Washington State Democrats Propose Legislation to Ensure They Win All Future Elections and Prevent Any Public Disclosure of Fraud Embedded in the Process

The House in Washington State proposed a law to make elections less transparent so they can steal them into perpetuity.  They want to pass a bill exempting election security information from public records.

The Democrats in the state of Washington are afraid of being caught stealing future elections like they did the last one.  So they want to make information that comes out of an audit of security reviews and other similar information away from its citizens review.

The governor of Washington is a horrible governor with a terrible track record:

The governor’s actions are Orwellian:

So it came as a surprise in this year’s election that the current Democrat governor won the gubernatorial race.  The Republican in the race demanded information because the result appeared to be stolen like the Presidential race clearly was:

The Democrats don’t want this to ever happen again.  They never want to be under the microscope for their acts in an election.  So they are proposing Bill HB 1068.

While Republicans believe that if they are just nice to Democrats who ignore and support Antifa and BLM everything will be fine, Democrats are busy preventing any future elections from being lost.

You really have to include the ignorance and bitterness of Republicans like Liz Cheney for the upcoming destruction of America.

Americans voted for the most popular President in history.  He wins the election in record-setting numbers.  The Democrats push millions of fraudulent ballots into the election using devices that when audited show they can create ballots and can switch ballots between candidates.  The media, (In)Justice Department, Big Tech, Democrats and Republicans ignore the steal, claim everything is fine and certify fraudulent results.  Liz Cheney and other Republicans that are bitter and ignorant join Democrats in impeaching the President for claiming the election is fraudulent and now Democrats begin their work to ensure no future competitors will ever win.

Meanwhile, those millions of Americans who had their votes stolen become disenfranchised and never vote again.  The Democrats win and implement America-killing fascist controls to place all who disagree with their policies like stealing elections, into little boxes with no job, no money, and no peace.

Welcome to the new America.

Biden Wins Fraudulent Electoral College, Addresses Nation

As Bloomberg notes, “The 16 electors in Michigan voted for Biden, following the 63 votes cast for him earlier in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Biden will have enough electoral votes to be officially declared president-elect when members have cast 270 ballots, which is expected after California votes. Congress will officially count the votes on Jan. 6.”

The votes come as Trump and his allies continue to contest the results, which Trump attorneys and supporters have suggested are fair game until January 6th.

On Monday, Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer tweeted that Republican electors in the state also met at the state capitol to cast votes for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence because a Trump campaign lawsuit contesting the state’s results is still pending. Former U.S. Representative Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania said the Trump electors in the commonwealth also held “conditional” votes in case a court were to overturn the results.

The idea is to send a rival slate of electors for Congress to consider. But there’s only one certified slate of electors that Congress can recognize from a state, and their move is “not going to work as a matter of law,” said Edward Foley, a professor and director of an election-law program at Ohio State University who has studied disputed elections. –Bloomberg

Biden received 306 electoral votes from the 25 states and the District of Columbia, while Trump captured 232 electoral votes from the 25 states he won.

For all the riveting action, watch live below as NBC News takes us throughout the country’s electoral votes.

On Monday, members of the Electoral College will gather throughout the day in their respective states to cast their official ballots for president. Most states will offer livestreams to watch the proceedings, which will take place at locations chosen by state legislatures – typically the state’s capitol. Exceptions include Delaware – whose electors will meet in a gym, and Nevada – which will be the only state to hold its meeting virtually this year, according to the New York Times.

Electors will use paper ballots to cast their votes for president and vice president.

And while 33 states require their electors to choose whoever won the state’s popular vote, 17 other states don’t “bind” their electors – who can vote for whomever they choose. If they cast a vote for another candidate than the one which won the state, they are considered ‘faithless electors.’ In 2016, two faithless electors didn’t vote for Trump, while five faithless electors didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. The seven electors were from Hawaii, Texas and Washington State.

Electors typically have a close relationship with the candidates or politicians in their states. For example, in 2016 Democratic activist Ed Buck – a deep-pocketed political donor since charged with three counts of battery after multiple drugged black men were found dead in his apartment – was selected for the electoral college, likely by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), his district’s congressman who accepted political donations from the accused bundler.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter was also a California elector in 2016.

What happens after the electors meet?

The votes are officially counted in Congress during a joint session held in the House chamber on Jan. 6, with Vice President Mike Pence presiding over the affair. Pence will open the certificates, organized in alphabetical order by state, and present them to four “tellers” – two from the Senate and two from the House, who count the votes. Once Joe Biden receives at least 270 votes, as is expected to be the case, Pence will announce the result. The session cannot end until the count is complete and publicly declared, at which point the election is officially decided.

Can members of Congress block the process?

Once the result is read on January 6, members of Congress will have one opportunity to lodge complaints, which must be made in writing and signed by at least one Senator and one member of the House. The objection would then be debated by each chamber separately, with each member of Congress allowed five minutes to speak. The debate has a hard stop after two hours, after which each body will vote on whether to reject the state’s results, according to the Times.

The Times also notes that some Trump allies are “already planning objections,” which should “make for good political theater” but would be unlikely to change the outcome of the election.

Does this end Trump and his allies’ fight to challenge the election?

According to Trump Campaign attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, “The only fixed day in the U.S. Constitution is the inauguration of the President on January 20 at noon,” suggesting that they will exhaust every legal option to overturn the results based on accusations of widespread fraud across several key states.

That said, Ellis had previously called Jan. 6, vote counting day, a date of “ultimate significance.”

That said, last month Trump told reporters that if Biden is elected by the Electoral College, Trump would leave office.

“Certainly I will, and you know that,” he said, adding “I will and, you know that,” though he also said “It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud.”

Source: ZeroHedge

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Report: Almost 2 million CCP Members Hold Positions at British Consulates, Major UK, US Firms: Leaked Database

A recently leaked database has revealed that 1.95 million registered members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been employed at universities, major corporations, and British consulates around the world.

Some members have been employees of U.S. aerospace manufacturer Boeing and pharmaceutical maker Pfizer.

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), a global coalition of lawmakers, obtained the database from an unidentified Chinese dissident, then shared the material with four media organizations, according to a Dec. 12 report by British newspaper The Mail on Dec. 13, which obtained the list and reviewed it.

IPAC, in a statement on Nov. 13, said one of its representatives received the database from a “non-government source” and the coalition had experts verify the list.

“IPAC will push for governments and companies to respond, setting out how they intend to safeguard their values in the face of infiltration,” IPAC stated.

According to the outlet, the database contained names, dates of birth, and ethnicity, while some also had addresses and telephone numbers. The database was first leaked on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, after it was allegedly extracted in 2016 by people believed to be Chinese dissidents, from a Shanghai server.

Most of the CCP members in the database are from Shanghai.

The Mail found that major aerospace companies Airbus, Rolls-Royce, and Boeing have employed hundreds of CCP members. Additionally, Pfizer and British drugmaker AstraZeneca employed a total of 123 Party members. British automaker Jaguar Land Rover also employed CCP members.

The database also showed that over 600 CCP members were employed across 19 branches of British banks HSBC and Standard Chartered.

Chinese academics with Party membership also worked at British universities, where they were involved in sensitive research including aerospace engineering and chemistry, The Mail found.

Continue Reading at The Epoch Times…

Most of the members in the database are from the country’s southeastern coastal metropolis of Shanghai.

New York-headquartered tech firm IBM has at least two dozen Party units with 808 members in China.

3M, a manufacturer of consumer and health care goods, including N95 respirators and other medical products critical to preventing COVID-19 spread, employs at least 230 CCP members within five Party units.

PepsiCo, the multinational snack and beverage company, has 45 employees listed under the company’s Party branch committee.

Dow Chemical Company, one of the world’s three largest chemical producers, lists 337 CCP members in four Party committees.

Other notable U.S. firms on the list include Westin Hotel & Resorts owned by Marriott International (23 members); analytics firm Nielsen Holdings (94); leading food company Mars Food (14); and insurance provider MetLife (31).

The U.S. companies and Party branches mentioned are by no means exhaustive. As of 2016, around 75,000 foreign businesses—accounting for over 70 percent of the roughly 106,000 foreign firms in China—have established Party units, according to state-run media People’s Daily.

The development of CCP units picked up pace from 2002, after Beijing’s top leadership “wrote the obligations of nonpublic firms’ Party organizations into the Party charter, providing evidence for the nonpublic firms’ Party organizations to host activities and play their roles,” according to Chinese media reports from 2002.

State media reported that the country currently has nearly 92 million CCP members. While the database represents only a small fraction of the total membership, it’s a key piece of the puzzle for uncovering the regime’s penetration of international companies, said Bill Gertz, national security correspondent for The Washington Times in an interview.

Early this month, the Trump administration imposed travel restrictions on CCP members and their immediate families, reducing the maximum duration of stay for those with B1/B2 visitor visas from 10 years to one month.

The Party Network

Creating more Party units within companies in China has been one of the top priorities for the CCP’s Organization Department, a core Party organ that oversees staffing of government officials nationwide, according to Qi Yu, a former deputy head of the department.

Qi, who currently serves as the Party committee secretary at the Chinese foreign ministry, said at an October 2017 news conference in Beijing that the regime requires corporate Party organizations to “organically integrate Party activities with the firm’s production in order to support companies’ healthy development,” according to People’s Daily.

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TX AG Uses “Article III” to Bypass Lower Courts and Go Directly to SCOTUS…Lawsuit Against PA, MI, WI Was Filed at 12am

Texas AG Ken Paxton filed a brilliant new lawsuit right before midnight. He’s taking a different approach than anyone else and his path leads straight to the SCOTUS. Paxton believes that he can use “Article III” to take his lawsuits against PA, WI, and MI straight to the SCOTUS, bypassing the lower courts (too many corrupt judges) totally.

The Texas lawsuit is President Trump’s strongest case against election fraud because evidence can be introduced to the Supreme Court as it has original jurisdiction in disputes between the states.

A legal analyst revealed that the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled in 1997 (Foster v Love) that all ballots received after midnight of Election Day are null and void.

But, according to constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, the lawsuit isn’t even that dependent on evidence of fraud because it centers on the constitutionality of states changing their election laws without input from their legislatures.

This is why the suit is so strong; Texas and the other states that have joined the suit have the best legal standing to challenge violations by other states of the Electors Clause provision.

“There’s nobody really better equipped to do that than the states, because the states are the original parties to the Constitutional contract,” Barnes said. “…The whole point of the Constitution is that we [the states] are going to agree when we pick the president that all of our state sovereigns are going to agree to abide by the same set of rules.”

“What happened here is that some states decided that they weren’t going to abide by those rules because they wanted to help Biden win.”

Up to 20 states may join the suit, Barnes added.

“This is about whether our constitutional compact will be enforced our not, because everybody agreed that the state legislatures would set the rules and that any election would be done with due process & equal protection, but a bunch of states decided they weren’t going to do that,” Barnes stated. “The best chance President Trump has is this Texas suit that’s been well-crafted and well-drafted.”

“The big question is whether the Supreme Court and ultimately Congress has the courage to uphold the Constitution in the midst of this incredible crisis.”

Source: Infowars

Texas’ pending case with SCOTUS hinges on whether the court will uphold the US Constitution, Attorney General Ken Paxton told Fox News’ Sean Hannity:

Paxton explained the state’s complaint centers on how Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan exploited the Covid-19 crisis to bypass and ignore federal and state election laws and enact unlawful last-minute changes, thereby disenfranchising voters in the Lone Star State.

“If other states don’t follow the Constitution and if their state legislature isn’t responsible for overseeing their elections … it affects my state,” Paxton told Hannity. “Our job is to make sure the Constitution is followed and that every vote counts. And in this case, I’m not sure every vote was counted. Not in the right way.”

Texas’ lawsuit focuses on two violations of the US Constitution, including a violation of the Electors Clause of Article II of the Constitution, and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

“It is the responsibility of state legislatures, per the Constitution to set the rules for the election of electors,” Paxton argued. “And in this case, those were overridden, in the four states we’re talking about … by other officials.”

In light of the constitutional violations, Paxton says SCOTUS should therefore permit legislatures in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan the ability to choose their electors.

“This was traditional in our country,” Paxton said. “It was not uncommon for a legislative body to elect their electors. We’re saying, ‘Hey, look. The results here, we can’t go back and let the genie back in the bottle. We don’t know how to match up signatures because they were separated. If we can’t do that, we want to go back to the legislature and let them make a decision since they were elected by the people of their state.’”

Hannity agreed.

“The country deserves it. You deserve it,” Hannity told the Texas AG. “We, the people, deserve it. I don’t know what the justices are going to do, but the American people deserve answers. We need to have confidence in both the integrity and the results of every state’s election, in the process, because we have millions of innocent Americans in states where the law, the Constitution were not followed. They are, then, disenfranchised in a corrupt process.”

This means the vote stuffing, early morning rigging and subsequent ballot “discovery” schemes by the Democrats are all unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

It also means that all the swing states which simultaneously paused their ballot counting on the evening of Nov. 3rd, deliberately allowing post-election ballot fraud to take place, shall have their own elections nullified, along with all their electoral votes.

Once presented with this information — which apparently just got activated with a surprise Texas lawsuit filed with SCOTUS before midnight last night — the U.S. Supreme Court must rule that those swing states must now use their state legislators to appoint electors rather than relying on the fraudulent, nullified, rigged elections that used Dominion Voting Systems.

As explained by Ren Jander from ThePostEmail.com, the U.S. Constitution describes an “Election Day” which is one particular calendar day, and federal elections are limited to one day precisely for the purpose of preventing the kind of fraud that often takes place when elections are paused and drawn out. Because the federal government appoints states to carry out elections to fill federal positions (such as President), the U.S. Constitution has jurisdiction over state elections when those elections involve federal officials and violate the U.S. Constitution. As explained by Jander:

The voters vote.  The officials count.  These combined actions form “the election,” and the election must be decided on the day.  States that failed to make a final selection of officeholder by midnight after Election Day have violated the statute, subjecting the nation at large to the very evils Congressionally mandated deadlines were drafted to prevent.

To remedy this situation, a person or State merely needs to ask the US Supreme Court to remedy the violation by nullifying the votes of states which attempted to commit election fraud by extending election “day” to election “weeks.” As Jander explains:

3 U.S.C. § 2 kicks the decision back to the State Legislatures after a failed election renders the previous results void.  Failed elections nullify all votes, not just some votes, not just late votes, not just illegal votes.  The election itself is void in late States

On Wednesday, President Trump vowed to intervene in Texas’ lawsuit, proclaiming, “This is the big one!”

Read Texas’ lawsuit below:

TX v State Motion 2020-12-0… by Breitbart News

20 states have joined Texas: AK, AL, AZ, AR, FL, IN, KS, LA, MO, MS, MT, NE, ND, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, UT and WV.

Other states who did not join but have a Republican AG include: ID, KY (Dem Gov), NH, ND, WY

Ohio Republican Attorney General Dave Yost, filed a brief “in support of neither party,” arguing against the relief sought by Texas, but would later in the day join Texas. Five other Republican attorneys general—from Idaho, Kentucky, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Wyoming—did not file briefs in support of Texas or motions to join the case. The governor of Alaska said his attorney general did not have enough time to review the lawsuit before the deadline to join the case expired.1

The District of Columbia filed a legal brief on behalf of 22 blue states and territories on Dec. 10 opposing the Texas lawsuit. The group represents all but one state with Democratic attorneys general not counting the four defendants: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

“The people have chosen. But Texas, supported by 17 other states, asks this Court to overturn that choice,” the brief (pdf), signed by District of Columbia Solicitor General Loren Alikhan, states. “Amici States urge this Court to reject Texas’s last-minute attempt to throw out the results of an election decided by the people and securely overseen and certified by its sister states.”

The Texas case would explode with everyone seemingly picking sides. 106 US House Republicans signed a brief backing Texas two days later. The Pennsylvania House would also join the lawsuit against their own state and three others. Then, blue states and a couple territories got involved and joined Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin.  They are fine with massive corruption as long as they gain power.1


Ralph Abraham (LA)

Rick W. Allen (GA)

James R. Baird (IN)

Jim Banks (IN)

Jack Bergman (MI)

Andy Biggs (AZ)

Gus Bilirakis (FL)

Dan Bishop (NC)

Mike Bost (IL)

Kevin Brady (TX)

Mo Brooks (AL)

Ken Buck (CO)

Ted Budd (NC)

Tim Burchett (TN)

Michael C. Burgess (TX)

Bradley Byrne (AL)

Ken Calvert (CA)

‘Buddy’ Carter (GA)

Ben Cline (VA)

Michael Cloud (TX)

Mike Conaway (TX)

Rick Crawford (AR)

Dan Crenshaw (TX)

Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)

Jeff Duncan (SC)

Neal P. Dunn (FL)

Tom Emmer (MN)

Ron Estes (KS)

A. Drew Ferguson (GA)

Chuck Fleischmann (TN)

Bill Flores (TX)

Jeff Fortenberry (NE)

Virginia Foxx (NC)

Russ Fulcher (ID)

Matt Gaetz (FL)

Greg Gianforte (MT)

Bob Gibbs (OH)

Louie Gohmert (TX

Lance Gooden (TX)

Sam Graves (MO)

Mark Green (TN)

Michael Guest (MS)

Andy Harris (MD)

Vicky Hartzler (MO)

Kevin Hern (OK)

Clay Higgins (LA)

Trey Hollingsworth (IN)

Richard Hudson (NC)

Bill Huizenga (MI)

Bill Johnson (OH)

Mike Johnson (LA)

Jim Jordan (OH)

John Joyce (PA)

Fred Keller (PA)

Mike Kelly (PA)

Trent Kelly (MS)

Steve King (IA)

David Kustoff (TN)

Darin LaHood (IL)

Doug LaMalfa (CA)

Doug Lamborn (CO)

Robert E. Latta (OH)

Debbie Lesko (AZ)

Blaine Leutkemeyer (MO)

Kenny Marchant (TX)

Roger Marshall (KS)

Tom McClintock (KA)

Cathy Rogers (WA)

Dan Meuser (PA)

Carol D. Miller (WV)

John Moolenaar (MI)

Alex X. Mooney (WV)

Markwayne Mullin (OK)

Gregory Murphy (NC)

Dan Newhouse (WA)

Ralph Norman (SC)

Gary Palmer (AL)

Scott Perry (PA)

Guy Reschenthaler (PA)

Tom Rice (SC)

John Rose (TN)

David Rouzer (NC)

John Rutherford (FL)

Steve Scalise (LA)*whip

Austin Scott (GA)

Mike Simpson (ID)

Adrian Smith (NE)

Jason Smith (MO)

Ross Spano (FL)

Elise Stefanik (NY)

Glenn Thompson (PA)

Tom Tiffany (WI)

William Timmons (SC)

Ann Wagner (MO)

Tim Walberg (MI)

Michael Waltz (FL)

Randy Weber (TX)

Daniel Webster (FL)

Brad Wenstrup (OH)

Bruce Westerman (AR)

Roger Williams (TX)

Joe Wilson (SC)

Rob Wittman (VA)

Ron Wright (TX)

Ted S. Yoho (FL)

Lee Zeldin (NY)

On the following day, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and 20 House Republicans joined the 106 GOP lawmakers in backing Texas’ Supreme Court lawsuit.

A group of Michigan state legislators have also signed on to the brief asking to intervene in the case. The proposed intervenors in the case are: Michigan state legislators Gary Eisen, John Reilly, Julie Alexander, Matt Maddock, Daire Rendon, Beth Griffin, Douglas Wozniak, Michele Hoitenga, Brad Paquette, Rodney Wakeman, Greg Markkanen, Jack O’Malley, Joe Bellino, Luke Meerman and Brianna Kahle; Pennsylvania state legislators Daryl D. Metcalfe, Mike Puskaric, Chris E. Dush and Thomas R. Sankey III; Wisconsin resident Ronald H. Heuer; Georgia resident John Wood; and Michigan residents Angelic Johnson, Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, and Kristina Karamo.2

SCOTUS would disappointingly dismiss the lawsuit on December 11th claiming it lacked standing.


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Joe Biden Says 250,000 Americans will Die From Covid in the Next Few Weeks, but “I Don’t Want to Scare Anybody”

78-year-old Joe Biden made the absurd claim that 250,000 Americans will die from Covid-19 in the next few weeks.

Biden told Americans they “cannot be traveling for the holidays” and warned against gathering for Christmas.

“I don’t want to scare anybody here but understand the facts: we’re likely to lose another 250,000 people — DEAD — between now and January,” said Biden.

Biden’s claim is ten times higher than what is currently projected but of course no one fact-checked or disputed him.

Senile Biden previously said 200 million Americans died from Covid so he should sit this one out.


Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/dont-want-scare-anybody-joe-biden-says-250000-americans-will-die-covid-next-weeks-video/