman Steve Stockman 23502-479 was a two-time U.S. Congressman from Texas. He served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and its Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights & International Organizations and the Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats. He traveled widely in the Middle East and to Nigeria to work toward the release of the Boko Hiram victims. Stockman also went after IRS non-profit head lawyer Lois Lerner for her goal of persecuting conservatives and Christians through abuse the power of her office for her personal political agenda. The same corrupt officials being exposed at IRS and DOJ spent four years, millions of dollars and four grand juries to indict and convict the congressman.

You can write him at Stephen Stockman #23502-479, PO Box 26120 Beaumont Texas 77720- 6120 or email his wife at For more information about him go to

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Launches the Findings of SIPRI Yearbook 2019

SIPRI Governing Board Chair Ambassador Jan Eliasson, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, says: ‘A key finding is that despite an overall decrease in the number of nuclear warheads in 2018, all nuclear weapon-possessing states continue to modernize their nuclear arsenals.’

At the start of 2019, nine states—the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)—possessed approximately 13 865 nuclear weapons. This marked a decrease from the approximately 14 465 nuclear weapons that SIPRI estimated these states possessed at the beginning of 2018 (see table below).

Of these 13 865 nuclear weapons, 3 750 are deployed with operational forces and nearly 2 000 of these are kept in a state of high operational alert.

The decrease in the overall number of nuclear weapons in the world is due mainly to Russia and the USA—which together still account for over 90 per cent of all nuclear weapons—further reducing their strategic nuclear forces pursuant to the implementation of the 2010 Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (New START) while also making unilateral reductions. In 2018, Russia and the USA announced that they had achieved the final New START force reduction limits by the specified deadline.

New START will expire in 2021 unless both parties agree to extend it. There are currently no discussions about extending New START or negotiating a follow-on treaty. ‘The prospects for a continuing negotiated reduction of Russian and US nuclear forces appears increasingly unlikely given the political and military differences between the two countries,’ says Shannon Kile, Director of SIPRI’s Nuclear Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme.

Both Russia and the USA have extensive and expensive programmes under way to replace and modernize their nuclear warheads, missile and aircraft delivery systems, and nuclear weapon production facilities. In 2018, the US Department of Defense set out plans to develop new nuclear weapons and modify others to give them expanded military roles and missions.

The nuclear arsenals of the other nuclear-armed states are considerably smaller, but all are either developing or deploying new weapon systems or have announced their intention to do so. China, India and Pakistan are increasing the size of their nuclear arsenals. ‘India and Pakistan are expanding their military fissile material production capabilities on a scale that may lead to significant increases in the size of their nuclear weapon inventories over the next decade,’ says Kile.

North Korea continues to prioritize its military nuclear programme as a central element of its national security strategy, although in 2018 it announced a moratorium on the testing of nuclear weapons as well as medium- and long-range ballistic missile delivery systems.

Absence of transparency in reporting on nuclear weapon capabilities

The availability of reliable information on the status of the nuclear arsenals and capabilities of the nuclear-armed states varies considerably.

The USA and the UK have disclosed important information about their stockpile and nuclear capabilities, and France has also declared some information. Russia does not make publicly available a detailed breakdown of its forces counted under New START, even though it shares this information with the USA.

The governments of India and Pakistan make statements about some of their missile tests but provide little information about the status or size of their arsenals. At present, North Korea has acknowledged conducting nuclear weapon and missile tests but provides no information about its nuclear weapon capabilities. Israel has a long-standing policy of not commenting on its nuclear arsenal.

World nuclear forces, January 2019

CountryDeployed warheads*Other warheads**Total 2019Total 2018
USA1 7504 4356 1856 450
Russia1 6004 9006 5006 850
North Korea....(20–30)(10–20)
Total3 75010 11513 86514 465

Source: SIPRI Yearbook 2019

* ‘Deployed warheads’ refers to warheads placed on missiles or located on bases with operational forces. ** ‘Other warheads’ refers to stored or reserve warheads and retired warheads awaiting dismantlement.  Total figures include the highest estimate when a range is given. Figures for North Korea are uncertain and are not included in total figures. All estimates are approximate.

50 years of the SIPRI Yearbook

The 2019 edition is the 50th Yearbook that SIPRI has produced. Among other topics, SIPRI Yearbook 2019 provides analysis on armed conflict and peace processes, nuclear disarmament, arms control (conventional and nuclear) and non-proliferation—including key developments in Russian–US nuclear arms control, Iran and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Last year, SIPRI made the 2001–16 editions of the Yearbook freely available to download. In the next few months, SIPRI will make all 31 editions prior to 2001 available online for free. A 50-day social media campaign leading up to the launch of the complete back catalogue will start in July.

See some of Dan Smith’s reflections on the key findings of the SIPRI Yearbook 2019 in the latest episode of Peace Points:

Source: SIPRI