Operation Polar Pen

A secret operation uncovered by political prisoner Schaeffer Cox in which the DoJ went after a whole swath of conservative political figures in Alaska with the goal of flipping it from a red state to a blue state by way of corrupt prosecutions. Skrocki and Bottini – Cox’s prosecutors – were at the center of it all. Eric Holder and James Comey codenamed the operation.  They did flip the US Senate from being controlled by Republicans, to being controlled by Democrats. This is how they got Obamacare to pass. Because US Senator Ted Stevens was not letting it through his committee. They made up a fake case on Stevens and convicted him. He was later cleared of any wrong doing, but then died in a suspicious plane crash. All the other political figures that were prosecuted by Bottini and Skrocki later got out of prison because of Brady violations committed by Bottini and Skrocki. The judge who sat on the Stevens case said the corruption was so bad that he appointed a special investigator – Robert Schulke III – to investigate the prosecutors. When this was announced, one of the prosecutors, Nick Marsh, “hung himself.” At least that’s the official story. He may have been the weak link and about to tell on the others.