Daniel Webster: The Dignity and Importance of History Speech: “The First Element in History is Truthfulness.”

The Dignity and Importance of History February 23, 1852 Source: Shewmaker, 130-137 The object of your association [the Historical Society of New York], gentlemen, like that of others of similar character, is highly important. Historical societies are auxiliary to historical compositions. They collect the materials from which the great narrative of events is, in due […]

George Washington Quote: “…There is but One Straight Course, and that is to Seek Truth and Pursue it Steadily.” 

President George Washington in a letter to Edmund Randolph, July 31, 1795: “I am not disposed to quit the ground I have taken, unless circumstances more imperious than have yet come to my knowledge should compel it; for there is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.”