The Oak Hill Daycare Satanic Ritual Abuse Case Began

Fran and Dan Keller, owners of a daycare in Austin, Texas, were sentenced to 48 years in prison for their involvement in sexual abuse of children. The case began on August 15, 1991, when a 3-year-old child told her mother that Dan Keller had abused her. The Kellers, they said, wore white robes and lit candles before sexually abusing them. The children also accused the Kellers of forcing them to take part in violent acts such as murder and dismemberment. The children recalled several plane trips, including one to Mexico, and then returning to Austin in time to meet their parents at the day care. Physical evidence of abuse in the case was presented by Dr. Michael Mouw, an emergency room physician at Brackenridge Hospital who examined the 3-year-old girl in 1991 on the night she first accused Dan Keller of abuse. Mouw testified at the Kellers’ trial that he found severe injuries consistent with sexual abuse and determined that they were less than a day old.

Eventually the medical evidence would be dismissed by the examiner, however, and Fran and Dan were freed in 2013 and their charges dropped due to the testimony of the victims being recanted. There are similarities in this case with that of the controversial “False Memory Syndrome Foundation”. The FMSF is run by numerous CIA MKULTRA mind-control experts who get individuals to recant testimonies and experiences related to mind control experimentation and Satanic ritual abuse. It is not known whether the FMSF worked with the Oak Hill victims specifically, but the case and the Keller’s exoneration is curiously featured on the FMSF website. It’s also possible that the victims were threatened to recant their testimony similar to what happened with the Franklin coverup and other satanic abuse cases.

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