Ted Kazinski, the Unabomber, Arrested. He had Entered a CIA Sponsored Mind-Control Program at Harvard University

Ted Kazinski, aka the Unabomber, arrested for a series of bombings dating back to 1978. It turns out that Kazinski was part of a CIA sponsored mind-control program dating back to his college days at Harvard (1958-62) as reported by the LA Times.

As a child, Kaczynski skipped both sixth and 11th grade, and began studying as an undergraduate at Harvard when he was only 16. He was the subject of much bullying when he was younger due to his lack of social skills, but many of his colleagues realized his mathematical intelligence unlike anything they’d ever seen. As an undergraduate, Kaczynski took part in a psychologically damaging experiment done by the CIA as part of the behavioral engineering project MKUltra. The study was run by Dr. Henry Murray, who had each of his 22 subjects write an essay detailing their dreams and aspirations. The students were then taken to a room where electrodes were attached to them to monitor their vitals as they were subjected to extremely personal, stressful, and brutal critiques about the essays they had written.

Following the psychological attacks, the participants were forced to watch the videos of themselves being verbally and psychologically assaulted multiple times. Kaczynski is claimed to have had the worst physiological reaction to being interrogated. These experiments, paired with his lack of social skills and memories of being bullied as a child, caused Kaczynski to suffer from horrible nightmares that eventually drove him to move into isolation outside Lincoln, Montana.

In Lincoln, Kaczynski built his own cabin and began living simply, without electricity or running water. He set out to become self-sufficient and create primitive technologies by hand. He found his work was limited by the development and industry that was destroying the environment around him. After he found his favorite spot in the wilderness destroyed by industrialization, Kaczynski had reached his breaking point.

Ted began to believe that technology was evil and so were those promoting it. Many believe Kaczynski’s participation in the Harvard study is what later influenced him to send letter bombs to multiple establishments, including airports and universities, in an attempt to get the public’s attention. Kaczynski became a big target for the FBI after his 18-year reign of terror over those whom he believed were promoting anti-human technology that was destroying the world. In 1995, Kaczynski demanded that newspapers publish his 50-page manifesto called Industrial Society and Its Future. He eventually became known as the Unabomber, killing three people and causing injuries to 23 more during his 18 years of mental breakdown.

Daniel Pride Breaks down the Unabomber case on his website and the possibility he might have actually been a patsy. Here’s a preview:

Understanding Unabom provides in depth insight into the coordinated activities of elements of the FBI, NSA, and CIA before September 11th 2001. Activities that included the manufacture and management of a series of high profile, random terrorist events and selective assassinations. The case explodes the fiction that the FBI and the CIA did not Communicate in high profile cases. Ultimately, it exposes the deep common roots, and the common personnel of many different dirty cases tracing all the way back to Rumsfeld and Cheney’s coverup of the Olsen murder during the Ford Administration. The facts of Unabom have been covered up in a blizzard of ridicule akin to Kennedy’s grassy knoll. Covered up, despite a wide trail of undeniable proof and multiple witnesses. They are presented here.

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