The Jesus Seminar Concludes: A 6 Year Record of Voting from Liberal ‘Scholars’ that Ruled Out 80% of Jesus’ Words Attributed to Jesus

The provocative Jesus Seminar concluded six years of voting on what the Jesus of history most likely said, ruling out about 80% of words attributed to him in the Gospels and emerging with the picture of a prophet-sage who told parables and made pithy comments.This was just another strategic attack from the anti-Christian overlords who have waged a war on Christianity, as His divinity, teachings, and loyal following pose an obstacle to their New world Order and is the enemy of the Luciferian god they worship.

The Jesus Seminar, a prominent assault on the Bible’s authenticity, begun in 1985 by the late Robert Funk, with backing from the Westar Institute, whose financial supporters are not publicized. Funk packed his seminar with liberal “scholars” – more than a dozen had studied at Union Theological Seminary, and about half came from three liberal Establishment schools: Harvard and Vanderbilt (both of whose divinity schools were heavily funded by the Rockefellers) and the openly ecumenical Claremont School of Theology.

The Jesus Seminar used a system of colored beads to vote on whether something was really said or done by Jesus. A red bead meant “definitely yes,” a pink bead “probably yes,” a grey bead “probably no,” and a black bead “definitely no.” In short, the Bible’s historical accuracy was to be determined by votes, based on personal opinions of people living two thousand years after the original eyewitnesses to the events.

The seminar concluded that over 80 percent of the sayings attributed to Jesus were not actually said by Him, and that only 2 percent were definitely accurate. Likewise, the seminar followed Modernist tradition by denying the miracles, divinity and resurrection of Jesus. Funk, who himself held these views, had handpicked his seminar’s participants; thus its outcome was no surprise. Nonetheless, the media touted the proceedings as a “scholarly” refutation of most of the New Testament.


LA Times Article HERE

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