CrowdStrike Holdings Inc.

The controversial public (CRWD) cybersecurity firm heavily funded by Google investment subsidiary CapitalG, that was the sole source of the Russia hacking of the DNC server conspiracy. The DNC chose to hire this shady firm rather than going to the FBI in 2016 to examine its compromised computer servers, and never produced an un-redacted or final forensic report for the government because the FBI never required it to according to the DOJ. The FBI had an open contract with Crowdstrike at the time (VIDEO). William Binney has debunked the lie. A CrowdStrike report, released in December, asserted that Russians hacked into a Ukrainian artillery app, resulting in heavy losses of howitzers in Ukraine’s war with Russian-backed separatists, but the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) told VOA (a gov’t funded media outlet) that CrowdStrike erroneously used IISS data as proof of the intrusion and disavowed any connection to the report. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense also claimed combat losses and hacking never happened.

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