Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Lists Top Pro-Life Sites as “Porn” – Bible Verses “Censored”

Project Veritas interviewed a tech insider who blew the whistle on how Pinterest listed top pro-life sites as “porn” and censored Bible verses. The insider, who wished to remain anonymous, described in detail how Pinterest blocks Christian terms and Bible verses by not allowing the terms to trend, blocking them from notifications and the auto-complete feature.

Pinterest also blacklisted pro-life group by classifying them as “porn” which ultimately blocked their URL from being pinned. Ben Shapiro commentary was also censored in “zero tolerance moment.” Undercover Planned Parenthood videos were marked as ‘harmful conspiracy theories.’ Where is Congress? Every single tech company is acting like a publisher, not a neutral platform.

Via Project Veritas:

Project Veritas also received a large text file titled “Sensitive Terms List.” The insider said the file contains search terms that Pinterest considers “sensitive,” and that the terms are modified in search results according to different value assignments. According to the insider and supporting documents, terms are assigned an “abusive,” “sensitive,” and “brand unsafe” value.
Some of the actions that can be taken on search terms include: blocking auto-complete results in the search bar, providing an advisory message when a term is searched for, removing the term from recommended or trending feeds, and blocking email or push notifications. Search results are also modified based on the values that are applied to terms.

Project Veritas reviewed the “Sensitive Terms List” and discovered that Christianity-related terms like “christian easter” and “bible verses” were marked as “brand unsafe.” The insider explained to Project Veritas in an interview that such terms are removed from auto-complete search results.

Watch the whistleblower tell James O’Keefe in detail how Pinterest is blocking Christians and conservatives with their algorithms:

Project Veritas previously exposed Twitter’s shadowbanning of Trump supporters and Facebook’s efforts to “de-boost” conservative websites.

O’Keefe is calling on more Silicon Valley insiders to come forward.

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