Taylor, Bill

Presented hearsay testimony in the Trump House impeachment inquiry based on conversations with NSC John Bolton protégé Tim Morrison, and others that somehow President Trump presented a quid pro quo in his July 25th phone call with Zelensky. Taylor’s career has featured every U.S. imperial disaster possible: (1) “Economic development” coordinator for Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, resulting in the economic decimation of those countries and their looting; (2) Coordinator for U.S. assistance of Afghanistan. Said the U.S. had the right to stay forever until the country was secured to U.S. specifications; (3) Coordinator for Iraq Reconstruction. Program lost billions and left the country destitute and mired in religious warfare; (4) Ambassador to Ukraine in 2006-2009 right after the Orange Revolution, the nation’s first color revolution delivered by the British and the State Department; Read more