The Walt Disney World Resort Opens in Orlando… Aided by the CIA in a Land Grab Coup

When the Magic Kingdom opened its doors in 1971, it marked the beginning of an era for Disney, the theme park industry, and the state of Florida. The park would eventually eclipse its predecessor, both in size and popularity. The modest sized city of Orlando would quickly be transformed into an international city visited by […]

House Un-American Activities Committee Began Investigating Hollywood’s Communist Propaganda and Influence in Film and TV

For starters, it’s crucial to keep in mind that communism was responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in the last century, double the combined tolls of World War I and II. It’s also vital to know that most American communists (small “c”) did not actually join the Party. Only the hardcore went […]

Walt Disney becomes a FBI Informant

On this day, the legendary film producer, entrepreneur and voice actor added another title to his long list of skills: FBI informer. He started working for the FBI and continued doing so until his death in 1966. The whole affair remained a well kept secret for more than 50 years. Only in 1993 was it […]