US Federal Witness Due To Testify Against Hillary Clinton For Drug Crimes Killed In Massive Explosion

A highly disturbing new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that a US federal government witness who was due to testify this coming week before a grand jury in the expanding FBI probe into Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation was violently killed, along with her husband, in a massive explosion that completely obliterated her New Jersey home—and whose expected testimony centered on a notorious American-based pharmaceutical company who gave money to the Clinton Foundation in a bid to cover up their drug price gouging crimes.

Over the past month, according to this report, SVR signal intelligence (SIGNIT) analysts monitoring American intelligence agencies communication activity in the United States recorded an unusual increase in electronic traffic between the FBI Field Office in Little Rock-Arkansas, and the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York—that in past examples of this occurring meant that a US Federal Grand Jury had been empanelled to hear testimony from witnesses presented before it by FBI investigators and/or US Attorneys—and was noted at the time by the SVR as not being an “unusual event” as this particular FBI Field Office is criminally investigating the Clinton Foundation, that’s based in New York City, and from where, it is logical to assume, most of the witnesses with knowledge of it would be located.

At 13:18 (GMT+3) [EDT 06:18 (GMT-4)] on 7 July, this report continues, the global nuclear defense network of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) sent to the SVR an “investigative request notification” for an examination of a sub-1 kiloton seismic wave detected emanating from Latitude: 39° 32′ 56.35″ N Longitude: -75° 01′ 19.41″ W—with SVR analyst then identifying these coordinates as being the small village of Newfield, New Jersey—with public US news sources, within the hour, confirming that, indeed, a massive explosion had occurred there that obliterated a two-story house, and whose shock wave jolted people from their beds as much as a mile and a half away.

As per standard protocol and procedures, this report details, SVR analysts, in their replying to the MoD’s request for information about this “event”, conducted a database search of the two persons named as having been killed in this explosion– Carole Paladino, age 72, and her husband John Paladino, age 73—with, and very surprisingly to them, a SVR database “target hit” on Carole Paladino being revealed as she had previously been identified by SVR analysts as being a “probable witness” against the Clinton Foundation.

Now deceased Carole Paladino, this report details, was the lead school nurse for Millville Public Schools located in Cumberland CountyNew Jersey—and whose inclusion in the SVR’s database of “potential witnesses” against the Clinton Foundation was due to her being a “central identified and named figure” in the creation of a document titled “Training Protocols For The Emergency Administration Of Epinephrine” for the New Jersey Department of Education.

Epinephrine (also called adrenaline), this report explains, is a hormone used to treat anaphylaxis—that is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death—and whose administering of is done via a medical device known as an epinephrine autoinjector—whose name of use in the United States is EpiPen—and that the Carole Paladino collaborated on report for its “emergency administration” led New Jersey to pass a law requiring all schools in their State, both public and private, to purchase it—and their passing another law allowing New Jersey school nurses to, also, use EpiPens without parental permission.

Whether knowingly, or not knowingly, Carole Paladino, by her being a “main target” person in the plot to force all New Jersey schools to purchase EpiPens, this report continues, she nevertheless became embroiled in one the largest medical scams ever known in US history—that began when the American global generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company Mylan N.V. suddenly began funneling money to the Clinton Foundation—and that nearly immediately after which, saw Gayle Conelly Manchin take over as the head of the National Association of State Boards of Education—and who spearheaded an unprecedented effort that encouraged States to require schools to purchase medical devices that fight life-threatening allergic reactions—that, in turn, helped pave the way for Mylan N.V., maker of EpiPens, to develop a near monopoly in school nurses’ offices throughout the United States—with New Jersey being one of the 11 States drafting laws requiring epinephrine auto-injectors by bought by schools—and that the Obama-Clinton regime conspired with using their “EpiPen Law” that gave funding preference to States that did what Gayle Conelly Manchin told them to do.

Unbeknownst to the American people, though, this report notes, is that Gayle Conelly Manchin is the mother of Heather Bresch—who, in 2012, right after her mother took control of the National Association of State Boards of Education and began her campaign to force schools to buy EpiPensbecame the CEO of EpiPen maker Mylan N.V.—with Heather Bresch, upon taking control, raising the price of EpiPens over 400% to $600 per dose and skyrocketing her personal worth to over $27 million—and whose “protection” for this vile plot was provided by her father, and Gayle Conelly Manchin’s husband, Democratic Party US Senator Joe Manchin.



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