Mueller, Robert

A deep state cover-up man described as “special counsel” in the Wikipedia entry for the deep state hero. After graduating from Princeton in the late 60’s, he joined the Marines – becoming a paid killer for the deep state at age 22 which seems to have shaped his entire career.  He eventually became a lawyer and a government prosecutor who was in charge of the prosecution to frame drug-fighter Manuel Noriega, ruler of Panama, ousted in a CIA coup and ironically framed for drug dealing. Mueller failed to aggressively prosecute the BCCI Scandal and was the FBI Director on 9/11 playing the role of deep state cover man by obstructing Congress’s probe into the events of 9/11 by laying multiple red herrings for any real investigators to divert them from the real perpetrators and covering up Saudi involvement; then targeted and tried to frame an innocent scientist by covering up the government trail of the Anthrax Terror investigations that immediately followed 9/11. He would see that unconstitutional surveillance, torture, and other crimes were able to continue by ‘disappearing’ any pertinent evidence. Mueller used his position as Director of the FBI to shield and cover up Fethullah Gulen’s criminal-terrorist network and operations, protect serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and took drastic measures to quash whistleblower’s like Sibel Edmonds and Susan Lindauer. Perhaps best known for his investigation into the deep state red herring – the Trump dossier on false claims of Russian collusion in Trump’s presidential campaign, as Mueller and his team of 16 attorneys (none of which are Republican) kept the false narrative alive for months without any evidence of Russian collusion.

Mueller did such a good job of covering up all the crimes of the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton’s crimes and the IRS assault on conservative and Tea Party 501(C)(3) organizations, that Obama appointed him for another two years after his ten-year term as FBI director expired, having been originally appointed by George W. Bush, presumably as a reward for covering up daddy Bush’s crimes. A Judicial Watch lawsuit uncovered how Mueller’s FBI worked with Lois Lerner’s IRS to try to prosecute the very groups Obama IRS was suppressing. As FBI director he was an aggressive defender of the government’s illegal and unconstitutional spying on the phone and email correspondence of millions of Americans.  His new deep state assignment is apparently to “do a Noriega” on President Trump by bringing “Trumped-up” charges for Moscow’s interference of the 2016 election – a complete hoax!. (

Sidney Powell on Robert Mueller:

Former Director of the FBI left his lucrative position at WilmerHale to become Special Counsel, investigating alleged “collusion” between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Mueller was initially heralded by both sides of the aisle—until they looked more closely. His past record as a prosecutor leaves much to be desired, and he hand-picked a team of blatant partisans and one very unethical prosecutor—Andrew Weissmann. Mueller is a long-time friend and colleague of immediate past FBI Director James Comey. The Strzok-Page text messages revealed that Mueller may have been kept informed during the Clinton email investigation despite the fact he was no longer in the government, and he may be the “insurance policy” they refer to in the event Trump was elected. Mueller’s investigation found no “collusion” or wrongdoing by President Trump despite working on it non-stop for nearly 2 years, and his indictments demonstrate that it has picked the people and searched the books and years of their business dealings to find crimes to pin on them.

Convictions of 4 Innocent Men to Protect FBI Informant and Mobster “Whitey” Bulger

As a U.S. Attorney in Boston during the mid-80s, he helped falsely convict four men for murders they didn’t commit in order to protect a powerful FBI informant—mobster James “Whitey” Bulger.” According to the Boston Globe, “Mueller was also in that position while Whitey Bulger was helping the FBI cart off his criminal competitors even as he buried bodies in shallow graves along the Neponset.”

Sara Carter reports:

In the early 1980s, before Mueller became the second longest serving FBI director, he was a criminal prosecutor in the Boston office of the Justice Department. He later springboards to become the Acting U.S. Attorney in Boston from 1986 through 1987. […]

Bulger was a kingpin and a confidential informant for the FBI from the 1970s in the bureau’s efforts to take down the Italian mafia in Boston. But Bulger’s relationship with his FBI handler Special Agent John Connolly became toxic. It was later discovered that Connolly went out of his way to protect Bulger and aided the crime boss against investigations being conducted by the Boston PD and the Massachusetts State Police. According to reports at the time, Connolly would inform Bulger of wiretaps and surveillance being conducted by law enforcement. […]

In 2001, those four men, who were convicted in 1965 of Teddy Deegan’s murder were exonerated by the courts. It was discovered that the FBI withheld evidence from the court to protect their informant that would have cleared the men, according to reports.  […]

U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner in Boston said the bureau helped convict the four men of a crime they did not commit, and the three of them had been sentenced to die in the electric chair. In 1972 their death sentences were lifted in 1972 but at the time they were still serving life. […]

Coleen Rowley, a former FBI special agent and former Minneapolis Division legal counsel of the FBI, wrote a Op-Ed in the Huffington Post titled No, Robert Mueller and James Comey Aren’t Heroes stated that when the truth about Bulger “was finally uncovered through intrepid investigative reporting and persistent, honest judges, U.S. taxpayers footed a $100 million court award to the four men framed for murders committed by (the FBI operated) Bulger gang.” (More HERE from

Prosecution of Manuel Noriega

In 1989, George H.W. Bush brought Robert Mueller to Main Justice to dispose of another nemesis, Panamanian President Manuel Noriega. Aside from supporting LaRouche’s “Operation Juarez,” Noriega had refused to go along with the cocaine financing of George H.W. Bush’s Contra insurgency operations directed at El Salvador and Nicaragua. Based on his work for the CIA, Noriega just knew way too much about George H.W. Bush and cocaine. Following multiple unsuccessful coup attempts against Noriega, on December 20,1989, more than 28,000 U.S. troops invaded Panama, killing hundreds of Panamanians, deposing Noriega’s government and armed forces, and extracting Noriega for trial in the United States. The operation was dubbed “Operation Just Cause,” an antonym if there ever was one.

Manual Noriega was known in the CIA and DEA as a steadfast drug fighter, and DEA and CIA agents testified to that fact at his trial. To overcome this problem, Mueller dealt and bribed Latin America’s most notorious drug gangs with “get out of jail” free cards, if they would say that Noriega dealt drugs. According to reporter Glenn Garvin, Mueller plea bargained down a potential 1,435 years in prison for the lying narcotrafficker criminals testifying for him, to 81 years. These deals and bribes included a $1.25 million bribe to members of the Cali Cartel (whose leaders Noriega had jailed) and a deal with self-avowed Hitler worshiper Carlos Lehder Rivas, leader of the Medellin Cartel. Once again, charges of prosecutorial misconduct flowed daily from Noriega’s defense and appellate legal teams, but the media operations accompanying the prosecutions had turned Noriega into a devil whose claims did not deserve to be heard.

BCCI Scandal Immunity Granted by Mueller

Having done the assignment on Noriega, Mueller ascended to head the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. Here he successfully covered up the drug, weapons, and terrorism activities of two banks, BCCI and BNL. BCCI was the Anglo-American intelligence community’s chosen vehicle to fund terrorism, launder drug money, and fund dark intelligence activities in Afghanistan, Central America, and throughout the Middle East. The highest levels of the British and European oligarchies were directly implicated in BCCI’s activities.

When Mueller started in that role, members of Congress and the media were already critical of the government’s approach to the BCCI affair. Mueller came into the picture telling the Washington Postthat there was an “appearance of, one, foot-dragging; two, perhaps a cover-up.” Later he denied the cover-up claim and the suggestion that the CIA may have collaborated with BCCI operatives.

But again, Mueller was simply brought in to accomplish the cover-up. The facts were that BCCI was used by the CIA to operate outside of the rule of law through funding of terrorists and other criminal operatives. The bank network was at the root of some of the greatest crimes against the public in the last 50 years, including the Savings & Loan scandal, the Iran-Contra affair, and the creation of the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Mueller was instrumental in obstructing the BCCI investigation led by Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. During this time, Justice Department prosecutors were instructed not to cooperate with Morgenthau. Describing Mueller’s obstruction of Morgenthau, the Wall Street Journal reported that, “documents were withheld, and attempts were made to block other federal agencies from cooperating.”

Describing Mueller’s role in the BCCI cover-up more clearly, reporter Chris Floyd wrote:

“When a few prosecutors finally began targeting BCCI’s operations in the late Eighties, President George Herbert Walker Bush boldly moved in with a federal probe directed by Justice Department investigator Robert Mueller. The U.S. Senate later found that the probe had been unaccountably ‘botched’–witnesses went missing, CIA records got ‘lost,’… Lower-ranking prosecutors told of heavy pressure from on high to ‘lay off.’ Most of the big BCCI players went unpunished or, like [Khalib bin] Mahfouz, got off with wrist-slap fines and sanctions. Mueller, of course, wound up as head of the FBI, appointed to the post in July 2001–by George W. Bush.”

Both banks escaped with plea bargains and fines, protecting dirty state secrets on several continents from public disclosure. Mueller left the Justice Department in 1993 for private practice, a stint in Washington D.C.’s Homicide Division, and one as U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California in San Francisco.

Based on family services rendered, President George W. Bush returned Mueller to Main Justice as acting Deputy Attorney General in the early days of his Administration, before appointing him, in July of 2001, to head the FBI. He assumed that office on September 4, 2001, only days before September 11th. As we shall see, he played a commanding role of covering up for the perpetrators of the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans on that date, while overseeing the creation of the police state measures which followed that attack.

Aggressive Deception of the American People Concerning 9/11

Then President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Condoleeza Rice and Saudi Prince Bandar on the balcony of the White House, September 13, 2001.

Yes, in the summer of 2001, when the new Bush Administration suspected it would soon need a cover-up, Mueller was brought in for the job. Although suspect Louis Freeh was FBI Director in the lead-up to the crimes, Mueller knew enough to keep things under wraps. He also had some interesting ties to other 9/11 suspects like Rudy Giuliani, whose career paralleled Mueller’s closely during the Reagan and first Bush administrations.

Under Mueller, the FBI began the whitewash of 9/11 immediately. Mueller himself lied repeatedly in the direct aftermath with respect to FBI knowledge of the accused hijackers. He claimed that the alleged hijackers left no paper trail, and suggested that they exercised “extraordinary secrecy” and “discipline never broke down.” In fact, “ring leader” Mohamed Atta went to great lengths to draw attention to himself prior to the attacks. Moreover, the evidence the accused men supposedly left behind was obvious and implausibly convenient for the FBI.

Meanwhile, Mueller’s FBI immediately seized control of the investigations at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, PA where United Flight 93 was destroyed. Under Mueller, leaders of the Bureau went on to arrest and intimidate witnesses, destroy or withhold evidence, and prevent any independent investigation. With Mueller in the lead, the FBI failed to cooperate with the government investigations into 9/11 and failed miserably to perform basic investigatory tasks. Instead, Mueller celebrated some of the most egregious pre-9/11 failures of the FBI by giving those involved promotions, awards, and cash bonuses.

There is a picture formerly available from the Bush Presidential Library which shows George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and Prince Bandar, Saudi Arabia’s U.S. Ambassador, on the White House balcony two days after September 11, 2001. The men are smoking cigars. Reporters inquiring about the photo more recently have been told it is no longer available from the Bush Library. Maybe the picture in this case says more than a thousand words ever could. Again, two days after almost 3,000 Americans were murdered by 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudis, the Saudi Ambassador yucks it up with the President, Dick Cheney, and the National Security Adviser on the White House balcony.

Immediately after September 11, 2001, Bandar arranged for a mass exodus of Saudi royals, intelligence personnel, and other Saudi nationals from the United States, including members of the bin Laden family, with the full cooperation of the United States government. He placed them beyond the reach of any future inquiry.

It is obvious that the 9/11 terrorists did not emerge out of bat caves in Afghanistan. They lived here in the United States, training for a suicide mission which required massive logistical support. The immediate conclusion of anyone thinking through the plot, is that this had to be state-sponsored terrorism. The Bush Administration, however, immediately focused the nation on Iraq and took the nation to a disastrous war there, when even the most basic common sense told investigators to focus initially on the Saudis, following the evidence from there.

Congress convened a Joint Congressional Inquiry into the events of 9/11 in 2002, chaired by then U.S. Senator Bob Graham. Senator Graham says that he has stopped using the term “cover-up” in relation to 9/11. He instead uses the term “aggressive deception,” and places Mueller, operating on behalf of the Bush family, at the center of obstructing his investigation and others. It was Mueller who angrily intervened to prevent Congressional investigators from visiting FBI offices in San Diego. They went anyway, and discovered troves of FBI documents concerning the Saudi hijackers’ San Diego cell, and its support by Saudi royals and government officials, which Mueller’s FBI never made available to the Congressional Committee, despite their specific requests.

Former Senator and Chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham, charged the FBI with engaging in what he terms “aggressive deception” regarding the truth surrounding 9/11 during a press conference at the National Press Club August 31, 2016.

Prince Bandar, so close to the Bush family that he was called “Bandar Bush,” is at the center of the support network for the San Diego hijackers. There were multiple documents in the San Diego FBI files referencing well-known sympathies for Al-Qaeda by employees of the Saudi embassy in D.C., including Osama Bin Laden’s half-brother. There were records of checks paid to Saudis supporting the two San Diego hijackers from Bandar’s wife. There was also a CIA memorandum carefully tracking Saudi government support for Al-Qaeda and other Saudi terrorist organizations.

Congressional investigators also discovered the identity of an FBI informant who was close to both San Diego hijackers and rented rooms to them, living in the same house. Rather than allowing investigators to interview the informant, Mueller placed him in an

FBI safehouse for “his protection.” The results of the Joint Congressional Inquiry’s review of Saudi government support of the 9/11 hijackers, 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Committee’s report, were classified in the final report. They remained classified, despite the demands of the 9/11 families and an all-out national campaign for their release, until July 15, 2016. According to all concerned, the man who classified these 28 pages in 2003—and adamantly fought to ensure that they would never see the light of day—was FBI Director Robert Mueller. The 28 pages solely concern what Congressional investigators found in the San Diego FBI office, the discovery of which Robert Mueller actively sought to prevent.

In the summer of 2015, another document formerly classified, Document 17, was quietly declassified. It was authored by the same Congressional investigators who wrote the 28 pages, and revealed that two Saudi students, funded by the Saudi government, did a dry run of the September 11, 2001 attack on an American West flight from Phoenix to Washington in 1999, an incident well-known to the FBI. After releasing the two Saudis from custody, the FBI subsequently learned, in 2000, that one of the students had been trained in Afghanistan’s Al Qaeda camps to conduct Khobar Towers type assaults, and the other was tied to terrorist elements as well.

Senator Graham has remarked that Mueller stone-walled his investigation at every turn. Undoubtedly, large volumes of documents concerning the Saudi role in 9/11 reside in still classified and undisclosed CIA, FBI, and other files. This is not the place for a full review of the joint British and American responsibility for Salafist terrorism. From the U.S. side, Zbigniew Brzezinski deliberately created and supported an entire generation of such terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden, in his geopolitical war game with the Soviet Union. He deliberately created a terrorist insurgency in Afghanistan in order to draw the Russians into a war there, and gloated about it until his recent death. Saudi Arabia has never been anything other than a satrap of the British, and the second incubation point for the terrorist phenomena manifesting themselves in 9/11 lies in the mosques of “Londonistan.” The CIA knew this. MI6 knew this. They had been using these terrorist networks for years for their own geopolitical purposes.

The FBI did not pay attention to the Saudis before 2001 because “they were an ally,” according to testimony provided in the wake of the attacks. In August of 2001, President Bush was handed a CIA briefing which explicitly warned that Al Qaeda was about to launch a major attack on the United States using airplanes. The President did nothing. Earlier, Robert Mueller, serving as Deputy Attorney General in the days prior to 9/11, had blocked a major funding increase for the FBI’s counter-terrorism division led by John O’Neill. O’Neill had moved his entire operation to New York because official Washington would not listen to his warnings about Al Qaeda. The job to “aggressively deceive” the American people about this sordid history fell to Robert Swan Mueller III, and he obstructed a Congressional investigation to do precisely that.

Due to an act of Congress, JASTA, the 9/11 families are now proceeding with their lawsuit against the Saudis. But why should they have to endure years more of litigation? Why doesn’t President Trump open the actual door on this process, assigning seasoned investigators, like Michael Jacobsen, who unearthed the San Diego FBI trove, to a full review and disclosure of the Saudi role in 9/11, the U.S. and British government role in creating and fostering Islamic terrorism, and the “aggressive deception” and obstruction of justice by Robert Mueller and others which resulted in this illegal coverup?

While engaged in “aggressive deception” about the criminal conspiracy resulting in almost 3,000 American murders, Robert Mueller continued to railroad innocents. He personally directed the PENTBOM investigation which falsely accused Dr. Steven Hatfill of mailing the deadly Anthrax letters which killed five people in 2001. For years, Mueller harassed the innocent Dr. Hatfill, ordering the FBI to search his apartment multiple times, searching the apartment of his girlfriend, ensuring that Hatfill lost his job, and leaking continuously about Hatfill’s alleged perfidies to the national news media. Once, when an FBI agent ran over Hatfill’s foot with his car, it was arranged that Hatfill would get a ticket for impeding traffic. The Justice Department finally paid Hatfill $5.8 million dollars to settle his Privacy Act lawsuit aimed at government leaks—a settlement, along with an exoneration, which only came when a federal judge insisted that reporters reveal their Justice Department and FBI sources for stories about Hatfill.

As part of the same PENTBOM 9/11 investigation which destroyed Hatfill’s life, Mueller, with Attorney General John Ashcroft, rounded up 762 Muslims who had overstayed their visas, and were identified via tips to the FBI “tip line” from a hysterical public reacting to the events of 9/11. Remember, Prince Bandar had already moved the key Saudis involved with the hijackers out of the United States. These individuals were detained, without charges, in a special unit of New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center. Their jail conditions were supervised by Mueller and a small group of other Washington officials, and amounted to torture. They were deprived of sleep and food, repeatedly strip searched, physically and verbally abused by guards, and denied basic hygiene items like soap, toilet paper, and towels, or any access to the outside world. Both the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Second Circuit kept Mueller as a defendant in the subsequent civil rights suit brought by the detainees. This means, under the high standard of proof required of civil rights plaintiffs, that the judges were literally appalled by the allegations against Robert Mueller in the complaint. In a 4-2 decision on June 18, 2017, however, the Supreme Court let the newly-appointed Special Prosecutor out of the lawsuit. Here is what Justice Stephen Breyer said in his dissent:

The majority opinion well summarizes the particular claims that the plaintiffs make in this suit. All concern the conditions of their confinement, which began soon after the September 11, 2001 attacks and lasted for days and weeks, then stretching into months. At some point, all the defendants knew that they had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks but continued to detain them anyway under harsh conditions. Official government policy, both before and after the defendants became aware of the plaintiffs’ innocence led to the plaintiffs being held in “tiny cells for over 23 hours a day, with lights continuously left on, shackled when moved, often strip searched, and denied access to most forms of communication with the outside world.” The defendants detained the plaintiffs in these conditions on the basis of their race or religion and without justification.

Mueller is often touted by the Washington establishment for reorganizing the FBI to become an effective counterintelligence and counterterrorism organization in the wake of 9/11. This also is Washington D.C. public relations claptrap. The FBI under Mueller excelled at entrapping the otherwise innocent, and constructing a surveillance state strongly resembling that portrayed by George Orwell in the novel, 1984. In the Newburgh Four case, for example, the presiding judge said the FBI, “came up with the crime, provided the means, and removed all relevant obstacles, making a terrorist out of a man whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in scope.”

As FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley later wrote with regard to 9/11, “Robert Mueller (and James Comey as deputy attorney general) presided over a cover-up.” Kristen Breitweiser, one of the four 9/11 widows known as the “Jersey Girls,” stated something similar:

“Mueller and other FBI officials had purposely tried to keep any incriminating information specifically surrounding the Saudis out of the Inquiry’s investigative hands. To repeat, there was a concerted effort by the FBI and the Bush Administration to keep incriminating Saudi evidence out of the Inquiry’s investigation.”

Supporting Breitweiser’s claims, public watchdog agency Judicial Watch emphasized Mueller’s role in the cover-up.

“Though the recently filed court documents reveal Mueller received a briefing about the Sarasota Saudi investigation, the FBI continued to publicly deny it existed and it appears that the lies were approved by Mueller.”

Mueller’s FBI went on to “botch” the investigation into the October 2001 anthrax attacks. As expected, the result was a long series of inexplicable diversions that led nowhere. The anthrax attacks occurred at a time when Mueller himself was warning Americans that another 9/11 could occur at any time (despite his lack of interest in the first one). They also provided the emotional impetus for Americans and Congress to accept the Patriot Act, which had been written prior to 9/11. Exactly why Mueller’s expertise was needed is not yet known but examining the evidence suggests that the anthrax attackers were the same people who planned 9/11.

Studies have found that almost every domestic terrorist plot during Mueller’s tenure, from 2001 to 2010, was in some way cooked up, assisted, and eventually busted by Mueller’s FBI. The book, The Terror Factory—Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism by Trevor Aaronson documents this in chilling detail. J. Edgar Hoover’s domestic security depravities seem pale in comparison.

The FBI now manages some 15,000 designated informants through a Linked-In type data base called Delta. It allows FBI agents to dial up informants to use in stings anywhere in the country. Informants then travel to their assignments and can earn up to $100,000 for entrapping and testifying against the unwary petty criminals, losers, and mentally-challenged individuals who inhabit the Bureau’s terrorist case docket. Philip Mudd was brought over from the CIA by Mueller to lead this effort in the FBI’s new National Security Division. Mudd, using a data-mining system called Domain Management, flooded immigrant communities, particularly Muslim communities, with informants to monitor and entrap those who expressed ideas favorable to radical Islam, whether or not those expressing the ideas had any real possibility of ever engaging in a terrorist plot. FBI agents referred to the Mudd-Mueller surveillance and entrapment tools as “battlefield management.” In other words, entire communities in the United States have been targeted and treated to the methods of the East German Stasi. On August 10, 2017, Mudd, now a CNN “analyst” who has raved repeatedly against President Donald Trump, told CNN analyst Jake Tapper, that the U.S. government “is going to kill this guy,” meaning the President.

Then, there is the surveillance state. William Binney was the senior-most technical analyst at the NSA. He designed a system, “ThinThread,” which would accurately track terrorist plots while preserving the civil liberties of American citizens. In the film, “The Good American,” Binney tells the story of how he did this, and how General Michael Hayden, then the Director of the NSA, ditched Binney’s program and spent millions of dollars with an outside contractor, SAIC, on an alternative system, Trail Blazer, which mass-collected data on every American, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Drowning in data under SAIC’s alternative surveillance program, the NSA was unable to pinpoint actual terrorist plots. Binney and his collaborators demonstrated that under his program, ThinThread, all of the information necessary to stop the 9/11 hijackers was recorded by the NSA and readily available to investigators. For that, Robert Mueller sent the FBI to raid and harass Binney and his collaborators, bringing criminal charges against one of them, Thomas Drake, which were later dropped.

And then, of course, there is Enron, another notch in Mueller’s prosecutorial belt. Stretching the law on obstruction of justice, Mueller and his task force went after Arthur Anderson and Company, then one of the world’s largest accounting firms, for the perfidies of Enron, charging the accountants with obstruction of justice. The U.S. Supreme Court found that Mueller and friends had stretched the obstruction statute beyond recognition to prevail in the case, a reversal which came too late for the company and the people who worked there. Arthur Anderson went out of business as a result of Mueller’s prosecution.

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Uranium One

a company created by Canadian entrepreneur Frank Giustra, in conjunction with former president Bill Clinton, in a deal that began in 2005 when Guistra and Clinton decided to corner the uranium market in Kazakhstan and ended up with the Clinton Foundation receiving $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow, with the speaking fee paid by Renaissance Capital, RenCap, a Cyprus-registered corporation controlled by former Russian intelligence officers with close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Among important facts not mentioned in a Jan 12, 2012 DOJ statement are Lambert-Mikerin-Putin connections to Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and other top Obama administration officials involved in facilitating or covering up the Uranium One treason scandal.

Along the way, Clinton secretly established WJC, LLC, a limited liability company registered in Delaware using his initials as a code easily recognized by Clinton family members to serve as a “shell corporation” through which Giustra (and others) could make under-the-table money-laundered cash and stock payments to Clinton for services rendered, while various Canadian entrepreneurs made millions of dollars in mostly anonymous contributions shuffled to the Clinton Foundation in New York City via Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI) in Canada.

The deal with Russia was completed in 2013, thanks to approval by the Obama administration, which had received a crucial “thumbs up” from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS.) The CFIUS is an interagency committee that must approve transactions where a foreign entity might acquire control of a U.S. business or assets impacting national security. Among the nine voting members of the CFIUS at that time were: Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner (CFIUS chairman), Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Attorney General Eric Holder — and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In an August 26, 2016 article titled “Hillary-Putin Uranium Deal: How Long Will Media Ignore It?” The New American reported that Secretary Clinton and President Obama had ignored repeated warnings from U.S. officials about the Russian scheme to acquire a strategic position within the U.S. uranium market, as well as the broader energy market. “Among the many documents to surface recently,” we reported, “is a State Department cable from October 2009 warning of the intentions of  Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear energy agency, as it ‘flexes muscles’ with regard to the global uranium market.”

State Department officials in Europe cabled Secretary Clinton, warning that a Russian strategy paper they had obtained showed Kremlin plans to gain “long-term supply of nuclear fuel” so they could, among other objectives, “shut” the U.S. company Westinghouse out of the nuclear market and expand Russia’s influence over Europe. The cable also warned Clinton that the plan detailed in the Russian paper “is consistent with Russia’s efforts to dominate the gas supply market in Europe.”

One named contribution involved Ian Tefler, a longtime associate of Giustra who made a fortune as a gold investor while he also served as chairman of Uranium One, who funneled $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation starting in 2009, through a Canadian entity he controlled called the Fernwood Foundation.  Tefler made his contribution to a separate entity, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership – Canada, but as was the case with CGSGI, the funds ended up in the Clinton Foundation in New York City.

Then, in October 2010, Secretary Clinton, with the State Department being one of nine agencies on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, an interagency committee operating out of Treasury, allowed Rosatom to acquire majority control of Uranium One, effectively giving Vladimir Putin control of 20 percent of all U.S. uranium, with Hillary Clinton allowing the State Department as a CIFUS member to vote a second time, in 2013, giving Rosatom permission to acquire all remaining shares of Uranium One, with the result nobody but Putin owned 20 percent of all U.S. uranium.

Throughout this period, 2010 through 2013, Mueller, who served as FBI head from Sept. 4, 2001 to Sept. 4, 2013, did nothing to investigate the complex payments to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation that give the appearance of a “pay-to-play” arrangement with Frank Giustra that allowed Bill and Hillary to reap millions of dollars, provided Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did her part to push the Uranium One deal with Putin’s Rosatum to a CFIUS approval.

Records show that Frank Giustra ultimately contributed $31 million to the Clinton Foundation and State Department cables released by WikiLeaks that show State Department officials had obtained in the Fall of 2009, an internal Rosatom memo that warned about Moscow’s intentions as it “flexes muscles” in uranium markets.  Despite this warning – a year before the first CIFUS approval – Clinton did not recuse the State Department from the two CIFUS votes that gave Putin control of 20 percent of the uranium mined in the United States.

Hillary sends Mueller to Russia with uranium

The WikiLeaks tweet referenced a cable Secretary of State Clinton sent to the John Beyrle, U.S. Ambassador in Russia, the United States Ambassador to Georgia Embassy Tbilsi, and the Russian Embassy, dated Aug. 17, 2009, indicating FBI Director Mueller was planning to fly to Moscow on Sept. 21, 2009, to deliver on the tarmac a sample of highly enriched uranium (HEU) that the cable identified had been confiscated by the U.S. Department of Energy during a 2006 “nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices.”

The key operational language of the cable was contained in paragraph six:

  • (S/Rel Russia) Action request: Embassy Moscow is requested to alert at the highest appropriate level the Russian Federation that FBI Director Mueller plans to deliver the HEU sample once he arrives to Moscow on September 21. Post is requested to convey information in paragraph 5 with regard to chain of custody, and to request details on Russian Federation’s plan for picking up the material. Embassy is also requested to reconfirm the April 16 understanding from the FSB verbally that we will have no problem with the Russian Ministry of Aviation concerning Mueller’s September 21 flight clearance.

On June 19, 2017, Shephard Ambellas, the editor-in-chief of, noted that the classified State Department cable in question proposed that FBI Director Mueller be the one to personally conduct the transfer of a 10-gram sample of HEU to Russian law enforcement sources during a secret “plane-side” meeting on a “tarmac” in early fall of 2009 was reminiscent of “the infamous Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton meeting which occurred on a Phoenix, Arizona, tarmac, back in June of 2016.”

Exactly why Secretary Clinton decided it was critical to arrange a clandestine transfer of this purloined uranium sample back to Russia, carried by FBI Director Mueller in a secret trip to Moscow has never been made clear. But several WikiLeaks cables show the State Department had been tracking Uranium One dealings with Kazakhstan since 2008, as seen here, here, and here. While Clinton apologists have insisted Mueller’s secret uranium mission to Russia has no connection to Uranium One or Secretary Clinton’s role in the CIFUS votes that allowed Putin to control 20 percent of U.S. uranium, the issue demands detailed investigation, especially since there is abundant evidence Mueller turned a blind eye to numerous highly suspicious, potentially criminal Clinton Foundation financial transactions related to Frank Giustra.

Did Secretary Clinton decide to return to Russia the sample of HEU the U.S. acquired in a 2006 Bush-era sting because the Clintons sought to communicate to Russia an interest in allowing Russia to gain control of one-fifth of all U.S. uranium via Frank Giustra’s Uranium One corporation, through transactions that promised to put hundreds of millions of dollars in the Clintons’ pockets?

In the final analysis, the question a Department of Justice grand jury needs to investigate include both whether the Clinton Foundation financial transactions involving Frank Giustra and Uranium One constituted criminal violations of federal laws regulating charities, and whether Robert Muller, as head of the FBI, acted as a “Clinton Foundation and Uranium One fixer,” equally complicit in the alleged Clinton Foundation crimes.

As Clinton Cash author Peter Schweitzer has noted:

A lot of people don’t realize it now, in parts of the Midwest American soil is owned by Vladimir Putin’s government because this deal went through. And in addition to the $145 million Bill Clinton got half a million dollars, $500,000 for a 20-minute speech from a Russian investment bank tied to the Kremlin, two months before the State Department signed off on this deal. It just stinks to high heaven and I think it requires a major investigation by the federal government.”

Now isn’t that special? Both the Clintons and their donor made out handsomely. Uranium One, which was gradually taken over by the Russians, would later be involved in a curious deal involving Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. As the New York Times reported:

At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.

Beyond mines in Kazakhstan that are among the most lucrative in the world, the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well…

Soon, Uranium One began to snap up companies with assets in the United States. In April 2007, it announced the purchase of a uranium mill in Utah and more than 38,000 acres of uranium exploration properties in four Western states, followed quickly by the acquisition of the Energy Metals Corporation and its uranium holdings in Wyoming, Texas and Utah.

So in exchange for donations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with husband Bill, gave Vladimir Putin’s Russia, a nuclear power, control of 20 percent of the world’s uranium supply. Is that what Hillary Clinton meant by a “Russian reset”? Yet neither Congressional Democrats, who accuse Trump and his son of being too cozy with Moscow, nor their wholly owned subsidiary, the mainstream media, are eager to talk about the Clinton uranium deals with Russia.

Actually, we no longer need an investigation of Hillary Clinton and Uranium One. This FBI investigation in conjunction to what we already knew is prima facie evidence of criminal corruption and intentionally putting of American national security at risk for personal financial gain. If an indictment of Hilary Clinton is not forthcoming, then Jeff Sessions should also be fired.

Writing for The New American in November 2017 (UraniumGate “Secret Witness” Comes Forward; Clinton Says Trump Behind Investigation), C. Mitchell Shaw reported on the then-pending testimony of William Douglas Campbell to Senate and House committees investigating the charges of Clinton-Obama-Putin collusion, as well as allegations of Trump-Putin collusion. Campbell was a confidential source/witness for the FBI for several years, providing thousands of pages of documents, as well as audio and video recordings, which are crucial to the Uranium One investigation and related Clinton-Russia deals.

Incredibly, although he was the crucial source/witness in the case for prosecuting Russian official Vadim Mikerin, Campbell was never interviewed by the Obama/Holder Justice Department, nor called to testify. Campbell was blocked from testifying to House and Senate committees by Loretta Lynch, who became attorney general when Eric Holder resigned in 2015. Clearly, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their Deep State crime cabal cronies and managers want to keep the Uranium One story buried. They know they can count on their “mainstream media” allies help them in this regard, while diverting public attention with contrived Fake News stories, such as the Mueller investigation and the alleged “s***hole countries” remark by President Trump.

It’s not like the establishment press doesn’t know about all of this. In 2015, the New York Times published a pretty detailed report on Uranium One by Jo Becker and Mike McIntire, entitled “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal.” Five years earlier, in 2010, the Washington Post published an article by Philip P. Pan, entitled “Clinton adviser intervened to help with uranium deal, ex-Kazakh official says,” that lifted the lid (at least a little bit) on the Clinton-Giustra-Russia conspiracy. A smattering of similar articles have appeared over the past decade in the controlled media organs of the Deep State puppet show. Some of them have even been fairly revealing. However, in matters such as this, timing is everything, and the handful of articles that have been scattered over the past few years serve merely as window dressing that the media propagandists can point to and say: “Been there, done that; nothing more to see, move along.”

Thankfully, there remain some gutsy reporters and investigators — notably John Solomon, Sara A. Carter, Peter Schweizer, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, Chris Farrell, Lou Dobbs, and Sean Hannity — who have refused to knuckle under and follow the controlled media herd.

Candidate Donald Trump repeatedly pledged that “Crooked Hillary” would go to jail. Although the Uranium One treason scandal is but one of the Clinton crime family’s many Russiagate crimes, and Russiagate is but one of many offenses in the larger Clinton crime wave, it is one of the most visibly important of Hillary Clinton’s transgressions crying out for prosecution.

Hillary and her co-conspirators in the Uranium One conspiracy need to go to jail. For reasons unknown, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has dragged his feet on this issue, and even misled congressional committees by stating that Lambert-Mikerin-TENEX/Rosatom prosecution is not connected to Uranium One, when in fact it is. Perhaps it is because he is listening to his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the Obama holdover that Trump and Sessions unwisely put in the No. 2 position at DOJ. Like Robert Mueller, whom Rosenstein appointed to be Special Counsel to investigate Trump-Russia “collusion,” Rosenstein has a concentrated interest in keeping the focus on Trump and associates — and away from the Clinton-Obama cabal. A genuine investigation/prosecution of the real “Russiagate” collusion, conspiracy, and treason would put not only Bill and Hillary Clinton (and possibly Chelsea) behind bars, but also Barack Obama, Eric Holder, John and Anthony Podesta, Frank Giustra, Robert Mueller — and Rod Rosenstein.

Source: InfowarsAmericanThinkerTheNewAmerican

Chronological History of Events Involving Uranium One

Huber's Faux Investigation of Hillary Clinton Ends After Claiming ‘Nothing Worth Pursuing’

Huber’s Faux Investigation of Hillary Clinton Ends After Claiming ‘Nothing Worth Pursuing’

An investigation launched into Hillary Clinton in November of 2017 by the DOJ and US Attorney John Huber has ended. Failed Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Huber to investigate Clinton Foundation. The investigation ended without charges. Huber never interviewed any key figures in the two-plus years of his investigation. And key whistleblowers were never interviewed and their evidence was lost during the sham investigation. The House Oversight Subcommittee ...
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Sixteen FBI Agents Raid Home of Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Whistleblower

Sixteen FBI Agents Raid Home of Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Whistleblower

On the morning of November 19th, sixteen FBI agents raided the Maryland home of a DOJ whistleblower who was in possession of Clinton Foundation and Uranium One documents. The whistleblower came across the devastating documents while he was working for an FBI contractor, according to the whistleblower’s lawyer. (Note: This order was likely in the works before Jeff Sessions was fired.) The Daily Caller exclusively reported ...
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FBI Informant Testifies: Moscow Routed Millions To Clinton Foundation In "Russian Uranium Dominance Strategy"

FBI Informant Testifies: Moscow Routed Millions To Clinton Foundation In “Russian Uranium Dominance Strategy”

Undercover FBI informant William Campbell gave written testimony to Congressional investigators after an "iron clad" gag order was lifted in October Campbell was a highly valued CIA and FBI asset deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry while Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI Campbell was required by the Russians, under threat, to launder large sums of money - which allowed the FBI to uncover a massive Russian "nuclear ...
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House Republicans Request Investigation on the Clinton Foundation

House Republicans Request Investigation on the Clinton Foundation

A request to investigate the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on charges of “public corruption” was made in a letter by 64 House Republicans to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charging the foundation is “lawless.” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen referred congressional charges of corrupt Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” activities to his tax agency’s exempt operations office for investigation. Political and corporate favors follow ...
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Rancher Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Rancher Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

The incident began when the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon were seized and occupied by an armed group affiliated with a sovereign citizen movement to defend against big government bullying and injustice. The seizure occurred immediately after an earlier peaceful march in protest of the prison sentences for ranchers Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven Hammond. The Hammond's were convicted of arson for starting a backfire to prevent a larger lightning ...
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Trump Impeachment Coup

The ridiculous attempt by the left to attack and even impeach President Trump over a fake ‘whistleblower’, later outed as an anti-Trump CIA agent, who heard from a source that wasn’t even in attendance on a call that Trump made with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, that the POTUS pressured Zelenskyy into re-investigating the Biden’s – which is the real UkraineGate cover up. Joe Biden has even bragged about getting the prosecutor fired (using $1bln in loan guarantees as leverage) for investigating his son Hunter (a dishonorably discharged coke-head) who received millions from corrupt Ukraine gas company Burisma Holdings, to be on a board with which he had zero experience. It was a pay-to-play scheme by Biden, not unlike his China deal, that resulted in the left gaslighting and blaming Trump for doing absolutely nothing wrong other than becoming a threat to uncover their 2014 coup in Ukraine in collusion with corrupt companies and oligarchs. Adam schiff, following a month of secret auditions in the basement chambers, held a show trial meant, along with the Mockingbird media, to convince the masses of quid pro quo. It failed.

The truth of the Ukraine matter is that the British Empire and the Obama Administration—emphatically including Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter—orchestrated a Nazi coup d’état in Ukraine in early 2014, the “Maidan revolution,” both to destroy that country and to threaten the very existence of Russia as a sovereign nation. When Russia responded to defend itself, and Crimea voted to return to being a part of Russia, that was then used to set into motion the chain of events including economic sanctions, further expansion of NATO eastwards to Russia’s borders, and other attacks on Russia, that have made it next to impossible for President Donald Trump to develop a good working relationship with that country, which is his stated goal.

Two members of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, Deputies Andriy Derkach and Oleksandr Dubinsky publicly presented further revelations about the sordid Nazi coup, including accusations that the $16.5 million reportedly paid to Hunter Biden by Burisma energy company, was itself money that had been stolen by Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky from the Ukrainian people. That story, whose details remain to be confirmed by independent investigation, has been frenetically blacked out of the U.S. and international media—including shutting down Twitter accounts that dared to report the matter—lest the story break the intended controlled environment of media brainwashing of the American people during the impeachment circus.

The British and their American allies launched a similar violent “Maidan revolution” in Hong Kong, this time to force China to intervene to defend its essential, strategic interests in a way that can then be used to further drive a wedge between President Xi Jinping and President Trump. As an editorial in the semi-official Global Times stated, Hong Kong faces a threat to be “erased from the modern world,” which would constitute an existential threat to China itself and will not be tolerated.

OAN Investigates Ukrainegate

In this special edition of One America News Investigates, Chanel Rion interviews several witnesses who destroy Adam Schiff’s baseless impeachment case against President Trump. In a three part EXCLUSIVE report, Rudy Giuliani debunks the impeachment hoax and exposes Biden family corruption in Ukraine.

A parade of Washington’s unelected diplomatic elite has been appearing before the House Intelligence Committee in a tiny room in the House basement, a SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility), walled off from the world by a blanket of electronic security to enforce absolute, total secrecy. There, in a proceeding reminding most of the British Star Chamber, they are making claims against a man they hate, a man whom the voters elected in 2016 to throw them all out of any power whatsoever over the nation—the President of the United States. Here is how America voted.

They are claiming that President Trump withheld necessary military aid for Ukraine in exchange for a promise by the Ukrainians to investigate Joe Biden and his cocaine-addled son, Hunter. This is the so-called “impeachment inquiry” which follows two previous impeachment campaigns in sequence, launched by the Democrats and the Anglo-American defense and intelligence establishment on the day Donald Trump won the election.

In this brief we will show you that Donald Trump should have withheld military aid from the Ukrainians, but for a reason different than that stated. And, we will demonstrate that Joe Biden should be investigated, for supervising a coup, led by neo-Nazis in Ukraine, which has collapsed that country. Thousands have been killed or fled the country. Many of the foreign policy mandarins now testifying against Trump were Biden’s managers of that horrific crime, and other similar crimes, which have created America’s “forever” wars.

Joe Biden otherwise played a key role as Obama’s Vice President in the 2016-2017 illegalities against candidate and President-elect Donald Trump, actively joining a small group of “principals” (John Brennan, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, Jim Comey) discussing and implementing the intelligence feed for a propaganda campaign intended to defeat Trump by smearing him as a Russian agent. These conversations included Susan Rice, Avril Haines, and Lisa Monaco from the White House side, in addition to Joe Biden. Biden also played a significant role in the attempted coverup of the White House’s direct role in the 2016 foreign interference operation against Donald Trump.

After the string of illegalities against Trump, which continued through his firing of FBI Director James Comey, and after the brutal Robert Mueller inquisition, which destroyed many lives but came up empty as to any crimes by the President, we have now entered phase three of the coup against the President. As Congressman Al Green (D-TX) and even Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have admitted: impeachment now is necessary because, without it, Trump will win a second term. The same sentiment was pronounced by the British House of Lords in their 2018 “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order,” in an order to their American satrapy: a second Trump term must not happen.

Everyone who has appeared before the House Intelligence Committee so far, is up to their ears in U.S./British regime-change operations, particularly the one conducted by the Obama Administration in 2013-2014 in Ukraine, where Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland engineered regime change on Russia’s border, using Neo-Nazis as muscle, and creating a post-coup vassal-state which included the very same Neo-Nazis as government officials. Joe Biden, who served as the Obama Administration’s “point man” on Ukraine, and Biden’s State Department, National Endowment for Democracy, and Atlantic Council buddies misnamed their atrocity, the “Revolution of Dignity.” Victoria Nuland, the case officer with Joe Biden for the coup, says the United States spent $5 billion dollars in creating this fiasco. Her figures do not include substantial funds delivered by the British government and NATO, along with George Soros and other privateers.

Like other regime-change wars, most prominently Iraq, this one installed a government of colonial administrators, and resulted in a perfectly predictable, violent insurgency from those sections of Ukraine that would never agree to an occupation government, particularly after being attacked by the coup’s “Right Sector” neo-Nazis. In Ukraine, this insurgency involved the Russian-speaking population of Eastern Ukraine, the Donbass, where, after the coup, the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk declared themselves autonomous Republics. There is plenty of evidence that the insurgency was provoked to facilitate a full-scale ethnic cleansing of this asset-rich area which formerly housed that nation’s manufacturing capacity and skilled workforce.

The conflict in the Donbass has killed over 13,000 people to date. And the coup resulted in the further disintegration of Ukraine into Europe’s poorest country. The operation replaced one set of corrupt oligarchs who stole the country’s riches after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but were considered “soft” on Russia, with a different set of oligarchs who have voiced a desire to go to war with Russia, while continuing the stealing.

Biden, Ukraine, and Burisma

This is the context for the real Joe Biden corruption story in Ukraine and his son’s estimated $3 million dollar haul from one of the largest and most corrupt Ukrainian gas and oil companies: Burisma. This is a story about the obsession of Joe Biden and others who went out to cripple Russia’s economy by shutting down the gas transit lines that pass from Russia, through Ukraine, to Europe, while supplying Ukraine through Western oil companies shepherded into the country by Biden, along with a scheme for fracking in the war-torn Donbass. They pursued this while overtly threatening Russia with nuclear war, facilitated by their new vassal state, Ukraine, on Russia’s border—placing the entire world in jeopardy by their madness. To accomplish his gas gambit, Biden had to capture Burisma.

Many of the British and American intelligence operatives who accomplished the Ukraine “regime change” in 2014, turned their attention, in 2016, to destroying the political candidacy of Donald Trump, smearing him as a Manchurian candidate because he publicly stated a desire for better relations with Russia.

When Rudy Giuliani started to investigate Kiev’s role in the illegal 2016 attempt to defeat Donald Trump, he touched a “third rail” of British and American intelligence, one that goes all the way back to British and American adoption and support of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B) led by Stepan Bandera and Mykola Lebed. Bandera was an MI-6 agent, Lebed became CIA. Earlier, during World War II, in collaboration with the Nazis, they slaughtered thousands of Poles and Jews—all in the name of defeating Russia. The Right Sector groups used by Joe Biden for the coup and subsequently installed in the government, idolize Stepan Bandera.

Now that Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham have, as anticipated, undertaken a full criminal investigation of the U.S., British and other intelligence figures who led the 2016-2017 effort to defeat Donald Trump and subvert his presidency, the Ukrainian aspect of this operation has become a very, very hot potato.

The appearance of the bogus Ukraine-aid “whistleblower”—himself, we now know, a CIA agent, expert in Ukraine, who previously worked with Joe Biden in the Obama White House—represents an effort to block this story from serious investigation at all costs. It also aims to delegitimize the entire Barr/Durham criminal investigation, as well as the imminent report of the Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Both DOJ investigations center on illegalities in the first stage of the coup against Trump, prior to Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel. And, most important, the bogus impeachment “inquiry” is yet another full-spectrum information-warfare operation, using the media, fed by cascading, 24/7 bogus headlines and leaks from the intelligence community and the Democrats in Congress, to tank the President’s standing with the American people and either impeach him or defeat him in 2020.

The Present Charade

We now know that the bogus whistleblower worked, covertly, with Congressman Adam Schiff’s staff to launder leaks about the President’s July 25th phone call with incoming Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, into a new bogus narrative about the President. This whistleblower is represented by a law firm that has actively sought whistleblowers from the intelligence agencies against the President, posting leaflets and billboard ads outside the agencies and offering to cover any and all expenses.

Paul Sperry, in an October 30th article at Real Clear Investigations, states that everyone in Washington and the national news media “knows” that the bogus whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella. If true, it only highlights the scandal embodied in the sham impeachment proceedings being run by the Democrats, it is the equivalent of a hand grenade. Ciaramella worked in the Obama White House with Susan Rice, John Brennan and Joe Biden on Ukraine. He also worked with Alexandra Chalupa, who ran Ukraine’s illegal 2016 election interference in the United States on behalf of Hillary Clinton. According to a former NSC official, he got caught leaking to the media as an Obama holdover at the NSC under Trump, where he chaired the Ukraine desk. His leaks framed the totally bogus narrative that Putin caused the firing of James Comey by Trump. Rather than being fired,
Ciaramella returned to the CIA and his close friends, according to Sperry’s story, joined Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee, a most convenient setup.

The bogus whistleblower was also assisted by a new Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Michael Atkinson, who dubbed this bogus complaint “credible” and “urgent.” Atkinson migrated from the leadership of the National Security Division of the Justice Department—a central control point in Phases 1 and 2 of the coup—to the IG post, and promptly rewrote the rules so that whistleblower complaints could be based on total hearsay and gossip, rather than first-hand knowledge. In Atkinson’s January 2019 confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner (D-VA) charged him with a mission of protecting whistleblowers first and foremost. This was most strange coming from a committee that has repeatedly acquiesced in the destruction of actual whistleblowers such as Tom Drake, Bill Binney, Jeff Sterling, and Julian Assange. It suggests that a new “insurance policy” was being worked on already by the higher echelons of the intelligence community and the most corrupted committee in the Senate.

Surprise: the Transcript

To the surprise of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the coup’s strategists, the President released the actual transcript of his July 25th phone conversation with President Zelensky, which, in any reasonable culture, should have ended the entire affair. The bogus whistleblower’s gossip was proven demonstrably false by the transcript. Washington, D.C. is not, presently, such a culture.

In the call, President Trump congratulated Zelensky on his victory in the parliamentary elections, and Zelensky promptly announced that he would be reforming his government to clean up its legendary and horrific corruption. The President and Zelensky discussed the fact that the United States is shouldering the burden of support for Ukraine, while Germany and other European countries, which have the most immediate strategic interest, are not contributing enough.

In the portion of the call the Democrats are trying to make an impeachable crime, President Trump said he was concerned about Ukraine’s intervention into the 2016 U.S. election on behalf of Hillary Clinton and expressed concern that Zelensky is surrounded by some of the same people who conducted those activities. Trump asked whether the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer server examined by CrowdStrike is in the possession of a Ukrainian oligarch. He asks Zelensky to work with Attorney General Barr, who is conducting the investigation into the 2016 presidential election illegalities. He characterizes this request to investigate possible Ukrainian illegalities in the 2016 election, and to speak with Attorney General Barr, as doing him (Trump) a “favor.”

The “favor,” it is clear, had nothing to do with the 2020 elections or asking Ukraine to “attack” Democrats and Joe Biden, as repeatedly mischaracterized by Democrats and the bogus whistleblower. Instead, it had to do with investigating the ongoing coup in the United States which threatens this nation’s very existence.

It is Zelensky who brings up Rudy Giuliani, the President’s lawyer, who, since January 2019, has been conducting his own investigation of Ukraine’s interference on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The President then says that he had heard that a very good prosecutor in Ukraine was shut down by some very bad people, and that the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was bad news, as were the people she was dealing with. The President then relates that Joe Biden bragged about stopping the prosecution of Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company where Hunter Biden sat on the Board. He says that whatever Zelensky can tell Attorney General Barr about this would be great. Zelensky responds that Marie Yovanovitch was a bad ambassador as she admired Petro Poroshenko, the previous President, and refused to accept Zelensky’s election.

That’s it. There was absolutely nothing illegal or wrong here, despite the hair-on-fire headlines fulminated daily by the news media and Adam Schiff—the same “walls closing in” nonsense that occurred daily during Russiagate. There is no reference to, “if you do this, I’ll do that.” In fact, the Ukrainians were not even aware that the lethal military aid they were expecting had been placed on temporary hold.

Unfortunately, the President, after the call, approved the lethal military aid to Ukraine which Congress’ war-mongers had ordered up in their continuing destructive madness about “Russia, Russia, Russia.” The aid was issued without any requirement whatsoever that Ukraine produce anything to meet President Trump’s concerns about 2016 election interference or the corruption surrounding Burisma and/or Joe Biden. The aid was issued without any real guarantees in place to ensure that lethal weaponry would not be put in the hands of the various Neo-Nazis integrated into Ukraine’s National Guard and militias, and who are now arrayed against President Zelensky himself, charging that his effort to settle the war in the Donbass is a sell-out to Russia.

Now if the President and his supporters choose to tell the real and whole truth to the American people about what the Ukraine issue is really all about, the impeachers, so desperate to block this from coming to light, will have hoisted themselves on their own petard in true Shakespearian fashion, in the best boomerang imaginable. That story, the real story about Joe Biden, Ukraine corruption, and the Ukrainian role in the effort to fix the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton, is what we will set forth, in summary fashion, in what follows.

Continue Reading the 3-part Series at LaRouchePac

Part II, Part III


Chronological History of Events Related to UkraineGate

Ukrainian Law Enforcement Seizes Laptop of Hunter Biden Business Associate in Ukraine

Ukrainian Law Enforcement Seizes Laptop of Hunter Biden Business Associate in Ukraine

A Ukrainian lawmaker has claimed a second laptop belonging to Hunter Biden's business contacts in the country has been seized by law enforcement there. Andrii Derkach posted to Facebook on Friday to say there is a 'second laptop' involving evidence of corruption and connected to the Bidens, The Daily Beast reports. Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, has said foreign sources did not provide the Hunter Biden emails first ...
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Hunter Biden Laptop Data Releases Begin by NY Post, via Giuliani

Hunter Biden Laptop Data Releases Begin by NY Post, via Giuliani

This story is very simple–Hunter Biden dropped off three computers with liquid damage at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 2019. The owner, John Paul Mac Issac, examined the three and determined that one was beyond recovery, one was okay and the data on the hard drive of the third could be recovered. Hunter signed the service ticket and John Paul Mac Issac ...
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Ukrainian MP: Burisma Paid Joe Biden $900,000 for Lobbying

Ukrainian MP: Burisma Paid Joe Biden $900,000 for Lobbying

(Interfax) Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden received $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Group, Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada member Andriy Derkach said citing investigation materials. Derkach publicized documents which, as he said, "describe the mechanism of getting money by Biden Sr." at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine's press center in Kyiv on Wednesday. "This was the transfer of Burisma Group's funds for lobbying activities, as investigators believe, personally ...
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Joe Biden becomes the Subject of Federal Criminal Investigation Into His Role in Spygate and Activities in Ukraine

Joe Biden becomes the Subject of Federal Criminal Investigation Into His Role in Spygate and Activities in Ukraine

Joe Biden is now the subject of an active federal criminal investigation into his role in the CI probe directed at Trump’s 2016 campaign. Recall, Joe Biden was in a January 5, 2017 secret Oval Office meeting discussing General Flynn’s phone calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak with Obama, Yates, Comey, Rice and Brennan. Then-Vice President Joe Biden sought to unmask General Flynn on January 12, 2017 ...
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Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees Release Devastating Report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption

Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees Release Devastating Report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption

In March Senator Ron Johnson told reporters that Senate Republicans are entering a new phase of their investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden and their ties to a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma. After leaving office in 2017, Vice President Joe Biden bragged about strong-arming the government of Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor. Joe Biden made the remarks during a meeting of foreign policy specialists. Biden said he, ...
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Report: Nasty Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Husband Paid $700,000 by Ukranian Oligarch Under FBI & IRS Investigation for Laundering

Report: Nasty Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Husband Paid $700,000 by Ukranian Oligarch Under FBI & IRS Investigation for Laundering

Of course nearly everything the Democrats do is corrupt, so it comes as no surprise that the husband of one of the loudest and most disgusting House members, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, was paid over $700,000 by a Ukrainian Oligarch. This same oligarch is at the center of the FBI’s raids yesterday in Cleveland and Miami. One of the nastiest House Representatives in the disgusting lambasting of Attorney General ...
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Ukrainian Law Enforcement Arrest Individual Allegedly Attempting to End Investigation Into Burisma and Hunter Biden with $6 Million Bribe

Ukrainian Law Enforcement Arrest Individual Allegedly Attempting to End Investigation Into Burisma and Hunter Biden with $6 Million Bribe

An individual was reportedly arrested by Ukrainian Law Enforcement who was attempting to bribe government officials with $6 million to end an investigation into Burisma and Hunter Biden. It was first reported on June 12th that: This evening Ukrainian investigators seized $6 million in cash and arrests were made in an alleged bribe to Ukrainian prosecutors to halt investigations into the Burisma group of companies and involvement ...
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"60 Minutes" Runs Propaganda Cover Piece for Crowdstrike who Concocted the Alleged “Russian Hack”

“60 Minutes” Runs Propaganda Cover Piece for Crowdstrike who Concocted the Alleged “Russian Hack”

60 Minutes attacks President Donald Trump and The Gateway Pundit in another shoddy hit piece. The news magazine claimed Crowdstrike was correct in assessing that the DNC was hacked by Russians in 2016.  But all they offer as proof is hearsay and weak arguments. 60 Minutes and Crowdstrike are dead wrong AND WE HAVE THE PROOF. For years now the FBI and Mueller investigation claimed that ...
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President Trump Ousts Key Impeachment Figure Gordon Sondland

President Trump Ousts Key Impeachment Figure Gordon Sondland

U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who testified about President Trump’s Ukraine dealings during the House impeachment hearings, said Friday he had been recalled from his overseas position, hours after a National Security Council aide who testified against the president was also fired. “I was advised today that the president intends to recall me effective immediately as United States ambassador to the European Union," Sondland said ...
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Report: Requested Confidential Banking Records Related to Hunter Biden Received by Senate

Report: Requested Confidential Banking Records Related to Hunter Biden Received by Senate

The U.S. Treasury Department has started turning over confidential banking records related to Hunter Biden in response to requests from Senate investigative committees. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson asked the treasury in November for "suspicious activity reports," banking alerts involving money laundering or fraud, related to Biden and his associates. A spokeswoman for Sen ...
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Russian Collusion Hoax

An illegal Obama administration FBI, DNC, Clinton campaign, British GCHQ and media coup d’état to disrupt and overturn American democracy and oust President Trump because, as Newt Gingrich explained,”He didn’t belong to the secret society“. The liberal media news organizations tried to keep the crumbling narrative alive even after Mueller exonerated him due to zero evidence. Throughout the Republican-controlled 115th Congress, the DOJ and FBI did not cooperate with congressional investigators, and stonewalled requests for information citing the Mueller investigation. Documents were very slow in coming forth, and redactions were not to protect national security, but rather to obstruct investigators, obscure government wrongdoing, and shield high-level officials and stall past the 2018 Midterm elections. (Conservapedia) Mueller’s investigation was designed from the beginning to create something out of nothing (There was no Russian hack of the DNC server. Seth Rich downloaded files sent to Wikileaks). It paralyzed the country for more than two years. More…

(TGP) Roger Stone tried to obtain information in his trial that the Mueller team had evidence that Russia gave the emails they hacked from the DNC to WikiLeaks but corrupt Obama Appointed DC judge, Amy Berman Jackson, wouldn’t let him bring this up in his case, even though his charges were based on the entire scam. President Trump indicated that he knew Crowdstrike was at the center of the Russia collusion scam when he made his infamous phone call with the Ukraine’s new President Zelinsky.  The President reportedly said the following:

Clearly if you read the call transcript you can see that the President’s request was regarding Crowdstrike and the Bidens only came up after their corrupt actions were mentioned by the Ukrainian leader. This must have hit a nerve because on February 16, 2020, 60 Minutes had a report authored by Scott Pelley, regarding Crowdstrike’s claims that Russia hacked the DNC in 2016.  Pelley and 60 Minutes made an effort to clear Crowdstrike’s name in their piece where the far left media outlet suggested The Gateway Pundit (TGP) pushed conspiracy theories and flashed an image of a 2017 TGP report.

60 Minutes went on to push the discredited Trump-Russia conspiracy. Pelley, from 60 Minutes, used former anti-Trump Ambassador Bill Taylor, from the sham impeachment fiasco, as his expert witness on the Ukraine. Taylor claims he knew of no connection between Crowdstrike and the Ukraine.  Pelley then shared the following in his report [emphasis added]:

Robert Johnston dealt directly with the FBI as an investigator of the DNC hack for CrowdStrike, a leading cyber security company hired by the Democrats. He told us the FBI didn’t physically examine the DNC servers because CrowdStrike gave the bureau copies of the data from the servers.

If there is a server or a computer system of any kind that’s involved in the incident you can take an exact bit for bit digital copy of what’s on that system. Now that digital copy is just as good as having the real thing,” Johnston said.

“As far as you know, the FBI got what it needed and what it wanted?” Pelley asked Johnston.

“Exactly and evidence of that is you don’t hear the FBI complaining,” Johnston said.

He’s right. A former senior government official, familiar with the investigation, told us the FBI would have preferred to work alongside CrowdStrike’s investigators, but the Democratic National Committee decided to give the bureau digital copies of its servers instead. The official told us this was “acceptable,” in fact even typical in FBI investigations.

But this was not accurate and it was pathetic for 60 Minutes to spread the ridiculous Crowdstrike statements.

There are many holes with the ‘Russia hacked the DNC emails’ claim, much of what has already been posted here at TGP.

Several individuals previously shared they have sources who claim that the DNC servers were never examined by Crowdstrike:

It was also uncovered in the Roger Stone case that CrowdStrike gave the US government three “draft reports” on the so-called hack by Russia which were full of redactions and the FBI just took their word for it. It was also reported that the DOJ never received the unredacted copies of Crowdstrike’s reports:

Former NSA whistleblower Bill Binney previously reported he has evidence the DNC emails were not hacked but copied most likely on to a flashdrive or something similar.

(Binney is brilliant. See the documentary on Binney entitled: “A Good American” – it will astound you.)

Binney has proof for his assertion but Crowdstrike and the DNC to date have provided no support that it was Russia who hacked the DNC.

Binney also claims that the Mueller gang wouldn’t even look at his data because they knew it would show something different than what they presented in their final bogus report (i.e. Mueller’s dossier as referred to by Devin Nunes).

Apelbaum’s Argument

Cyber expert Yaacov Apelbaum says the 60 Minutes and Crowdstrike claims are completely false:

If Crowdstrike gave the FBI any data it was drive images (we don’t even know which ones). This did not include memory dumps, network pocket captures, firewall activity, etc. This additional data is crucial and should have been examined in real-time by the FBI. If indeed any drive images were given to the FBI, these would have been contaminated because they continued to use these drives for weeks after the alleged hack.

Crowd Strike was completely wrong (most likely intentionally) about the Russian hack of the Ukrainian Artillery allegation. And we know for a fact that they used the same forensic techniques to reach that conclusion as they did on the DNC hack.

Apelbaum posted a report in January 2019, with information basically proving that the DNC was not hacked by the Russians. Apelbaum’s first argument is this –

According to the WaPo (using CrowdStrike, DOJ, and their other usual hush-hush government sources in the know), the attack was perpetrated by a Russian unit lead by Lieutenant Captain Nikolay Kozachek who allegedly crafted a malware called X-Agent and used it to get into the network and install keystroke loggers on several PCs. This allowed them to see what the employees were typing and take screenshots of the employees’ computer.

This is pretty detailed information, but if this was the case, then how did the DOJ learn all of these ‘details’ and use them in the indictments without the FBI ever forensically evaluating the DNC/HRC computers? And since when does the DOJ, an organization that only speaks the language of indictments use hearsay and 3rd parties like the British national Matt Tait (a former GCHQ collector and a connoisseur of all things related to Russian collusion), CrowdStrike, or any other evidence lacking chain of custody certification as a primary source for prosecution?

A second point by Apelbaum is –

… that three of the Russian GRU officers on the DOJ “Wanted by the FBI” list were allegedly working concurrently on multiple non-related projects like interfering with the 2016 United States elections (both HRC and DNC) while at the same time they were also allegedly hacking anti-doping agencies (Images 2-3).

Above are pictures of the individuals the FBI says were working on both the DNC/HRC email hacking and the Olympic doping projects.

The same guys were working on both projects which is all but impossible. (Do we really know if they’re even real people or even real Russians?)

Apelbaum argues –

The fact that the three had multiple concurrent high impact and high visibility project assignments is odd because this is not how typical offensive cyber intelligence teams operate. These units tend to be compartmentalized, they are assigned to a specific mission, and the taskforce stays together for the entire duration of the project.

Next Apelbaum questions the Mueller gang’s assertion that the ‘hacker’ named Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian –

Any evidence that Guccifer 2.0 is Russian should be evaluated while keeping these points in mind:

He used a Russian VPN service to cloak his IP address, but did not use TOR. Using a proxy to conduct cyber operations is a SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] in all intelligence and LEA [Law Enforcement Agency] agencies. [i.e. Russia would have masked their VPN service]

He used the AOL email service that captured and forwarded his IP address and the same AOL email to contact various media outlets on the same day of the attack. This is so overt and amateurish that its unlikely to be a mistake and seems like a deliberate attempt to leave traceable breadcrumbs.

He named his Office User account Феликс Эдмундович (Felix Dzerzhinsky), after the founder of the Soviet Secret Police. Devices and accounts used in offensive cyberspace operations use random names to prevent tractability and identification. Why would anyone in the GRU use this pseudonym (beside the obvious reason) is beyond comprehension.

He copied the original Trump opposition research document and pasted it into a new .dotm template (with an editing time of about 2 minutes). This resulted in a change of the “Last Modified by” field from “Warren Flood” to “Феликс Эдмундович” and the creation of additional Russian metadata in the document. Why waste the time and effort doing this?

About 4 hours after creating the ‘Russian’ version of the document, he exported it to a PDF using LibreOffice 4.2 (in the process he lost/removed about 20 of the original pages). This was most likely done to show additional ‘Russian fingerprints’ in the form of broken hyperlink error messages in Russian (Images 4 and 5). Why bother with re-formatting and converting the source documents? Why not just get the raw data out in the original format ASAP?

Apelbaum next discusses Guccifer 2.0 –

In June 21, 2016, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai from Vice Motherboard interviewed a person who identified himself as “Guccifer 2.0”. During their on-line chat session, the individual claimed that he was Romanian (see transcript of the interview below). His poor Romanian language skills were later used to unmask his Russian identify.

…I’m not a scientific linguist nor do I even know where to find one if my life depended on it, but I’m certain that you can’t reliably determine nationality based on someone impersonating another language or from the use of fake metadata in files. This elaborate theory also has the obvious flaw of assuming that the Russian intelligence services are dumb enough to show up to an interview posing as Romanians without actually being able to read and write flaunt Romanian.

After providing a couple more examples of why the Russian story doesn’t stick, Apelbaum closes with this –

The bottom line is that if we want to go beyond the speculative trivia, the pseudo science, and the bombastic unverified claims, we have to ask the real tough questions, mainly: is Guccifer 2.0 even the real attacker and how did he circumvent all of the logs during several weeks of repeated visits while downloading close to 2 GB of data?


Most importantly, we know that WikiLeaks has stated numerous times that Russia did not provide them with the emails they leaked in 2016 and Julian Assange has stated that WikiLeaks had nothing to do with Russia.

But of course the Mueller gang never interviewed WikiLeaks or Julian Assange in an effort to determine how they received the Clinton emails. Of course the Mueller team could not risk WikiLeaks saying the emails were not received from Russia which would destroy their Russia hacked the DNC fairy tale.

Crowdstrike’s New Efforts to Save Face

Yesterday we discovered that Crowdstrike has reportedly obtained a PR firm to help backtrack their bogus claims.

A week ago Personal Liberty ran a wire story originally published in the Los Angeles Times.

In the article ‘Editor’s Notes’ were added in places where the LA Times piece reported fake news.  One of the editor’s notes concerned the MSM trope that “Russian intelligence operatives stole and released thousands of internal emails and other documents in an effort to boost Trump’s chances, according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies.”

The Editor’s note was as follows:

This is fake news. While it’s oft-repeated by the propagandists in the MSM legacy corporate media, there is no evidence that the emails were stolen and released by “Russian intelligence operatives.” The emails were released by WikiLeaks and an entity called Guccifer 2.0. WikiLeaks denies it got them from any Russians, and Julian Assange has hinted that they were stolen by murdered DNC operative Seth Rich. The FBI was denied access to the emails and the conclusion that they were stolen and released by “Russian intelligence operatives” was made by the DNC-hired cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, which has ties to Ukrainian oligarchs and the Council on Foreign Relations. –BL

A few days later, this past Tuesday, Personal Liberty reportedly received an email from John Eddy, Executive Vice President of the PR firm Goldin. The email follows:

My firm works with CrowdStrike and we read your article titled “Trump seeks to boost Sanders and foment discord among Democrats” ( []). We need to request important updates to the article.

The article states that the “FBI was denied access to the emails and the conclusion that they were stolen and released by ‘Russian intelligence operatives’ was made by the DNC-hired cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, which has ties to Ukrainian oligarchs and the Council on Foreign Relations.” This is incorrect.

CrowdStrike’s founders have no connections to Ukraine. The company also provided all forensic evidence and analysis to the FBI that they requested, and the conclusions have been fully supported by the US Intelligence community ( Additionally, CrowdStrike was hired by the DNC to respond to the suspected breach of its servers, and did not do any investigations around the release of the information.

Could you please update the article for accuracy to clarify that CrowdStrike does not have ties to Ukraine, and that the company was hired by the DNC to investigate the hack of the servers?

Note the phrase from Crowdstrike’s PR firm, stating that Crowdstrike “did not do any investigations around the release of the information.”

TGP contacted the Crowdstrike’s PR Firm Goldin Solutions and they confirmed their email to Personal Liberty.

Now after three and a half years of the fraudulent Russia collusion scam being repeated so often that half of America believes that Russia hacked the DNC and gave their emails to WikiLeaks, Crowdstrike announces that it had nothing to do with assessing that Russians gave the emails to WikiLeaks??!! 

So why is Crowdstrike announcing this now?  Are they liable for fraud by not announcing this years ago? Their lack of a response allowed the coup against the President of the United States to progress!  If they didn’t confirm the Russians gave the emails to WikiLeaks, then who did? 

The Mueller report clearly states that Russians hacked the DNC and gave the hacked emails to WikiLeaks:

So if Crowdstrike now claims they didn’t confirm that Russians gave emails to WikiLeaks, then who the hell did?

We believe that both Mueller and Crowdstrike are lacking candor!

Per an illustration from Apelbaum, Guccifer 2 is depicted as the red devil icon below:

This illustration shows that Crowdstrike was obviously false in its claims that Russia hacked the DNC. 

This is because:

  1. If Guccifer 2 did it from Romania (the red devil icon on the left of the illustration), he needed a 23 Mbit/s transfer rate. At the time of this hack in 2016, Romania was only supporting 16Mbit/s speeds. But to do that he had to go through all of the red hell in the middle of the illustration, which I don’t believe he did based on the poor technical skill set he demonstrated during his interview with Motherboard vice.
  2. If the leak came from the inside (the half green half red icon in the right side of illustration), he had the full 23 Mbit/s transfer rate because he just plugged-in a USB drive to the computer. He also didn’t need any hacking skills because he most likely had full system access.

Finally, we know that WikiLeaks stated numerous times that Russia did not provide them with the emails they leaked in 2016 and Julian Assange stated that WikiLeaks had nothing to do with Russia.

But of course the Mueller gang never interviewed WikiLeaks in an effort to determine how they received the Clinton emails.  Of course the Mueller team could not risk WikiLeaks saying the emails were not received from Russia which would destroy their Russia hacked the DNC fairy tale.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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