British General and Governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Gage, Directs Redcoats to Begin Warrantless Searches for Arms and Ammunition

Governor Thomas Gage, British general over Massachusetts, directed the Redcoats to begin  warrant-less searches for arms and ammunition. According to the Boston Gazette, of all General Gage’s offenses, “what most irritated the People” was “seizing their Arms and Ammunition”. (Source)  

4th Intolerable Act Passed: The Quartering Act of 1774

The purpose of the Quartering Act of 1774 of the Intolerable Acts was to extend the provisions of the previous 1765 Quartering Act giving the governor, rather than the assembly, the authority to enforce arrangements to ensure that the colonists supplied billeting for the troops. The 1765 Quartering Act had required colonial governments to absorb […]

Two More ‘Intolerable Acts’ Passed: The Massachusetts Government Act & Administration Justice Act

The Massachusetts Government Act was passed by the Parliament of Great Britain on May 20, 1774. The Massachusetts Government Act revoked the colony’s 1691 charter effectively ended the constitution of Massachusetts and  and restricted the number of town meetings that a community might hold and prohibited the election of town officials. The Massachusetts Government Act: Put […]

The First of the Intolerable Acts, the Boston Port Act, is Passed by Congress

The Boston Port Act was passed by the Parliament of Great Britain March 31, 1774. The Boston Port Act was designed to punish the inhabitants of Boston, Massachusetts for the incident that would become known as the Boston Tea Party. The Port Act was one of a series of British Laws referred to as the Intolerable […]