Chinese Separatist Movement Proclaims Formation of a New Federal State of China to Overthrow Dictatorship of the CCP

On June 4th, 2020, Hao Haidong (郝海东)Miles Kwok (Guo Wengui / 郭文贵) and Steve Bannon, proclaimed the “Declaration of New Federal State of China“, as part of the the “Whistleblower Movement” (Expose Revolution / 爆料革命)’s next step in the overthrowing of the Chinese Communist Party. (Declaration download:

In addition, they announced the formation of a non-governmental organisation (NGO) called “Himalaya Supervisory Organization“, that is supposedly meant to “serve as a bridge of communications between the New Federal State of China and international communities in areas of cooperation, defending people’s freedom, and protecting the security of assets on the basis of common development and mutual respect among the people of the whole world.”.

According to the “Declaration” PDF that we have acquired from Gnews’ website (, the sponsors and formulators of the Declaration, includes:
“Global fellow supporters of Whistleblower’s Movement,
The Himalaya Supervisory Organization Chairman of Rule of Law Foundation — Mr. Kyle Bass,
Chairman of Rule of Law Society — Mr. Stephen K. Bannon,
Leader of Whistleblower’ s Movement & Founder of Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society Mr. Miles Guo (Guo, Wengui).”

Miles Guo is a Chinese billionaire that famously fled China in 2014 after he discovered that he is about to be arrested over multiple charges (it is unknown if the alleged charges are legitimate). He was formerly the 73rd richest man in China and had been on the crosshair of the Chinese Government for the past few years as he made public multiple “national-level” documents, which detailed espionage plans against the United States of America – a charge that is denied by the Chinese government as forgeries. (

Hao Haidong is a former Chinese football star (, that played for over 100 appearances for the Chinese National Team as well as a record holder for the highest number of goals scored in the Chinese Super League. He is widely considered as the best striker from China in the past 2 decade. As such, Hao Haidong is an extremely high profile individual, and its highly significant to note in the credibility of this movement and declaration. We can also be sure that, he can no longer return to China without getting arrested. This rebellion is joined by his wife, Ye Zhaoying (叶钊颖), whom is also super high profile, as she is the former world champion and number 1 seeded player in Batminton (

Steve Bannon requires little introduction. He was the former White House Chief Strategist of the Trump administration and had been widely credited for turning around Trump’s presidential campaign when it was running out of steam. Steve Bannon had since been busy supporting populist-nationalist movements across Europe. The former Breitbart executive chairman had been in very close association with Miles Kwok over the past 2 years, appearing on many of the chinese language stream of Miles Kwok, that were focusing on the 2019 Hong Kong protests and riots.

And Kyle Bass is a prominent fund founder and principal of Hayman Capital Management. He gain his fame for predicting and profiting of the subprime crisis. His fund studied China very closely and had concluded that the China’s economy is badly over-leveraged, financial reporting are dubious and that they are struggling to keep itself afloat. His fund follow through with the bet of a Chinese banking collapse which did not happen (or perhaps the Chinese government had did a very good job of mitigating it), which he eventually pull out of the position in early 2019 after the Yuan strengthened. (

From my personal understanding, the 3 (Kyle Bass, Miles Kwok and Steve Bannon) had became very close friends in their common denouncement of the CCP, and had appeared on each other’s shows/interviews discussing the developments in China.

The reason 4th of June was chosen for this declaration is because this is also the date for the Tiananmen Square incident of 1989, where the CCP announced martial law and cracked down on the massive protests that had been going on for more than a month. It was reported that troops opened fire at the protesters with live ammunition, killing hundreds of protesters and bystanders, with thousands more injured. This incident is totally censored in China and for the first time this year, Hong Kong is banned from commemorating this event.

Tentatively, it is impossible to understand how serious should we take this declaration/proclamation as well as this “rebel grouping”. Because tentatively, it is not very different from any proclamation of independence from any separatists groupings, from Philippines to Myanmar or Europe, or anywhere around the world. All of them have a flag, a declaration and supporters that are willing to fight for their vision.

But what marks this different from all the secessionist or independence movements around the world, is the high profile of the people involved in this particular one. All 4 of them (the 3 best friends + Hao Haidong) are of extremely high profile, all of them appears in public media.

Another significant thing to take them somewhat seriously, is the amount of financial backing this grouping could possibly have. While I have to say, it might not be “a lot” to hired 4 planes and a helicopter to fly the flag and announcement, and also buy air time at Times Square to announce their “formation” as they were doing the live streams making the proclamation and make this “noise”, from an announcement in Chinese yesterday (3rd June 2020) by Miles Kwok, he apparently say that he have a massive massive investment in his various media platforms under his Guo Media corporation ( )

Tentatively, from my understanding of their strategy, is to:
– build up a massive media platform to compete against the CCP on the information war
– encourage whistleblowing within China and transmit information out of China
– encourage people to bring as much information from Federal State of China into China itself (inspite of the Great China Firewall)
– establish a readiness to take over the CCP when “the CCP in inevitable decline and collapse”
– everyone needs to keep their head lows and be low profile for their personal security

Currently, its very hard to get more information quickly, as there is near zero information in English. Everything is reported and reshared in Mandarin/Chinese, and even as I can understand Mandarin/Chinese, context and use of words used is pretty foreign to me. However, now that this had commanded my attention, we will try to report in the future if there is any other significant developments accordingly.

As of writing of this article, Hao Haidong’s and his wife, Ye Zhaoying’s Weibo accounts (Chinese Twitter) have been suspended. Anything discussing and about Hao Haidong in Hupu’s (a sports forum) database is totally deleted/censored. This is not a joke, at least for not for him and his wife.

Lebanese Protest in the Streets: Thousands Demand ‘Fall of the Regime’ in Beirut

(Breitbart) In the largest protests Lebanon has experienced since the 2005 Cedar Revolution, hundreds of thousands of citizens flooded central Beirut as well as locations throughout the country demanding immediate government economic reform.

The massive protest movement seems to cross sectarian divides, targeting parties across the political spectrum. Instead of party banners, protesters reportedly largely donned the country’s national flag instead.

In a rare act of open defiance, protesters even rallied against the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, which is known to violently clamp down on dissent and has a stranglehold on the current Cabinet.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Sunday (4th day of protests) agreed to a package of economic reforms after first giving his government partners a 72-hour deadline on Friday to come to terms with a reform package while hinting that he could resign if a deadlock on the issue continued. Hariri has accused rivals of blocking budgetary measures that could pave the way for much needed international financial aid.

(Aljazeera) Protesters in Lebanon blocked roads with burning tires and marched in Beirut both on Thursday and Friday in demonstrations targeting the government over the country’s economic crisis. In Lebanon’s biggest protest in years, thousands gathered outside the government headquarters in central Beirut on Thursday evening, forcing the cabinet to backtrack on plans to raise a new tax on WhatsApp voice calls.

Tear gas was fired as some demonstrators and police clashed in the early hours of Friday morning. The unrest led Prime Minister Saad Hariri to cancel a cabinet meeting scheduled for Friday to discuss the 2020 draft budget. Lebanese media has said he would instead make a speech on the protests.

Fires lit on the street in central Beirut were smouldering on Friday morning. Pavements were scattered with the glass of several smashed shop-fronts and billboards had been torn down. Two foreign workers choked to death after a fire spread to a building near the protests in Beirut, the National News Agency (NNA) said.

Protesters blocked roads in the north, the south and the Bekaa Valley, among other areas on Friday, the NNA reported. Schools were closed on the instructions of the government.

“We are one people united against the state. We want it to fall,” said a protester in the town of Jeita, some 20km (12.4 miles) from Beirut. “Revolution, revolution!” they chanted.

In Beirut, several thousands of people marched near the government’s Serail headquarters chanting “the people want the downfall of the regime”.

This was the second wave of nationwide protests this month.

In a country fractured along sectarian lines, the unusually wide geographic reach of these protests has been seen as a sign of deepening anger with politicians who have jointly led Lebanon into crisis.

The government, which includes nearly all of Lebanon’s main parties, is struggling to implement long-delayed reforms that are seen as more vital than ever to begin resolving the crisis.

The Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar described it as “a tax intifada”, or uprising, across Lebanon. Another daily, al-Akhbar, declared it “the WhatsApp revolution” that had shaken Prime Minister Hariri’s unity government.

Seeking ways to boost revenues, a government minister on Thursday announced plans to raise a new fee of 20 cents a day for calls via voice over internet protocol (VoIP), used by applications including Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

“It was the last straw,” 41-year-old Rami told Al Jazeera, as men threw wood ripped from a nearby construction site onto a bonfire in the middle of the capital’s main thoroughfare.

“The people were already at the edge barely holding on. The WhatsApp issue broke whatever they were still holding on to. Thank God, the people have awoken,” Rami said.

As the protests spread, Minister of Telecommunications Mohamed Choucair phoned into Lebanese broadcasters on Thursday evening to say the proposed levy had been revoked.

Shattered by war between 1975 and 1990, Lebanon has one of the world’s highest debt burdens as a share of its economy.

Economic growth has been hit by regional conflict and instability. Unemployment among those aged under 35 runs at 37 percent.

The kind of steps needed to fix the national finances have long proven elusive. Sectarian politicians, many of them civil war veterans, have long used state resources for their own political benefit and are reluctant to cede prerogatives.

The crisis has been compounded by a slowdown in capital flows to Lebanon, which has long depended on remittances from its diaspora to meet financing needs, including the state’s deficit.

The financial crunch has added to the impetus for reform but the government’s steps have yet to convince foreign donors who have offered billions in financial assistance conditional on changes.

The strains have emerged recently in the real economy where importers have been unable to secure dollars at the pegged exchange rate.

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