Thunberg, Greta

Swedish, autistic (Asperger’s syndrome) teen, environmental activist and global warming alarmist with a meteoric rise to popularity (2019 TIME Magazine Person of the Year). Greta has powerful forces behind her rise – and not just her famous ANTIFA parents (actor dad, who writes her Facebook posts, and opera singer mom). Her debut was aided by Swedish marketer and chairman of a sustainable development think tank founded by the daughter of billionaire Politician Sven Persson. Her ‘coach’, Luisa-Marie Neubauer, is a member of ONE Campaign, an organization managed by Bill Gates and Bono, which is heavily funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Mass media went into overdrive to turn Greta into a larger-than-life icon as she graced magazine covers around the world, gave speeches at Ted X talks, the European Parliament, the UN and was even nominated for a Nobel Prize. Thunberg is a globalist pawn used to carry out their agenda of indoctrinating youth (since most adults aren’t buying it), and beyond reproach: “How dare you bully an autistic girl?” and “You’re a climate denier.” (VigilantCitizen)