The Bali Bombing, or Nuking? Indonesian President says False Flag Possibly by Police or Armed Forces!

Let’s compare two false-flag terror events, of 2002 and 2005, in Bali and London. In both cases the experts appeared hardly able to say, what the explosive had been. The Bali-bomb story had its explosives keep changing, starting off with stories about ‘C4’  – ‘Plastic explosive clue in Bali bombing’ – in this respect it was […]

The Estonia Catastrophe: The Mysterious Sinking of the Baltic Ferry Estonia

The unexplained sinking of the Baltic ferry Estonia on its way to Stockholm from Tallinn in late September 1994 is the third mega-disaster (albeit not chronologically) that occurred within the framework of a military exercise. The day before it sank, Estonia had also been the scene of a terrorism exercise in which the scenario was a terror bombing […]

Activist, Karen Silkwood, Murdered and Incriminating Docs Disappear After She Blew the Whistle on Kerr-McGee’s Nuclear Plant Fraud, Health & Safety Violations

Karen Silkwood, a labor union activist who had discovered numerous health and safety violations and alleged  Kerr-McGee falsified inspection records at the chemical plant in Oklahoma, died mysteriously later of the very day it was discovered that her recent health issues were the result of Plutonium radiation poisoning in her home (especially in kitchen around […]

Secret Plutonium Radiation Human Experimentation Begins in Manhattan, NY. Several Test Subjects Dying within Days of Injection are Labeled ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’

The Manhattan Project and Plutonium Health Hazards Discovered in 1941 by Glenn Seaborg and others at Berkeley, plutonium supported nuclear fission, a process that split atoms and released tremendous energy. Plutonium became an urgently needed material for one variety of atomic bomb; uranium-235, the fissionable isotope of natural uranium, was used in the other bomb […]