The marketing bandwagon has touted soy as the next perfect health food for decades with its health benefits aggressively pushed in the media. From 1992 to 2006, soy food sales increased from $300Mil to nearly $4Bil!i Soybean is the number one genetically modified crop in the world (93% of soy is GMO), containing high amounts of Glyphosate. Due to its high iron, oil and protein content, soy is cultivated for a variety of food purposes, but does more harm than good as shown by more than 170 studies. Most modern soy food, from soy milk to soy burgers, are processed, which means they contain natural toxins called “antinutrients” that pose a danger to your health by blocking your absorption of proteins and has phytic acid that blocks minerals – especially zinc. Unfortunately, most Americans (85% according to 2008 study) still believe that unfermented and processed soy products like soy milk, soy cheese, soy burgers and soy ice cream are good for them.

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