Massive Explosion in Nashville

Nashville cops on Friday afternoon released a photo of the motorhome that blew up downtown, gutting buildings and injuring several people as Christmas dawned in Music City.

The explosion resulted in three injuries, building damages, and a disruption of AT&T service in the area. The bombing appears to be intentional according to authorities.

“This is the RV that exploded on 2nd Ave N this morning. It arrived on 2nd Ave at 1:22 a.m.,” the Metro Nashville Police Department tweeted.

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63 of Nashville was identified as the lone nut who parked the RV on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville and broadcast a warning before the Christmas morning blast. Following the explosion, Tennessee’s governor noted the Nashville blast affected over 20 local 911 call centers, residential phone lines and cell service.

Don Cochran, the US Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee on Sunday said during a press conference that Nashville bomber Anthony Warner perished at the site of the explosion. Warner’s DNA was found at the site of the explosion.1

Cops who found the RV while responding to a report of shots fired heard a recorded announcement warning that a “a potential bomb would detonate within 15 minutes,” police Chief John Drake said during a news conference earlier Friday.

An unconfirmed YouTube video also appears to contain audio of the recording, with a female voice urging people to flee the area just before the blast, which officials have called an “intentional act.”

“All buildings in this area must be evacuated now. All buildings in this area must be evacuated now,” the voice says.

“If you can hear this message, evacuate now. If you can hear this message, evacuate now.”

Officials have said three people were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries following the 6:30 a.m. explosion, which took place just blocks from the historic Ryman Auditorium, former home of the Grand Ole Opry.

Video evidence seems to indicate that an incoming missile may have initiated the explosion in Nashville. The following skyline video, embedded below, shows quite clearly an incoming missile trail immediately before the explosion.

SolarWinds, the company that fell victim to a devastating cyber attack in March, is owned by Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo. Until 2015, Silver Lake owned SunGard, an IT company with a data center virtually in the same location where the Nashville Christmas Day bomb exploded on Christmas Day.

National File first reported that the location of the explosion was in the same spot as a data center owned by a company called SunGard, on 200 Commerce Street. Silver Lake, a $75 billion investment firm with questionable ties to China, bought SunGard in 2005, according to a Blackstone press release. In 2015, SolarWinds was purchased by Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo for $4.5 billion, according to the SolarWinds website. Silver Lake sold SunGard to Fidelity National Information Services Inc. for nearly $11 billion in August 2015.

Silver Lake has recently come under fire for their questionable ties to the communist Chinese, who President Donald Trump suggested may be behind the SolarWinds cyber attack as National File reported. SolarWinds ties to China are beginning to make their way into public view amid the announcement of the cyber breach that reportedly struck the company in March. SolarWinds board director Kenneth Hao “led the establishment” of a $75 billion investment firm into China, as National File reported.

Months before the SolarWinds cyber attack, Thoma Bravo bought JD Power from a mysterious Chinese company called XIO Group for $1.88 billion in 2019, as National File reported. SolarWinds director Seth Boro, a man who was instrumental in starting the private equity firm known as Thoma Bravo, “currently serves on the board of directors of several software and technology service companies in which certain investment funds advised by Thoma Bravo hold an investment,” according to his biography on the SolarWinds website.

In 2019, Thoma Bravo bought JD Power for $1.88 billion from XIO Group, a mysterious Chinese company based in Hong Kong.

According to the Washington Post, both Thoma Bravo and Silver Lake sold hundreds of millions of dollars in SolarWinds shares just days before the announcement of the SolarWinds breach, raising concerns about potential insider trading.

“Silver Lake, a Silicon Valley investor with a history of high-profile tech deals including Airbnb, Dell and Twitter, sold $158 million in shares of SolarWinds on Dec. 7 — six days before news of the breach became public. Thoma Bravo, a San Francisco-based private equity firm, also sold $128 million of its shares in SolarWinds on Dec. 7.

Together, the two investment firms own 70 percent of SolarWinds and control six of the company’s board seats, giving the firms access to key information and making their stock trades subject to federal rules around financial disclosures.”While the owners of SolarWinds’ connections to China certainly raise eyebrows, the SolarWinds company itself has extensive ties to China as well. SolarWinds partnered with M.Tech in May 2020 to expand business opportunities in China, just weeks after the company had been breached, as National File reported.

National File was able to quickly verify that Powell quoted a former member of the 305th in the lawsuit, which declared that “a former electronic intelligence analyst under the 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence” told her that “the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran” to manipulate the election.

We also now know that the location, which was blurred out by Google street maps, housed the AT&T / NSA VoIP Router Complex, which allows the NSA to spy on all phone conversations and phone texts of anyone using the AT&T network. The Intercept article, “The Wiretap Rooms,” explains the existence of “hidden NSA spy hubs” all across America.

Two days later, the FBI investigated a suspicious white box truck in Lebanon, Tennessee that the FBI and Wilson County authorities told local media that the vehicle was “playing audio similar to what was heard before the Christmas Day explosion.”


DARPA Launches Project CHARIOT in Bid to Protect Big Tech Profits / Give Backdoor Access to IOT

ARPA announces a new type of cryptography to protect the Big Tech firm profits from the dawn of quantum computers and allow backdoor access into 3 trillion internet-connected devices.

by Raul Diego

The U.S. Military-Industrial complex is sprinting on a chariot to shore up the encryption space before the next era of computation upends the entire digital edifice built on semiconductors and transistors. But, the core of the effort is protecting markets for Big Tech and all of its tentacles, which stand to lose years or even decades of profits should the new tech be rolled out too quickly.

DARPA’s newest program seeks to create an encryption technology standard across the breadth and scope of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Cryptography for Hyper-scale Architectures in aa Robust Internet Of Things or Project CHARIOT “will prototype low-cost, low-footprint, post-quantum cryptographic techniques with minimal energy use for devices in an IoT” on the 5G network, according to the Pentagon’s boutique agency’s SBO.

Consumer-side IoT, like smart home devices, had seen considerable growth in 2019 and expectations were high for that trend to continue. The disruption of their supply chains as a result of the outbreak in China hardly slowed down the $52.76 Billion market with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of between 23 and 27 percent. The biggest beneficiaries of the COVID-19 economic reset, however, would turn out to be the telemedicine and medical hardware industry in general, which alone will be worth $332 billion by 2025.

The projected worth of the global IoT market in 2026 has been calculated at roughly $1.3 Trillion and is expected to flood the world with 3 trillion devices in the next ten years. Hence the “Hyper-scale” in DARPA’s project moniker, which is taking the lead on behalf of the corporations who dominate this landscape to develop an encryption standard mandated by the NSA.

Microsoft, Cisco Systems and IBM are just a few of the names that top the list of IoT device and software providers. All three of these companies have interlocking interests with the federal government that in some cases, go back decades. Microsoft, in particular, is poised to finally become the U.S. government’s exclusive cloud services provider and has already taken over State Department communications systems along with Cisco. Cloud computing, in fact, will change the face of the industry yet again by facilitating large scale IoT applications and “lifecycle management.”

An encryption standard across IoT devices becomes pivotal for the full spectrum dominance of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space sought by the U.S., which is currently threatened by China’s rising technological star. These considerations are left out of DARPA’s project brief, which instead presents a different kind of threat: Quantum computers.

A quantum leap

The official impetus for Project CHARIOT was lifted right off a report published by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2016; itself preceded by a 2015 announcement by the National Security Agency (NSA) to begin the “transition” into quantum-resistant encryption algorithms. Every email you send and receive, every password you use and any transaction you make online relies on public key encryption and the inevitable advent of quantum computing will render all of that obsolete, according to the NIST.

NIST’s Post-Quantum Crypto (PQC) report studied the impact of quantum computing algorithms on existing encryption schemes and mirrors many of the goals and milestones specified by DARPA in Project CHARIOT. Among these is the 10-year deadline and the need for the development of “revolutionary security technologies.” Dustin Moody, NIST mathematician and PQC co-author, warned that the U.S. must be “prepared to transition to new algorithms in 10 years” in a presentation at the 2017 Asiacrypt cryptography conference in Hong Kong.

The NIST, a branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce led by “King of Bankruptcy” Wilbur Ross, began the PQC study in 2012 and held its first NIST PQC workshop three years later and four months before the NSA issued its directive. At that workshop, Moody introduced a talk by Flemish cryptologist Bart Preneel, titled “Public Key Cryptography: the next 4 decades.” Preneel introduced the idea of the quantum computer threat to existing encryption methods and the eventual end of classical cryptography.

DARPA’s CHARIOT program is racing to meet the ever-closing deadline for developing and deploying a post-quantum cryptography suite that can serve as a stop gap for what seems to be the inevitable dawn of large-scale quantum computing. Whether a quantum computer can be built is no longer a matter of debate. Several experimental quantum computers already exist and the only question is what the best approach should be.

The vast empires of Tech would be slain right where they stand if quantum technology were introduced too suddenly and DARPA, which is nothing if not accommodating to the private sector, is taking the lead on a matter known in the field of cryptography as Post-Quantum cryptography.

State capitalism

DARPA has requested $1.1 Billion for 70 unclassified projects relating to cryptography or cybersecurity in its fiscal 2021 Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) budget, according to Bloomberg Government and while the agency is perceived as creators of cutting edge technology for the military, it is more akin to a bank than the Q lab of Bond movie lore most people imagine it to be.

DARPA uses tax-payer money to fund private sector players in the Defense industry to develop defense-related technology and ultimately facilitate their application for commercial purposes. Virtually all DARPA programs include explicit provisions for the commercial exploitation of discoveries. In the case of Project CHARIOT, phase III “will be oriented towards transition and commercialization of the developed security technology… Specifically, in the commercial space, CHARIOT security technologies have applications to companies that develop digital entities (e.g., networks, clouds, devices participating in the IoT, etc.).”

This is a classic manifestation of a state-run economy paying lip service to “free markets” while intervening at the structural level to shape and limit those markets. China, the U.S.’ new boogeyman, is accused daily by American politicians of doing the same and call it communism. But, in the United States the lines between the private and public sectors have all but disappeared and the level of integration between the federal government, the largest American corporations, and Academia is almost symbiotic at this point.

The next era of computers may already be upon us; its specs stored in an NSA filing cabinet just waiting for the inventory of the old era to run out. Many years ago my Dad brought a Chinese engineer to set up his pride and joy – a Crown sound system – with the newest addition: the first Sony CD player. It was 1984 and as the man did his work, he said something remarkable. CDs, he proclaimed, were already obsolete. “They have already put music directly on a computer chip” he asserted.

Judge grants government proceeds from Edward Snowden’s book

The government is entitled to any money former National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden makes from his memoir and paid speeches because he disclosed classified information without approval, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

Snowden has been charged with espionage since 2013, when he exposed top-secret surveillance documents in what may have been the biggest security breach in U.S. history.

The former contractor sees himself as a whistleblower compelled to reveal sweeping surveillance programs hidden from the American people. But through two administrations, the government has viewed him as a traitor who escaped justice by fleeing to Russia.

Unable to put him on trial, the Justice Department this year moved to cut off his profits from the book he published, “Permanent Record,” as well as from paid speeches.

In a brief opinion in federal court in Alexandria, Judge Liam O’Grady ruled in the government’s favor. “The contractual language of the Secrecy Agreements is unambiguous,” he wrote. “Snowden accepted employment and benefits conditioned upon prepublication review obligations.”

Snowden’s attorneys said they disagree with the court’s decision and will review their options.

“It’s farfetched to believe that the government would have reviewed Mr. Snowden’s book or anything else he submitted in good faith. For that reason, Mr. Snowden preferred to risk his future royalties than to subject his experiences to improper government censorship,” Brett Max Kaufman, a staff attorney with the ACLU’s Center for Democracy and member of Snowden’s legal team, said in a statement Tuesday.

Nothing in the book was sent for approval to the CIA or National Security Agency as required under the secrecy agreements Snowden signed as a contractor. Snowden acknowledged breaking the rules in a “Daily Show” interview, saying he didn’t want to “let the CIA edit [my] life story.”

Read more…

FBI Declassifies Documents on Secret Pedophile Group ‘The Finders’

The (good guys in the) FBI declassified and released a trove of documents about “The Finders,” an alleged secret child abduction network tied to the U.S. intelligence community.

The FBI began investigating the group after former congressman Charlie Rose relayed multiple tips alleging child abuse committed by the group, according to a 324-page declassified 1993 document.

That information led investigators to Tallahassee, Florida, and then Washington D.C., where the group was reportedly based.

During a search of a home and warehouse owned by “The Finders” in 1987, a United States Customs Service (UCSC) officer claims “to have observed a substantial amount of computer equipment and documents purportedly containing instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes,” the FBI stated.

“The instructions allegedly included the impregnation of female members of the community, purchasing children, trading children, and kidnaping (sic) them.”

After several paragraphs of redacted information, the FBI disclosed that someone “has alleged that the Finders are involved in a well-organized child abuse scheme, and that [redacted] in conjunction with the State Department, and the FBI’s foreign counterintelligence section, conspired to cover up those abuses.”

“The source reported children were used in rituals by the groups, but reported source never observed any actual child abuse,” the declassified files stated.

Subsequent searches using testimony obtained by children and witnesses led investigators to a Virginia farm where they found “evidence of satanic/cult rituals” and cages that “witnesses revealed were used to keep children during their visits to the farm.”

Search warrants were also executed at a warehouse involving “classified maps of underground tunnel/sewer system” in Washington D.C.

The children “also talked about other children in Washington D.C., and stated that they were under the control of the ‘game caller,’ [redacted],” the file stated.

But curiously, an FBI Washington field office memo stated that “all evidence obtained” at the two “Finders” properties produced “no evidence of child sexual exploitation, kidnapping, or any related crimes.”

A former member of “The Finders” told detectives in an interview that he had “done work involving security protection for the FBI, NSA, and other government agencies,” and the documents further reveal the CIA was secretly involved in the investigation.

Interestingly, someone contacted the Washington Police demanding that information about The Finders be classified to the “Secret” level and recommended that the FBI Washington Field office no longer receive updates of the investigation.

Watch this video from the early 90s of late FBI investigator Ted Gunderson explaining evidence of a similar Satanic child exploitation network operating in Los Angeles, California.

Read the FBI documents on “The Finders” in full below:

The Finders Part 01 of 01 by Jamie White on Scribd


Not a single mainstream media outlet covered the release of these previously declassified documents that prove that the children who were raped, tortured, and victimized by pedophiles and Satanists were telling the truth. The perpetrators got off mainly because of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a Trojan horse front organization created by pedophiles, and the lie that there were no tunnels beneath the school as the children claimed. Former Head of LA’s FBI turned retired investigator proved the kids were telling the truth and so does the released documents, but no one besides alternative media have mentioned it.

BELOW: Derrick Broze breaks down a second FBI document dump related to The Finders cult.

Report: 100 Actions the Deep State FBI and DOJ took that were Corrupt, Criminal, or Outside Policy in Order to Exonerate Hillary and Setup Trump

The FBI leadership under the Obama Administration took many actions that deviated from standard practice and/or were corrupt and/or criminal in their efforts to exonerate Hillary from her crimes and then spy and frame candidate and then President Trump.  Today current members of the FBI are embarrassed to even turn on their TV’s as a […]