“The General Education Board” was Established by “Mr. Rockefeller… to Gain Control of the Educational Institutions of the Country”

Dr. W. J. Spillman, former chief of the Federal Farm Management Bureau of the Department of Agriculture, stated in a letter to the New York Globe:

“Nine years ago I was approached by an agent of Mr. Rockefeller with the statement that his object in establishing the General Education Board was to gain control of the educational institutions of the country so that all men employed in them might be ‘right’. I was then informed that the Board has been successful with the smaller institutions but that the large institutions had refused to accept the Rockefeller money with strings tied to it. My information said that Mr. Rockefeller was going to add $100,000,000 to the Foundation for the express purpose of forcing his money into the big institutions.”

William Jasper Spillman (October 18, 1863 – July 11, 1931) is considered to be the founding father of agricultural economics. In addition, he is famous for being the only American to independently rediscover Mendel’s laws of genetics.

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