Weather Channel Gets in on Faking News During Hurricane Florence?

A day after the Weather Channel was praised for its outstanding green screen graphics depicting Hurricane Florence’s 10-foot storm surge, a reporter for the network faced allegations he exaggerated wind speeds out in the field.

In the report shot in South Carolina, a journalist is seen rocking back and forth fighting to stand in the face of 75-mile per hour winds. Twitter users, however, keenly observed the journalist appeared to be exaggerating the intensity of the wind speeds as two men casually strolled into the shot behind him apparently impervious to Florence’s devastating winds.

Does “CNN own the Weather Channel?” asked one user, accusing the network of airing “fake news.”

And the hits kept rolling in:

Others compared it to the time a Today Show reporter used a canoe to illustrate high flood waters, only to have two men stroll into the frame with water up to their ankles.



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