Rebel Media Obtains Documents Proving Canadian Gov Has Been Training Chinese Troops in ‘Cold Weather Warfare’

Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario — and Trudeau raged at the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for cancelling the training after China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

This is only one of many bombshell revelations in The China Files, a 34-page access to information document released by the Trudeau government to Rebel News, seen below.

Documents that normally would have been completely blacked out by government censors were instead greyed out — the documents remain completely readable. Rebel News has chosen to black out a very small portion that would otherwise compromise the safety of an individual.

How we got these secret documents:

In April of 2019, Rebel News first wrote to the government asking for any records corroborating a Russian report that Canada had sent a delegation to China for the 70th anniversary celebrations for the PLA Navy — a propaganda exercise held just months after the kidnapping of the two Michaels. The Trudeau government delayed replying to Rebel News for 19 months, but when they finally did, they not only confirmed their attendance at that macabre event, but listed other exchanges between the PLA and the CAF. Those include training Chinese commanders at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, as well as other military facilities in Kingston. Chinese military participants included 1- and 2-star generals and an entire contingent who would learn Canadian cold weather military tactics.

The CAF’s decision to cancel the cold weather training panicked Trudeau, who demanded that Canada’s military not cancel any more engagements with the PLA without explicit permission first, and that the news of the cancellation had to be told to the PLA gently, to let them save face.

Other revelations include:

* Disgraced cabinet minister Catherine McKenna jetted to China for a three-day conference just months after the two Michaels were taken hostage

* Trudeau sent nearly 200 CAF personnel to Wuhan in October of 2019 to participate in the Military World Games, a propaganda bonanza for China diplomatic reports that China is using its “belt and road” negotiations to demand that countries drop human rights complaints if they want trade deals

Chinese censorship of Twitter use

s. 15 (1) – International

3. The Great Firewall grows taller? Bureaucrat disciplined for accessing foreign news on Twitter

A disciplinary notice circulated this week on social media, which criticised a deputy programming director of the Suzhou city TV broadcasting organization for having accessed “harmful information on illegal websites” via Twitter, which had “seriously violated political discipline and political rules.” The notice indicates that the individual will be removed from his post at the broadcaster and have their pay docked. It is unclear whether this signals a new trend in monitoring Party cadres online behaviour, or is a one-off event, but fits into the broader trend of increased monitoring of Twitter by authorities inside the Great Firewall, BEJING GR will continue to monitor.

* Chinese use of a smartphone app to track Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang

Bureaucrats bizarre protocol of referring to accused fraudster and Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou as “Ms. Meng”, but refusing to even mention the two Michaels by name

From: Payne, Nichola – OPB
Sent: January-28-19 6:48 PM
To: Nouvet, Antoine – IGR
CC: Hanley, Meghan – IGR; Bergeron, Jean-Francois – OPB
Subject: RE: the draft action memo and letter for USS


Hi Antonie,

We are in the process of reviewing the draft, and had a couple questions/comments:

1) Does DND/CAF have any upcoming bilateral events/initiatives in the near future that have been planned and may be cancelled?
2) Our impression is that DND/CAF reluctance to engage with the PLA is not solely related to Ms. Meng’s arrest and the consular cases – that there are other reasons behind their interest in dis-engaging. From our perspective it also perhaps to be related to a desire to be fully aligned with FEYs, particularly in the U.S., whose approach has shifted under the Trump Administration. We recall, for example, that back in December DND/CAF were keen to cancel the PLA’s participation in the winter survival training following the request from DOD to do so. We also recall CDS’s position on the SCS group sail back in September. From what I can tell, DND/CAF is also luke warm about engaging on peacekeeping and the potential security implications, despite it being a leaders…

Bureaucrats deriding concerns about military knowledge transfer to China as figments of the “Trump Administration”


Trudeau’s approach to China

The China Files show that Trudeau’s submissive approach to China isn’t just his personal obsession— it’s the official policy of his entire government and it has deeply infected Canada’s civil service, too. Trudeau’s right-hand man, Ian Shugart, was tasked with silencing the CAF’s legitimate concerns about China, and forcing our military to continue acting as if China, not the U.S., was our most important ally.

As a public service, Rebel News is publishing the documents in full in the hopes that other reporters will continue to unlock the truth about how Trudeau is turning Canada away from our democratic allies, and towards the world’s greatest dictatorship.

View the full documents

Source: Rebel News

YouTube To Delete Content That ‘Undermines’ 2020 US Election Results

YouTube will begin removing any content they deem to be ‘misleading’ by alleging widespread voter fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 US election, according to Bloomberg.

The Google subsidiary says it will remove videos claiming President Trump won due to counting errors or software glitches (regardless of whether they’re evidence of said instances, we assume).

“Yesterday was the safe harbor deadline for the U.S. Presidential election and enough states have certified their election results to determine a President- elect,” said YouTube in a statement.

The company says it’s terminated over 8,000 channels and ‘thousands of misleading elections-related videos’ for violating preexisting policies. Over 77% of those were automatically removed before they had 100 views.

As Bloomberg notes, YouTube suspended news network OAN and completely demonetized their channel on November 24 over an ‘unlisted’ video on their channel which was not not able to be viewed publicly. They were prevented from posting new content for one week as well.

The same day, Democratic Senators asked YouTube to remove ‘election misinformation.’

Source: ZeroHedge

US Slaps New Visa Restrictions on Chinese Communist Party Members

The Trump administration has placed restrictions on the ability of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members and their families to travel to the United States.

The State Department has revised its policy to reduce the maximum duration of stay for CCP members and their immediate families who hold B1/B2 visitor visas—from 10 years to one month, a department official said in a Dec. 3 statement.

Currently, there are around 92 million Party members in China.

The official said the measure was made in line with the administration’s aim to “protect our nation from the CCP’s malign influence.”

“The CCP and its members actively work in the U.S. to influence Americans through propaganda, economic coercion, and other nefarious activities,” the official said, adding that the regime also sends agents to “unabashedly monitor, threaten, and report on Chinese nationals and Chinese-American groups” engaging in activities protected under the First Amendment.

The rule change, first reported by The New York Times, marks the latest in a series of measures by the Trump administration to push back against the CCP’s threats. It earlier canceled visas for Chinese graduate students with ties to the Chinese military, resulting in more than 1,000 visas being revoked. The State Department has also designated a spate of organizations linked to Beijing as foreign diplomatic missions, a distinction that restricts their operations in the United States. They have included Chinese state-run media outlets, the Confucius Institute U.S. Center, and a CCP front group.

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Facebook ‘fact-checker’ Politifact gets fact BODY checked by Candace Owens, forced to CHANGE false rating

Let’s call this “step one.” Let’s also call it “about dang time.” Every one of us knows about, or has personally been subject to, the endless partisan biased manipulation and censorship of all conservative thought and opinion by tech and media. And it’s not just thought and opinion but actual facts that can get you silenced and deplatformed.

It’s past time to fight back, and that’s exactly what Candace Owens did.

Owens has vowed to take on the Fact-checkers, and has attorneys working on her behalf doing just that. And they have notched their first victory.

“Weeks ago, @Facebook censored a post of mine which truthfully stated that @JoeBiden is NOT the President-elect,” said Candace Owens this weekend. “So I got lawyers involved. Conclusion? @PolitiFact uncensored the post & admitted that they LIED by rating my post false. The fact-checkers are lying for Democrats.”

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Hungarian Government Slams George Clooney as Soros’ ‘Political’ Mouthpiece Over Criticism of Orban

The actor’s left-field suggestion that people like the Hungarian PM might bring about the end of days didn’t go unnoticed by the nation’s government, who likened it to something from George Soros. The latter has been Budapest’s prime enemy in recent years over alleged attempts by his foundation to meddle in the country’s domestic affairs.

Hungarian government officials and members of the ruling party Fidesz have criticised famous actor George Clooney over his controversial statements about Prime Minister Viktor Orban. One of them, spokesman for the Government Information Centre, Farkas Örs, alleged that the actor might be promoting the agenda of Hungarian-born billionaire investor George Soros.

“Soros uses every opportunity to attack the Hungarian government. It is rather frustrating that there are actors, even non-political actors, who carry out such political intent for Soros”, Örs stated.

The allegation emerged after a Hungarian online news outlet unearthed a photo of Clooney with one of the investor’s sons. The actor responded by praising George Soros’ philanthropic efforts, while scolding the Hungarian government as an “authoritarian” regime running a “propaganda machine”.

Clooney first made derogatory remarks about Orban during an interview with GQ, in which he discussed his role in the upcoming sci-fi movie “The Midnight Sky” about a planet devastated by a mysterious disaster. In the interview, he alleged that people like Orban and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro spread “lots of anger and hate” and added that they might eventually lead our world to the post-apocalyptic state shown in the upcoming motion picture.

Several politicians from Fidesz lambasted Clooney as an “imbecile” who would have a hard time finding Hungary on a map, let alone knowing something about its domestic affairs. Clooney, in fact, visited the country back in the early 2000s, praising it at the time as a “shining example” of democratic transition referring to the state’s transformation after exiting the so-called Eastern Bloc and the dissolution of the USSR.

Hungarian MP Tamas Deutsch, slammed the actor as an “impostor”, who talks “bullsh*t about [our] homeland”. The country’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, in turn, commented on Clooney’s statements, noting that despite being “a good actor” he can hardly be treated as a good “global political oracle”.

Soros, to whom some of the Hungarian government’s officials linked Clooney, has long been a target of Budapest’s criticism. The Hungarian government under Orban has accused the billionaire many time of trying to meddle in the nation’s domestic affairs via its “network”, banning the Soros Foundation in Hungary. Soros’ focus on immigration issues and his support for keeping Europe’s borders open for migrants, including from the Middle East, is one of the prime concerns for Budapest, which strongly opposes a similar agenda expressed by Brussels.