Tommy Releases “Panodrama” in Response to his Arrest and Silencing in 2018

The taxpayer-funded BBC Television investigative current affairs documentary program, Panodrama, worked alongside a radical far left organization to ‘take down Tommy Robinson’. Hope not Hate worked on set with the BBC, calling the shots and intimidating Robinson’s ex-employees during interviews. The BBC was caught on camera telling an ex-employee the questions they would ask her in the interview and the answers that she needed to say for it to air (scripted fake interviews!). – The BBC was caught on camera suggesting they could edit and clip an argument Robinson had with an ex-employee to portray a totally different angle and to quote John Sweeney on camera he could make it ‘a gender, a sexual thing against Tommy Robinson’ (BBC creating fake #MeToo stories!). BBC is caught likening the working class to cannibals in the jungle whose vocabulary is limited.

Caution: Uncensored strong language in the below documentary.

If the Youtube above is deleted, watch from Infowars via Bitchute below (includes in-studio interview):

See The Censored Film “Panodrama” Here For Free


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