The Investigator of the Madison Guaranty S&L Scam that was Overseen by Governor Bill Clinton Dies Mysteriously and His 300+ Page Report is Never Released

Stanley Huggins, who investigated Madison Guarantee Savings, dies suddenly with a mysterious illness. Madison Guaranty Savings (MGS or MGSL) was a savings and loan institution in Arkansas owned by James McDougal. McDougal and his wife Susan were partners with Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Whitewater Development Corporation with loans from Madison Guaranty. Madison Guaranty Savings had been taken over by the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) in the early 1990s due to fraud and mismanagement. Madison Guaranty had been looting depositors money for loans to insiders. Governor Bill Clinton headed the state regulatory agency to oversee Madison Guaranty Savings.

Stanley Huggins death was declared due to “viral pneumonia”. His wife has tried to get the hospital records, but they were sealed by Janet Reno under presidential orders of Clinton. Over that weekend his Memphis office was broken into and the only thing taken were his files. His 300+ page report on the savings and loan scam was never released.

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