Less than 20% of Venezualan’s Turn Out to Vote in Venezuela’s Rigged Elections

Venezuela’s illegitimate socialist regime attempted to celebrate the results of its rigged legislative elections Sunday as a “people’s victory” despite record-low turnout that the polling firm Meganálisis estimated to be less than 20 percent of eligible voters.

Rubén Chirino Leañez, the CEO of Meganálisis, told Breitbart News in an interview Sunday that the turnout was especially embarrassing for Nicolás Maduro’s regime because the socialists used extortion and threats, including the threat of losing access to food, to get people to the polls.

“The government was going to deploy its entire apparatus, everything: the infrastructure, the pressure, the military,” Chirino explained. “They pressured people with [threats of] losing [government-distributed] packages of food, losing social assistance, losing their jobs. And of course, that entire infrastructure creates pressure.”

Maduro regime officials were not opaque in their threats. Diosdado Cabello, a senior Maduro henchman, suspected drug lord, and television show host, stated plainly during a campaign rally: “those who don’t vote, don’t eat.”

There’s no food for those who don’t vote. I don’t know. Those who don’t vote, don’t eat; they get put in quarantine with no eating,” Cabello said last week, evoking harrowing testimonies from survivors of Maduro’s rudimentary Chinese coronavirus quarantine who have said they did not receive food while imprisoned in abandoned motels.

Chirino added that, in addition to threats, the Maduro regime used other tactics like going door-to-door and pressuring people to leave and vote and, towards the evening, “they extended the voting time because they said there were too many people on line waiting to vote, which was false.”

Venezuela is entering a third decade of socialism, marked by extreme shortages in food, medicine, fuel, and basic goods. Dictator Nicolás Maduro placed the national food supply under the control of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) of Venezuela, which is loyal to Maduro and implicated in several major drug trafficking investigations, in 2016. This allows Maduro’s regime to control access to food in the country and thus deny it to people who do not openly support the regime. Less than a year later, reports began surfacing of large quantities of food rotting under military custody as soldiers demanded bribes for food, but civilians did not have enough money to pay for them. At the same time, reports showed a growing number of Venezuelans digging through garbage for food, killing zoo animals to eat, and brawling over small items like a bag of onions.

Meganálisis estimated that only 19.13 percent of eligible voters in Venezuela participated in Sunday’s election, meaning over 80 percent of the country boycotted the race. This means that about 16.7 million people chose not to vote, compared to the 4 million who did. The Maduro regime claimed a 31-percent participation rate.

Chirino told Breitbart News that, taking into account voters who showed up to vote because of threats, the true turnout – meaning people who voted because they wanted to vote – was closer to 12 percent.

“When we get to a 19-percent participation rate, we’re talking about a 19 percent of which I am convinced that there is a six or seven percent that is doing it under pressure, is being extorted, that is doing it under coercive measures imposed by the state, which threatens people to participate.”

“If we are talking about people voting voluntarily, I think we are talking about a 12 or 13 percent,” Chirino concluded.

Maduro, who has not been the constitutional president of Venezuela since January 2019, organized the first National Assembly elections since 2015 on December 6. The last elections resulted in a resounding loss for Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and victories for center-left opposition parties, which campaigned together under the umbrella name “Democratic Unity Roundtable.”

This time, Maduro made sure to appoint key allies to the National Electoral Council (CNE), which counts the votes, and forcibly replace the leadership of major opposition parties with socialist cronies, resulting in all options on the ballot for voters being controlled directly by Maduro. The Organization of American States (OAS) urged the world to reject the results of December’s election a month ago, stating a free and fair vote there was impossible.

As the results of the election were a foregone conclusion – the PSUV swept the race, according to socialist propaganda outlet VTV – the true measure of the public support for Maduro and his party is how many people bothered to participate in the farce.

“We have had a tremendous and great people’s victory,” Maduro said on Sunday. “A cyclical change is coming, a positive, virtuous, change, a change of work and recovery. We are moving towards the recovery of the nation, of the economy, and overcoming the blockade,” he said, referring to U.S. sanctions on his top henchmen.

“An 80-percent abstention rate is a crushing number for the system,” Chirino told Breitbart News.

“Generally, the weakness of the socialist system in Venezuela, of the model as it is structured, is significant,” he explained. “People do not believe in electoral paths in this system because they know that, later, some contraption is going to appear and the participants are going to lend themselves to legitimizing the contraptions as part of a negotiation so … this high abstention rate consolidates that this system is wasted away.”

“The socialist system in Venezuela needs an urgent structural change. The institutions have absolutely no credibility whatsoever, they are on the floor,” Chirino added.

“Venezuelans are tired of this. Venezuelans seek a total rupture from this model. Venezuelans aspire to a country where a different model of government exists, where family is respected, where property is respected. where honest labor is respected,” Chirino said. “They expect the application of order, the application of the law, [and] that corrupt people be punished, whether they are of the government or of the opposition.”

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Source: Breitbart

Edison Cuts Off Power to Thousands of Homes in Southern California on Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving eve, Edison International threatened to cut off power to homes in Southern California as a preventative measure against dry conditions and high winds. Edison said they would cut off power to Southern California homes and businesses on Thanksgiving to ‘prevent fires.’

The utility company followed through and cut off power to more than 8,000 homes in LA, Orange, Kern, Ventura and San Bernardino counties on Thanksgiving evening.

100,000 more homes are at risk for shutoffs depending on weather conditions as meteorologists warn of strong Santa Ana winds.

Yahoo News reported:

More than 8,000 Southern California Edison customers were without power on Thanksgiving evening, with 100,000 more at risk of having the lights turned out as high winds led to elevated wildfire risk, officials said.

Homes in Los Angeles, Orange, Kern and San Bernardino counties were affected by outages as part of the utility company’s public safety power shutoff program, which is intended to reduce the risk that electrical systems become an ignition point for wildfires.

As of 9:30 p.m., 3,015 customers were without power in Ventura County, while 2,679 customers lost service in Orange County, according to an outage map managed by the utility company. Roughly 1,200 residences in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties were also affected by the shutdowns by late Thursday night, the company said.

The Socialist utopia of California: Where homelessness, used needles in the streets and deliberate power outages that resembles something out of India in the 1970’s or current day Venezuela and North Korea are the new norm.

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/edison-cuts-off-power-8000-homes-southern-california-thanksgiving-100000-risk-shutoffs/

Letter From Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn: ‘if the United States wants to survive the onslaught of socialism, if we are to continue to enjoy self-government…’

Former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, who has been fighting the courts to have his case thrown out, said “I am not done’ in an email to a journalist that was posted Friday on Twitter that “I am not done.”

Flynn’s inference is important, as evidence discovered this year by the Justice Department has revealed that the three star general was allegedly set up by bureau agents investigating President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and their debunked theory that the campaign conspired with Russia.

The Justice Department asked the court last month to drop the charges against Flynn and people from all across the country are fighting on his behalf.

Flynn hasn’t spoken publicly in years. In fact, the first time people heard from the three star general was when he withdrew his guilty plea months ago. through his lawyer, Sidney Powell.

“This letter means that Lt. Gen. Flynn has not given up on the country and neither should you,” a very close friend of Flynn’s told me on Friday. The friend said it was in response to the growing unrest in the country and a warning that Americans need to be involved in the political process.

He wrote the email to Scott Kesterson, a documentary filmmaker and journalist that spent 3 and half years in Afghanistan.

Flynn warned ‘if the United States wants to survive the onslaught of socialism, if we are to continue to enjoy self-government, to secure the God-given individual blessings of liberty for ourselves, for our families, then good Americans must accept that each has a moral obligation to participate in the political life of our country.”

The Police Killing of George Floyd Sparks Massive Protests, Rioting, Looting, and Burning of Businesses by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, etc.

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill. Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down in the street, begging for his life and repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe”. A second and third officer further restrained Floyd while a fourth prevented bystanders from intervening. During the final three minutes Floyd was motionless and had no pulse while Chauvin ignored onlookers’ pleas to remove his knee, which he did not do until medics told him to.

All four officers were fired the following day, after videos made by witnesses and security cameras became public. Two autopsies found Floyd’s death to be a homicide. Chauvin was initially charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, to which was later added second-degree murder; the three other officers were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder. (Wikipedia)

2020 Leftwing riots immediately followed, which were an effort by the DNC and mainstream media to spark a race war in the United States in advance of the 2020 presidential election. After the killing of a  the black man while being taken into Minneapolis police custody, white liberal racists and social justice warriors nationwide began rioting, knowing that African Americans would be blamed for the violence. The violence was discovered to have been pre-planned and well financed. Democrat leaders and mainstream media refused to condemn the loss of innocent lives and property. The Antifa terrorist organization and other violent socialist groups hijacked peaceful protests and were responsible for the looting, burning. and lawlessness. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is a key support group.

After the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman using a supposed “non-lethal” choke hold approved by the city’s Democratic administration, the communist-dominated New York Times called for a movement to defund the police nationwide. Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign spokesman immediately echoed the sentiment.

It is certain the riots were non-spontaneous; the delivery of unbound pallets of bricks placed at strategic points in front of government buildings and affluent shopping districts in metropolitan areas throughout the country on the morning the riots broke out demonstrates a high degree of logistical coordination and financing. The evidence suggest a classic communist revolution, which much of the world has suffered at one time or another over the past 100 years, but the American people has been isolated from and remains somewhat naive in dealing with such threats to preserving their freedom.

150 federal buildings were defaced and 750 police officers injured nationwide in the liberal Democrat/Socialist violence.

Read more at Conservapedia…

Portland Passes “Green New Deal” Carbon Tax, First Of Its Kind in the Nation

Referring to it with happy little buzzwords such as “climate justice,” the city of Portland will soon be implementing the first (and hopefully only) “green new deal” carbon tax in the nation, which city “leaders” estimate will suck $60 million out of the economy. The money will allegedly be going toward “creating” “green energy” jobs. They say the tax will only affect The Evil Corporations™ specifically referring to Walmart.

The “Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Initiative”  was passed via ballot initiative in the 2018 election, when 173,000 people voted for it. It was originally projected to raise $30 Million. Now the city gets to see what they voted for.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reported in 2018:

Proponents, mostly local community organizations, said the benefits far outweigh any potential drawback, especially for communities of color — which they argue are disproportionately affected by climate change. The measure’s steering committee includes Verde, the Coalition of Communities of Color, the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon and the Portland branch of the NAACP, among others.

Willamette Week reports today:

In just a few months, the city of Portland will begin investing the proceeds from a groundbreaking new tax on large companies.

“It’s a model for the rest of the nation,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said recently. “A beacon and a testament to our community’s belief in doing things a different way.”

The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, or PCEF, will raise as much as $60 million a year from a new tax on big retailers. The money is supposed to supply clean, efficient energy and jobs to people the city has long slighted.

At its core, the concept transfers wealth from big corporations such as Walmart to low-income Portlanders of color. It’s a local version of the Green New Deal proposed in 2019 by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). It’s also part of a larger political effort to reshape who calls the shots—and who benefits—in America’s whitest big city.

Never has City Hall had so much money to spend with so few strings attached. The guidelines for spending the tax are squishy, as are the yardsticks for measuring the effectiveness of those expenditures.

“One of the biggest tasks facing this effort is, what are the key metrics of success?” says David Heslam of Portland’s Earth Advantage Institute, a supporter of the new tax. “They haven’t communicated that yet.”

That uncertainty concerns observers such as Maurice Rahming, an owner of O’Neill Electric, one of the city’s largest African American-owned contracting firms.

“What are the accountability means they are going to use to track outcomes?” Rahming asks. “At the end of the day, it’s about accountability and delivering on services.”

Oh, but it gets better. Remember the proposal to force building owners to provide space for the homeless vagrants? The woman behind that, Oriana Magnera, is the same one who peddled this unicorn fart climate utopia tax!

Last month, the City Council made some last-minute adjustments to the new tax, exempting some companies, including national waste haulers and construction firms, leaving large retailers such as Walmart, Target and Home Depot to pony up.

On Dec. 12, while considering those tweaks, the council got a warning from Oriana Magnera, a spokeswoman for the coalition that put the measure on the 2018 ballot.

“These exemptions take money out of the hands of black, indigenous and other communities of color and put it instead in the pockets of corporations,” testified Magnera, who works for Verde, a social justice nonprofit active in passing the ballot measure and making preparations for deploying the money. “We will fight fiercely if any future erosion occurs.”

Magnera and her fellow advocates face both an unparalleled opportunity and a daunting responsibility: to spend the new money transparently and well.

Oh, and to make this even more comically tragic, Portland had tried a watered-down version of this several years ago, relying on Obama stimulus money. And, shockingly, it failed in spectacular fashion!

For all the talk about how new and innovative the Portland Clean Energy Fund is, the fact remains that the city tried something similar before—and not that long ago.

The promise of energy efficiency is seductive: Insulate walls, caulk some leaks and tune up the heating system, and the savings on utility bills will exceed the costs of the work.

If anybody could have made an energy efficiency nonprofit thrive in Portland, Tim Miller seemed to be that guy.

He had the pedigree: a degree in economics and industrial engineering and an MBA from Stanford; five years at Intel; and a couple of decades doing green energy consulting before he signed on in 2012 at a Portland outfit called Clean Energy Works.

Clean Energy Works snagged a $20 million federal stimulus grant in 2010 and became an independent nonprofit whose mission was to deploy minority contractors to make 100,000 homes energy efficient.

“Our model was to retrofit,” Miller says. “The idea was to create jobs now—and let’s have them be good jobs.”

The program aimed to benefit underserved communities—just as the new tax does. “From the beginning, equity advancement was a hallmark of the program—promoting worker diversity and career pathways into the energy sector, as well as development of contractors including minority- and women-owned firms,” Clean Energy Works said in a grant application.

The similarities to the Portland Clean Energy Fund extended to granular details such as pay: Both programs specified workers should get no less than 1.8 times minimum wage.

Clean Energy Works conducted energy audits—and then, for a fee, referred homeowners to contractors for retrofits. “The feedback from the homeowners was almost universally positive,” Miller says. “People said, ‘We’re more comfortable in homes and we save money on our bills.’”

But Clean Energy Works’ services were expensive.

The Energy Trust of Oregon, a nonprofit funded by utility ratepayers, found the program’s costs “significantly” higher than those of other contractors doing similar work without public funding.

Miller acknowledges Clean Energy Works was more expensive, but he says the nonprofit’s holistic approach provided significant intangible benefits.

By 2014, Clean Energy Works had spent the $20 million in federal stimulus money it received four years earlier. It then secured an additional $10 million state grant to keep going.

But it could never generate significant revenues from its contractor referral service—and when the state grant ran out in 2016, tax records show, Clean Energy Works began recording large operating losses.

“An energy efficiency-based program could not support itself,” Miller says.

Although Clean Energy Works hoped to weatherize 100,000 homes, it only completed about 5,000.

Yet Miller judges the effort a success. “You got thousands of homes retrofitted, hundreds of jobs created, dozens of contractors, a ton of awareness,” Miller says. “It was money well spent.”

The article goes on to include:

[Proponents say] PCEF can thrive where the nonprofits they ran could not because the program won’t be measured by the strict financial metrics that utility-funded projects are measured by. Instead, PCEF projects can focus more on less easily measured health and climate benefits.

That’s right, they will consider it successful if we just ignore all economic reality. Speaking of economic reality, an even earlier version of this was attempted, and it also failed, to the surprise of no one. Even more predictable, dude took the money and ran.

In 1979, a new nonprofit called Portland Energy Conservation Inc. spun off from the city of Portland’s energy office. The nonprofit performed energy audits and weatherization retrofits, building up a national customer base.

By 2010, PECI employed 300 and even put its name in neon on the exterior of a downtown Portland high-rise, a bold move for an Oregon nonprofit. But PECI’s revenue declined precipitously from 2011 to 2014, and that year the nonprofit sold its business to CLEAResult, a for-profit Texas company.

PECI executive director Phil Welker chose to bank the $7 million in proceeds from that sale rather than stay in the energy efficiency business.

Welker has retired to Utah, replaced by Tim Miller, the former Clean Energy Works leader, whose task now is to give PECI’s money away.

You couldn’t script a wackier story. Dude gets millions of dollars in public money to start the greenie organization, it failed, so he sold off what was left and retired with $7 Million. No wonder these people promote such “plans,” they know they get paid no matter what. And Portland voluntarily voted for this.

So how exactly will the latest scam work? The article explains:

THE NEW TAX: Big retailers, with revenues of more than $500,000 in Portland and $1 billion nationally, pay a 1 percent surcharge on their Portland sales. The city estimates the tax will raise $44 million to $61 million annually. The city keeps 5 percent for administration.

WHO GIVES IT AWAY? City commissioners each selected one member to serve on the grant committee; those five members then picked four more. The committee chooses which grants to award, and their recommendations must be ratified by the Portland City Council. Committee members may not direct money to their own organizations. (See list of committee members below.)

WHO GETS THE MONEY? Nonprofits, working alone or with partners. One-fifth of the money must go to groups with a history of working with “economically disadvantaged” Portlanders. All workers must be paid no less than 1.8 times minimum wage.

MEMBERS OF THE GRANT COMMITTEE: Shanice Brittany Clarke, Portland Public Schools; Faith Graham, Network for Energy, Water, and Health in Affordable Buildings; Andrea Hamberg, Multnomah County; Michael David Edden Hill, journeyman electrician; Megan Horst, Portland State University; Jeffrey Moreland Jr., general contractor; Maria Gabrielle Sipin, transportation planner; Ranfis Villatoro, BlueGreen Alliance; Robin Wang, Ascent Funding

If something has a history of failing, leave it to Portland to keep doing it bigger!

And, oh yeah, as Mayor Ted Wheeler’s reelection campaign picks up, he and his wife are splitting.

Source: TheGatewayPundit