The 2nd United American Republic: ‘The United States Continental Congress’ was founded by 12 states (New York abstained until July 8th)

Second United American Republic is founded:

The United States Continental Congress (USCC) was formed by 12 colonies with the passage of the Resolution for Independency on July 2nd, 1776 and expired on February 28th, 1781, with the Articles of Confederation’s enactment on March 1st, 1781. There was no constitution and the republic was governed under the acts passed by the Continental Congress with each State having one vote in quorums as small as seven member States. Only one delegate was required to have a State’s vote tallied in Congress. John Hancock and George Washington served, respectively, as the republic’s first United States Continental Congress President and Commander-in-Chief;
Students and Teachers of US History this is a video of Stanley and Christopher Klos presenting America’s Four United Republics Curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. The December 2015 video was an impromptu capture by a member of the audience of Penn students, professors and guests that numbered about 200. – Click Here for more information

The First United American Republic was the United Colonies of North America: 13 British Colonies United in Congress, and was founded by 12 colonies on September 5th, 1774 (Georgia joined in 1775). It was governed through a British Colonial Continental Congress. Peyton Randolph and George Washington served, respectively, as the Republic’s first President and Commander-in-Chief.

The third United American republic was The United States of America: A Perpetual Union and was founded by 13 States on March 1st, 1781, with the enactment of the first U.S. Constitution, the Articles of Confederation. It was governed through the United States in Congress Assembled.  Samuel Huntington and George Washington served, respectively, as the Republic’s first President and Commander-in-Chief.

The fourth United American republic was The United States of America: We the People and was formed by 11 states on March 4th, 1789 (North Carolina and Rhode Island joined in November 1789 and May 1790, respectively), with the enactment of the U.S. Constitution of 1787. The fourth and current United States Republic governs through  the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate in Congress Assembled, the U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  George Washington served as the Republic’s first President and Commander-in-Chief.

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