Klobuchar, Amy

(b. May 1960) – corrupt U.S. Senator (D-MN) and voted “one of the worst bosses in Congress” who, as a former prosecutor for MN’s most populous county, selectively enforced the law regarding financial crimes, often to the benefit of friends and political allies. According to Peter Schweizer’s book Profiles in Corruption, The 2nd largest ponzi scheme in American history occurred under her watch as her friend and top donor, Tom Petters, operated a series of shady investment funds, raising about $4bln during her 10-yr tenure as prosecutor and most investors never saw a penny returned. In Dec 2009 (with Klobuchar a newly elected Senator), Petters was convicted on 20 counts of mail fraud, money laundering, and wire fraud and sentenced to more than 50 years in prison for defrauding investors of more than $3.7 billion. The FBI was amazed that he not been convicted or even investigated alongside his business associates.1 Schweizer notes in his book that as a Senator, she’s “mastered the art of shaking down contributors and then pushing their legislation. There are instances where dozens of executives from a corporation over a three-day period will give her the donation, and then literally a few days later, she introduces legislation on their behalf.”2

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