Twitter Suspends ‘Unplanned’ Movie Account, Google labels “Propaganda” in Knowledge-base

On the weekend of its release, the Unplanned movie was suspended from Twitter for reportedly violating the social media giant’s community standards.

Saturday afternoon, Lila Rose – the founder and President of the pro-life group Live Action – shared that the Unplanned movie Twitter account, which had just under 7,000 followers, was suspended.

Rose wrote, “Twitter just suspended @UnplannedMovie during the weekend of its theatrical release.”

She questioned, “@jack why are they suspended? You’ve banned both my & @LiveAction account from all promotions simply bc we’re pro-life. Have you banned this account because it challenges your pro-abortion bias?”

According to CBN News, Twitter unsuspended the account upon “further review,” but this would not be the end of it.

After reinstating the Unplanned account, the follower count jumped from just under 7,000 followers to nearly 200,000 followers.

This number, however, would drastically change several hours later. Twitter users who had followed the account noticed that they were unfollowed by Unplanned and that they had unfollowed Unplanned, despite not unfollowing the account themselves.

Lila Rose noticed the dramatic jump and took to Twitter to find out, once again, what was going on. She wrote, “The @UnplannedMovie account just dropped from 170k+ followers to 25.5k followers in the last hour. What is going on @jack @Twitter?”

Patricia Heaton also noticed that she was not being allowed to follow the Unplanned account. She wrote, “Hey @jack– why aren’t you letting me follow @UnplannedMovie? I’ve tried eight times to support my friend @AbbyJohnson and @Twitter won’t let me. Others are having the same issue. Please correct this. Thank you.”

Another person, Courtney Holland, shared a video to Twitter showing her following the movie’s account, leaving the page and immediately returning to it to find that she had somehow unfollowed it.

She wrote, “What is going on with the @UnplannedMovie account @TwitterSupport??? I WAS following @UnplannedMovie and just saw that I wasn’t anymore. So I went to refollow and this keeps happening! Why won’t you let me follow this account @Twitter?”

Several hours later, the twitter account for the pro-life movie – which ranked fifth in the box office this past weekend – regained its lost followers, now amassing over 250,000 Twitter followers.

Now the account is lobbying for Twitter to verify it and to fairly represent it on the Twitter trending page.

Reportedly, Unplanned was trending on Twitter on Monday, but not showing up on the Twitter Trending page. The Unplannedmovie account wrote, “Apparently we’re trending! …without showing up on trends. #UnPlanned #whatshesawchangedeverything



Unplanned – which came out in theaters the last weekend of March – tells the true story of a Planned Parenthood worker named Abby Johnson who, after seeing an abortion in the clinic, becomes a pro-life advocate.

Meanwhile, Unplanned was listed as “propaganda” by Google.

Kelsey Bolar of The Daily Signal documented the film’s bizarre categorization with screenshots, showing a section of Google’s search results known as the “Knowledge Graph” listing the movie as “Drama/Propaganda.” After Bolar’s tweet went viral, Google corrected the label and responded to Fox News saying their algorithm accidentally misidentified the film.

A Google spokesperson explained to Fox News that its “Knowledge Graph” analyzed web content on “Unplanned” and that a large volume of it described the film as propaganda and placed the label without a universal consensus. “When we’re made aware of disputed facts in our Knowledge Graph, we work to fix the issues, as we’ve done in this case,” the spokesperson told Fox News. Google has updated the search results so that “propaganda” no longer appears as the genre.


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