US Senator Wm. Lancer Petitions Congress to Investigate the Federal Injunction Imposed on Dr. Koch Following Success in Canada & South America in Cancer & Veterinary Treatments

Here is an excerpt from remarks read into the Congressional Record by US Senator William Lancer, on June 7, 1948. It not only reveals the scope of Koch’s work, it opens up a chapter of hidden history:

“Fortunately for Canadian farmers in the Province of British Columbia, the Minister of the Department of Agriculture possessed an open mind. This fact is saving cattle raisers into the millions of dollars annually. It is assuring them of better cows, steers, and beef than previously known.”

“Such ailments as Bang’s disease, Johne’s disease, and other fatal diseases that customarily make devastating demands upon dairy herds, are no longer fatal in British Columbia. Thanks to the integrity and foresight of Canadian physicians, veterinarians, and Government experts who recently completed a series of successful experiments with the Koch system for treating virulent diseases.”

“But, be it known as a further warning against trying to suppress truth, that farmers in various parts of the United States are rising up in indignation, demanding the right to enjoy the same advantages as their Canadian brethren, Cattle raisers in South American countries, notably Brazil, have for years demonstrated the validity of the Koch treatment.”

“’We the undersigned members of the Michigan State Legislature [25 legislators signed the petition] respectfully petition the Congress of the United States, through an appropriate committee to investigate the injunction imposed by a Federal Court on William Frederick Koch, Ph. D., M. D., a pioneer in the field of research and treatment of cancer, inasmuch a. [sic] recently discovered methods of treatment [that] confirm the research of Dr. Koch, with the end in view of requesting the Attorney General of the United States to have said injunction dis-missed, so that Dr. Koch can continue further research and practice in his field without restriction.’”

“Suffice to say that Michigan farmers are not letting their herds die while waiting for bureaucrats to lift an injunction that should never have been imposed. They are using Koch Therapy anyway thereby saving themselves and the public substantial sums of money in terms of cattle, beef, and dairy products.”

“One leading breeder told how the Koch Treatment had saved an especially good cow given up to die. He explained that it developed mastitis during lactation. A veterinary surgeon advised him to have the animal removed from the herd and slaughtered. There was danger of the infection spreading.”

“Instead, the Koch Treatment was applied. The action consisted of one dose of the therapeutic reagent being administered by hypodermic syringe under the skin of the neck. Recovery was instantaneous and within a week the cow’s milk was being sold to the creamery.”

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