US Congressman John Rarick: “Who Will Tell the People the Truth if those who Control ‘the Right to Know Machinery’ Also Control the Govt?”

My dear,

General Electrics, Disney, News Corp., Time Warner, Viacom, CBS. These are the top six earning companies in America. Notice how together they practically control all electricity, all television channels, all movie titles, and practically all of our news sources?

Who will entertain the people? They will. Who will numb the people? They will. Who will brainwash the people? They will. Who will rob the people? They will. And who will pay the governments of the people to continue doing all of this legally? They will.


Who will tell the people the truth if those who control ‘the right to know machinery’ also control the government?

I’ll tell you who, the pirates and revolutionaries.

John Richard Rarick

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