Proofs of a Conspiracy

A book by John Robison published in 1798 fully entitled “Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies” in which he reveals that Adam Weishaupt had attempted to recruit him. He exposes the diabolical aims of the Illuminati to the world.

Very few people are aware that the intense drama of our twentieth century — the life and death struggle between capitalism and Communism, freedom and slavery — has its origins in the late eighteenth century. All Americans are aware that the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776. Few are aware that Adam Smith’s *Wealth of Nations*, which provided the ideological foundation for capitalism and for the Industrial Revolution, was published in 1776. And fewer still are aware that in that same year, 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon law at Ingolstadt University in Germany, founded the Illuminati Order, a conspiratorial organization which embodied all of the goals, aims, and methods of what we now call Communism. All history books will tell you of the first event. A good many will tell you of the second. But practically none will even allude to the last. Why? When you know the answer to that question you know history better than the historians.

The two prime source books for our knowledge of Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati conspiracy are Professor John Robison’s *Proofs of a Conspiracy*, first published in 1798, and the Abbe Augustin Barruel’s impressive four-volume study, *Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism*, published in 1799, some months after the first appearance of Robison’s book. Both men — one a Professor of Natural Philosophy at Edinburgh University, the other a French clergyman — writing in different countries and in different languages, without the one knowing the other, basically covered the same subject matter and came to the very same conclusions. Thus, we have two excellent works which tell us virtually all we need to know about the origin of history’s most diabolical, long- range conspiracy.

While Barruel’s work is the more extensive, better documented, and perhaps more painstakingly accurate, Professor Robison’s book is the more literate, sophisticated and reflective. Its documentation is extensive, but its intellectual scope is its chief delight, for Robison, in this work, is more than merely historian; he is a philosopher, moralist, social commentator, wise observer of human foibles, scientist, critic, and stylist.

Robison had all of the virtues of the enlightened, rational, scientific, humane and religious spirit which characterized the founders of our own country and which represented the flower of eighteenth century English intellect. He had traveled widely in the old and new worlds, was one of the century’s leading teachers of science — then known as “natural philosophy” — and he knew many of the major men of achievement in all the sciences. He was a close friend of James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine, who described Robison when the latter died in 1805 at the age of 66 as “a man of the clearest head and the most science of anybody I have ever known.”

Professor Robison was a member of the distinguished circle of intellectuals who at that time enhanced the reputation of the University of Edinburgh. In fact, in 1783, Robison was elected general secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In short, Robison was one of the leading intellects of his time, deeply interested in every aspect of man’s attainments, both scientific and moral, in civilized society.

The French Revolution, with its incredible atrocities, its militant atheism, its reign of terror, its wanton destruction of civilized values, was the major event which shook Europe during Robison’s mature years. Its shock was particularly painful because it occurred when science, rationality and enlightenment were making incredible strides. Yet the Revolution, brought on in the name of all of these, plus “liberty, equality and fraternity,” resulted in the beheading by guillotine of such scientific geniuses as Antoine Lavoisier, who was well known and greatly admired by his English colleagues.

Men of genuine learning in Europe were well aware that the French Revolution had been preceded by a long period of intense intellectual agitation, in which the very foundations of civilized society were seriously questioned. Ideas and doctrines advocating the abolition of all religion, the overthrow of all civil governments, the creation of Utopian world citizenship and the abolition of private property, were to be found in books, tracts and pamphlets, written often at the risk of provoking the authorities. But the main haven for the free expression of such revolutionary ideas on the Continent were certain Masonic lodges, which, departing from the simpler practices of English Freemasonry, had become forums where diverse opinions on morals, religion and politics could be and were freely expressed. This development was a peculiarly French innovation, but it was adopted by numbers of Masonic lodges in many other parts of Europe, particularly Germany.

Because Freemasonry concerned itself with fundamental philosophical and mystical questions, it was bound to be a gathering place for the philosophically and mystically inclined, especially at that time in history when philosophy was in great ferment. But even more important, the lodges provided the brethren with full protection from the authorities by maintaining their rule of secrecy. Robison, a former Mason himself, found that “this impunity had gradually encouraged men of licentious principles to become more bold, and to teach doctrines subversive of all our notions of morality.”

Let us be quick to say that Freemasonry in England, America and elsewhere was historically, and today is, quite another kind and its members characterized by high standards of morality and spirituality.

But it was not surprising that a man like Adam Weishaupt, a professor of considerable renown at Ingolstadt University, driven by an incredible and diabolical ambition to rule the world — no less — would be attracted to the Masonic lodges, where he could find secrecy, protection, and a few like-minded colleagues. Weishaupt was not a military man bent on conquering the world via large armies; nor was he a crude gangster who could organize and lead a band of thieves. Weishaupt was an intellectual, a professor of law at a noted university with the arrogant self-conceit of the mentally superior who feel that they should be running the world and everyone in it. And so he devised an ingenious vehicle for world conquest — a secret Order — which would prove immensely attractive to other mentally superior beings of a similar frame of mind. He called it the Illuminati Order and grafted it, at selected points, onto Freemasonry — like a fungus.

The ostensible purpose of the Order was to bring universal happiness to the human race. The idea was, in Weishaupt’s words to “form a durable combination of the most worthy persons, who should work together in removing the obstacles to human happiness, become terrible to the wicked, and give their aid to all the good without distinction, and should by the most powerful means, first fetter, and by fettering, lessen vice; means which at the same time should promote virtue, by rendering the inclination to rectitude, hitherto too feeble, more powerful and engaging. Would not such an association be a blessing to the world?

To be more explicit, the Illuminati Order was built around the novel idea that the end — the happiness of the human race — justified the means!

That the Order was intended to embrace the entire world was evidenced by Weishaupt’s own definition quoted in the Larousse *Grand* *Dictionnaire* published in 1873, in which he said that the goal of the Order was to “unite, by way of one common higher interest and by a lasting bond, men from all parts of the globe, from all social classes and from all religions, despite the diversity of their opinions and passions, to make them love this common interest and bond to the point where, together or alone, they act as one individual.”

Members of the secret Order pledged blind obedience to their superiors and only knew about the organization what their immediate superiors would tell them. Their oath read in part: “I bind myself to perpetual silence and unshaken loyalty and submission to the Order, in the persons of my Superiors; here making a faithful and complete surrender of my private judgement, my own will, and every narrow-minded employment of my power and influence.” Members were required to spy on one another and submit reports and autobiographies which could compromise them should they decide to leave the Order.

The ultimate despotic purpose of the Illuminati Order was kept secret. Only by degrees — going from the lower “Nursery” degrees of Preparation, Novice, Minerval and Illuminatus Minor to the higher “Mysteries” of Priest, Regent, Magus, and Rex — could the initiated learn of the true mysteries and purposes of the Order. And each step of the way was very carefully plotted and planned by Weishaupt and his colleagues, so that the squeamish and gullible never rose higher than the lowest degrees, while the bold, ruthless and cynical, those ready and willing to dispense with religion, morality, patriotism and any other hindrances, rose to the top.

It was through this process of selection and careful inculcation that Weishaupt, in a mere decade, was able to gather into his Order the cleverest and most diabolical minds in Europe. The true purpose of the Order was to rule the world. To achieve this it was necessary for the Order to destroy all religions, overthrow all governments, and abolish private property. In order to accomplish this it would be necessary to convince enough people that religion, governments, and private property were the real obstacles to human happiness. *This is exactly what the Communists have been doing since 1848!

Please note that Robison makes it clear that the Illuminati Order was quite distinct and separate from Freemasonry. Freemasonry had existed long before Weishaupt had come on the scene. But because the Illuminati used parts of Freemasonry as a cover, Robison found it necessary to explain how and why this state of affairs came about. Thus, the first part of the book deals with Freemasonry and provides an examination of the Masonic movement in the places and at the time the Illuminati Order came into being. He gives some of the history of Freemasonry and how it was developed in France, where it had been brought from England. Most important, however, he documents and traces the ideological evolution within the French lodges, which were eventually to become the Jacobin Clubs of revolutionary fame.

With the background on French Freemasonry given, Robison then examines the state of Freemasonry in Germany, where the Illuminati aberration originated. He describes the schisms within German Freemasonry, the great fascination with mysteries, the widespread influence of deism — the philosophy that the universe is creating God rather than the reverse — and such utopian ideas imported from France as Cosmopolitism, or world citizenship, and finally the strong influence of French Masonic practices and doctrines through the Lodge of Lyons, the mother lodge of a segment of Masonry known as the Grand Orient de la France.

One of the lodges in Germany affiliated with the Lodge of Lyons was the Lodge Theodore of Munich. It was in this lodge — to which Weishaupt belonged — that the Illuminati Order was organized by him as a secret organization within a secret organization. It took a number of years before the existence of this secret society within a secret society came to light. Its revolutionary doctrines were so zealously propagated that it couldn’t be completely hidden for very long. In 1783, a Bavarian Court of Enquiry began its investigation of the Illuminati Order. Much of what we know today about Weishaupt’s secret conspiracy is a result of this investigation.

The second chapter of Robison’s book, undoubtedly the most fascinating, is devoted to reviewing the evidence uncovered by the authorities, and it is here that we discover that Weishaupt’s entire program and methodology was virtually identical with what was later to become known as Communism.

In the third chapter of the book, entitled ‘The German Union’, Robison attempts to reveal how after the Bavarian Court of Enquiry exposed and banned the Illuminati Order and its leaders, the Order went underground and emerged as a network of Reading Societies throughout Germany. The goal of this literary network was to monopolize the writing, publication, reviewing and distribution of all literature, more effectively to control the minds of the readers. In this chapter, one sees more clearly than ever how the conspiracy used the printed word as its ultimate weapon in subverting the minds of the people.

The fourth chapter of the book demonstrates how all of the foregoing worked to culminate in the horror of the French Revolution, in which Illuminati doctrines and methodology provided the necessary engines of destruction and how members of the Order became the motormen. The pitiful role played by the Duc d’Orleans, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient de la France, reveals the incredible cleverness and deceit with which the conspirators were able to use one royal dupe and his fortune to destroy the monarchy as well as himself.

The final portion of the book is devoted to Professor Robison’s General Reflections. He discusses morality and religion, politics and the nature of civilized society, the structure of the British government, the role of women and how the Illuminati planned to use them, the dangers of secret societies, human nature, education, and finally, why he was compelled to write this book. It is all worth reading very carefully, and rereading, for it brims with knowledge and wisdom, and is as pertinent today as it was when it was first published.

What is the value of Robison’s work today? First, it sheds light on an important period in history which has been greatly distorted by historians and novelists. It tells us a great deal about the origins of that conspiracy which, by now, has the world almost completely within its grasp. It teaches us how little the conspiracy has changed in either its methods or ideology, and how successful it has been in mesmerizing the masses and covering its tracks. But most important is the revelation that this was a conspiracy conceived, organized, and activated by professionals and intellectuals, many of them brilliant but cunning and clever, who decided to put their minds in the service of total evil; a conspiracy conceived not by Masons as Masons, but by evil men *using* Freemasonry as a vehicle for their own purposes. It is also highly significant that it required another intellectual — Professor Robison — to expose the conspiracy.

It is obvious that this conspiracy, appealing to the conceit of half-baked intellectuals, would attract educators, writers, philosophers, publishers, and clergymen. Their counterparts who run America today — like the Galbraiths, the Rostows, the Kennans, the Bundy’s, the Littells, the Lippmanns — have the same self-conceit, the same arrogance which seems to characterize the overly bright and overly sadistic in any age and any civilization. But the Illuminati offered an even more attractive inducement than its long-range goal: it offered immediate and assured success. For, through its connections and intrigues, the conspiracy was able to place its selected members in positions of influence and power where they could enjoy all the glories of worldly success, provided they used that success to work unceasingly for the advancement of the Order. As Weishaupt explains, once the candidate has achieved the exalted degree of Illuminatus Minor, his superiors “will assist him in bringing his talents into action, and will place him in situations most favorable for their exertion, so that he may be assured of success.”

One tends to think of professors, philosophers, and writers as sitting in their ivory towers, perfectly harmless to the world. Robison and history prove otherwise. Activist scholars and professors like Karl Marx and Weishaupt have had a profound influence in shaping the kind of irrational world we live in. >From Woodrow Wilson — himself a professor — to Lyndon Johnson, we have had nothing but Presidents surrounded by professors and scholars, who seem to owe their allegiance to one idea only — that of world government. All of which brings to mind Weishaupt’s plan to surround the ruling authorities with members of his Order. He writes: “These powers are despots, when they do not conduct themselves by its [the Order’s] principles; and it is therefore our duty to surround them with its members, so that the profane may have no access to them. Thus we are able most powerfully to promote its interests. If any person is more disposed to listen to Princes than to the Order, he is not fit for it, and must rise no higher. We must do our utmost to procure the advancement of Illuminati into all important civil offices.”

Did the Illuminati Order survive beyond its exposure by the Bavarian authorities in 1783? Robison is convinced that it did, and that it was still quite alive and kicking and as dangerous as ever when his book was published in 1798. Between that year and the emergence of the Communist movement in 1848, there is a considerable knowledge gap, which, as far as we know, historians have made no attempt to bridge. However, the nature of the Order would lead one to believe that it was quite capable of surviving the most glaring exposure. Such exposure would hardly have frightened away the hard core who knew exactly what they were after.

In the realm of ideology, certainly the line from the Illuminati Order to the Communist Manifesto is straight and unbroken, although modified to suit the new conditions of the Industrial Revolution. Weishaupt, it is interesting to note, lived until 1822; moreover, the Catholic Encyclopedia tells us that he finally repented and returned to the Church. Whether he was sincere or not, we shall never know.

The publication of both Robison’s and Barruel’s works caused a sensation at the time and proved to have a strong influence on public opinion for the few years they were in circulation. The first printing of ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy’ was exhausted in a few days, and several editions followed. Both works were also quickly published in the United States where they had an immediate and widespread impact. Jacobin ideas and influences had already been noted with alarm in the New World and it was known that the Illuminati had established some lodges in the United States. That the Illuminati would attempt to gain control of the press and publishing industry in this country goes without saying. It was, after all, the hallmark of their method.

It wasn’t until 1826 that anti-Illuminati feelings were once more aroused in this country as a result of the disappearance of one William Morgan, an American Freemason, who had written a book revealing Masonic secrets entitled *Illustrations of Freemasonry*. Morgan, apparently, had been abducted and drowned in Lake Ontario. It was alleged that fellow Masons had done it. This caused a nationwide furor, resulting in the creation of an anti-Masonic political party in 1829 by Henry Dana Ward, Thurlow Weed, and William H. Seward. Interest in both Robison’s and Barruel’s books were revived during that period, with the result that Freemasonry suffered a great loss of membership. The anti- Masonic movement lasted a few years until the furor died down. By 1840, the anti-Masonic party was extinct.

Let it be stressed that the present publication of Robison’s work is not intended to open old wounds or create new animosity or distrust toward Freemasonry, whose adherents today certainly number among our staunchest patriots and anti-Communists. The intention is merely to illustrate how a conspiracy of intellectuals, using Freemasonry, got off the ground and grew to its present incredible proportions. The conspirators have long since discarded Freemasonry as their vehicle. If clever conspirators could use — of all groups — so fine a group as the Masons, we must open our minds to consider what infinite possibilities are available to them in our own present day society. Their main habitat these days seems to be the great subsidized universities, tax-free foundations, mass media communication systems, government bureaus such as the State Department, and a myriad of private organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations. If the publication of this book merely serves to convince enough people that conspiracies of this kind have existed in the past, do exist in the present, and should be routed out, it will have served its purpose. All men of good will, we hope, anxious to keep freedom alive, will recognize the value, therefore, of this new edition of one of the most interesting books in history.

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

An Alex Jones’ documentary released on November 13, 2007 that charts the history of the elite blueprint for social domination and control, outlining the ultimate plans that those who consider themselves the anointed have for our planet. The first section of the film documents the rise of the banking cartels, who since 1800 have funded both sides of almost every war. Endgame charts the usurpation of the British economy by the Rothchild family who went on to bankroll all factions during the first world war providing armaments companies through banks in France, Austria, Germany and England.

Endgame then documents the fallout of the great war and the attempts to form a controlling League of Nations, which was ultimately blocked by Congress. Such frustration on the part of the elite led to the rise of two factions, fascists and Fabian socialists. Endgame documents how bankers again funded both sides during WW2 which ultimately led to the creation of the UN and the beginning of the movement to implement three power blocs via incremental globalism.

The second section of the film covers the Bilderberg group and Alex’s documentation of the elite group at the 2006 meeting in Ottawa. It covers Alex’s detention on the Canadian border at the behest of Bilderberg insiders themselves. Alex and his crew describe how they were interrogated for nearly twelve hours before finally being allowed entry into the country.

Featuring extensive interviews with Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, veteran reporters who have been covering the meetings for 27 and 15 years respectively, Alex reveals how it is an offence for any member of the federal or state government to meet with foreign power brokers without the express authority of the president or Congress.

Endgame then shifts focus to the impending movement towards a North American Union, presenting reports and documentation relating to the efforts toward regional harmonization between the US Mexico and Canada at the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summits, which refer to an “evolution by stealth” agenda.

The later parts of the film deal firstly with the hijacking of the environmental movement. Experts and former insiders describe how there has been a long term goal spanning back decades to use an exaggerated threat from mother nature in order to control energy markets, regulate the progression of lesser economies and increase the rich poor divide by pricing out the middle classes.

This then dovetails with the ultimate endgame, the depopulation agenda. The film’s gripping climax delves into the history of eugenics mindset. Endgame lays out the evidence that humans are being portrayed as a virus upon the earth, as we are increasingly being told to believe by cultural and academic kingpins.

From the teachings of “Dr Death” Eric Pianka, to German film fest cartoons, to New York Times best selling books, we are being saturated with the idea that humanity itself must be culled in order to save mother earth.

Endgame reveals how The eugenics movement never went away, it simply re-packaged itself to be more palatable to an increasingly skeptical public.

Looking more slick and professionally produced than ever with an intense soundtrack and filmed in super quality high definition, Endgame is a must watch for anyone seriously concerned with the world we live in today.


Endgame Bibliography

School of Darkness

Bella Dodd, a former leader in the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) in the 1930’s and 40’s who defected, wrote “School of Darkness”, which reveals that Communism was a hoax perpetrated by Jewish Illuminati financiers “to control the common man” and to advance world tyranny. Dodd describes Communism as “a strange secret cult” whose goal is the destruction of Western (i.e. Christian) Civilization. Millions of naive idealists (“innocents”) are tricked by its talk of helping the poor, but it cares only for power.

Bella Dodd was born Maria Asunta Isabella Visono in Italy about 1904. A brilliant and dedicated woman, she graduated from Hunter College and NYU Law School. She became head of the New York State Teachers Union and was a member of the CPUSA’s National Council until 1949.

“School of Darkness” by Italian born Bella V. Dodd, an Ex-Communist, infiltrated and was involved in the early development of such organizations as the American Federation of Teachers, NEA, A.F.L., CIO (now AFLCIO) and other labor organizations for decades. She reveals the tactics used to attract individuals into supporting the ideology. The following excerpts supports argument and intent behind the rhetoric:

The Communist Party operates by infiltrating and subverting social institutions like the churches, schools, mass media and government. Its aim was “to create new types of human beings who would conform to the blueprint of the world they confidently expected to control.” (162)

For example, Dodd reveals that the CPUSA had 1100 members become Catholic priests in the 1930’s. It also subverted the American education system by taking over the teacher’s unions and learned societies. Only people who accepted the “materialistic, collectivist international class struggle approach” advanced. (98)

Involving women in the war effort fitted the long-range program:

“The party did all it could to induce women to go into industry. Its fashion designers created special styles for them and its songwriters wrote special songs to spur them…. War-period conditions, they planned, were to become a permanent part of the future educational program. The bourgeois family as a social unit was to be made obsolete.” (153)

There was to be no family but the party and the state. Dodd helped organize the Congress of American Women, a forerunner of the feminist movement.

“Since it was supposedly a movement for peace, it attracted many women. But it was really only a renewed offensive to control American women… Like youth and minority groups, they are regarded as a reserve force of the revolution because they are more easily moved by emotional appeals.” (194-195)

When FDR recognized Russia in 1933, he deliberately turned a blind eye to the CPUSA’s massive program of espionage and subversion. Liberals denied that this took place and complained about a “witch hunt.” Guess what? The “loony right” was correct.

A book (The Secret World of American Communism, based on newly opened Kremlin archives, confirms that CPUSA was a puppet of Moscow and the Roosevelt and Truman administrations were practically run by Soviet agents, Alger Hiss, Harry Hopkins and Harry Dexter White to name a few.

The war years saw the CPUSA actually renounce the class struggle and join the so-called “Roosevelt camp of progress” which included “progressive capitalists.”

“The Communist Party now assumed the responsibility of establishing a rigid discipline over the working class. No employer was more effective or more relentless in checking strikes among the workers, or minimizing complaints…while wages rose a little during those years, they did not compare with the rise in profits and in monopoly control of basic necessities…war production was chiefly in the hands of ten large corporations…the Communists carefully muted such information.” (153)

The war years saw amazing coordination between the Communist Party and America’s financial elite. The elite financed a sophisticated propaganda agency called the Russian Institute located on Park Ave. across 68th Street from Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations. Here “famous names like Vanderbilt, Lamont, Whitney and Morgan mingled with those of Communist leaders. “(153)

At Roosevelt’s insistence, Stalin “dissolved” the Comintern in order to make the CPUSA look like an American party. The CPUSA leader Earl Browder achieved national prominence and consulted with senior Roosevelt cabinet ministers.

The joint US-Russian war effort was to be the basis of the new world order. But, inexplicably, the policy changed and Browder instantly became a non-person. Apparently the financial elite had decided the time wasn’t right for world government. A cold war would be much more lucrative. Dodd was told that in the future, the party would often find itself opposed not only to the government, but also to U.S. workers.

“I now saw that with the best motives and a desire to serve the working people… I and thousands like me, had been led to a betrayal of these very people…. I had been on the side of those who sought the destruction of my own country.” (229)

Like frightened mice, the CPUSA membership scurried to adopt the new party line. Dodd tried to quit but was told: “No one gets out of the party. You die or you are thrown out.” (197)

Eventually Dodd was expelled and smeared as “anti-Negro, anti-Puerto Rican, anti-Semitic, anti-labor and a defender of the landlord.” (220). Sound familiar? After more than 20 year of tireless sacrifice, she was without family or friends. The party had been her family. Its “hates had become my hates.”

“This is the key to the mental enslavement of mankind. The individual is made into nothing … he operates as the physical part of [a] higher group intelligence… he has no awareness of the plans the higher group intelligence has for utilizing him.” (158)


Bella Dodd was circumspect about the people behind the Communist Party. She once was told to phone two multi-millionaires who live in the Waldorf Towers if she lost contact with Moscow. Elsewhere, she refers to “a secret well organized world power.” She is obviously afraid to be candid. She suspects that one CPUSA leader’s “suicide” was in fact murder. (172)

But she does drop a possible clue. She says that each of the nine floors of the party-owned headquarters at 35 E. 12th St. was devoted to CPUSA business. The Sixth Floor held “the publication offices of the Yiddish newspaper, the Freiheit, and the “Jewish Commission.” (162) Indeed Jews were prominent among Communist dupes.

“What now became clear to me was the collusion of these two forces: the Communists with their timetable for world control, and certain mercenary forces in the free world bent on making profits from blood.” (229)

As “one piece of the puzzle that finally became a picture,” Dodd tells the story of the ship “Erica Reed” typical of “hundreds of other stories.” During the Spanish Civil War, Americans donated money to load the ship with medical supplies and food for Spain. The Communists diverted the ship to Russia instead. (89)

Censorship is crucial to Communists, Dodd says. “I have often seen leaders pull books from shelves in homes and warn members to destroy them.”(223)

Communism is essentially a deceitful system of international elite control. It was not suppressed during the McCarthy era. Rather it morphed into the New Left, Counter Culture, Civil Rights, Anti War and Woman’s Liberation Movements, and later into a plethora of elite-sponsored NGO’s, and media, Democratic and Republican party factions, Liberal, Zionist, Labor, and Gay Rights groups. Like the CPUSA itself, these groups are controlled from the top so their memberships are unaware of being used.

To the objection that some of the above mentioned groups oppose globalization, Dodd refers to examples where the CPUSA ostensibly supported causes they wished to sabotage. (205)


Communism was/is a plot designed to substitute a cabal of the rich for the rule of God. It is a utopian fraud hatched by the rich to thwart the dreams of ordinary people and stunt human progress. The same cabal is behind most wars including the impending attack on Iraq.

A precursor to the new world order, Communism espouses brotherhood, peace and equality in order to deceive us. It has taken over society’s eyes, ears, mind and spirit. Much of what passes for truth in the media and schools is part of this monstrous con job. The expression “politically correct” in widespread use in America is an old Communist Party term. Our politicians are mostly traitors.

Feminism is Communist both in origin and spirit. It pretends to champion women but in fact neuters both sexes and destroys the basic social unit, the family. The promotion of homosexuality as a “lifestyle choice” for heterosexuals is also part of this brazen elitist fraud designed to “create new types of human beings who would conform…”

  1. “We are a revolutionary party, not a reform group.”
  2. “Actual reforms were anathema to our strategy, as was getting out the vote …. main goal was revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat.”
  3. “…offers and vague promises of future social betterment attracted voters.”
  4. “Using the youth, minority groups and women because they were easily moved through emotional appeals – moral justification has a terrific impact in any movement.”
  5. “Negroes were used as instruments to further platform and ideology.”
  6. “Exalting evil, ridiculing right or good and vilifying outdated morals and virtues; mocking patriotism – all are to be changed.”

Western Civilization is like a ship floundering in a sea of evil, yet the passengers are too duped and distracted to realize it. Bella Dodd had the courage to sound the alarm 50 years ago. It is never too late to begin to resist tyranny. There are no lifeboats.

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She writes that everything they did to play on intellectual, humanitarian, racial, and religious sensibilities succeeded in conditioning the American people. No convention of teachers went unnoticed – national office would contact members who had infiltrated these organizations and have them introduce and/or oppose certain issues -focus on federal aid and separation of church and state.

Old virtues were ridiculed – “one must follow natural impulses to live life to the fullest and not be restrained by rigidity or righteous standards of a moral order.” What is condensed here, summarizes what Dodd described as communist goals in her book:

  • Eliminate prayer and/or any religious expression in schools – separation of church/state
  • Infiltrate religious institutions replacing them with “social religion” – discredit Bible
  • Break down cultural standards of morality promoting pornography, obscenity in all media forms
  • Discredit Founding Fathers as being aristocrats and out of touch with “common man”
  • Present homosexuality, degeneracy, promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy
  • Discredit Constitution deeming it inadequate, old-fashion, out of touch with modern needs (a “living” document) – promote new world order
  • Stress need to raise children away from influence of parents – attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children as too suppressive – basically discredit the family as an institution – “takes a village to raise a child”
  • Gain control of and obtain positions in art arena – eliminate all good sculpture from parks & buildings – promote ugly, repulsive meaningless forms
  • Eliminate laws governing obscenity – censorship; violation of free speech and press
  • Eliminate and vilify House Committee on Un-American Affairs and all laws/procedures that interfere with operation of Communist/Marxist/socialism apparatus and their organizations
  • Dispense with loyalty oaths and take over one or both political parties in US
  • Use technical decisions of courts weakening basic American institutions – violation of civil rights
  • Support socialist movements – education, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
  • Gain control of schools, teachers and student organizations, textbooks, publications – use to indoctrinate socialist (Marxist ideals; now Islamic) – soften curriculum
  • Use students to encourage and foster protests against government programs, agencies or organizations that attack or promote investigations into Communist/Marxist/socialist activities
  • Infiltrate all media, labor unions, and big business – obtain key positions to effect policy changes
  • Disparage all forms of American culture; discourage teaching American history – more emphasis on Russian/Communist/Marxist/socialist history (now Islamic culture and religion)
  • Treat behavioral problems as psychiatric disorder; dominate psychiatric profession to facilitate mental health laws as means to gain coercive control over the opposition

Pawns in the Game

A book by Canadian Naval Office Commander William Guy Carr published in December 1954, which tells the story of how different groups or atheistic- materialistic men have played in an international chess tournament to decide which group would win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man- power of the entire world. It is explained how the game has reached the final stage. The International Communists, and the International Capitalists, (both of whom have totalitarian ambitions) have temporarily joined hands to defeat Christian-democracy. The solution is to end the game the International Conspirators have been playing right now before one or another totalitarian-minded group imposes their ideas on the rest of mankind.

“The cover design shows that all moves made by the International Conspirators are directed by Satan and while the situation is decidedly serious it is definitely not hopeless. The solution is to end the game the International Conspirators have been playing right now before one or another totalitarian-minded group impose their ideas on the rest of mankind. The story is sensational and shocking, but it is educational because it is the TRUTH. The author offers practical solutions to problems so many people consider insoluble.” Here are excerpts from the introduction of this book. We may publish excerpts from other chapters in the future.

A Luciferian conspiracy

If what I reveal surprises and shocks the reader, please don’t develop an inferiority complex because I am frank to admit that although I have worked since 1911 trying to find out why the human race can’t live in peace and enjoy the bounties and blessing God provides for our use and benefit in such abundance, it was 1950 before I penetrated the secret that the wars and revolutions which scourge our lives, and the chaotic conditions that prevail, are nothing more or less than the effects of the continuing Luciferian conspiracy.

It started in that part of the universe we call heaven when Lucifer challenged the right of God to exercise supreme authority. The Holy Scriptures tell us how the Luciferian conspiracy was transferred to this world in the Garden of Eden. Until I realized that our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with the spiritual forces of darkness who control all those in high places on this earth (Eph. 6:12) the pieces of evidence gathered all over this world just didn’t fit together and make sense. (I am not ashamed to admit that the “Bible” provided the “Key” which enabled me to obtain an answer to the question quoted above.)

Very few people seem able to appreciate that Lucifer is the brightest and most intelligent of the heavenly host and, because he is a pure spirit, he is indestructible. The scriptures tell us his power is such that he caused one-third of the most intelligent of the heavenly host to defect from God, and join him, because he claimed God’s Plan for the rule of the universe is weak and impractical because it is based on the premise that lesser beings can be taught to know, love, and wish to serve him voluntarily out of respect for his own infinite perfections. The Luciferian ideology states might is right. It claims beings of proven superior intelligence have the right to rule those less gifted because the masses don’t know what is best for them. The Luciferian ideology is what we call totalitarianism today.

The Old Testament is simply the history of how Satan became prince of the world, and caused our first parents to defect from God. It relates how the synagogue of Satan was established on this earth, it tells how it has worked since to prevent God’s Plan for the rule of the universe being established on this earth. Christ came to earth when the conspiracy reached the stage that, to use his own words, Satan controlled all those in high places. Christ exposed the synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9; 3:9); he denounced those who belonged to it as sons of the devil (Lucifer), whom he castigated as the father of lies (John 8:44) and the prince of deceit (2 Cor. 11:14)… Christ gave us the solution to our problem when he told us we must go forth and teach the truth, regarding this conspiracy (John 8. 31:59), to all people of all nations. He promised that if we did this, knowledge of the truth would set us free (Matt. 28:19). The Luciferian Conspiracy has developed until it is in its semi-final stage (Matt. 24: 15:34), simply because we have failed to put the mandate Christ gave us into effect.

Weishaupt and the Illuminati

In 1784 an “Act of God” placed the Bavarian government in possession of evidence which proved the existence of the continuing Luciferian Conspiracy. Adam Weishaupt, a jesuit-trained professor of canon law, defected from Christianity, and embraced the Luciferian ideology while teaching in Ingoldstadt University. In 1770 the money lenders (who had recently organized the House of Rothschild), retained him to revise and modernize the age-old ‘protocols’ designed to give the Synagogue of Satan ultimate world domination so they can impose the Luciferian ideology upon what remains of the Human Race, after the final social cataclysm, by use of satanic despotism. Weishaupt completed his task May 1st, 1776.

The plan required the destruction of ALL existing governments and religions. This objective was to be reached by dividing the masses into opposing camps in ever increasing numbers on political, racial, social, economic and other issues. The opposing sides were then to be armed and an ‘incident’ provided which would cause them to fight and weaken themselves as they destroyed national governments and religious institutions.

In 1776 Weishaupt organized the Illuminati to put the plot into execution. The word Illuminati is derived from Lucifer, and means ‘holders of the light’. Using the lie that his objective was to bring about a one world government to enable men with proven mental ability to govern the world he recruited about two thousand followers. These included the most intelligent men in the field of arts and letters, education, the sciences, finance and industry. He then established the Lodges of the Grand Orient to be their secret headquarters. Because Britain and France were the two greatest powers at the end of the 18th Century, Weishaupt ordered the Illuminati to foment the Colonial Wars to weaken the British Empire and organize the Great Revolution to weaken the French Empire. The latter he scheduled should start in 1789.

The conspiracy is discovered

A German author named Zwack put Weishaupt’s revised version of the age-old conspiracy into book form and named it “Einige Original-Scripten.” In 1784 a copy of this document was sent to the Illuminists Weishaupt had delegated to foment the French revolution. The courier was struck dead by lightning as he rode through Ratisbon on his way from Frankfurt to Paris. The police found the subversive documents on his body and turned them over to the proper government authorities.

After careful study of the plot the Bavarian Government ordered the police to raid Weishaupt’s newly organized lodges of the Grand Orient and the homes of some of his most influential associates. Additional evidence thus obtained convinced the authorities the documents were a genuine copy of a conspiracy by which the synagogue of Satan, who controlled the Illuminati at the top, planned to use wars and revolutions to bring about the establishment of one kind or another of a One World Government, the powers of which they intended to usurp as soon as it was established.

In 1785, the Bavarian Government outlawed the Illuminati and closed the lodges of the Grand Orient. In 1786, they published the details of the conspiracy. The English title is “The Original Writtings of the Order and Sect of The Illuminati”. Copies of the conspiracy were sent to the heads of church and state. The power of the Illuminati was so great that this warning was ignored, as were the warnings Christ had given the world.

The Illuminati went underground. Weishaupt instructed his Illuminists to infiltrate into the lodges of Blue Masonry and form a secret society within secret societies.

Only masons who proved themselves Internationalists, and those whose conduct proved they had defected from God, are initiated into the Illuminati. Thus the conspirators used the cloak of philanthropy to hide their revolutionary and subversive activities. In order to infiltrate into masonic lodges in Britain Illuminists invited John Robison over to Europe. He was a high degree mason in the Scottish Rite : Professor of natural philosophy at Edinburgh University; and Secretary of The Royal Society of Edinburgh. John Robison did not fall for the lie that the objective of the one worlders was to form a benevolent dictatorship. He kept his reactions to himself however, and was entrusted with a copy of Weishaupt’s Revised Conspiracy for study and safe keeping.

Because the heads of church and state in France were advised to ignore the warnings given them the revolution broke out in 1789. In order to alert other governments to their danger, in 1798 John Robison published a book, entitled “Proof of a Conspiracy to Destroy All Governments and Religions”. But his warnings have been ignored, as were the others.

The creation of Communism

In 1829, the Illuminati held a meeting in New York which was addressed by a British Illuminist named Wright. Those in attendance were informed that the Illuminati intended to unite the Nihilist and Atheist groups with all other subversive organizations into an international organization to be known as Communism. This destructive force was to be used to enable the Illuminati to foment future wars and revolutions. Clinton Roosevelt (a direct ancestor of F.D.R.) Horace Greeley, and Chas. Dana were appointed a committee to raise funds for this new venture. The fund they raised financed Karl Marx and Engels when they wrote “Das Capital” and “The Communist Manifesto” in Soho, England.

In 1830, Weishaupt died. He carried the deception that the Illuminati was dead to his own death-bed where, to convince his spiritual advisers, he pretended to repent and rejoin the Church.

According to Weishaupt’s revised version of the Age-Old conspiracy the Illuminati were to organize, finance, direct and control ALL international organizations and groups by working their agentur into executive positions at the top. Thus it was that while Karl Marx was writing the Communist Manifesto under direction of one group of Illuminists, Professor Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University was writing the antithesis under direction of another group, so that those who direct the conspiracy at the top could use the differences in these two ideologies to start dividing larger and larger numbers of the human race into opposing camps so they could be armed and then made to fight and destroy each other, together with their political and religious institutions.

The work Ritter started was continued by the German so-called philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) who founded Nietzscheism. Nietzscheism was developed into Fascism and later into Naziism and used to enable the agentur of the Illuminati to foment World Wars One and Two.

In 1834 the Italian revolutionary leader Gussepi Mazzini was selected by the Illuminati to be director of their revolutionary programme throughout the world. He held this post until he died in 1872.

In 1840, General Albert Pike was brought under the influence of Mazzini because he became a disgruntled officer when U.S. President Jefferson Davis disbanded his auxiliary Indian troops on the grounds they had committed atrocities under the cloak of legitimate warfare. Pike accepted the idea of a one world government and ultimately became head of the Luciferian Priesthood. Between 1859, and 1871, he worked out the details of a military blue-print, for three world wars, and three major revolutions which he considered would further the conspiracy to its final stage during the twentieth century.

The plan for three world wars

Most of his work was done in the 13 room mansion, he built in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1840. When the Illuminati, and the lodges of the Grand Orient, became suspect, because of Mazzini’s revolutionary activities in Europe, Pike organized the New and Reformed Palladian Rite. He established three supreme councils; one in Charleston, S.C., another in Rome, Italy and another in Berlin, Germany. He had Mazzini establish twenty three subordinate councils in strategic locations throughout the world. These have been the secret headquarters of the world revolutionary movement ever since. Long before Marconi invented wireless (radio), the scientists who were of the Illuminati had made it possible for Pike and the Heads of his councils to communicate secretly. It was the discovery of this secret that enabled intelligence officers to understand how apparently unrelated ‘incidents’ took place simultaneously throughout the world which aggravated a situation and developed into a war or revolution.

Pike’s plan was as simple as it has proved effective. He required that Communism, Naziism, Political Zionism, and other International movements be organized and used to foment the three global wars and three major revolutions. The first world war was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the powers of the Tzars in Russia and turn that country into the stronghold of Atheistic-Communism. The differences stirred up by agentur of the Illuminati between the British and German Empires were to be used to foment this war. After the war ended, Communism was to be built up and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.

World War Two was to be fomented by using the differences between Fascists and Political Zionists. This war was to be fought so that Naziism would be destroyed and the power of Political Zionism increased so that the sovereign state of Israel could be established in Palestine. During world war two International Communism was to be built up until it equaled in strength that of united Christendom. At this point it was to be contained and kept in check until required for the final social cataclysm. Can any informed person deny Roosevelt and Churchill did not put this policy into effect?

World War Three is to be fomented by using the differences the agentur of the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. The war is to be directed in such a manner that Islam (the Arab World including Mohammedanism) and Political Zionism (including the State of Israel) will destroy themselves while at the same time the remaining nations, once more divided against each other on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion physically, mentally, spiritually and economically. Can any unbiased and reasoning person deny that the intrigue now going on in the Near, Middle, and Far East isn’t designed to accomplish this devilish purpose?

On August 15, 1871, Pike told Mazzini that after World War Three is ended, those who aspire to undisputed world domination will provoke the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known. We quote his own written words (taken from the letter catalogued in the British Museum Library, London, England):

“We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

When Mazzini died in 1872, Pike made another Italian revolutionary leader, named Adriano Lemmi, his successor. Lemmi was later succeeded by Lenin and Trotsky. The revolutionary activities of all these men were financed by British, French, German, and American international bankers. The reader must remember that the International Bankers of today, like the Money-Changers of Christ’s day, are only tools or agents of the Illuminati.

Bankers finance wars and revolutions

While the general public has been lead to believe that Communism is a movement of the workers (soviets) to destroy Capitalism, Pawns In The Game proves that both British and American Intelligence Officers obtained authentic documentary evidence which proved that internationalist capitalists operating through their international banking houses had financed both sides in every war and revolution fought since 1776.

There is plenty of documentary evidence to prove that Pike, like Weishaupt, was head of the Luciferian Priesthood in his day. In addition to the letter he wrote Mazzini in 1871, another he wrote to the heads of his Palladian Councils July 14th, 1889 fell into hands other than intended. It was written to explain the Luciferian dogma, concerning worship of Satan and worship of Lucifer. In it, he said in part :

“That which we say to the crowd is ‘we worship God’. But it is the God that one worships without superstition. The religion should be, by all us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine… Yes! Lucifer is God. And unfortunately Adonay (the name given by Luciferians to the God we worship) is God also… for the absolute can only exist as two gods. Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy: and the true, and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay: but Lucifer, God of Light, and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay the God of Darkness and Evil.”

Propaganda put out by those who direct the Luciferian conspiracy has caused the general public to believe all who oppose Christianity are atheists. This is a deliberate lie circulated to hide the secret plans of the High Priests of the Luciferian Creed who direct the Synagogue of Satan so that the human race still find it impossible to establish on this earth God’s plan for the rule of the universe, as he explained it to our first parents in the Garden of Eden, told in Genesis. The High Priests of the Luciferian Creed work from the darkness. They remain behind the scenes. They keep their identify and true purpose secret, even from the vast majority of those they deceive into doing their will and furthering their secret plans and ambitions.

In 1925 his Eminence Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez, Archbishop of Santiago, Chile, published a book “The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled”, to expose how the Illuminati, the Satanists, and the Luciferians had imposed a secret society upon a secret society. He produces a great deal of documentary evidence to prove that not even 32nd and 33rd degree Masons know what goes on in the Lodges of the Grand Orient and Pike’s New and Reformed Palladian Rite and the affiliated Lodges of Adoption in which female members of the conspiracy are initiated. On page 108 he quotes the authority Margiotta to prove that before Pike selected Lemmi to succeed Mazzini as Director of the World Revolutionary Movement Lemmi was a rabid and confirmed Satanist. But after he had been selected he was initiated into the Luciferian ideology.

Satan’s goal: the ruin of souls

Learned theologians have stated that Lucifer, Satan, or call the head of the Forces of Evil simply “The Devil”, knows he did wrong and knows that he was wrong. He is a pure spirit and therefore indestructible. Knowing he is wrong he still is determined to drag as many souls as possible into hell with him to share his misery. This being a fact our duty is clear: We have to make known the TRUTH in this regard to as many others as quickly as possible so they can avoid the snares and pit-falls set by those who serve the devil’s purpose and penetrate the lies and deceits of those who wander about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Weishaupt’s plot requires :

  1. Abolition of ALL ordered national governments.
  2. Abolition of inheritance
  3. Abolition of private property.
  4. Abolition of patriotism.
  5. Abolition of the individual home and family life as the cell from which all civilizations have stemmed.
  6. Abolition of ALL religions established and existing so that the Luciferian ideology of totalitarianism may be imposed on mankind.

The headquarters of the conspiracy in the late 1700s was in Frankfurt, Germany. After the Bavarian Government’s exposure in 1786, the High Priests of the Luciferian Creed established their headquarters in Switzerland; since World War Two the headquarters have been in the Harold Pratt Building New York. The Rockefellers have replaced the Rothschilds as far as the manipulation of finances is concerned.

It is our duty to make the people acquainted with the truth. Our purpose should be to put God back into politics so we may establish government in accordance with His Plan for the rule of the universe as explained to us in The Scriptures and by God’s only Son Jesus Christ. Only then will his will be done here as it is in heaven. In my humble opinion, not until this is done will God intervene on our behalf and the words of The Lord’s Prayer be accomplished.

Download PDF of Pawns in the Game HERE

Ezra’s Eagle

(Medium) Donald J. Trump is at risk of being assassinated. Right now. The current threat to President Trump’s life was prophesied of nearly 2,600 years ago by an Old Testament prophet named Ezra. And the shadow enemy will come from within, not from without.

You should read this first, FOR REAL:

This article is focused on a little-known prophecy and quite possibly one of the THE most important and fascinating prophecies of #TheStorm. It’s found in 2 Esdras Chapters 11 & 12 (link). If you’ve never heard of the Book of Esdras, you’re certainly not alone. Also known as Ezra, this Jewish prophet and scribe was a contemporary and friend of Daniel (and helper to King Nebuchadnezzar) and is referenced several times throughout the Old Testament.

His writings were included in the Septuagint (Original Greek and first known) translation of the Hebrew Old Testament.

Jerome’s Vulgate (translated from Greek & Hebrew to Latin in 382 AD) also included Apocryphal books of the Bible (though Jerome hated those books and was barely out-voted to keep them in), including 1st and 2nd Esdras, but they were removed in 1885 from all non-Catholic versions of the bible. All Catholic bibles still include it today. Best of all, it was found in it’s original Hebrew form among the Dead Sea Scrolls, and is one of the very oldest scriptures we have ever found. Jackpot!

Caution should be used, however, as the Apocrypha (and the Bible for that matter) has undergone MULTIPLE translations over nearly two thousand years. Translation to translation, language to language, by hand, at candlelight…surely there were accidents, mistranslations, errors, typos, and evil designs to remove plain and precious truths. That said, these specific books and chapters in Esdras are corroborated by John, Isaiah, Daniel, and the Dead Sea Scrolls version, so with the help of these multiple witnesses, we have credible proof that this prophecy is both accurate and of great worth.

Here we have Ezra’s vision of an Eagle Kingdom in the Last Days, which you will see is America, TODAY. With the context of the other beast kingdoms that I have already outlined…

Let’s get into it verse by verse.

(2nd Esdras 11:1–6) (emphasis added by me)

1 Then saw I a dream, and, behold, there came up from the sea an eagle, which had twelve feathered wings, and three heads.

2 And I saw, and, behold, she spread her wings over all the earth, and all the winds of the air blew on her, and were gathered together.

3 And I beheld, and out of her feathers there grew other contrary feathers; and they became little feathers and small.

4 But her heads were at rest: the head in the midst was greater than the other, yet rested it with the residue.

5 Moreover I beheld, and, lo, the eagle flew with her feathers, and reigned upon earth, and over them that dwelt therein.

6 And I saw that all things under heaven were subject unto her, and no man spake against her, no, not one creature upon earth.

What can we takeaway:

A. Ezra’s dream shows an Eagle coming out of the sea or water. Rev 17:15 shows that water=people. Many of the Beasts in Daniel and Revelations rose out of the water too, and we know those are global empires.

B. The eagle has many feathers on both wings. Later on in the vision we will see that the wing count is 2 (not 12). There are 12 long feathers, and 8 short feathers, for a total of 20 feathers.

C. The eagle has three heads and the middle head is larger than the other two.

D. The 3 eagle heads are “at rest” or sleeping. Even while it is soaring and “exerting great influence over all the nations of the earth,” the 3 heads are all sleeping. To me, this is a perfect description of the Deep State/Cabal whose acts are secret to the sleeping public. The 3 heads run the Eagle Kingdom from behind the scenes, as Q has so eloquently taught us. We will get into who the 3 heads are, later.

(2nd Esdras 11:7–10)

7 And I beheld, and, lo, the eagle rose upon her talons, and spake to her feathers, saying,

8 Watch not all at once: sleep every one in his own place, and watch by course:

9 But let the heads be preserved for the last.

10 And I beheld, and, lo, the voice went not out of her heads, but from the midst of her body.


A. The eagle comes down from flight and sits upon her talons but continues sleeping. It sleeps while flying and sleeps while sitting. Obviously “sleeping” does not mean sleeping, more like…secret and unseen. More later…

B. The voice to the feathers is not from the “Heads, but from the Body.” Which I interpret to mean the kingdom is led by the voice of the people.

C. The voice tells the feathers to “be alert and watch” in a consecutive fashion, not all at once, one after the other.

D. The heads are preserved for the end times of this Eagle Kingdom (We will see the explanation of this later in Chapter 12)

Many times in scripture, we see a vision or dream, and then God provides the interpretation of the dream. Luckily, Ezra had the vision, asked for the interpretation, God gave it, and he included in the following chapter (Chapter 12). This occurs dozens of times in ancient and modern scripture.

Let’s see God’s own Interpretation:

(2nd Esdras 12:13–16)

13 Behold, the days will come, that there shall rise up a kingdom upon earth, and it shall be feared above all the kingdoms that were before it.

14 In the same shall twelve kings reign, one after another:

15 Whereof the second shall begin to reign, and shall have more time than any of the twelve.

16 And this do the twelve wings [feathers] signify, which thou sawest.

Takeaways: Really good stuff here…

A. Confirmation there will be a “last-days” kingdom that shall be feared (or respected) above all kingdoms before it. The “last-days” part shall be demonstrated shortly.

B. There shall be 12 kings/feathers/Presidents/rulers, that come in order. Not all at once, but consecutively. Yes, Yes, we are President #45…hang tight…

C. The second feather/king/President will rule twice as long as all the others. This second feather, and some other [short] feathers in the middle, are going to be used in identifying the kingdom itself. Ezra knew this and included it so we in the latter-days could see it. That’s the entire purpose of scriptural prophecy. Which President ruled twice as long as all the others? And no other President would rule as long as he did?

(2nd Esdras 11:11–12)

11 And I numbered her contrary feathers, and, behold, there were eight of them.

12 And I looked, and, behold, on the right side there arose one feather, and reigned over all the earth;


A. There are 8 total “short” feathers.

B. On the left wing of the eagle (Ezra’s right) the 1st feather/President rose up and reigned with great influence.

C. This right/left thing can be confusing. Either the few good feathers are on the Eagle’s left, which is opposite to God keeping his good sheep on the right, and the goats on the left. Or Ezra is simply looking at the Eagle and recording this vision on his right and left.

Either way though, it doesn’t matter; just realize that the majority (14) of these 20 feathers are all following the 3 sleeping Eagle heads (As we will see shortly), and on the same side. The only feathers that give the Eagle heads problems, they will eliminate, and they are together on the opposite side. Thus, the few (4) good feathers (Presidents) are all “short” and attacked by the 3 Eagle Heads.

For the purpose of the scripture below, we will assume that the Eagle’s left is Ezra’s right and vice versa.

(2nd Esdras 12:19–21)

19 And whereas thou sawest the eight small under feathers sticking to her wings, this is the interpretation:

20 That in him there shall arise eight kingswhose times shall be but small, and their years swift.

21 And two of them shall perish, the middle time approachingfour shall be kept until their end begin to approach: but two shall be kept unto the end.


A. There were 8 total short feathers/kings/Presidents that will have short “terms of office” or tenure. A “short” feather is a President that does not complete his full term, either because he was assassinated, or by resignation (JFK & Nixon are the two short feathers mentioned above, and are in the middle of the 14). Trump, as we see later, is identified as a short feather. Keep in mind that Nixon completed his first term fully, and resigned during his second term. Either way, President Trump will “leave office” before his term is out. Grim details below…

B. Two of the eight short feathers “occur” during the middle of the time of the feathers/Presidents. Meaning, look for 2 short feathers during the middle of all the Presidents/rulers. These two are JFK and Nixon.

C. Four more short feathers will be toward the end. Then the last two short feathers are at the VERY End of all the feathers/presidents/rulers of the Kingdom. Their reign will be short, individually.

(2nd Esdras 11:13–17)

13 And so it was, that when it reigned, the end of it came, and the place thereof appeared no more: so the next following stood up and reigned, and had a great time;

14 And it happened, that when it reigned, the end of it came also, like as the first, so that it appeared no more.

15 Then came there a voice unto it, and said,

16 Hear thou that hast borne rule over the earth so long: this I say unto thee, before thou beginnest to appear no more,

17 There shall none after thee attain unto thy time, neither unto the half thereof.

Takeaways: HUGE indication here…

A. The first feather/President had an end come and it faded off the scene of history. Just like when the term limits of a President come and they go off the world stage. This is WAY different than the political system of Ezra’s day, and altogether different than all others until Democratic republics took hold. This prophecy gains further validity.

B. The second feather/President starts to rule and it rules for a “great” or long time. It rules twice as long as any following feather/President. This is FDR. Now we know WHEN we are…

C. Notice the “voice” may be from God, or the “voice” may come from the body/people of the Eagle. The text doesn’t say. The “voice” tells the 2nd feather that none of the other feathers that come after it shall be even ½ as long as the 2nd feather.

D. Franklin Roosevelt died just months into his 4th term of office. He was elected for 4 terms and died in office in April 1945. Republicans in congress passed the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution limiting Presidents to 2 Terms in 1947; and was ratified by the States in 1951. There has not been any President elected to more than 2 terms after the 22nd Amendment was passed. Thus, “none after thee” has been fulfilled. So, to get our bearings on the Timeline, if the 2nd feather/President is Franklin Roosevelt, we have our year on the timeline in these verses set to about 1945 AD.

(2nd Esdras 11:18–19)

“18 Then arose the third, and reigned as the other before, and appeared no more also.

19 So went it with all the residue one after another, as that every one reigned, and then appeared no more.”


A. The third feather/President stands up to rule and does like normal and exits office at the end of their time. Then all the rest of the feathers/Presidents do likewise. Remember, there are long and short feathers/Presidents in this initial 14 feather mix, and they succeed each other, one after the other.

(2nd Esdras 11:20–21)

20 Then I beheld, and, lo, in process of time the feathers that followed stood up upon the right side, that they might rule also; and some of them ruled, but within a while they appeared no more:

21 For some of them were set up, but ruled not.


A. “In process of time” means “after a while” or “a length of time goes by”.

B. All the rest of the feathers/Presidents on the Eagle’s left (Ezra’s right) side ruled for a time and then were out of office.

C. Some feathers/Presidents were set up, “but ruled not.” I do not know what this part means, but a possible conclusion is the Sleeping Heads meant for someone else to rule. Called an audible…

(2nd Esdras 11:22)

“22 After this I looked, and, behold, the twelve feathers appeared no more, nor the two little feathers:”


A. Up to this point in Ezra’s Eagle Prophecy, we now have 12 long feathers/Presidents + 2 short feathers/Presidents = 14 Presidents. These 14 feathers/Presidents are all on the Eagle’s left wing. These are all the feathers up to this point in the history of this Eagle Kingdom.

Remember, we have 20 total feathers/Presidents from the start of this Prophecy. Later in Chapter 12 we will see that the Eagle’s left Wing holds the 14 bad feathers/Presidents, all beholden directly to the 3 Sleeping Heads.

“Mathematically Impossible…”

For Ezra or anyone else, to have guessed the precise Presidential sequence of the last 14 Presidents in the last-days United States of America, the probability odds are ridiculously small.

Taking a possible long feather or a possible short feather is a ½ or 0.5 possibility…then calculating that over a 14 President sequence…

The probability would be calculated as 0.5¹⁴ which equals .000061 or .0061%.

That probability statistic has a near zero chance of occurring in real life.

You can calculate the even smaller probability of that 14 President sequence:

  • Happening within an “Eagle” Kingdom.
  • Occurring within the last days of the world.
  • Being recorded by Ezra as a slave in Babylon 2600 years ago.
  • Having the 2nd feather being twice as long as the other normal long feathers, and none longer…

These 14 Presidents are the end of the “bad” feathers on the Eagle’s left (Ezra’s right) wing. The next section is where America elects a good ruler that will take “rule unto himself” away from the 3 “evil” Eagle Heads. Then, things get real bad.

Let’s take a moment to note a few things that Q has helped us to understand about the formation of the CFR, the Fed, the Trilateral commission, and the [true/corrupt] foundation of the American Political system. Our system is rigged (understatement of the century).

1928 (Coolidge) was the last time America had a firm Republican controlled House, Senate, and President.

The very next year, 1929 is the beginning of the Ezra’s Eagle vision with Herbert Hoover as the 1st long feather, then FDR as the longest feather.

Why Herbert Hoover?

President Herbert Hoover was elected as US President in November 1929 and was an early member of the C.F.R. (most likely one of the Sleeping Eagle Heads), founded in 1921. Of note, the entire American Economy absolutely collapsed during his tenure (forced Great Depression, the plan), the Fed became even stronger, freedoms were lost, big government grew, and the seeds of Socialism (New Deal) were planted in America. These are the same tactics the Deep State has been using over the last 100 years in America and match the tactics of TODAY.

This would also mean that Hoover was the first US President to also be a member of the C.F.R. All of the next 14 Presidents have been C.F.R. members or have at least loaded their cabinets and staff with CFR members. It’s a revolving door and no coincidence. Even now, I suggest that that current leadership of the C.F.R. are some of THE most powerful people, in the world, and they collectively represent a “Sleeping Head.” It also means that they are about to “wake up”and take an ACTIVE (no longer hidden) role in the official governance of the United States of America.

Today [1972] the C.F.R. remains active in working toward its final goal of a government over all the world — a government which their INSIDERS and their allies will control. The goal of the C.F.R. is simply to abolish the United States with its Constitutional guarantees of liberty.” (None Dare Call It Conspiracy — by Gary Allen, page 87)

As many of you know, the Globalist agenda is not new. It has existed from the beginning [of TIME]. What you may not understand though…is that Satan (or Lucifer if you prefer) himself is slowly, craftily, secretly, painstakingly, building his PHYSICAL Kingdom on Earth. Ancient Babylonians, Moloch, Baal, false Gods (Greek/Roman/Egyptian), human sacrifice, secret societies, the Deep State, the Cabal, shadow governments, money/Fed/central banking, climate change, population control, slavery, death, destruction, division, dissension, conflict, war….all of these things are ONE in the SAME: a new iteration of Satan’s network to achieve global domination, and under his control. The TOP of the evil pyramid is NOT a small group of elite satanists or even the 3 sleeping heads of the Eagle Kingdom (though they are really close to the top). It is Satan himself. He was cast down from Heaven for rebellion along with 1/3 of all of the hosts of Heaven. Think of it: 1/3 of all of God’s children followed Satan and are here, on Earth. Billions of them. They are spirits, without body, hell-bent on getting one by any means necessary. Those who invite and allow evil spirits to enter their body can most certainly choose to do so, to their damnation and ruin. (Rev 12:3–4) It is REAL, and I have seen it with my own eyes.

Satan’s endgame is singular…to raise up armies and navies and with the riches of the Earth build up a PHYSICAL kingdom that fights against God and diverts God’s children from returning home to Him. Confusing us, confusing our God-given identities, destroying our families, tempting us to sin, telling us there is no God, telling us “to eat and drink and be merry for tomorrow we die”, and all the lies we are bombarded with every day. Satan wants us to forget that we are God’s children, and therefore brothers and sisters. He wants us to forget our divine potential and destiny, and to make war one with another.

Satan will indeed accomplish his endgame and it will appear as though he is winning/has won. But all hope is not lost. Jesus Christ will personally return to the Earth to reclaim it, and us, for His Father. Remember that when Jesus comes again, the scene on Earth is not pretty. I could be wrong, but it feels like we are merely years away from these dark events.

Part II

Now, let’s summarize what Trump has done over the last 3 years and measure how popular those things are according to the 3 sleeping heads…

  • Draining the swamp of evildoers and sleeping eagle head followers
  • He’s a self-proclaimed Nationalist (anti-globalist)
  • He’s removed the USA for awful trade agreements and partnerships that help the Globalist agenda; took on China & Mexico
  • Building a wall to protect our borders and halt illegal immigration
  • He’s significantly increased American Military power
  • He’s ending the Deep State setups in North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and elsewhere
  • He’s actively prosecuting and dismantling the vast networks of drug, sex, human, and weapons trafficking
  • Economic prosperity, created millions of jobs, record low unemployment

That has got to make those 3 sleeping Eagle Heads very upset. They like to stay behind the scenes and pull the strings of the feathers/Presidents. But, they are about to take a more active role and “waking up” after eliminating the next 4 short feathers, starting with Trump.

Newt Gingrich said in March 2016, during an interview with Fox News concerning the Republican Leadership…

And now they’re faced with a very real prospect of Donald Trump becoming the leader of the party, and it absolutely drives them crazy. Because he’s an outsider, he’s not them, he’s not part of the club. He’s uncontrollable. Uh, you know, he hasn’t been through the initiation rites; he didn’t belong to the secret society.

And for this, they will end his life to regain control.

Let’s get back to it…

(2nd Esdras 11:23)

“23 And there was no more upon the eagle’s body, but three heads that rested, and six little wings [feathers].”


A. All of the Presidents on the “left” side or “bad” side of the Eagle are done. This would represent all of the Presidents from Hoover to Obama (14), with Obama being the top, and JFK and Nixon in the middle. All 14 of these Presidents have damaged our freedoms and trampled the Constitution under their feet, or died opposing the Cabal (JFK), or scared into compliance (Reagan). They have not been good leaders, and they are merely the puppets, not the masters.

B. The Eagle heads are STILL asleep.

(2nd Esdras 11:24)

“24 Then saw I also that two little feathers divided themselves from the six, and remained under the head, that was upon the right side: for the four (feathers) continued in their place” (on Eagle’s Right side).


A. Ezra saw two of the last 6 short feathers on the good side, move over to the bad side near the last. Two traitors.

(2nd Esdras 12:29–30)

“29 And whereas thou sawest two feathers under the wings passing over [to] the head that is on the right side;

30 It signifieth that these are they, whom the Highest hath kept unto their end: this is the small kingdom and full of trouble, as thou sawest.”


A. These 2 “moving” feathers from Ezra’s left to Ezra’s right would be 2 feathers/Presidents that God has kept back for The End of the Feathers/Presidents of this Eagle Nation.

B. And when these 2 short feathers rule at the end, the kingdom is smaller than it had once been and it’s full of problems and trouble.

C. Note: these 2 last short feathers come after the 3 Eagle Heads. However, when these last 2 official feathers/Presidents are in office, they serve under the “bad”side and with the last remaining Eagle Head.

(2nd Esdras 11:25–27)

“25 And I beheld, & lo, the [short] feathers that were under the [Eagle’s Right] wing, thought to set up themselves, and to have the rule.

26 And I beheld, & lo, there was one set up, but shortly it appeared no more.

27 And the second was sooner away than the first.

Now it starts to get nuts.


A. We are now on the “good” side of the Eagle and the first feathers are short feathers. The first Feather on this side is Donald Trump.

B. As we will shortly see, thinking “themselves to have to the Rule” is a VERY good thing. I means that for the first time, we have a Feather/President not beholden to the Eagle Heads.

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, no one can deny that he is owned by no one, and he marches to the beat of his own drum. No one tells him what to do. He is the first in 100 years like that.

It also means that this 2,600 year old prophesy is lining up to RIGHT NOW, and that all the things QAnon has been saying, are true.

If President Trump is a “short feather” as Ezra states, it means he will either be killed/impeached/resign in the next 2 years, or in the next 6 years. It also means that Pence will become President (by line of Succession), and he will serve an even shorter term than Trump did (completing the remainder of Trump’s term would automatically mean Pence would serve less than Trump did).

(2nd Esdras 11:28–31)

“28 And I beheld, and lo, the two [feathers on the Eagle’s right] that remained, thought also in themselves to reign.

29 And when they so thought, behold, there awaked one of the heads that were at rest, namely it that was in the midst, for that was greater than the two other heads.

30 And then I saw, that the two other heads were joined with it.

31 And behold, the head was turned with them that were with it, and did eat up the two feathers under the wing that would have reigned.”


A. The next 2 feathers/Presidents also “think” in themselves to reign/rule against what the party-line Eagle Heads dictate. This “think” part means, they won’t ACTUALLY reign. They are cut down before they take office, but after they are selected/elected.

B. The next 2 feathers/Presidents die at the same time, because the 3 conspiring Eagle Heads “awake from their sleeping” from behind the scenes and “eat” them. Car/plane accident? State of the Union bombing?

C. Once Pence is gone, immediately after the next two are elected/selected (November 2024?), and before they actually “reign,” (January 2025?) those feathers will be removed by the Heads.

Worst case scenario: Trump is killed tomorrow, Pence is gone in less than 3 years (has to be less than the amount Trump served), the next two are killed right after that…we are ~3 years away from the Eagle heads and the death of America.

Best case scenario: Trump is killed one day before his second term ends. Pence serve almost 2 full terms, but less than trump. That gives us 14 years.

Note that the text says “and shortly it [Trump] appeared no more…”

(2nd Esdras 11:32–33)

“32 But this head put the whole earth in fear, and bare rule in it over all those that dwelt upon the earth, with much oppression, and it had the governance of the world more than all the wings [feathers] that had been.

33 And after this I beheld, and lo the head that was in the midst, suddenly appeared no more, like as the wings [feathers].”


A. The middle/larger/more powerful Eagle Head is no joke. It rules the Eagle Kingdom, and the world, with severe oppression. The Feathers are no longer in charge of the kingdom.

B. No where else do we see “Governance of the World” in this vision or any of the others except for the 4th beast in Daniel and John’s visions. This is it’s MAIN MISSION. I will soon show they are one in the same. The 4th beast spoken of in scripture IS the Eagle Kingdom after the Sleeping Heads awake. It will morph into the New World Order 4th Beast Kingdom (We will cover this part later.)

C. Once the middle head takes over, it will get a quick demise, leaving 2 heads to rule. “Like as the feathers” probably means it will be removed the same way the last 2 short feathers were removed [killed].

(2nd Esdras 11:34–35)

“34 But there remained the two heads, which also in like sort ruled upon the earth, and over those that dwelt therein.

35 And I beheld, and lo, the head upon the right side, devoured it, that was upon the left side.”


A. Evil often destroys itself. The two remaining Heads rule the world after the middle head goes down, and then the heads destroy one another (next verses).

(2nd Esdras 12:22–28)

“22 And whereas thou sawest three heads resting, this is the interpretation:

23 In his last days shall the most High raise up three kingdoms, and renew many things therein, and they shall have the dominion of the earth,

24 And of those that dwell therein, with much oppression, above all those that were before them: therefore are they called the heads of the eagle.

25 For these are they that shall accomplish his wickedness, and that shall finish his last end.

26 And whereas thou sawest that the great head appeared no more, it signifieth that one of them shall die upon his bed, and yet with pain.

27 For the two that remain shall be slain with the sword.

28 For the sword of the one shall devour the other: but at the last shall he fall through the sword himself.”


A. A little confusion of terms here…we can clearly see in verse 25, that the “most High” in verse 23 is NOT God, but rather the Devil. “Most High Evil” would be more appropriate.

B. “Finish his last end” is further commentary on WHEN this takes place…at the END of the world, and also his ultimate goal…world domination.

C. Additional confusion with the term “Kingdoms” here, rather than Kings. I believe the 3 sleeping heads are secret combinations/secret groups rather than a single individual. Whatever/Whoever they are, we know what they WANT and how they THINK: Global governance, human control, oppression, accomplish the wickedness of Satan.

D. The Middle Head actually dies “upon his bed” by the sword of one of other heads. Then the two other heads end up killing each other.

Quick Final Summary…

Ezra sees the future of America, in vision, 2,600 years ago, where President after President will rule for 100 years as puppets to secret masters that awaken after Donald Trump becomes President, to kill him. They will succeed, they will kill his next 3 successors in short order, and then rule the World atop a new American-European World Government.

In the next article, we will go into Revelations Chapter 12 and Daniel Chapter 7 to discuss the 4th Beast in further detail, the fall of America, its glorious return, and the end of the world.

Part III

Whether you personally believe it or not, we are living in the very last days of the last days, and this is a SPIRITUAL war for the souls of all men and women.

Let’s start by rewinding 4 years (back to 2016) and first imagining you are one of the leaders of the most powerful group on the planet. A secret, ancient, satanic, global cabal that fully governs the entire world economy, armies and navies, assassins, priests and churches, politicians and governments, all mass media, powerful CEOs from thousands of the worlds largest companies, food and water production and distribution, drugs, weapons, and more. All other secret societies are your appendages and report to you. Ezra in his prophecy calls you a “Sleeping Eagle Head.”

You make the laws. You are above them and they do not apply to you. You can do no wrong and you answer to no one but to your secret oath and evil Master, Lucifer. You were born into it, raised for this purpose, and your family has been a part of this secret combination for generations. You have secret signs and tokens that prove your membership, and you traded your soul for the power you now enjoy. The Christian Sheep believe in divine biblical prophecy, but you actually fulfill it, not God. There is no God.

What is it that you want? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What makes your world go ‘round?

More money…? Of course not. You have more than God (as the saying goes)

Sex? Drugs? Houses? Cars? Things? Also, no. You have anything and everything you want, all the time, instantly.

Power?? Nope. You have it all. You control the President, Congress, Senate, and Courts of the United States and have for 100 years. You control the British Crown, dozens of the most powerful nations, the EU, the BIS, the Fed, and all the central banks. You control Big Tech, Big Oil, and all the Banks. With a simple word from you, you can start global conflict arising from your puppets in Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Syria, and more, by unleashing a terrible virus or sending your armies. You create money out of thin air and then charge interest for it. The random faceless people or earth are simply human batteries and slaves to service and grow your Kingdom. You are above them.

You are unseen, unknown, and so many layers deep that even if someone gets wise to some part of your operation, you are so hidden and insulated, that any number of lackeys from a dozen different layers can take the fall for you should anyone take aim. Some in your organization think THEY lead it, but this is by design. You are safe.

So what DO you want?

Scripture and History tell us (along with QAnon and a little common sense) that you want two things:

  1. To maintain complete, total, and permanent CONTROL of the entire world and everyone in it
  2. Forbidden, evil, immoral things. (Rather than enumerate in detail here, just think Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Prince Andrew, NXIVM, etc. Think human trafficking and harming children in horrible ways. Anything that is pure or innocent would need defiling, and anything forbidden or off limits or against “the law” would need doing. Awful things. This is what [they] live for. It’s the only thing that makes them feel anything at all.)

Nothing gets your heart racing like a satanic ritual of blood or sacrifice.

Now, you’ve been at this a long time. Your puppets dance nicely for you. They have to comply even if they don’t want to because they are compromised and you own them. Life is good. Then, all of the sudden…

Nov 2016 — Donald J. Trump defeats your Hillary puppet. She actually loses. How can she lose? It’s impossible. We rigged it! We had our thumb on the scale. We controlled it all: the sleeping voters, the mass media, the polls and pollsters, the voting machines themselves, the DNC, the RNC, the politicians on BOTH sides….

This can’t be.

But it is. So what do we do? Well…we prepared for this, at least a little. We have an insurance policy. We can just remove him. But did we cover our tracks?? We never thought we’d lose. So…

RUSSIA!!!!! IT WAS RUSSIA!!!! Trump is an agent of Russia. (The idiot sticks on the news that could actually say that with a straight face must have some SERIOUS skeletons in their closet). Without interference from Russia, Hillary would be President. The DNC was hacked by Russia, and emails stolen. FBI Confirmed it. CrowdStrike confirmed it. The “Intel Community” confirmed. It MUST be true. “Disney, Alphabet, GE, News-corp, DNC, Democrat leadership, DOJ, FBI, CIA…let’s go. All hands on deck.”

“The morons are buying it. Seth Rich is dead. Assange is contained. Bob Mueller will help us. He’s one of us. He will make sure Trump is prosecuted and arrested. Everything will be fine again.”

2 long years later…Mueller fails. So now what? New orders.

“Ok….well, Nancy & Chuck…you’re going to make something happen or we will end you..” Now where can I find a whistle-blower…


Trump bribed…wait, no…he uh, extorted!!….No, wait….he engaged in a quid pro quo….NO! I GOT IT. He ABUSED his power as President and obstructed congress. We’ve got him!

6 months later…

(Side note: What’s so ironic about this is [they] spent the last 100 years making the Office of the President of the United States SO POWERFUL, that whoever controls it, controls a LOT. Like…everything. The President is the Keystone in the arch of global governance. Since Hoover, [they] have controlled the Office all the way up through Obama, Republican and Democrat alike, presenting only an illusion of choice. Now ALL of that power and control rests with Donald John Trump, with all of the tools they built and used to use on us. That’s effing hilarious. Sucks to be them. This is also why they have no choice but to kill him. More on that below.)

In the meantime, the last 3 years under Trump have done more damage to their Secret Combination than any period of time in modern history. Not only because they have never controlled SO MUCH of the World as they do now, but because Trump has devastated their entire organization from a hundred different angles of attack. Think of it:

  • Name a Country: we have peace, better trade (China, Mexico, Canada, Japan, others), they are paying a fair share for the first time ever, better allies than ever before. MEXICO is stopping illegal immigrants from crossing the border. Mexico.
  • Wars???? Over. North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and more. He’s ending all wars, and not starting any new ones.
  • ISIS…gone. Soulemani and Baghdaddi…dead.
  • Thousands of CEOs, Politicians, and other world leaders have resigned or been arrested
  • Hundreds of child porn sites/rings have been dismantled. Pedophiles, targeted and arrested.
  • Executive orders targeting human traffickers along with significant arrests and law enforcement action along with help and support for victims
  • The FBI, DOJ, CIA, and other US Law enforcement entities have been gutted from the top down
  • The mass media HATES Trump — that alone ought to tell you who’s side he’s on…
  • More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history. Jobs, wealth, prosperity, etc
  • Obamacare individual mandate penalty GONE. Basically every single thing Obama Muslim Brotherhood Hussein did…UNDONE.
  • Withdrew the United States from the deep state Paris Climate Accord and other fake climate BS
  • Created the Space Force as the 6th branch of the Armed Forces.
  • Confirmed more circuit court judges than any other new administration. 180+ judges.
  • Confirmed two Supreme Court Justices. Will have a shot at a couple more.
  • Withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran Deal.
  • Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognized it as the capital, and proposed a peace deal to the Palestinians that could actually work
  • Issued Executive Order to keep open Guantanamo Bay.
  • BUILDING THE WALL — They really hate this one. They want open borders globally.

The above are just a tiny sliver of the things President Trump has done, and in only 3 years! THE CABAL HATES HIM. And this list doesn’t even take into account all of the things he and his administration have done/are doing that we DON’T YET KNOW ABOUT. As Qanon tells us, that’s a really long list of incredible things like shutting down global human trafficking lanes, completely removing and replacing the “Old Guard” from the Swamp, fighting a silent war with the worlds oldest richest families, ending wars, killing bad guys, taking our stolen wealth back, and arming citizen patriots all over the world with the Truth, and opening their eyes. #redpill

Trump, his administration, and his team of patriots, are the single greatest threat to this ancient cabal in a hundred years (or more) and they are panicking like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

So what options do [they] have left:

  1. Do nothing — Trump completely ends their rule and exposes them. Mass awakening, Indictments, mass arrests. A newer, freer, happier, better world. — NOT AN OPTION
  2. Win the 2020 Election — “Our controlled media will help elect our inside people and we will defeat him at the ballot box.”— NOT AN OPTION (are you kidding me? Freaking Mike Bloomberg??? Or Bernie Sanders???? OR SLEEPY JOE?!!! Even the Sleeping Heads know they have ZERO chance of winning an election fair and square). Corona Virus?! Crash the Economy?! — Not going to work and they know it.
  3. Take Trump OUT — This is THE only viable option.

Ezra saw it 2600 years ago. If his prophecy is true, and I believe that it is, the following will very likely occur:

  1. Trump will win reelection in November 2020 (unless they kill him before the election)
  2. The “Trump Next 4 years Agenda” will HEAVILY target the Deep State in even more significant and public ways. Indictments, arrests, etc. My gut tells me he ends the FED and likely takes us back to a gold standard. Just THINK how the Deep State will react to that!! If you had the ability to do just one thing out of many to take [them] down, that would have the biggest direct impact. They’d be instantly broke.
  3. Then, in the first year or two of his term, [they] will end his life. Folks, we are a year or two away. 4 at the MOST.
  4. Pence becomes President — A new deep state decision tree begins: “We do nothing, we try to control him, we win the 2024 election, or we kill him too.” Ezra tells us exactly what happens. Pence is on the GOOD SIDE of the Eagle so we know that he is a good guy (Not beholden to the 3 sleeping Eagle Heads/Cabal) like Trump. He is the second short feather, his term will be shorter than Trumps, and he will NOT be elected President in 2024.
  5. In November 2024, a new GOOD GUY/GAL US President will be elected, along with a good guy VP.
  6. Before they can take office in Jan 2025, the Sleeping Eagle Heads/Deep State/Secret Cabal will have no choice but to KILL the President and VP-to be. The United States as we know it, along with our beautiful constitution, will be nearly destroyed. Our democratic republic will be overtaken in blood, to make way for a new global empire. We will get it back, but only after a 2nd civil war. More on that later.

This tragic reality is only FOUR years away from the time of this writing, friends.


[THEY] will take over the Government of the United States of America. This IS going to happen. I love Q, I love our President, I love America, and I do NOT want this to happen. But I firmly believe it will. Patriots may be in control now, but remember one thing: the scene we read about across thousands of years of scripture detailing the events that unfold before the second coming of Jesus, is REALLY REALLY BAD. Death, destruction, wars, earthquakes, famines, plagues, and more. No one will fully escape it, not even the Righteous, and especially not the wicked. Even if Q and the Patriots succeed in various areas, their efforts WILL ultimately fail.

(Random side note: THERE IS NO RAPTURE. No such thing. At least not the garbage that some Darbyist Evangelicals started spouting out back in the 1800’s or described in the Left Behind series of books and movies. God does not lift up the believers into heaven and spare them from what’s coming. If every god-fearing Christian were simply “caught up in the air to meet Jesus,” before the “Tribulation,” then why prophecy about the second coming at all?? Why any signs, or prophecies, or warnings, or any of it for that matter? It flies in the face of all of Jesus’ parables and teachings. It’s bologna, and we are all in this together. It rains on the just and the unjust. Jesus will indeed save us, but not until the VERY END. I intend to write an entire article on this.)

Meanwhile, there will be several significant things occurring as a result of Trumps aggressive 2021/2022 anti-Deep-State actions and also as a result of his assassination.

Imagine it…

You wake up one morning in 2021 or 2022 and see in the news that President Trump has been assassinated. What will the global reaction be?

The markets will tank. Bad guys everywhere will be emboldened. Patriots everywhere will mourn. The Deep State kicks ALL of their activities into high gear.

If the EU hasn’t fallen already by this point, this will surely be the nail in the coffin. It will crater and end in flames. They will be desperate, hungry, and in dire need. The world economy will be in free fall. The world debts will grow exponentially.

Wars and rumors of wars. Unrest at home and abroad. Men’s hearts failing them. Civil war in America.

Now…At last we come to the convergence of the Book of Revelation, Isaiah, Daniel, and Ezra.

If you have not read my thread on the 4 Beasts, please do that now. It’s available here:

Super SHTF stuff now…

Please make sure you read the twitter thread above about the 4 beasts.

When the 3rd Beast (The European Union) falls, the 4th and final beast (global empire) will rise up from its smoldering ashes. The United States, (after Trump, Pence, and the next US President-Elect and VP are gone,) led by the Secret Cabal, will form a global American-European-Russian world government. This “Kingdom” is what Satan has been working towards for millennia, and he will indeed finally physically rule the entire world.

The 4th beast has 10 Horns according to John & Daniel, and this beast is what Ezra’s Eagle morphs into once the 3 heads are dead. I assume those 10 NWO heads include the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, and other EU or perhaps Asian countries, because we know the 4th beast is comprised of the previous 3 beasts plus the US. The “little horn” or “Antichrist” spoken of by John The Revelator will be the leader of the 4th beast Kingdom and he is THE bad guy of all bad guys. He gets his power and marching orders directly from Satan himself. It wouldn’t surprise me if Satan possessed this man personally. A new state religion (a whore — Jesus and his church is a Virgin, the Devil and his church is the opposite, or a whore) will “ride on the back of the beast” and will be a merged amalgamation of Catholicism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all led by….guess who….the Pope. What a guy. There will literally be only TWO churches on the entire planet. Total. Those who do not worship the beast or the whore on it’s back, or it’s image, or it’s new currency, will be severely persecuted. Those who do, become a part of Satan’s Kingdom and will belong to him. Woe unto that person.

In my next article, we will get into this last paragraph verse by verse, in great detail, and get a complete understanding of this 4th beast kingdom, how it forms, the whore church riding on it’s back, how long it lasts, it’s fiery demise, and the events that lead up to the Second Coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Friends and Patriots, one final note…

I do not write this to scare or worry anyone. Prophets for thousands of years have seen our day and written about the events we are blessed to see unfolding before our very eyes. What a time to be alive! We are at the end of Earth’s mortal existence and we have been saved to live at this time and place and God is counting on us. How great is that?! This article focuses heavily on the bad stuff that’s ahead but the LIGHT and TRUTH that is coming will be more grand, more majestic, and more glorious, than I could ever put into words. America and the Constitution will be reborn 3 years after it falls, never to fall again. Patriots & Saints along with the help of John The Revelator — who is not dead — and the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel coming down from the frozen Arctic where they have been hidden away, will save us. Jesus will personally establish a Holy City in the heartland of America, where He will lead and direct His Holy work of salvation. Then, it will be Reborn America that takes war to the Little Horn at Isreal in the Valley of Megiddo (Armageddon), and wins.

Our savior Jesus Christ has reserved his most special children (us) along with his mightiest miracles and grandest signs to occur between now and his Second Coming. He will lead us, guide us, protect us, bless us, and whether we see Him when we die or live to see His coming in person with our own eyes, let us all be found full of faith and among His believers. Faith destroys fear. Big things ahead…

It’s going to be GLORIOUS.